U17s dig out good win

Photo: Mayo GAA

I was out tonight and so I didn’t see the U17s’ Connacht Championship match earlier on against Roscommon and, of course, it’s too late now to go into it in any detail. The win is worth mentioning, though, as it was one chiselled out in the face of some adversity.

The opening half in this evening’s game saw Roscommon race into an early five-point lead only for the visitors to peg them back. From then to the break it was toe-to-toe and the sides went in level on eight points apiece.

At that stage, though, it looked advantage Roscommon as Mayo had lost James Maheady to a straight red shortly before the interval. Down a player for all of the second half, it was going to be a tall order to get a result.

But that’s exactly what Sean Deane’s team proceeded to do. With Niall Hurley and Ronan Clarke to the fore, the visitors built up a four-point lead with ten minutes to go. Rocked back at that stage by the concession of a goal, they continued to push forward, with further points from Ronan Clarke and John MacGonagle pushing them three clear once more.

Roscommon bagged the evening’s final score but it ended in a win for Mayo by 0-16 to 1-11. Next up for them is a home game against Sligo next Friday evening.

Club members have access to a Final Whistle pod, featuring Mike along with Declan O’Reilly, who were at Dr Hyde Park to see the match. This podcast episode went online earlier on.

17 thoughts on “U17s dig out good win

  1. Great win well done. I’ve not seen any minor game yet this year but talking to a Leitrim man he was very impressed with our forwards movement and score taking ability. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

  2. Was at game, lovely evening for football in the Hyde and good crowd made it a memorable occasion for the lads. Roscommon raced into a 5 point lead early on helped by an exhibition of free taking . Mayo on the other hand kicked 5 wides as our inside forwards took some time to get used of the graveyard goal and slight cross wind. However when they did we replied and out scored Roscommon 9-2 to leave it level game at half time. Some excellent scores from Ronan Clarke and Niall Hurley with a super score from right back Liam Maloney. However just before half time James Mahedy was red carded for a collision that looked a yellow at best and this left us down to 14 for the second half. A few early personnel and positional changes in the half forward and midfield areas resulted in a significant improvement and stopping the Roscommon runners before they could penetrate our defence . Our attacking play was also more incisive and despite being down to 14 we scored some excellent points with Clarke , Hurley and Lorcan Silke on the scoresheet with a 5 point lead going into the home stretch leading 14-9.. Roscommon to their credit responded with a well worked goal however that was the end of their push and we went on to score a further 2 points to secure the win. Plenty to work on for management in particular in the first half as Roscommon ran though the middle far too easily until changes were made . Well done to all concerned .

  3. Just listened to the podcast on this game.Definetly Willie Joe you should get Declan OReilly on the main podcast at some stage to talk about what we are doing at under age.It will counter the argument that always seems to come up ie “we are doing nothing at underage” ….which is wrong in my view but seems to go unchallenged

  4. Was baffled by the James Mahedy red watching it live on the stream. Looked like he’d fouled the player, ref blew for the free and then without knowing the free had been awarded gave a bit of a shoulder that caught the lad on the chest. Looked a yellow all day.

    On watching it back a few times the ‘shoulder’ seems to have been followed with an upswing of the arm and elbow. Hard to make out what made the contact from the angle of the camera but the linesman seemed pretty certain from his view it was red so possibly an elbow rather than a poor (and late) tackle. Judging by the players reaction as he left the field they probably made the right call there. I’d like to retract the torrents of abuse I was hurling in the direction of the Hyde.

    You’d pay a lot more than €10 to watch Ronan Clarke and Niall Hurley play ball. Some outstanding play from both. Scores off both feet (and in Hurley’s case a solid structural integrity inspection of the Graveyard end crossbar with both feet, it’s probably still rattling away from the two rasping shots he hit in succession), head up ball and a real example of how beautiful the game can be. Was impressive seeing them manage to put the 0 return from 5 good early chances (a couple were questionable shot choices into the difficult wind but some like the one striking the upright were just freakish poor luck) behind them without ever letting the heads drop. Great sign in lads that young.

    Hard to believe John MacMonagle is playing out of position at full back. He looks a natural there. Another confident, assured and commanding performance from him alongside Rio Mortimer and Lorcan Silke who had great games again too. Paul Gilmore’s pace at wing back played a very important role, especially in transition, taking off a lot of pressure during periods where Roscommon looked well on top around the middle 8.

    Great to see the strength and depth in the squad playing a role again too. The introduction of Tom Lydon and Zac Collins in particular played a big part in the win and sure to be keeping lads on their toes at training knowing they’re nipping at their heels. Be interesting to see if either manages to push into the starting line for Sligo next week or if Evan Cosgrave will pip them to fill in the spot in the corner.

  5. tsudhonim
    Evan cosgrove would be more so a back than a forward so cant see that happening
    I think that maheadys vacant position for the next day is up between collins and lydon

  6. Woops. Slip of the tongue. Was trying to think of Rory Conway who showed well in the Leitrim game. Made a few lovely flowing runs when he came in.

    Tom Lydon the most likely I’d guess from what I’ve seen so far but always great to see the lads on the line pushing hard.

  7. Hi all,
    Anyone know where i could watch a rerun of this minor game?

  8. Connacht GAA do leave up the old games so you can rewatch them, sadly at full cost (€10) as if you’d watched live.

    It’s only 24 hour access (similar sites can offer from a week to a month, good to note the difference) so be sure to only grab it if you’re about to sit and watch.


  9. The mayo news reports more bad news on the injury front does any know what that update is?

  10. Hurlers refused to play games on MacHale park pitch. Disgraceful. The CB making the excuse of advice from Croke Park…I suppose they practically own the stadium anyway…while our clubs pay back the loan. Mickey Mouse setup.

  11. I can’t think of another county where this would happen. The hurlers are just an inconvenience for the CB. Totally disrespectful. Agree a Mickey Mouse excuse!

  12. Conway in for Mahedy, though lining out at wing forward on the sheet and Keavney listed at 13 instead of 10.

    With Collins fit enough to start at 11 ahead of Dylan Gallagher.

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