U20 and Minor Championship draws confirmed

It’s definitely time to turn the focus back onto on-field matters. What better way to do so than with some Championship draw news?

The other evening the draws were made for next year’s 2020 provincial Championships at both U20 and Minor levels. Full details of the draws are here.

The Minor one can be dealt with swiftly, as it’s being played, like this year and last, on a round-robin basis.

At Minor level in 2020 we play Galway in Round 1, we’ve a bye in Round 2 and then it’s Sligo in Round 3, Roscommon in Round 4 and Leitrim in Round 5. The top three go through to the knockout stage with the top team in the group straight into the final while the second- and third-placed teams contest the semi-final.

The U20 Connacht Championship is, by contrast, straight knockout. We’ve been drawn to play Galway in the only quarter-final down for decision, with the winner of that one facing Leitrim in the semi-final. Roscommon and Sligo will contest the other semi-final.

While no dates were confirmed by Connacht GAA in publishing those draw details, it needs to be noted that next year’s U20 Championship is shifting from summer to early spring. This piece by Colm Keys in the Irish Independent flagged that the move way was on the way and it was approved by Central Council the same weekend that the Special Congress was held.

The shift sees the U20 provincial Championship action starting in mid-February with the All-Ireland final taking place six weeks later, on the weekend of 21/22 March. This means that that U20 quarter-final showdown with Galway is likely to take place on the weekend between our NFL Round 3 match against Meath (on 9th February) and the Round 4 game against Monaghan (on 23rd February).

So, by the looks of it, we’ll have plenty of football to talk about next February. That can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

4 thoughts on “U20 and Minor Championship draws confirmed

  1. If the u20 competition is going to be done and dusted by 20th March – it looks like it is really been downgraded.
    Young players training hard in Dec and January to peak in middle of Feb is not good for their long term development. Also weather and pitches are not going to be great in Feb.
    Looks like the GAA just want to get it played and out of the way.
    Does it mean also that all u20 players can go on to play with their senior team next year? Adding to their chances of burn out and picking up serious injury as they won’t have the heavy S and C work done.

  2. Better having it then. U20 players not excluded from playing senior championship and won’t interfere as much with exams.

  3. I suppose it is a positive thing that they’re trying to do something with the calendar but the cynical part of my would suggest they’re just freeing up u20 players for senior championship.

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