U20 and U17 Connacht Championship fixtures confirmed

Mayo GAA have now confirmed fixture details for both the U20 and U17 provincial Championships. Both will be run off on a round-robin basis this year, with the U20 matches played on Wednesdays while the U17 ones will be played on Fridays. Throw-in times haven’t been confirmed as yet for these ties but they’re all likely to be evening starts.

These fixtures are as follows:

Connacht U20 Championship

  • ROUND 1: Roscommon v Mayo, Dr Hyde Park, Wednesday 20th March
  • ROUND 2: Mayo v Galway, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, Wednesday 27th March
  • ROUND 3: Leitrim v Mayo, Páirc Seán MacDiarmada, Wednesday 3rd April
  • ROUND 4: Mayo v Sligo, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, Wednesday 17th April
  • FINAL: to be played on the weekend of 4th/5th May

Connacht U17 Championship

  • ROUND 1: Mayo v Roscommon, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, Friday 12th April
  • ROUND 2: Galway v Mayo, Pearse Stadium, Friday 26th April
  • ROUND 3: Mayo v Leitrim, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, Friday 3rd May
  • ROUND 4: Sligo v Mayo, Markievicz Park, Friday 10th May
  • SEMI-FINAL: to be played on Friday 17th May (involving second- and third-placed teams)
  • FINAL: to be played on Friday 24th May

75 thoughts on “U20 and U17 Connacht Championship fixtures confirmed

  1. Hello.I am just wonderingvif anybody has got their season tickets yet. Some of the other counties have received them like Limerick and Dublin.I renewed them and paid for them in early December but since then I have had no contact Thank you.

  2. Doesn’t the U20 championship have a semi final also for whoever finishes 2nd and 3rd in the group.

  3. Surely if it worked out (not suggesting it will just a chance ) a Galway v Mayo senior CF and under 20 final had the same pairing they would double it up for salthil ? Both finals are down for may weekend too .

  4. Thanks FW. I got it sorted but thanks a mill.looks like you wont get any email this year about match tickets and you just have to log in to your gaa season account.i got the tickets sorted forth Galway game and i hope to download the tickets for the other games in the next couple of days.

  5. Just after renewing my season ticket at the 11th hour so to speak. Incidentially anyone intending to renew has until 11 tonight to do so. Willie Joe would you mind explaining in as simple terms as you can for a techniphobe like me how do I subscribe to the blog and Patreon to get access to the podcasts having neogioated the quagmire of renewing the season ticket im as well to go the whole hog now. Thanks.

  6. Decided I wont be renewing 3 of my tickets this year on my account and I say there will be alot more, with the price increases and higher cost of living and much slimmer chances of Mayo getting to an All Ireland Final I have decided its probably not worth while.

  7. Achill 75 , lots of people not renewing and there have been more in the last couple of years yet not one public sale , i find it so bizzare , why are they not releasing them for resale .

  8. No problem, Glorydays, glad to hear you plan to go the whole hog on the podcast!

    Before setting out instructions, two points are relevant. The first is that you don’t need to subscribe to the blog for anything, it’s just Patreon. The second is that, if you plan to sign up on Patreon, the annual membership option priced at €52 plus VAT is the best value offer.

    Okay, here’s what you need to do. If you’re using a laptop, the steps you need to take are:

    1. Go to the Patreon website;
    2. Search for the Mayo Football Podcast;
    3. Click on “Become a Member”, fill in the details and choose monthly or annual membership.

    On a smartphone, what you need to do is:

    1. Download the Patreon app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store;
    2. Open the app and search for the Mayo Football Podcast;
    3. Click on “Become a Member”, fill in the details and choose monthly or annual membership.

    If any of that is unclear or if you’ve any questions on the steps above, just post a comment, which I’ll respond to you on.

  9. Willie Joe love the pod but does anybody know if the subscription can be linked to spotify?

  10. I like that theyve invited regan back into the fold , its a bold move , might not work out .

    Actually just realised its connacht telegraph , this comes with a warning of possibility its totally made up .

  11. Having Regan as a left footed scoring and freetaking option seems to make a lot of sense, if confirmed.

  12. Hi Pod Fan – leave that with me, I’ll have an answer ASAP on it. I think it should be possible but we may need to do something under the hood to enable it.

  13. Seriously regan back. A good club player just like Rob Douglas of Mitchell s. Neither were inter County standard. Tried and failed. Does this management team really know what they are at. Boland not good enough last year but this year he is? The club championship in mayo was brutal. Regan the best club forward in a dismal championship. Last year mayo s club championship was very good but our inter County team exited championship very early and very meek. If regan is back its a backwards step.

  14. Think we may wait till a decent source confirms regan is back in the fold . That CT can be a right messer at times. Not saying its true or false , i havent a notion either way

  15. The logic might be that we have in the panel very little if any coverage for left footed freetaking.
    We also have no threat to loop in from that wing.
    There’s a myth out there that Evan Regan was way below the level when he was involved. That is not the case. A lot of this is recency bias based on his last appearance off the bench against Galway.
    The 13 jersey has merits in being your best left footed shooter. There’s not that many candidates.

  16. So, Listowel beaten by the Cavan champions… it really wasn’t a good club year for Mayo. The standard was not at the level required. Yes, there’s loads of interest in the club scene in the county and that’s great, but too many players get ‘talked up’ and the language used on platforms and in media is very often hyped so I think it need le to be put in context. I think there are a lot of players who think they’re better than they are or more accurately, a lot of players who aren’t as good as many people think they are!

  17. Craggy – I really object to people claiming that players aren’t “inter-county standard.” What makes you qualified to make such a claim? Evan Regan is a player who twice had bones broken playing for his county and, like every player who pulls on the county jersey, he deserves respect. In any event, we don’t even know if he’s back in the fold yet as the sole source for this has a bit of a track record in creative writing where it comes to Mayo GAA reports.

  18. Willie Joe the Archive search is good enough to be used by our mgmt team in rating career form.
    Below is league and championship for Evan Regan :
    Total score: 4-67 (79)
    Starting appearances: 23
    Substitute appearances: 16

  19. It’s unlikely that Regan and Boland will end up playing meaningful championship minutes for Mayo this year (if they are even in the squad).

    If we are relying on players like them to break into our starting team come championship we are going backwards and expectations need to be lowered.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

  20. I remember very similar comments being made about Andy Moran, Dillon, Jason Doc and others when they were in their late 20’s….all went on to prove their doubters wrong.
    I’d be inclined to leave the decision to management, who see the players up close.
    Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  21. This is exactly the time of year when we can be struggling with just making up the numbers, given how many guys are playing Sigerson.

    Having a Nutritionist who can in a pinch throw on a pair of boots and join in training to a good standard is real boon to management, and it’s great to see them making use of it.

  22. The people moaning about Fergie Boland allegedly back in the panel are the same people moaning about him being left off it last year.

    There’s a sizeable minority who just want to whinge about everything.

  23. Haven’t heard anyone moaning about fergals inclusion, his exclusion as being the only player dropped from panel last year was certainly odd given he’d a good club campaign.
    Less so this year on club scene and he’s included does look odd. He’s on his way home from Australia so let’s hope he can do the buzz.

  24. Willie joe. In all my years posting here I’ve heard loads of posters claiming certain players weren’t up to inter County standard and with respect nobody was called over it. On boland if he is back in the panel I’m delighted. Can I say that conor mcstay had a bad club championship,

  25. Craggy – due to retirements etc we are down 4 forwards from last year. What 4 forwards would you bring into panel.

  26. @Gizmo

    “If we are relying on players like them to break into our starting team come championship we are going backwards and expectations need to be lowered.”

    “Does this management team really know what they are at. Boland not good enough last year but this year he is”

    Just a couple of examples.

  27. Diskin if he’s not injured. Can Hanley. Have another look at Brian Walsh. Reape. OK Doherty and mcgloughlin are gone. Which others done deal

  28. @FW – I dont see anyone moaning about Boland as a player from them examples, is it not fair to say that we need some new blood breaking into the team come championship rather than hoping two players who have been around the squad for 7+ seasons and never nailed down a spot finally make the breakthrough in their late 20s / early 30s ?

  29. We already have 3 freetakers. Cillian. Rod.and Towy. Are we really devoid in that area. I’d be more concerned about centre back and midfield. Maybe Bob touhey can step up with flynn and allow doc to go in at 11

  30. Well then, Craggy, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. This is a line I’ve pulled people up about frequently (perhaps even yourself on occasion) and, for a time, I included in the house rules a specific prohibition on such lazy-minded slagging-off of named players. On the Conor McStay point, I’ve no problem in your expressing your opinion on how he played in the club Championship. If, however, you add to this that he’s not county standard or similar guff, then you and I are going to fall out.

  31. With respect willie joe. I did say that regan was the best club forward in a dismal club championship and he definitely was by a long way. Yes I remember him coming out for a ball down in kerry in the league and breaking his collar bone. I was as gutted that day as anyone but I just don’t think he fulfilled the promise that he showed. Its only an opinion.

  32. There’s nothing wrong with a look at Regan at all. Plenty of players played their best ball later in their careers.
    Regan wont be lacking for fitness i wouldn’t of thought either.
    I always look at the way Andy Moran developed his career when he passed age 30. The legs were slowing and he suffered the ACL injury which might have finished him. He re-invented himself and found another way to get the job done. Of course you need younger legs on the panel as well but there’s no harm in a couple of wily old foxes about especially later on in those tight games.

  33. I’ve no problem with any of that, Craggy. The issue I have is claiming someone isn’t county standard, which to my mind isn’t a fair claim to make about any player.

  34. Mind the house, with the names mentioned coming into panel if all correct which I believe they are for now, there won’t be much room for new blood in the squad.
    It does have feeling they trying to win Sam with Horans panel plus Tuohy. Which is fair enough if think it’s best, but would have thought be some more development of younger profiled players into main panel if planning for 4 years.
    If Cillian, Aido, Robbie etc. were to call it a day after this year the gaps to fill get wider.

  35. @Gizmo
    I agree with you. The one thing we suffered terribly in Horans was with injuries. Touch wood we didn’t seem to have as many last year.
    We need the likes of Mcbrien, Conroy, Hession and Cillian to stay fit. They would almost be like the new blood you mentioned because they missed so much football previously.
    I’ve read a few saying we need a “bolter” – Tommy Conroy is our man. He was almost there last season. Not quite there but almost there. He will be at the boil this year.

  36. Yeah, bringing players back, what next, Dublin bringing back Cluxton, or McCaffrey? Oh they have, have they, and what, they won an All Ireland?

  37. Ill have to pull ya on that one catcol , that would be like us bringing back leeroy tbh .

  38. Some of the comparisons are amusing to say the least. It will be a long time before a mayo player can be mentioned in the company of Andy moran. Cluxton. Mccaffrey. Yes leeroy definitely not out place there. Thanks for that Tony.

  39. The point is, if they are good enough/playing well enough, it makes sense to bring players back. If I’m not mistaken Horan discarded Tom Parsons, and Barry Moran and brought them back. Good decision – on both counts.

  40. Colm Boyle and conroy from shrule were substituted against galway in the championship after a few mistakes conroy was still under 21 and Boyle was very young too. O mahony was un charge at the time. Possibly 2009 1010.

  41. We don’t need a new star. Give me two lads who give a consistent 7/10 above one lad giving 8/10.
    Weve struggled to have 21 players at that minimum 7/10 level.

  42. Caolan Crowe of Garrymore alot better than our 2 corner backs that started against Dublin last year not even in the panel.Would love to see him called back.

  43. If the benchmark for a decent season is the Championship then why in the world would anyone object to any player being looked at in the league. Regardless of age or previous exploits, surely a new management should be able to look at players even if they’ve been tried before. There’s a long history of managers in different codes who are able to get a tune out of some players that others couldn’t. Evan Regan in my opinion should have always been in or around our county team and Fergal Boland the same.

  44. Whatever happened to Kieran Conroy?

    I had forgotten all about him tbh

    Tried looking back through the Blog, but after Horan took over he just seems to disappear.

    Was a very nice rabbit hole though;
    Was really good to see what people were thinking in 2011. There was a lot of uncertainty over Horan up until the Connacht Final; which James firmly cleared up by making the decision to take his captain, Alan Dillon, off of the frees and gave them to Cillian O’Connor in his debut season.

    A call that no one appears to have seen coming

  45. Good point frost. Conroy started at number 3 that day and didn’t have the greatest of days or Boyle but they were young lads. Never heard much of Conroy after that either. One thing about horan he got us to within striking distance of the big one. Can this management team achieve that. A lot will be answered this year. . Joe G. If you think regan should have been there all along who would you think he may have replaced.

  46. @Craggy boglands – he hung about until O’Mahony left, without ever really reestablishing himself in the first team.

    With Horan’s appointment and the emergence of Ger Cafferkey, Conroy appears to vanish completely off the face of the earth. There appears to a single reference to his name after 2010 – a comment about how he good he had been against Kieran Donaghy, that was mainly bemoaning Horan’s perceived refusal to play in the “Mayo Style”. Don’t worry it wasn’t from yourself lol

    Ger Cafferkey gets injured in Horan’s first year leading into the Connacht campaign – it’s crazy going back looking at it now. They were playing Challenge Games in June, and there was this big scandal called Carthygate – no one has a clue who Horan is going to play at fullback, but there’s no mention of Conroy.

    Seems a little odd these days but, although the fullback situation is discussed – Cafferkeys fitness appears to have been a known secret – there is incredibly little naming of actual players to replace him.

    And I better stop here before trying to describe what that can tell us about the world and the Mayo GAA Blog.

  47. Very good sleuthing there on Horan’s positioning and player selection. ‘A Touch of Frost’ perhaps?

  48. I was talking to a Shrule person recently about former players, Conroy was a very good midfielder that O Mahony tried changing to a full back, he did the knee ligaments in round 2012/2013 and never came back form it, ended up living in Belfast and lecturing in the college. Horan would have had him in the panel if he was available, very good player and could play a few positions.
    Shrule actually lost himself, the two Mortimers, Dermot Geraghty all around the same time, within a year of each other, massive lose for a club team, hadnt realised they all left around same time, and then Ronaldson a few years later.

  49. @catcol

    “A Touch of Frost” is unfortunately quite well copyrighted and protected.

    The guy who came up with “Hammer Time” though, did not have such a meticulous legal team.

    Personally I prefer “The Frosty Touch” or “Frostgasm”

    * The above is all in jest. FrostTHammer would like to confirm that he has no intention of violating copyright law for any reason, other than a cheap laugh *

    But a little more seriously – the dive into the past was super interesting. It’s a really good snapshot of what was a world in transition. Challenges in June, Carthygate, the John O’Mahony election story – only 15 years and I lived through it, but it feels almost like another century.

  50. @Tommy132

    Thanks for the details.

    I didn’t realise Conroy was a converted midfielder – I think Horan was also having midfield issues in 2011. Ronan McGarrity wasn’t fully fit. The what ifs are endless.

  51. The ould memory must be going @FrosT…. I’ve no memory of ‘Cartygate’…a reminder please??

  52. @Frosty,
    That’s great stuff!
    I was living abroad all those years and shamefully didn’t know the blog existed.Id be interested to hear what Carthygate was aswell.

  53. If I’m recalling events correctly – it was around the time Michael Lester was retiring and RTE Radios senior GAA man Brian Carthy was seemingly overlooked to replace them, and I think Mickey Harte as Tyrone manager weighed in on it, and the whole thing blew up into scandal over how GAA Managers were inappropriately influencing RTEs decisions.

    I’ll need to google that though.

    But right now, I’m getting distracted because we seem to have stopped using the “gate” term to describe scandalous events recently – and the only reason I can think of for that is COVID.

    Best google CovidGate while I’m at it. 🙂

  54. Thanks for that WJ and FrostT….I enjoyed that trip down memory lane. I do remember a bit of noise about Carthy now alright but apart from Mickey Harte having the hump without Rte, didn’t think it was a thing,i hadn’t known about this blog back then.
    Also good to see some posters from that era are still match fit and involved.

  55. WJ’s sense of timing was impeccable.

    The iPhone launches in 2007.
    The first Android phone in 2008.

    And the Blog quite closely mirrors these technologies, and you can see the growth in numbers syncing up with the availability and affordability of that technology.

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