U20 match day panel named for tomorrow evening

The county’s U20s face defending Connacht champions Sligo in a crunch Round 5 clash tomorrow evening. The game throws in at Hastings Insurance MacHale Park at 6.30pm and here’s the match day panel we’ve named for it, the list also including those on the extended U20 panel:

Mayo (Connacht U20 Championship v Sligo, 17/4/2024): David Dolan (Balla); Rio Mortimer (Claremorris), John MacMonagle (Castlebar Mitchels), David Slattery (Claremorris); Diarmuid Duffy (Ballinrobe), Seán Morahan (Castlebar Mitchels, captain), Tom O’Flaherty (Aghamore); Jack Melvin (Davitts), Conal Dawson (Westport); Finbar McLaughlin (Westport), Cathal Keaveney (Parke Keelogues Crimlin), Oisín Cronin (Balla); Darragh Beirne (Claremorris), Niall Hurley (Claremorris), Darragh Reilly (Parke Keelogues Crimlin). Subs: Dylan O’Brien (Davitts), Diarmuid Coggins (Crossmolina Deel Rovers), Brendan Collins (Ballina Stephenites), Paul Gilmore (Claremorris), Ciaran Kilcoyne (Kilmeena), Tom Lydon (The Neale), Liam Maloney (Cill Chomain), Liam Moore (Kilmeena), Jack Mulchrone (Kilmeena). Extended panel: Yousif Coghill (Breaffy), Fiachra Cruise (Moy Davitts), Owen Doherty (Kiltane), Jack Ferguson (Swinford), Eoin McGreal (Garrymore), Conor Mulroy (Castlebar Mitchels), Lorcan Silke (Westport), Aidan Sloyan (Ballyhaunis).

So it’s three changes from the team that started last time out against Leitrim a fortnight ago. Into the starting fifteen come John MacMonagle (who was suspended for the last game), Jack Melvin and Finbar McLaughlin, replacing Eoin McGreal, Brendan Collins and Liam Moore.

If you’re planning on heading to Castlebar for the game the ticket link for it is here.

The match is being streamed live on Connacht GAA (match pass costs €10 – link here) and there will also be live radio commentary on Midwest. We’ll have a Final Whistle pod up on Patreon after it’s over.

The best of luck to the lads tomorrow evening.

57 thoughts on “U20 match day panel named for tomorrow evening

  1. Looks like one player must of left the panel as he’s not included on panel at all, mcgreal must be injured he will be a huge loss for this game.

  2. A very tight league. What are the possible permutations for the knockout round? Are Galway assured of at least a semifinal spot? Is a win tonight enough for Mayo or do we need other results to go our way?

  3. @JoeG: Galway have a semi-final at least.

    A win for any of the 4 sides tonight, including Mayo, guarantees them at least a semi-final spot (and losing teams in either game missing out on the semi), so pretty much a straight shootout in both games.

    A draw would be enough for us to scrape through to the semi for any result in the other game tonight except for another draw, with 2 draws tonight seeing us finish 4th.

    Any of Galway, Mayo, Roscommon or Leitrim still with a chance of finishing top, depending on scores & other results going in their favour (e.g. if we win tonight we’d finish top with Roscommon/Leitrim drawing or a Roscommon win, but finish 3rd if Leitrim win the other game).

    (And certain scenarios possible where we still don’t have nearly enough information from Connacht GAA to tell how the table would finish. They’ve so far confirmed “total points > points from games among tied teams > score difference from games among tied teams” as the first 3 factors with whichever alternative tie-breakers they’re using from total points for, total points against, total goals for, total goals against, play-off or coin-toss not yet shared with the public. Or with journalists actively asking for it.)

  4. Slight correction…. not sure I’ve managed a single post about this group without a mistake, though not fully sure if that says more about how tight the group is or how daft I am (50/50 stuff)… Leitrim can’t finish top. Just Roscommon/Mayo/Galway fighting for that one.

    It’d either go to H2H (a Leitrim win and a Sligo win or draw in our game), where Galway would beat them, or a 3 way including Mayo where Galway would top it on Score Difference from the Leitrim game.

  5. Good to see the full mayo panel has been announced even though we could have named the 36 from pictures

  6. Super stuff to see the great young John MacMonagle back in action tonight. Think he was the spark we were missing against Leitrim. Hopefully he can inspire us to a win tonight! Mayo Abú

  7. Am trying to buy tickets the last half hour but the Universe site isn’t working for me,anybody else in the same boat?

  8. Switched to Google Chrome browser and that’s worked for anybody having trouble using the site

  9. Might have stumbled onto our best team based on the latest changes, strong halfback line. Bigger man in Melvin coming into the middle. Dont see much coming off the bench to change things up, top heavy with defenders. Lydon and Coggins the only 2 forwards. I also saw that James Maheady and luke Feeney played for their clubs last weekend, match report in Western people both scoring 1-2 each.

  10. Can someone tell the Camera man how to zoom out. Focusing in on the ball too much.

    Good start from Mayo. Cronin doing well

  11. Mayo 0-7 to 0-3 up at half-time but they should really be out of sight at this stage. Hugely wasteful up front, including missing two very clear goal chances. No score for either side for the last 12 minutes of play. Ros 2-7 to 1-3 up on Leitrim at Ballinamore so they’re going through. We need to avoid defeat to do likewise.

  12. Poor 1st half from Mayo attacking wise. Ridiculous shot selection at time and desperate execution. Should be out of sight but they’ve left Sligo in it.

  13. Mayo much the better team but failing to capitalise again…need to keep the pressure on the Sligo kickouts.
    Tom o flaherty a great prospect

  14. Regardless of what age grade it’s at, it is very worrying we are losing to Leitrim and Sligo in competitive games.

  15. What a painful listen today. Second best on every facet of play. Passing and link play non existence. Where were management when they failed to identify the threats. Typical Mayo failings with number of wides and lacking any structure. Disappointed

  16. Is it a psychological thing with Mayo teams at this stage?. Playing all the football, can’t score to put away teams. Seems to be at every level.
    Is it if we beat Galway we think it’s job done? Are fellas over praised for winning very little? Was nothing learned with the minor loss to Galway after beating them in previous outings. I’m not having a cut but it just seems to be the way now…

  17. We shouldnt be too critical of a young team, but for an elite county, questions would have to asked about that management team. We were asking the same questions about the previous management team at u20 level. It seems the standards are seriously slipping.

  18. Firstly, well done to Sligo, they bullied us for the full second half, we put so much into the first half, but 9 wides was always going to come back and haunt us. Our conversion rate was so poor. This is the third year in a row where we’ve lost to Sligo, the second year in a row where they’ve hammered us, football wise and S&C wise as well. Our record at U20 level since 2009 is awful, 3
    2 titles in 15 years is so poor. The County Board need to seriously review what is happenining at this grade. Worrying.

  19. Can’t blame Maurice Sheridan this time.
    Hopefully the will learn from this defeat, as Brian Clough famously said” we had a great team on paper but unfortunately the game was played on grass”

  20. I’m usually positive as I can be but that was very worrying just not bloody good enough what is happening a total collapse in the second half turn over after turn over leading to Sligo scores, fair play to Sligo but god what’s happening the buck stops with management very disappointing getting beat by Sligo and Leitrim with all due respect to both countries

  21. Jesus lads that’s so so disappointing, that 2nd half was desperately poor and to be out altogether now will be a hard one to take, expected so much more from this group of talented players.

  22. Not good enough to progress in a five team competition where three teams progress , its a poor championship with a very poor management performance overall.

  23. 3 years in a row losing to Sligo, at any age group, is simply unforgivable. I don’t care how decent a Sligo team are looking, this is not the place we should be. Furious about this one.

  24. Hard to argue with my Letrim neighbour who’s watching the game with me that Mayo have been the worst of the 5 teams in this competition. He’s probably right but whether he is or not you’d have to say despite all the big names on our management ticket we were definitely the worst coached.
    Loads of talented players running around like headless chickens without a semblance of an idea of how to hold onto possession. Never seen so many unforced turnovers in an hour of football. These are young lads and many will have big careers in the game but they got no help from the line.
    Well done Sligo who totally dominated that second half.

  25. So many unforced errors by ourselves in that game, it was shocking. Bullied off the ball, players not committing. We should’ve capitalised in the first half but blew too many chances. I’m finding this one hard to take to be honest.

  26. Very very poor campaign with very few positives.

    Beaten (hammered tbh) by Sligo and Leitrim.
    That 2nd half collapse was completely inexplicable, the heads seemed to go completely as soon as Sligo got within a point.

    Cant use our handy fallback excuse of blaming it all on maurice sheridan,We still aren’t producing forwards at any level in Mayo football

  27. Niall Hurley, Finbarr McLaughlin both good forwards, but they didnt get any decent supply of ball in the second half. The problem was the physical weakness and lack of ability to win dirty ball in the middle third, and very poor decision making like when the goalkeeper made a good save and then just threw the ball straight back to a forward for an easy score, and those types of unforced errors were all over the field in the second half. It looks like the Mayo wasnt balanced enough from an age perspective. Too many young players on the team whereas Sligo had alot more experience out there.

  28. Completely outclassed in the 2nd half men v boys! Maybe our lads were overhyped by our own media?
    Our team is young and le cunadh De tiochfidh siad i 2025.

    Comhghairdeas do foireann Sligeach!

  29. I said it here before that we need to play under 20 players in an under 20 competition and not under 18 and 19 players. You need big strong strapping lads in underage competitions and not fancy Dan’s. Bad start to the week

  30. The main fault this year was picking 18 year olds ahead of 20 year olds. I don’t care about some kind of 3d chess investment in the future. It’s frankly weak sauce.
    We’ve now really weakened our confidence on and off field in our u20 ability.
    All of Jack Ferguson, Fiachra Cruise and Oliver Armstrong should have been on this team as starters. They had a huge weight/power advantage on lads that started ahead of them and they are all tall lads who can field the ball.

  31. So we are not playing u20 players…we are playing a younger batch? Is that correct? Heads should roll if true. Anyway Mayo football needs an urgent review in coaching and forward developing forwards should be top of the list. Young kids should be learning to kick with BOTH feet.

  32. I was at the game and we should have it won at half time. There is no “i” in team and 2 of our full forward line would not pass the ball in the first half and this has gone on at all the games in this championship. So disappointing that management didn’t stamp this out in earlier games

  33. JP. Oliver Armstrong wasn’t even listed in the extended panel for this game. I wonder did he walk away.

  34. @ S Cawley

    Even leaving aside the Senior nonsense, it’s one minor title since the early 80s and 2 u20/21. Not an elite county unfortunately

    Galway, Tyrone and Cork all have 5+ u21s in that span. And multiple times more minor AIs also. Never mind Dublin and Kerry

  35. Another All star dream team in management and it’s gone belly up. Kildare did it too with the same result. In Div 3 now. Hope our senior team can prove me wrong, but is it a case of too many cooks.

  36. And for those who come on later complaining about ott reaction to an underage result and how the mood will change dramatically if we win sunday , this line taken by some in Mayo to just look rational and sensible is utter cowardly . We have a problem with coaching and we also need to stop giving a cohort of well liked mayo gaa personalities a free pass on everything .

  37. Nice one, Margie. You haven’t been active here since the low blow I pulled you up on a few weeks ago but now you’re back to sink the knife into another target. Sling your hook, that kind of poison isn’t welcome here.

  38. Sean Burke – I agree 100%. There are serious issues in the whole Mayo setup right through the grades. The great runs the seniors had papered over the cracks and underage was ignored. Kerry supporters were once branded “fu€&@ing animals” in how they demand perfection. We are the complete opposite.

  39. All – knowing from experience how high emotions can run after a defeat (even an underage one), I’d appeal to everyone here to show restraint in what they post tonight, in particular because this was an U20 match.

  40. We are an elite footballing county in our own heads- that might be part of our problem. We are legends in our own heads. Elite counties win all Irelands at all levels – we don’t do that. I’ve said it before we are falling further behind the top counties each year – yet a lot of people in Mayo football cannot see that.
    Mentally we are very weak as well – when any bit of heat or pressure comes on our teams in big games – lads go missing and don’t want to know. That mentality has to change.
    I see more lads are talking up some of our u17 players acain this year as future stars- will we ever learn. Probably not.

  41. Bad loss for sure sligo under 20 have been an up and coming team for some time now.

    I wouldn’t be to harsh on the guys people say oh shouldn’t matter if they are under 20. It does they are pretty much teenagers. Young and learning.

    I’m sure they hurting tonight. And I really hope they do not read a lot of the comments here. It was a bad loss for sure no don’t about it but it’s only sport at the end of the day and they are only young they will learn and develop over time and get over this and come again not the end of the world.

    I don’t know what happened tonight but still think Niall hurley, Diarmuid Duffy are two talents for the future with the right set up.

  42. I have watched all four games and it has been obvious from the outset that we were facing a huge task in the physicality stakes.I was disappointed last night with the home crowd attendance and though 1830 on a Wednesday evening is not ideal we seemed to be outnumbered by the Sligo crowd.The second half was littered with misplaced passing and nervy poor decision making.Hopefully next year with more s+c this team can kick on but its a worrying trend for sure.There are four or five lads there i would hope can make it to the senior ranks.

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