U20 team named for Connacht final

We named our team earlier on today for tomorrow evening’s Connacht U20 football final against Roscommon at MacHale Park (throw-in 7.30pm). Here it is:

Mayo (Connacht U20 football final v Roscommon, 21/7/2021): Ronan Connolly (Ardnaree); Seán Holmes (Knockmore), Ruairí Keane (Mayo Gaels), Donnacha McHugh (Castlebar Mitchels); Conor Flynn (Knockmore), Ryan Baynes (Burrishoole), Aidan Cosgrove (Kiltimagh); Conor Dunleavy (Balla), Jack Carney (Kilmeena); Ethan Henry (Mayo Gaels), Conor Reid (Bohola Moy Davitts), Connell Dempsey (Knockmore); Ultan O’Reilly (Castlebar Mitchels), Frank Irwin (Ballina Stephenites), Jack Mahon (Charlestown Sarsfields, captain).

So it’s two changes from the team that started last week’s dramatic shootout semi-final against Galway. Into the team come Donnacha McHugh and Conor Reid while out go the injured Eoin Gilrane and Owen MacHale.

Tomorrow night’s provincial decider is being broadcast live by TG4 and there’ll also be full match commentary from MacHale Park by Midwest Radio.

The best of luck to the lads as they shoot for Connacht glory tomorrow night.

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  1. Apologies all, the throw-in time for the U20 final tomorrow night is 7.30pm. The Minor match on Friday is on at 7pm.

    James – the U20 match is being broadcast live on TG4.

  2. Best Wishes to Maurice Fitzgerald and his team tomorrow night. Keep an eye on one Keith Doyle (St Doms) at midfield. Fine footballer and a great fielder. An opportunity for Jack Carney to show what he is made of.

  3. You mean Maurice Sheridan PJ Maurice Fitzgerald was the one that beat us on his own in the 97 final I believe there’s a Buck out Moygownagh way still dizzy after trying to catch him that afternoon. In fairness there wasn’t a defender in the country that would Mark him that day

  4. WJ you must have spent the day at The Forty Foot brushing up your all over tan for sunday
    . P jMc M was at the seaside too. Its only Tuesday lads

  5. Sorry to disagree Backdoorsam but there was a corner back by the name of Kenneth Mortimer would have taken care of Fitzgerald if moved on to him, was there, the best footballer in the country at the time was Kenneth.

  6. Just a Couple of thought as there doesn’t look like any full panels are being posted by Mayo GAA anytime soon for any grades. Papers not getting much look either it seems. Oisín Tunney part of the senior development squad not getting into side even with Gilrane injured, I see he was listed among subs against Galway, one player who wasn’t listed was Fergal Sweeney the Neale a forward who was part of last year group a forward that can take a score. Our forwards need to improve and they were making hard work of it. I’m glad Conor Reid has made it, he made a different when he came on. Looking at the players in the senior setup out of this group I think Keane and Dunleavy were unfortunate as they stand out more. Dunleavy looked very strong for Balla last year.

  7. If this has been covered elsewhere I apologise but are supporters permitted to the game this evening? And if so is it ticket only?

  8. 500 tickets, snapped up in a few seconds . Reading some horrible stories from siblings of players wanting to go but cannot.

    There are a lot of mixed messages with restrictions and youd be tired moaning but I still dont get why such a small number are only permitted into such a big arena.

  9. Meath +Exile you are correct Kenneth Mortimer was indeed a fine footballer and would have sickened Maurice Fitz. I have great time for John Maughan but he got that final badly wrong after Dermot Flanagan went off injured we were unlucky to lose Maurice Sheridan too when his hammer went just before half time just as he was through on goal he fisted a point should have been a goal . Anyway story of our lives hard not to believe in curses when it comes to Mayo and all Ireland final day

  10. 13 different clubs represented in Rossies team which is most unusual. Normally you need a core group from one club. However they have gelled well obviously.
    Liam Tully has named the same side for the second successive game. The Rossies defeated Leitrim and then Sligo to advance to the decider.
    Roscommon (Connacht U20FC v Mayo): Conor Carroll; Conor Lohan, Colin Walsh, Dylan Gaughan; Patrick Gavin, Tomas Crean, Cian Glennon; Keith Doyle, Ronan Garvn; Robbie Dolan, James Fitzpatrick, Daire Cregg; Ben O’Carroll, Adam McDermott, Darragh Heneghan.

  11. If McHale Park was ok for 3600 on sunday, why isnt it ok for 3600 tonight. It defies logic, especially in the light of Connacht Council needing the cash

  12. Connacht Council was too focused on the senior final in Croke Park that they basically didn’t put in the required effort to make the U20 final in Castlebar tonight a test pilot event.

  13. Bit hard on connacht council there Mayomagic. Every game cant be a pilot event. If Connaught council are to blame for only 500 people ben let in this evening- who is at fault for only 500 people for all Irealnd minor football last Sunday. Is it the Derry and Kerry county boards.
    Are the Munster council to blame for only 2,500 people been allowed attend this Sundays Munster football final.

  14. No not all games but provincial finals could and should be test events.

    Was a lot more than 500 at the minor AI final. 2,500 is the government cap on Fitzgerald Stadium because its not all seater, munster gaa as we speak are pushing for a bigger crowd of course a switch to Cork would allow that to happen but kerry won’t want to lose home advantage.

  15. Mayomagic. So easily to blame the Connacht council. The Government decides on pilot events. Let’s give credit to the CC for putting the CF in a stadium where 15,000 more supporters can attend. Also more Mayo supporters live outside the county than within,so Croke park is the right venue.

  16. Gonnacht Council sleepwalking. How could the government allow 3600 one day and not another.
    Not meaning to distract from the match itself.
    Anyone with info on key Roscommon players

  17. @Mayomessi I think Aidan Cosgrave stood out as well, there was one recovering run he did on the near side of pitch in the second half where he showed tremendous pace running back towards his own goal.
    I like Conor Dunleavy and Ruari Keane also. Conor Dunleavy has a real muscular build to him with pace. Ruari Keane is so explosive over the first ten yards, very hard to get open from him I’d say.
    Really like Jack Carney but I think his game should be more about providing, think he’s a much better passer than shooter.

  18. @OnTheDitch Adam McDermott will be a future good Roscommon senior, I’ve always been impressed with him.

  19. I dont blame CC or GAA , its just the bizzare restrictions from nphet/govt (not sure which one calls the shots tbh) and them akin to a referee on a bad day with inconsistency .
    Test pilot events , like what does it even mean or do these bucks just make it up as they go along , well i mean did the first one pass the test or fail the test , if it passed well shur horse along like a good lad and thats your template , 3,600 for mchale pk , sin e .

  20. Still think CC took their eye of the ball.. Should have been part of negogiations in transferring senior game to croker. Financially CCs loss as it is very attractive fixture.
    @JP McDermott a good Roscommon name. We will keep an eye on him. Something Jack Carney has to work on then. Midfielders need to be able to take scores in the modern game

  21. 10 Sligo players came out of Covid enforced isolation 2 days before the Ross game. Centre back and 2 midfielders were subbed early due to the effects of the illness. Sligo still scored 2-12 against them. There are scores to be got against the Ross defence if Mayo go for it this evening.

  22. We have got a good supply of youth coming through the ranks
    Defence is a very strong point in this under 20 team which is key to a strong underage team
    Aidan Cosgrove can run at a high pace and is never afraid to take on his man and that goes for the other half backs aswell
    We all know the talent that jack carney has and it looks like dunleavy is a good talent
    Frank Irwin has been asked for Aussie rules trials so that tells us all about the certain athlete we have on our hands
    Jack mahon is a very good player with an eye for goal
    I haven’t seen enough of Ultan o Reilly to say whether or not he’s good enough to break into the seniors in the future but he can stack a claim tonight
    Out half forwards are possibly our strongest line I think dempsey is a future star
    Conor Reid is an extremely big man and will be looking for kickouts this evening
    Not sure if number 10 is the spot for Ethan henry but he showed at minor the level he can achieve
    Ruari Keane and sean Holmes both have an excellent burst of pace that any forward would struggle to contain

  23. Disappointed I didn’t get tickets but really looking forward to watching it on tv. I think all the platforms and channels now available for watching gaa games has been a fantastic thing for the GAA overall.

  24. Tickets for lower tier (pods of 2) available on ticketmaster again. Just bought 2 for 334

  25. Savage amount of wides, but great game so far – was the disallowed goal for square ball?

  26. Square ball for placed balls (including marks) is the old rule so player can’t be in the square before the ball. Very marginal call.

  27. Mayo shooting is beyond wild. Every shot Bezos-like into the heavens. You’d think there was extra credit on offer for altitude. We’re wasting this dominance badly.

  28. We only have 2 natural forwards on the starting team. Need to get another one on at least.

  29. Nine wides in that first half, some shocking ones. We should be well ahead by now but every attack seems to culminate in lateral handpassing out around the fifty followed by a wild shot. We need a change of tactics in the second half.

  30. I’d say at least 70% possession and we are behind at half time. Shocking wides by forwards. Important score by Carney at the death.

  31. We were the better team in most aspects. Ruairi Keane very good at full back, some great high fielding from Carney, Dempsey and Irwin. I don’t think we need a sweeper today either.

  32. Watching this is like watching a mayo team from the bad old days, dominating around the middle but kicking wide after wide. Forward play atrocious, lads are continually collecting the ball facing the wrong direction and running 20 yards back to their own goal. Hopefully Sheridan will make some changes.

  33. Roscommon are a well coached team, defending well with good tackling, and more direct attacking style. If I were a neutral, I would prefer their approach. The game is still there for the winning but it is one that we need to change the approach if we are to get across the finish line

  34. Certainly is shocking stuff. No composure in front of goal and we don’t have the speed in defenders to break the line. No forward playing anywhere near the level required to win at this level. Surely an improvement for the second half.

  35. Dreadful stuff. Is our no 14 playing centre field? We should keep someone at edge of square. We are not capable of scoring from 40 metres out. We should be well ahead. Come on Mayo . We can still do it

  36. Half time talk badly needed for our lads. We seem to be very one dimensional in attack.

  37. Bookies have us 8/11 favourites in running. Rossies 6/4. Not so sure on them odds the way we’re hitting them wides

  38. I wonder if there any time given over to target practice during training sessions? because these mayo forwards don’t seem to have a clue where the posts are!
    Hope things improve second half or we’re out the gate…

  39. Poor shot options have cost us dearly in first half, for all our dominance possession-wise, little to show, going for goals when points are on too. Roscommon far more economical with their possession. Seemed to start like a train and tire as the half wore on – the heat may be contributing. Agreed Willie joe what’s the craic with the very high shots?

    Having said that some of our fielding has been outstanding, there are some ballers here. Just a bit more composure and tactical nous once inside their 45 needed.

    I’m gonna say it though, ours wasn’t a square ball and the goal should have stood, theirs on the other hand was a square ball

  40. We’re doing a great job of throwing this away, pulling my hair out watching that.

  41. Sheridan and Gardiner etc set them up to play this way , its bloody awful . I’d love to understand the logic is possession without penetration then a wild shot at the end of it , completely clueless coaching .

  42. Ross certainly getting all the close calls from ref. But our shooting is embarrassing.

  43. So predictable. Ssme game plan as against Galway but worse. I hope this is not the future of Mayo football

  44. Woeful stuff. Ros playing complete blanket defence stuff though. Two poor teams

  45. Roscommon have better players granted but its unforgivable to be coached to play like that , it’s so toothless . Its painful

  46. My god! I’ve never seen anything as bad. Hopefully just an off night as some of them are good players

  47. This is the worst prepared Mayo team I’ve seen in a while. I don’t like to be critical of young lads but we have been atrocious.

  48. Roscommon are home and hosed they are bigger better and stronger and can score. I don’t think the Aussies will be visiting Ballina after tonight. Shocking how a team in a provincial final are so useless in front of goal

  49. I think that this has been lost by the sideline, tactics were not working and were not changed, Roscommon fully deserve the win, well done to them and best of luck in the AI SF,

  50. Don’t like commenting… but this is OMG.. anyone teach them to e.g draw a foul? feel sorry for Galway U20s now .. good luck to rossies

  51. As poor a performance as I have seen for a long time. Like the Galway game no forward plan whatsoever.
    After 10 passes going no where we take pot shots at goal from 40 yards. We dominated play in first half yet played with a two man full forward line.
    Its only when Ros realised we were so poor they started playing. I had heard from some challenge games played this was a poor Mayo team. Yet we had people in Mayo again talking them up – do we ever learn

  52. Shame to see it end up as a hammering, best of luck to the Rossies and hopefully next year gives more time to work on forwards.

  53. Desperate stuff altogether. This is a hammering. So poorly coached , its the worst performance in a long time. All the wides in the first half killed us.

  54. I would argue that most of the talent from what I have watched at minor in 2019 and club level last year before lockdown was from the midfield up but wouldn’t say we were suited for a poacher style defensive game plan, more a Horan style all out attack so hopefully Maurice can adjust for next year.

  55. Mayo has lost the ball 11 times & Roscommon has got 9 scores from all the turnovers? It is a basic skill, don’t loose the ball to your opponent, + they run out of ideas in final third, Rossies are playing very well.

  56. I’m shocked at how bad a performance that was. I’m fairness though, they weren’t good against Galway either. 2 points in the first half on a good day. Pure resilience got them through. Every manager deserves time but you’d really wonder how Sheridan could send a team out like that. One of the worst mayo performances I can remember.

    It also seemed that they started like a freight train and tired after 20 mins in the conditions, which to happen at this level is mind boggling

  57. It’s as bad as 2014 when we lost to them by 11points.

    You can always spot senior intercounty talent/potential at u20 level. Unfortunately no one over the course of two games has stood out and I hate saying that, but it’s true. Hopefully this just goes down as a bad batch rather than any worrying trend.

    A miserable performance.

  58. Moose79 – we produce plenty of forwards but it’s impossible for forwards to stand out in this kind of setup

  59. @Crete Boom I would have serious reservations about looking to next year with this management team. This has been so bad. It looks like they met up for the first time at 5pm. Between this and our minors v Sligo last December, you’d start to worry that the tap has been switched off.

  60. Pass pass pass and no penetration. Shooting was the worst I’ve ever seen. Must have had 12/13 wides. Roscommon were more clinical and counter attacked much better. Deserved winners. The way the minors and under 20s play should mirror how the seniors play so it’s a natural progression when a player moves up and gets older. What I saw today was not that. It was possession for the sake of it.

  61. Wouldn’t blame management on this one. Several players just didn’t show up tonight. It can happen. Management can’t be blamed for lads missing kicks from 20 metres or passing the ball to the wrong player. They’re young lads and they’ve learned a harsh lesson tonight. Congrats to roscommon. Much the better side and played with great intensity on such a hot evening.

  62. Puke football – not the Mayo way. A bad day for the coaches, lack of leadership on the field too, the heads dropped and that was that, not one player over 5-6/10 for Mayo. I’d give the coaches 1/10. Would have been bet in a semi final anyway. Congratulations Rossies

  63. How in the name of God did we ever manage to get past the All Ireland champions???
    The Machale Park course strikes again!

  64. Congratulations to Roscommon they deserved their win and best of luck in the semi final but Mayo threw it away in the first half they got a lesson from Roscommon tonight you have to take your chances and score. The freetaker may need to go back to a more orthodox run up to taking a free cos what I saw was downright weird

  65. Congratulations to Roscommon. By far the better team. We got two very very soft peno’s. They out played us even though the had two players black carded. The had much more aggression and directness. We kept going around in circles. No intelligence in our play when we had possession. Forwards and Backs nearly all beaten by their markers

  66. All – can you please tone it down a bit? I’ve had to delete a number of comments there. This is an underage team and while it’s fine to be critical – and, Lord knows, there’s much to be critical about in this performance – what you say has to be couched in reasonable terms.

  67. @wide, I meant physically big. We seem to have a conveyor belt of small forwards

  68. That was a very very tired Mayo Team.
    All the effort of the Galway game showed tonight.

  69. Tactics were shocking. Absolute zero threat up front, you knew after the first few wides the heads were going. The technique on some of the first half shots was chronic!…ballooning it up into the sky, very high percentage stuff.

    How did Sheridan not change tactics? Made heros out of a bang average ros team, Who won’t go any further. Should have had the game wrapped up inside 20 mins with all the posession we had.

    I think Ruairi Keane and Carney could have a future in senior. Certainly none of the forwards im afraid.

  70. Fair play to Roscommon. We can have no complaints with that one. We were simply no good. We must have hand passed the ball 100,000 times, lost the ball 50,000 and kick passed it 6 times.

    Dispossessed constantly and couldn’t score.

    So Roscommon deserving winners.

    We were muck, plain and simple.

  71. I’d agree that we made a mediocre Ross team look great. We’ve some decent players there but no attacking plan, and the energy drained from there. Such basic errors, turnovers, appaling shooting. Complete lack of belief visible from early in second half.

  72. We had more than enough possession to be well ahead at half-time. We left the gate open and Roscommon duly came roaring back. The lack of penetration up-front was our undoing. I hate being too critical of a young team but the second half was a wipeout. The amount of turnovers we conceded was shocking, pockets were being picked left right and centre. I’m frustrated and disappointed for the team and management because after the previous game I felt we had more than enough to win it but the signs were there I suppose in the second half of the Galway game where we could not buy a score for love nor money.

    Full credit to Roscommon, the scoreline did not flatter them in the end

  73. What is most unnacceutable about that performance tonight is all off pitch that resulted in it:
    – players not having developed further since minor in either fitness or skills
    – playing awful style of posession for posession sake football
    – No basic template of attacking play coached, these are not young minors, these are players 19 and 20. We really should be starting to mature a lot more post minor.
    We looked an old style shambles tonight. We’re looking to compete with Dublin and Kerry at senior level whilst being a total shambles in development for u20.
    Oisin was developed in Kilmaine.
    Tommy was developed in The Neale.
    Eoghan McLoughlin was developed in Westport.
    Mayo underage coaching development is not producing a fit for purpose u20 team.
    We didn’t look like we were on any kind of development program post minor. That’s ridiculous.

  74. Okay, too many people are taking liberties here. I’ve already deleted eleven comments relating to the U20 match, some from people who contribute regularly but usually keep within the rules. The heat is clearly getting to some. If this keeps up I’m going to start issuing bans and while I don’t want to do this some of you are leaving me with little choice.

  75. Very disappointing, playing a sweeper combined with a 2 man full forward line showed how defensive our set up was, no outlet at halforward line for a quick kick pass and no penetration, our build up in the forwards was really poor looked out of ideas, shame ruairi keane wasn’t played at 6 his pace and ability to break the line was wasted at full back.

  76. Gas the way the comments changed as the match wore on A very disappointing night for Mayo Played like that last week and it worked but we were woeful this evening Very different style of play than the seniors (Hope I will be still saying that Sunday evening) We really Have to move away from that style They don’t even play like that in Ulster anymore and all Mayo teams struggle v blanket defense No point doing the dog on criticism of players and management It’s brutally disappointing but condemning all and sundry won’t get us anywhere Hopefully Sunday will be better but wouldn’t put my house on it.

  77. Well done to Roscommon, they fully deserved their win.

    I’m sure we’ll see of our own lads make the senior panel at some stage. There was some great fielding but unfortunately too many wrong options taken when in possession.

    Our lads will be very disappointed with that display but they’ll lift the heads in time and I’m sure we’ll see some of them in the Mayo Jersey again.

  78. Our under 20s knew what their Galway counterparts had for breakfast, such was the preparation put into the Galway game. We clearly didn’t plan for subsequent tests if we beat Galway though. Our game plan was non existent & certainly didnt utilize our skillset. I hate being critical of young lads, but it was really poor after taking out the All Ireland champs.

    I wouldn’t be too quick to write off these lads though. We’ve had some underage teams recently which would have been perceived as weak, yet quite a few have broken through. We have been quite good at transitioning these players to senior, so hopefully that continues

  79. Well said JP. That is what stands out for me. I remember this group beating Dublin and scoring for fun as minors but as you said, they were a shell of that team tonight. I know that some young young players may not advance from u17 to u20 but they looked like a team of battle weary veterans who have had all the joy of playing football knocked out of them.

  80. Agree MayoDunphy, we made a bang average ros team look good. For me that goes down as one if the poorest quality u20/21 provincial finals in years. Sure, there have been times when one team has hammered another, like in 2018 when we hammered ros by something like 16 points. But that was a quality Mayo team with several lads who have stepped up to senior, relatively quickly. (Side note: should have beaten kildare in final…lost that on the line, for sure!!)

    Underage has been concerning for years. A glance at the stats prove as much.

    Since 2010 we’ve reached two u20/21 finals, winning one. Off top of my head I dont know how many provincial we have in that 11 year period….3?? Maybe it was just 2!?? Now if that doesn’t worry you about the conveyor belt, then nothing will.

    We’ve been in 1 Minor All Ireland Final in the past 11 years. Galway have been in 3 in the past 5 years.

    Compare to the period from 1999 to 2009. We were in 5 minor all irelands.

    Wake up MAYO GAA. If things dont take a turn for the better soon then within 3 to 4 years you’re going to see our senior team slip and it could then happen very quickly once Lee, Cillian, Aidan, mcloughlin, harry, doherty are gone.

    I’ve been worried for a while tbh.

  81. We’ve got a good return on the 2019 and 2020 U20s despite them losing to Galway on both occasions. Tommy Conroy, Oisín Mullin and Eoghan McLaughlin have established themselves in the senior team. Enda Hession (who should have been playing tonight) is hopefully doing likewise now.

    I’d be fairly sure we’ll get players out of this side too. Many of them are still underage next year.

  82. Hoping that it was tiredness after a tough slog last week and not a hangover after celebrating beating Galway.

    Well done to Roscommon tonight.

  83. Well done to Roscommon. Mayo lucky the margin wasn’t much worse than 7 points. Seem to get Galway on a bad night.

  84. I think Willie Joe – JP above summarised the frustration of people very well. It’s the lack of development of players and a game plan that is the worry. And as other people have pointed out – this is not the first time in the last ten years where we have had very poor performances from underage teams both in terms of execution of the basic skills and game plans.
    It looks like James Horan and his management teams are hiding over the cracks of a very questionable underage development system. Hard questions need to asked.

  85. @MayoDunphy you are only making yourself look very bitter with that bang average comment.

    In every sector they had players better than Mayo. Some times you just have to hod the hands up, Individually and collectively well beaten. They might not go much further but at least give the credit for a win they fully deserved tonight.

  86. Not sure I’d agree with that Mayomagic and I dont think mayodunphy meant it in a better way. Congrats to roscommon but it was not a high quality game. Two average sides in my opinion.

    How many wides did we hit 1st half. Underage games are heavily influenced by confidence, even more so than senior. Once Ros went 3 points up 2nd half, they got almost their entire team back, crowded out our forwards and eventually we coughed up possession. If we had converted even 50% of our 1st half wides, the outcome of this would very likely have been different because ros would have had to come out attacking 2nd half and left gaps at the back for us to exploit.

  87. Sleepwalker – any comment with “muck”, “crap” and “Mayo God help us” in it deserves the bin. That’s just trash-talking, which has no place here.

  88. All I know is that typically if you’ve been doing the recommended strength and conditioning for this level you can see it straight off in the legs and chest. Fitzpatrick is not a tall player but look at how he could power on. Adam McDermott, Cregg, their full back, Keith Doyle, on and on they had that body shape where they’ve clearly being doing their weights programs.
    That is not something one can ignore and hope to make up for it at a later point. Andy Moran talks about the compound interest of fitness.
    This perhaps explains why many of our newly added seniors didn’t hit their fighting weight and fit till as late as u25 in some cases!! It’s pretty basic sports science to have players at their weight and fit by u22. But you’ll get hugely delayed on that if there’s no proper program post minor.

  89. The best team won, congratulations to the Rossies, hope they go on now and win the All Ireland!.. We, some of our (supporter’s) were overconfident, after beating Galway, the All Ireland Champions all be it on penalties, but we should have reasoned that overall the performance in Tuam was nothing to write home about.. It’s hardly the first time some Mayo supporters ran away with themselves. .. I have no doubt that James Horan will have minds concentrated on the job for next Sunday…. Hope some of our very optimistic supporters, realise that whoever is ahead at the final whistle usually wins the match, and not nessarly who you think should win the match… Our player’s available collectively will probably have to have an 8 or 9 out of 10, for us to prevail.. Galway aren’t going to collapse.. Should be a Titanic struggle, watch the Paddy Durcan, Shane Walsh duel, the winner of that will have a big say in the outcome?.. If it’s weather anything like today, it dosent tend to be a day for the very big men especially in Croke Park, ie AOS and the genial Annaghdown man Damien C, .. So for those who’s traveling on Sunday just fill the car with Red or Green deisil or even Red and Green deisil, same applies to our friends South of the border, down the N17 .. I’m very glad that the Mayo Kit Van, having served it’s one match suspension will allowed into Croke Park,.. and nothing wrong with it’s suspension either, told on good authority that was tested to it’s limit recently and passed for 35CWT ,..

  90. @Mayonaze the rossies was slow starters but the was better team by some distance after the first water break on 17 minutes. They kicked a number of wides also and made a mess of some good goalscoring chances. Could easily have been a bigger margin than 7 points

    Simply not enough scoring power in that Mayo team. 0-8 in 60 minutes last week and 1-7 tonight. I still think Mayo might get some defenders and midfielders out of that U20 team for senior level in the years ahead

  91. @Mayomagic, not bitter at all. Just calling it how I see it. No one stood out like say the Murtaghs or Smiths did years ago at the same level. They’re in the final 4, yet Paddy Power has them the 5th ranked team out of the six left!!! If that isn’t bang average I don’t know what is.

  92. Lots giving out about our forwards tonight but to be honest we had very few natural forwards on the starting 15. Of the starting 6 forwards only 1 played forward for their club at underage, most play midfield for their club, or did up to minor. It has being a thing in mayo underage trying to fit 6-8 natural midfielders into a team. No nippy corner forward winning frees. No two footed player. No forward with blistering pace. We dont need 15 big men , we need 15 ballers that can play the position they are in. Loads of clubs have questions over underage development within the county.

  93. Reads bitter if you meant it or not @.MayoDunphy

    The level the Murtaghs, Smiths played was U21 and the bookies never fancy Roscommon.

    I thought the likes of Keith Doyle, Daire Cregg, Adam McDermott, James Fitzpatrick all impressed. As a team their tackling and work rate on a very warm night was good and something Mayo couldn’t match. They won’t win the AI as I’d expect the winner of Cork v Dublin likely semi final to do so but I’d give them every chance against the Ulster champions Monaghan or Down in two weeks.

  94. It Doesn’t read bitter to me MayoDunphy. Don’t know how someone could say it was simply not down to enough scoring power. It should never happen the way the Mayo midfielder and defender were dispossessed for the 2 goals

  95. @Mayomagic, Im fully aware the Smiths + Murtaghs were u21, but its still the only intercounty level between minor amd senior…thats the “level” i referred to.

  96. Maybe Mayo were not as bad as it seemed as the Rossies have now taken out a fancied Down outfit as well who had designs on winning the thing outright. Hopefully the Ros and Mayo can make it a weekend to remember.

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