U21 match against Derry is OFF

As the bush telegraph here on the site had already signalled earlier on today, it’s now been confirmed officially that tomorrow’s U21 North-West Cup match against Derry is off, due to the Oakleafers’ withdrawal from the tournament. Here’s the official confirmation of the cancellation:

This development, unwelcome as it may be for Mike Solan and the U21s, should provide a bit of short-term relief for Stephen Rochford. With the 2016 senior panel away on their holliers it was always the plan to dip into the U21s to supplement the squad for Sunday’s FBD League opener against NUIG at MacHale Park (throw-in 2pm). With no U21 match tomorrow to worry about Stephen can now plunder at will on that front without being afflicted with guilt about burnout and what-not.

The cancellation of tomorrow’s match also means that the first appearance of the new jersey on a Mayo team has been put back 24 hours. It’s only right, I guess, that the seniors should get to debut it, even if the senior team in question will have a very unfamiliar look to it.

18 thoughts on “U21 match against Derry is OFF

  1. Not ideal preparation at all for the U21’s who could do with a good run of games to assess performances and begin to develop overall style of play ahead of Connacht championship.

  2. Had heard it Wednesday evening but thought no truth in it when there was no official word. Does help us in a way for Sunday though.

  3. They still have two games to get ready. Some of them games with the seniors/Universities.
    It’s enough to be ready.
    This now makes the senior selection interesting. It will depend what players are not with the Universities.

  4. Love the commentary and choice of words like “plunder” ? Here’s to a great season for all the Mayo teams!! ????? Maigh Eo Abú from your Florida fans!! Now we just need to keep track of the 5 hour time difference so please tell me there will be some live tweets during the game…please?!?

  5. Slightly off topic (but only slightly), I hadn’t heard that Fr. Leo Morahan had died over Christmas. Here’s a nice tribute from one of the Galway message boards:

    “RIP to Fr. Leo Morahan who was an outstanding Gael whose contribution to Mayo GAA & the Association nationally was highly underestimated. Even in Galway he contributed, up to his last parish Bearna/Na Forbacha where even though in his seventies he ran up & down the field with lads at training. If something needed to be said, he said it straight out, a great trait. His delivery of a rousing dressing room speech was always done in a calm demeanour but would put the hair standing on the back of your neck. He had a great eye for how games developed tactically & where to play players & passed off his experience & enthusiasm to many who respected him totally for his selfless & total passion to the club. A good friend to many of us who knew him well he was sadly missed when he left. As a priest his ability with vocabulary tré gaeilge nó bearla, bhí sé béal-líofa le heigh gach ócáid, an uncanny ability to say the right thing & put people at ease. A friend who at one time inspired many of us who will not forget, rest in peace Fr. Leo.”

  6. A plan was put in place for the Friday after the Drawn All Ireland by a Mayo player to bring Sam to his (Fr Leo) death bed had everything panned out as we all hoped. Sport rarely lends itself to pre scripted wishes. Ironically he wasn’t at the 51 Final either as the rule at the time didn’t allow priests out of the semetry for GAA matches. A true Mayo man. RIP.

  7. What a pity it didnt work out for that Mayo player. The slimmest of margins separate our current team from glory, just a bit more push and a bit of luck and they will be able to bring Sam wherever they want. I’d imagine Sam would be one busy trophy for the year we next land him.

  8. It looks like the following players are available for tomorrow according to The Mayo News:

    Rob Hennelly
    Rory Byrne
    Donie Newcombe
    Shane Nally
    Conor Loftus
    Brian Reape
    Fergal Boland
    David Kenny
    Michael Plunkett
    Liam Irwin
    Neil Douglas
    Ray O’Malley
    Eoghan O’Reilly
    Danny Kirby
    James Durcan
    Niall McManamon
    Brian McDermott
    Fionn McDonagh

    Mayo’s panel will also contain some members of the county under-21 squad.

  9. If they build the first 15 on a foundation of strong Castlebar players and the few senior panellists they’ll have a competitive team.

  10. Now its getting really exciting – delighted to see Danny Kirby being drafted in – I hope he can play to his full potential and prove to Rochford what an addition he could be to the panel. Same goes for James Durcan. Delighted for the young Westport lads also to get an opportunity – in fairness its a very mature decision by their management to release them for tomorrows game. Its a pity that Gareth O’Donnell is carrying an injury – he was one player that I really looking forward to seeing how he could fare out in the green and red (and black !!) jersey throughout this FBD campaign.

  11. Also delighted to see Kirby listed.I have been a fan of his since he first appeared. Was our stand out minor for two years, stand out U21 player for two years, in fact the only player who turned up in his final year at that grade. Was an incorrect omission from the 2015 panel and that was obvious when our four big men were faltering and some off the field. He was instrumental in all the crucial scores scored by Mitchell in their journey to the club final and then fell flat like all his teammates. He needs fitness and motivation and when he puts his mind to it he should be an integral part of the panel.He can cover every position from 8 to 15, win his own 50/50 ball, set up and take scores and cover the ground well. I hope he steps as I has seen many lesser players on board down the years.

  12. If you had
    Rory Byrne
    Newcombe Nally Kenny
    Mcdermott Reilly OMalley
    Ruane Kirby
    Douglas Loftus Durcan
    Irwin Reape Plunkett
    That’s a team with five Castlebar lads in the middle eight to give a bit of off the shelf familiarity.
    Plunkett drops back as he likes. Loftus as the playmaker.
    Durcan and Douglas as traditional half forwards that move up and down.
    Irwin and Reape stay inside.
    Bring in the u21s from the bench then.

  13. Hi all- Does anyone know how much it costs to go to Mayo match against NUIG this Sunday? and are kids free? Thanks

  14. Looking forward to seeing new players on the field for Mayo tomorrow, out of those listed available for the game I’m sure a few will definitely be there or there abouts in August/September. Also excited about seeing the new jerseys in action!

  15. Agree 100% with everything you said there Bill. The potential is there as has been proven so many times at minor and U21 grades as well as Club championship. Needs to step up now and make most of the opportunity…as you said less able players have made their way onto the Mayo senior championship squad over the past 4 years…

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