U21 results round-up

The county Championship at U21 level is reaching its conclusion, with semi-finals on today in the A and C competitions while in the B tournament it was quarter-final day today.

Here are the weekend’s U21 Championship results:

U21 A Championship semi-finals

U21 B Championship quarter-finals

  • Mayo Gaels 0-10 Kilmeena 1-6
  • Crossmolina Deel Rovers 2-7 Aghamore 0-9
  • Ballintubber 3-6 Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin 3-16
  • Breaffy already through to the semi-finals

U21 C Championship semi-finals

  • Tourmakeady 1-9 Swinford 1-13
  • Eastern Gaels 3-6 Erris St Pat’s 2-17

Mayo GAA have tonight confirmed fixtures for this coming Saturday (9th December) as follows:

U21 A Championship final

  • Castlebar Mitchels v Claremorris, Hastings Insurance MacHale Park, 3.30pm

U21 B Championship semi-finals

  • Crossmolina Deel Rovers v Parke/Keelogues/Crimlin, St Tiernan’s Park, Crossmolina, 12pm
  • Mayo Gaels v Breaffy, Mayo Abbey, 12pm

U21 C Championship final

  • Erris St Pat’s v Swinford, James Stephens Park, 1pm

40 thoughts on “U21 results round-up

  1. Went to the semi final between Claremorris and Moy Davitts. As a neutral it was a cracking game in testing conditions. Two very good footballing teams with loads of talent.
    The footballers are certainly coming through it’s about nurturing them correctly from under 17s to under 20s. We have seen with our County17s/20s there is talent there, our Ted Webb teams have won it in recent years.

    With the negative recent vibes around the senior team it’s time for supporters to have faith and get behind these younger players. If we can do that and nurture them correctly we will be back at the top table in the next 3-5 years or maybe sooner.

  2. Thats it clubman , all about maximising the potential though and a smooth transition for the elite players . The ideal kick start for all this would be a succesful under 20 campaign in 2024.

  3. Two good semi finals, great scores for this time of year. Nothing much between Davitts and Castlebar, I’d say Claremorris slight favourites unless Castlebar get their senior lads back, not sure if they are away or injured.

  4. @Gizmobobs who’s not being let play for the clubs?

    Seems a bit mad of mcstsy if he’s not letting the younger guys play for clubs when the league doesn’t start for a good while yet hope he’s not going to come at 100 miles an hour again in the league and then be flat for championship..!

  5. @2hops that is ridiculous of mcstay …burning out players for a useless competition that no one cares about.. if we all fall flat on our face again cone championship I’d saycstay will be out the door we shall see !

  6. See where this chat goes now ,its just nonsense , do ye honestly believe mcstay a man of sound mind priortises the fbd or the league over championship ? Come on folks

  7. Castlebar will be hot favourites going into this’s final with an older and more experienced side especially if they have their county lads back . Claremorris a much younger side with what it looks like half their minor team playing have been improving game on game and as the saying goes have nothing to lose and I’m sure both teams will give a top level display of football at this age group.

  8. No one wrote he prioritizes it over championship and last year he was in multiple interviews bigging up how teams would really need to be going well early season from the off.
    So, there’s some merit to the viewpoint raised.

  9. @sean Burke don’t think anyone said he prioritises fbd & league over championship.. the point being made is that mcstay went to hard & to fast this year and then we where flat out on our feet come championship and if he’s not releasing younger players to go hard and fast again for fbd & league etc we’ll that’s not really nonsense talk

  10. For the two young lads mentioned though, the fbd and league are everything. If they miss those then they can’t expect to play championship.

    Kevin would be taking the blame here even if those players were given a choice or just made the decision themselves. He’d see as protecting them.

    There wasn’t much choice with the league this year. We had to put our best team out in 3 of the first four games, and the results we got in those games meant we could go for the trophy.
    This year is a different story

  11. Sean, the league just doesn’t do it for some of us, I would be looking for a good championship run rather going hell for leather in the league, and would be in favour of scrapping the FBD completely.

  12. I honestly believe Rochford is managing the team and McStay is there to handle the media. The FBD is completely worthless. Winning the league this year was ok for 6 days and then we fell to Roscommon Sam is the only show in town. Its mad to think we havent won Sam for 72 years you could say a lifetime ago at this stage

  13. All this current talk about McStay started because someone commented here “rumour” has it McStay didn’t allow the two lads play because they had “slight” knocks.
    We don’t know for sure is the rumour true and how slight the knocks are. If the lads played and made the “slight” knocks a lot worse and missed 4-6 weeks of S and C training – it would put these lads down the pecking order from the start

  14. I think the Inter county equivalent of cabin fever is setting in. Only a few weeks and a good dose of league should be enough to put us right again.

  15. South Mayo Exile, if ask some people involved with Castlebar ya will likely get the full story.
    If they fit to do S&C etc. They likely would have been well able for part of a club U21 game.

    The reality is the lads in question even if they missed 6 weeks now, because they were in panel last year or two will be well ahead of any usurpers to their spots on squad due to conditioning under their belt. Given the lads who have retired and lads who have left the panel of their own accord we be doing well to find the 5 or 6 bolters needed that are fit for inter-county to replace them (based on club championship form), without dropping two other young lads with potential out of contention because they play with their club.
    Lads will also be playing Sigerson in few weeks, so I would not agree with IC management dictating to clubs/players at this stage of seasons as to what players should do, if lads are injured or carrying knocks they will have the medical advice from the backroom team saying whether they fit to play or not.

    Westport have motions in on the freeing up of extended panel players submitted for the upcoming convention I think. Imagine that be passed.

  16. My point was that if these senior panellists are fit to play in an A county final in 2 weeks time they should definitely be allowed play.A County final is a big deal in a young player’s career,they don’t come around too often and you are playing with lads you played with since primary school.You are just as likely to get injured in training matches as you are playing against lads your own age in a county final. We don’t have all the facts of course but if they are fit to play but not allowed it will cause resentment I feel.

  17. @Glorydays agree with you regards Rochford managing etc .

    @2hops totally agree they should be allowed to play if are fit and if it is true that they are not being released it will definetly cause resentment and so it should not even 24 yet ha and young lads can’t be released they must be training away like they did last year behind closed doors just hope we don’t fall flat on our feet again and peek to soon again ..

  18. I see that the optimism is very high for our chances of winning Sam, it doesn’t matter if a few players get injured playing for their clubs or not,but if by some fluke we don’t capture Sam this year,I am confident that all those critics will step up and sort everything out,from cutting the cost of running the team and management,I believe that they won’t even look for expenses ,we can look forward with confidence,have a lovely Christmas and peaceful New year,but if I can only give you one bit of advice,try and enjoy your entertainment

  19. I think the 2 lads are injured because I couldn’t see them not been allowed to play, Bob touhy hasn’t even played a single minute in the competition so it must be injury and donnacha played all the group games also ruairi keane played on Sunday for mayo gaels in the u21s so I’d be confident enough that mcstay wouldn’t stop a player from playing.

  20. I see the knifes are getting sharpened for McStay and co early this year.

    In regards to the management telling panel players they not available to play u21 its absolute nonsense, two of our most important forwards in Tommy Conroy and Ryan O`Donague played Sigerson last week, do people honestly believe management would stop fringe players from competing in u21 games.

    While i agree last year ended with Major disappointment for us, fans need to realise that we went out in similar fashion the previous year and then we lost two generational players in Mullin and Keegan so it was always going to be a struggle. As James Horan would say lets see what “learnings” they have taken and if any progress is made before they are judged.

  21. All I’d suggest is ask Castlebar Mitchels the situation
    And maybe ask schools coaches about minor players last year as well people may be surprised with the responses they get…..

    Lots of people involved in GAA do it for nothing but love if the game Corick, others milk a career out of it. Such is the nature of life.

  22. JKell88, sigerson has not started yet, that was 3rd level league. It’s different to county and club games in that a lot of these lads are in a sense contracted to play under scholarship agreements.

  23. @Gizmobobs –

    Fair point on the college games and scholarships, however, id take with a pinch of salt any source that is saying U21 players are not allowed play in the competition due to inter county management.

    The likes of Fenton Kelly and Ruirai Keane will no doubt feature in the FBD and potentially the league and they played at the weekend.

    Donnacha McHugh featured in earlier parts of the competition (not sure on his injury status) and Bob Tuohy has been injured since Mitchels were knocked out.

  24. I am sure that the usual suspects will blame the management team for it,for sure no league finalist should be playing an important championship game the following week,I don’t see this format increasing interest in the competition,perhaps allowing third level colleges contest the league would increase interest in the gaa,with the collage having priority for the league,with a big in increase in funding for London and New York giving an international dimension to our games,that would be a very radical change but I believe that it would get a lot of interest from media companies,it would certainly change how our players would declare for club or college,but it would generate revenue,a relaxing thought for the wonderful get period

  25. I really hope we see Cillian and Tommy Conroy get a full league campaign behind them this year.

    Best 15 for 24
    8. Aido/Tuohy

  26. I don’t think hennelly would be up for inter County..when he did play did year he wasn’t great and had a fair few poor kick outs it’s reape for me in goal all day yes he’s lots to learn and stuff to work on but he made some magic saves this year ..

    Agree hope we see cillian & Tommy a get a full run out this year no injuries.. them with Ryan o D in full fitness would be magic !

  27. We need more than 1 keeper @Clare…if Hennelly is able to commit he’s either no.1 or 16 for me,and hopefully both get game time.

  28. @2hops I know we need more then 1 keeper obviously? I’m saying if its your starting team I’d go with reape number 1 and then Byrne as number 2.

  29. New pod up now on Patreon: Colm Boyle chats about Brendan Harrison, Paddy Andrews discusses where Mayo are at right now and Aaron Kernan considers the likely roles in 2024 for Aidan O’Shea and Cillian O’Connor.

  30. Oh jeez do I really want to know where paddy Andrews think mayo are at Atm haha ..

    But sure its great podcast all the same as always!

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