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It feels like we’re marooned in some kind of football-less desert at the minute but, of course, this is far from the case as we have an All-Ireland semi-final at Under-21 level coming up this Saturday afternoon. O’Connor Park in Tullamore – one of my all-time favourite provincial venues, I have to say: nice stand, great pitch – plays host to both semi-finals with our one against Leinster champions Dublin throwing in at 2.45pm. Both semi-finals are also being broadcast live on TG4.

It’s our first appearance in the All-Ireland series at U21 level since 2009 – when we fell to Down at the semi-final stage – and so we’re well overdue to be featuring in the business end of this particular championship. With strong representation within this year’s U21 squad from the all-conquering Class of 2013 at minor level we can have justifiable hopes that Saturday’s outing won’t be the final one of the campaign for Mike Solan’s charges.

U21 championship matches don’t attract anything like the same kind of media attention as senior clashes do but there are a few pieces out there worth drawing to your attention. This week’s Mayo News has a profile by Mike Finnerty of Mike Solan, as seen through the eyes of fellow Ballaghaderreen clubman John O’Mahony, himself an U21 All-Ireland winning manager with the county way back in 1983.

Today’s nationals also carry interviews with Aidan O’Shea, which coincided with the launch at Croke Park yesterday of the Kellogg’s Cúl Camps: Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, Irish Sun, GAA, The 42. Although these wander in scope well beyond Saturday’s U21 game – and are well worth a browse for that reason – they do touch on it and the tribute Aidan pays to Diarmuid O’Connor (pieces in the Indo and The 42) is nicely made. (Note to the usual suspects who like to aim ad hominem barbs at the Big Lad for speaking to the media: Don’t bother, we know your opinion on this topic already).

Back to the nuts and bolts about the match itself, tickets are available to buy online now – here. Price is €15 for adults, free for juveniles. I assume they won’t turn away hard cash at the gate on Saturday either.

Let’s finish up with a poll: the bookies can’t call Saturday’s semi-final – Paddy Power are quoting both of us at evens – but how do you think we’ll do in it?

Will we win our U21 semi-final against Dublin?

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  • No (22%, 51 Votes)

Total Voters: 236

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64 thoughts on “U21 semi-final coming into focus

  1. Why is it not a Connacht v Ulster semi-final as in 2016 Senior and Minor Championship and Senior, intermediate and Junior Club Championship?

  2. That 2009 semi was an awful experience. Roasting hot day up in Longford. Down were horribly cynical, absolutely battered us. Stoppage after stoppage. And the ref added 1 minute at the end.


  3. If nothing else I’d love to see some standout performances by some pretenders for the Senior Team e.g Hall, Coen, Loftus, Kenny

    Unfortunately the league was a bit of a mess this year, we were immediately playing catch up after 3 matches, so couldn’t truly experiment like we may have liked. But this is a golden opportunity to really see how some of the much heralded minor winning team of 2013 have come on.

    I’m not going to pretend I’ll be devastated if we lose Saturday- I’d much rather a win of course, but tbh I’d get over it within an hour! I’m one of those that is a little dubious as to the merits of continuing with this Championship (or an “under 20” one) but that’s for another day. But what will really satisfy me is if we discover a new potential starter or two for the Senior Team in Championship this season. We’re not a long way off Kerry/Dublin at all, at all, subtle changes could well be the difference!

  4. Ciaran, I do agree with alot of what you say. I do however believe this competition should continue in some format as its a giant step from minor to senior levels. The U21 offers an opportunity to develop players for senior and to keep players in the county setup who might fall to the wayside if this level didnt exist.

  5. Ciaran – Dont agree that the league was a mess and we could not experiment the way we wanted. We were very unlucky with injuries and both Castlebar and Hollymount in Club Finals so we were forced to experiment. Players such as Brendan Harrison, Caolan Crowe, Michael Hall, Shane Nally, Conor OShea, Conor Loftus and Evan Regan all got good time in the league, Loftus and Crowe would probably have got more if they were not injured. So did Durcan on his return. These are all players with little or no championship experience. Other players got a run out in FBD League.

    We knew all year that Roscommon and Down our last 2 games were going to be the easiest 2 games to pick up points in.

    If we had finished any better in the league we would have ended up where Donegal were last Sunday. Donegal management would have been much happier not to get to league semi finals.

  6. I’m hoping that theteam will be totally geared up from the start on Saturday. A slow start as in the Leitrim and Roscommon games will have its penalty someday and I would not be confident of overhauling a six point gap against the Dubs.
    If we get going from the throw in I am confident that we have the quality, esp.in our full forward line to make the difference.

  7. This Mayo team has some quality forwards but hasn’t hit full stride yet this year. Hopefully the Ros game brought the team on a long way. At the start of the year there weren’t huge hopes for this particular Dublin team due to the lack of household names but they’ve been proving people wrong during the Leinster championship. David Kenny/Seamus Cunniffe will have a huge task on his hands in the full back line. Con O’Callaghan is the Dublin go-to man. Proven point and goal getter.

  8. Hope we tog in Green and Red for one thing. Part of the matchday joy are those colours. It’s not a small thing for some people. We have massive pride in those colours. The Luminous and Black has been togged this year several times at a few representative levels. A push on extra jersey sales?
    I expect usual cliched “Who cares as long as we win”.
    Actually togging in those colours is important for our county to a cultural level.

  9. The black/luminous green are as far as I know only played against counties with more green than any other colour in their jerseys. I could be wrong however. I do agree with you JP, there’s nothing better to get my heartrate pumping than seeing the county colours on show on matchday.

  10. I for one am delighted the big fella is getting lots of media work more power to him and good luck to him let’s face it Aidan is revered by young lads and girls here in Mayo and isn’t great that he is their hero instead of or alongside Messi and Ronaldo etc it can only be a good thing cos it will encourage more kids to play Gaelic

  11. Indeed Sam! Coming away from Hyde we came across a bunch of Ros kids boys and girls, with their colours and jerseys. I asked them who won the match to a muted response but they did answer and one little beauty came forward all excited to show us the pic she got on her mob of Aidan OShea….a photo of his back!!

  12. Yeah, great to have an All Ireland semi final to look forward to alright. Hope Mayo are playing in green and red. Any other colours are of no use to us.

    Off topic. Joe Ruane, just saw your post from a couple of nights ago. Sad to read that you dont intend to comment anymore. You wrote the best post i’ve ever seen on here in the lead up to the 2012 or the 2013 final. I remember reading it and saying that it should be printed out and nailed to the Mayo dressing room door. It referred to people who are no longer with us and mentioned Mayo flags fluttering on graves etc. I cant see how we would have lost that final if the 15 who started for us that day had read that at 3pm that Sunday. Powerful stuff.

  13. Would definitely disagree with that kind of stuff. It’s of little connection to the team of the moment.If they’re to do it, it ll be due to proper preparation of a bunch of committed talented footballers.The sort of exhortation mentioned can be in effect a distraction from the business in hand. Minds need to be singular,focused,with one purpose …to win as many minutes of the game as is possible!….to take every responsibility presented and if I can have me say,do it with style if you can but if not any way at all!
    I’ll never forget the Rev Leo O Morachan calling on the Mayo team to do it for John Morley v Roscommon in the Hyde CFinal whenever.On the day R must have won by up on 15 pts. Anyone remember??

  14. I am going with Paddy Power on this one to be honest. Great win in Sligo that evening and credit where its due. Overall I do not agree with the notion we need to hit the ground running on Saturday. Most likely this game will be decided in the last 15 minutes or thereabouts This is the time to have your best team on the field and the correct tactics in place to hurt the Dubs. This is how it panned out in Sligo and it worked to our advantage that evening. It.will not be easy.the next day. On the other hand this team is definitely in bonus territory. Roscommon blew it big time, now we have nothing to loose. On a negative perspective our movement of the ball into the danger area needs a big improvement Our goals were exposed too often also.

  15. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with what colours we wear as long as we get the win and I quite like the Luminous and Black, though I do agree it gets the heart pumping a little bit more seeing our real colours as the players take to the pitch. We could play our part and display the green and red a bit more in the stands!

    Brendan is right re our back line and the task they have in store – and in typical Dublin style they will probably try and hit us hard from the outset – we clawed our way back against Ros but we also got the rub of the green that evening more than once – it would be nice not to leave ourselves so vulnerable again. That said, both Kenny and Cunniffe are class acts on their days so I would be optimistic that they can meet the challenge.

    Unlike Ciaran I would be genuinely disappointed if we lost this game – not least because I think we are capable of it. I know how much it would mean to this talented bunch of lads, and lastly (and possibly even more importantly) a win would really lift morale and confidence within the county and hopefully would help to counteract the lingering disappointment of the club finals.

    Great to have a competitive game to look forward to in this football vacuum.

    In other words, I stupidly missed out on downloading my ticket for the league finals (through the season ticket) and I’m raging – why on earth is the deadline ten days ahead of the game?! It’s not like the league finals will be a sellout, in fairness …

  16. P Gunnigan Tommy C Goals had been injured. Of that minor team that won the all Ire I think there’s only 2 of the forwards present now. Irwin and Loftus DoC was midfield then and maybe right corner forward (?) who is back the field in the present set up! Could have done with the big Prendergast at mid field or even to come on to freshen things up a bit later on and Coen at CB. But you go with what you have and fair dues!
    I’ll just say this is a different team for some reason and with them anything is lightly to happen. It makes for an exciting evening out …dry ball possibly and me having to be some place else unfortunately.

  17. The color of jersey is not too important imo, what’s important that the Mayo lads play to their max from first to last, no regrets in 15 or 50 years time. Here’s to all Mayo players being smart on the ball and giving their all, we can’t ask for more. I think they have the power to win this if they can protect their own goal

  18. As well as been injured Tommy Goals has had a lot of personal tragedy in his family a family may I add who are some of the finest people you could ever meet hopefully we will see him back in a Mayo jersey one day he’s a brave lad and as his name Tommy goals suggests undoubtedly very talented

  19. Dublin lost at this stage last year against Tipperary, so you reckon that they will be determined not to lose at the All-Ireland semi-final stage again this year. For us we have five of the current U21 team involved in the senior squad so that has to stand for something. We got off to a very slow start against Roscommon, although they had an extra game under their belts which might explain that. We did start slowly against Leitrim as well so you wouldn’t want that to develop into a habit.

    Dublin started slowly themselves against Kildare, they were 9-2 down at one stage. We have to be thinking that we should be as good as Kildare at this grade based on the players that we have. They brought the Dubs to extra time so that augers well for us. Its very hard to predict these games really. We have to be tighter at the back or we’ll be in trouble, you wouldn’t expect Dublin to miss that chances that Roscommon did. On the other hand I’d expect to see Reape, Loftus and Duffy been more to the fore in this game and we will need that. If the team plays to their full potential and do themselves justice on the day that’s all we can ask for. Best of luck to all involved.

  20. Diarmuid has had two weeks rest is a good thing for us. Think he only had six days before the last game. Tullamore is a big pitch, bigger than Croke park in width and length. Should help our forwards find space. Helps Dublins forwards too of course. Think whichever defence performs the best shutdown will decide this.

  21. To those who rubbish the merits of this competition our current great team has been developed from four successful under 21 campaigns. Our team of the 90s by a team that got to two finals. When we do well at this level the future gets bright quite quickly

  22. I would agree GB but the commitments required from the few who are required for seniors and collages must be v serious indeed….I’m not sure! There may be a solution to the problem …if it’s deemed a problem after investigation and the obvious one coming to mind is to debar all U-21 from Co senior call up….! It might cut out a lot of anguish overall and t’would apply to all counties of course. And while you re at it you could be imagining some class of a handicap system to apply to the stronger counties which would level this so uneven playing pitch!!!
    I better add that that suggestion is of the tongue in cheek variety!

  23. Seen, the said ‘Big Fellow’ in Castlebar a few hours ago, A great crowd had gathered outside TK Max’s. Was it for the fashion in the newly opened store? Was it for Aiden and his fashion sence?, In any case allot of excited teenagers and young female’s. More Luck to you Aiden,! Although it’s hard not to feel a slight bit jealous, I never had quite that Pulling Power! Many standing in a long que. ‘Keep the recovery going’ I could almost hear it! There was a a’Big Fellow ‘ leading this country one upon a time. I wonder what Paddy the Power thinks? Who will or when this country get a good government? I Sorry I digress, Come on Mayo Under 21st. What has ask this to do with football? , I’m fecked if I know!

  24. Fully agree with the calls here to wear our traditional jersey! the sooner we get rid of that green and red abomination , not to mention the red and green one or the black luminous one and the sooner we get back to our traditional white that brought us so much success down through the years the better!!

    Oh the white and white of Mayo !

  25. And if we re having the return of the proper green and red can we insist also on the abolition of that no song….The Green And Red of…..ect..don’t even want to ‘say it. What became of ‘ Moonlight in Mayo’? Or the other great comallya…..’ The boys of the co Mayo’
    Did the Dubs come out with anything to touch Molly? Did Kerry have to borrow from the neighbour for something to replace ‘ The pale moon was….’ And does the neighbour not still belt out ‘my own lovely Lee’? And it’s ditto right around where ever you go.
    Looks like when it comes to the music we re not too sure of ourselves either.

  26. The U21s have a serious chance here of winning an AI. From minor to U21 to senior… Could the next generation be the ones to make history? I just hope that the prep over the last couple of weeks has been top notch and that the team have the belief in themselves because in my opinion they are good enough and should they get past the Dubs they will be in a strong position for the final. Once in a lifetime opportunity for these lads.

    We have a paucity of results against the Dubs over the past 4 years. It’s time to reverse this trend… at all levels.

  27. It’s 2016, I went into it last year why “the boys from the county mayo ‘should never be heard again.’ Don’t show the White Feather where ever you go ‘refers to attempting to recruit Irish Men into the British Army, to defend a Belgian King Leopold who had reintroduced slavery into the The Belgian Congo as his personal property with incredible cruelty including cutting off the hands of the slaves that had attempted to run away . Sir Rodger Casement was knighted by King George of England at the time for his services to humanity in highliting of this incredible inhumanity. Now the political alliances of that time meant that Britain,came to King Leopold of Belgium aid in the first world war. Of course Rodger Casement was later hung for treason. Incidentally there is a ceremony on the lonely Banna Strand in kerry tomorrow for Rodger Casement.with President Michael D in attendance The Day we played Dublin in the league I heard that poor excuse for a song over the public address system in McHale Park, if it was taught to be a rallying call for Mayo supporters, for me it fails on every level. Sing for something your proud of If any of ye posters or readers don’t believe me, Google the White Feather Women, or Good auld King Leopold of Belgium.

  28. Good man lean times ? anyway best of Luck to the lads . Unfortunately will not make as I have a family wedding , mass at 1 so tg4 for me ,safe journey to all ,

  29. Yes I was educated by your post on that white feather reference before leantimes.
    The only thing is that most people think it is a rhyming for ‘together’ and the white feather was to represent ‘white flag’. Is it certain the songwriter knew of the white feather history?
    Green and Red of Mayo is at this stage Mayos song I would say.

  30. What is this thing with the colour of the jersey. This shite beats me every time. I like both sets of jersey but it is always the quality of football that counts. The colours are a subjective aspect of the game. This talk of colours is very girly and gets under my skin.

  31. Hello, PJ, There is something special when the green and red appear. Admittedly when one wins it is of no importance. The `Girly’ reference has really amused me though. It is almost like i know you.

    Yesterday i heard a remark on someone that paid 100euro to have his cat put down as he said Goodbye to it.
    Now i really like cats but it was the way he remarked on it that tickled me. I won’t tell you what he would have done.

  32. I was at a Van Gogh exhibition. Purely to check for myself what a big girls blouse this guy was for obsessing over colours. I concluded he would have been better off working hard at all that clerical work, saving some cash for himself and not being essentially a loser who cared about colours.
    No more talk of colours or even quality of football as that is also subjective.
    What is not subjective is winning. Which we need to do. The nightmare alternative is that we remain as losers, some of us potentially even very girly losers.

  33. Jeez I think ye should all get back to football and maybe have a cup of tea or something. Seems to me that as soon as football goes a missing all sorts of gruptures break out.Nice bit of history LT btw but you’re bending over backwards with your connection to ‘The Boys’ . I bet if you had a look you de be able to do the same with Moonlight!
    Look it, they were the songs sung way back then when people took great pride in their ability to sing and rem long reams of verses. We de hardly expect our today’s choiristers to reach those heights and if it comes to I suppose we ll have to put up with the Tuam Song with its wonderful lyrics!
    And for the record I don’t think a song,a colour or a jersey will ever put a ball between the posts!

  34. Did anyone else hear about a challenge match that the Mayo senior team is meant to be playing this weekend against Fermanagh in Castlebar? I read about it earlier in the week in The Indo. I remember we played Clare last year and it was used as a final trial before the panel was trimmed, it was Gavin Duffy’s final game for Mayo. I wonder is this weekend’s game been used for the same purpose?

  35. You are the man Hope springs. Can anyone say why we hav nt seen Kirby out and about or is he injured or emigrated or evaporated or what. It was widely held that he had something to offer in the ff line!

  36. Yes supposedly there is a challenge versus Fermanagh. To cut the panel you’d imagine a second game needed also. Some lads didn’t get all that much game time.

  37. You’d swear there was something wrong with being girly with the way yer going on there.

  38. I really hope now that the u21 lads beat Dublin , if only to give the fans something other than colors, flags and songs to talk about. Though it’s true we have no catchy song to roar out in Croker, come on ye boys in blue kills us every time. Does anyone have Louis walshes number?

  39. Inbetweener, Im not bending over backwards, far from it, but ‘White Feather ‘,reference are exclusive associated with recruitment to the British Army.’ Moonlight in Mayo’may not be a great song, but at least it’s a feel good song. We certainly could do with more Moonlight and Sunlight in Mayo after the winter we have just had. It’s far from a big issue with me. But besides that there is nothing but meaningless misery inducing, tuneless, place names in The Boys from the County Mayo. Not that it is in any way important, the future must take presedence over the past. Only a personal opinion, The Green and Red of Mayo does it for me every time! Moonlight is good too!

  40. JP Quality is quantitative, it can be measured. I don’t understand your reference to it being subjective. Hope for our sake Stephen Rochford agrees with me.

  41. Getting grand and deep here in many respects! Hope our teams,back room and fielded show the same depth in their quests to bring home the goods as often as possible!
    If we get into what a good song is LT we ll surely be banned to another site.
    < : -)

  42. I am getting a bit bemused [more bemused than amused] by all the debate on appropriate songs for Mayo. I am also wondering if Leantimes ever heard the full lyrics of The Boys from Co Mayo. The White Feather reference did indeed originate with recruitment into the British Army in WW1 but in Britain rather than Ireland. I do not think that Irish people, whether they were pro or anti recruitment, ever went to the length of using the white feather to embarrass young men into joining up. But the verse the song previous to that containing the reference to the white feather has the lines “Then on with the cause till our aim is accomplished………..So stand in the fight till the tyrant is vanquished, Expelled from our Dear little island of Green…..”.Not exactly pro recruitment sentiments.
    But on the issue of a rallying song for Croker I do not think that either The Boys or Moonlight fits the bill. The Tuam boys song The Green and Red of Mayo has the edge on them in my opinion. Somebody a lot more musical than me will have to do better.

  43. Well AndyD! Isn’t it a grand thing to be a bit of both at the same time.Im sure you’ll be well over your bemusement by victory time tomorrow!!
    And wouldn’t you be in a nice fix if it was demusement you had to deal with?
    BTW…my last words on songs….Moonlight has a lovely flow to the melody …..the lyrics are a prob….except for two of the verses!!! And sure no one would want to rem any more. I can hear it ringin out in the Croke Park rafters! But then I trained my own ear myself!!

  44. What about the ‘The west awake’? It was played in Croker when or minors won the All Ireland in1985 of course Joe McDonagh done a version of that when Galway ended their famine in 1980. As county anthems go. It’s hard to beat’ ‘Sliabh na mBan ‘ ‘ heard the Galway supporters bust into ‘The fields of Athenry’ in 2001 when they over came Derry in the quarters, Heard the Dublin supporter’s in full voice ‘ The Rare auld Times’ and in 2006 when cruising V Mayo. 1 Of course a great come back and late Ciarian Mac wonder point meant they didn’t go home singing. A good powerful song certainly added to the occasion. Did any of us ever hear the Welsh rubgy supporters sing the ‘Bread of Heaven’? Now that’s what I call powerful stuff!

  45. Was delighted to hear Club 51 get airtime on Mid West yesterday on the season ticket scanner (scammer?) issue. The way Croke Park have treated the best supporters is terrible.

    As important a point as it is I think at the end of the day most real supporters will comfortably beat the 60% mark. What is more annoying is the fact that dedicated supporters now face a lock out in London in a few weeks.

    Last year we were treated awfuly bad by the GAA for the Connacht Final and not give stand tickets. Luckily Irelands wettest town that day was dry. We were told that the terms and conditions allowed the GAA to do that.

    How we are told that because the game is in London it doesnt count. It nearly counted 5 years ago when we lost! Our season ticket got us in that day and in New York. I can understand the arguement that the free ticket is for a subsequent game (which might be a qualifier) but we should automatically be entitled to buy a ticket and if we were not that should have been made clear before we bought the season ticket.

    The biggest aim they have seems to be to stop people letting others in on their ticket and to avoid a situation where they have to sell All Ireland tickets to a county with a big fan base. Think they kinda regret letting so many have the tickets now.

    It was a great scheme but it is becoming dearer than paying for each match and the tickets are getting worse by the years. THe only benefit is the gamble that your team might be in the All Ireland. However if you were from a county like Roscommon or Galway what would the point be of having one!!!

  46. I’m not convinced about the white feather thing , I love the song though and it means a lot to me . Why would there be a line “the hand of the tyrant who brought plunder and woe ” which has to be a reference to British oppression on the native surely ? It just doesn’t add up . Anyway for the vast majority of us who like it , it’s a song for Mayo people all over the world to celebrate the great people we have given to all four corners and our fondness for the place we love dearly . Sung by the immigrant as they crossed over , it used to stand the hairs on my arms listening to stories told by family members of how it was sung with great pride and to take that all out of context over a line which I don’t believe makes sense anyway when you put the verse even together it just doesn’t fit the narrative .

  47. I have to say I have never heard the white feather meaning to recruit for the first world war before anywhere but the same poster quoted Moonlight in Mayo which was a Hollywood creation published by Jack Wenrich and could very well have been moonlight in Manhattan if his employers wanted an American song!!! Good song but I don’t see the Tipp lads singing it’s a long way to Tipperary when they win !!!!

    I have to say one of my best memories is of a friend of my brothers standing on the bar in a packed James Gills starting off the” Boys from the County Mayo” in 2005 with everyone joining in in the chorus after we had won the Club All Ireland. Even the Kilkenny lads from the village joined in with us. It was magic

  48. It’s mighty to come on here during a lull in football. The conversation swings from the obscure to the absurd. I don’t mean this in a disparaging way, but some of the folk here are like addicts hanging around waiting for a fix. Come out of the green and red fog and breathe the fresh air, the season is long enough.
    Think we’ll turn the Dubs over tomorrow, these lads have a streak of luck in them along with no shortage of ability and have had since minor level. I also think in Diarmuid we have something genuinely special and are witnessing the birth of a very bright star.

  49. @ Ger Bohan, RE season tickets,

    When they came out first in 2009 there were season tickets 250 per county. This number increased year on year to the current 2,500. The Mayo season (croke park) ticket sold out in 2013 and is open to renewals only since then, Dublin also sold out in 2013. In 2012 Cairde Mhaigheo was set up, they have approx 1,500 this year. That’s 4,000 season tickets in MAyo. In Dublin, they have the Parnell Pass (for donkey’s years), the season ticket and they have a “Hill 16” season ticket, all in about 7,000 season tickets. A Mayo v Dublin All Ireland final, 11,000 tickets already taken up by season ticket holders…………

    In 2009 the season ticket covered us in Gaelic park, and again in 2011 in Ruislip (I used it to get into the Leitrim match in Ruislip in 2012 too!!). I can understand with the numbers now, London and New York wouldn’t get a penny hardly off the gate if that was still the case, as there’s so many Mayo season tickets now.

  50. Tomorrow’s team will show eight or nine of the 2013 minor team! C Hanley,Daragh Doh,T Conroy, three major players missing. As minors they spluttered and also in the current campaign have they shown a penchant for keeping the fans from being over optimistic. Hopefully in my absence tomorrow they will give us plenty of frights and what nots before they finally ring the neck of the Dub!

  51. I am not a music buff but I think the “the shams ” have our song sorted once and for all. For those of you who like “the boys from the county mayo” look up Colm O’Donnell’s version.

  52. Green and Red is an absolutely terrific song

    Heard them speak about it in a documentary before and the “green and red” actually refers to our coastline’s flora and fauna which takes on a green and red shade as you approach from Clare Island!

  53. So Mark, they reckoned the fauna took on a green and red shade ? There must have been some great magic mushrooms growing on Clare island right enough.

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