U21 trials in the New Year

It’s been announced that Tony Duffy and his management team will be holding trials for the U21 football panel early in the New Year. The trials are set to take place at the Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence – which, by the way, was opened officially earlier today by GAA President Liam O’Neill – on Wednesday, 2nd January (with separate sessions at 6pm and 7.30pm that evening) and at McHale Park on Saturday, 5th January at 10.30am. Full details on the U21 trails are here.

13 thoughts on “U21 trials in the New Year

  1. Good luck to the u21 next year. Glad to see trials taking place, and lads having a few weeks notice to prepare. It was like a state secret under some of the previous managers. There is a nice team available to select.

  2. Whilst I have no doubt that Mr. Duffy and team have the best interests of the county at heart I feel that many players, clubs and parents feel that the squads, trials and final selections have been severely flawed over the last number of years. Whether these feelings are true or not the perception is out there that the system is flawed and favours certain clubs and schools. I feel that the County Board needs to address these fears and at the very least make players, parents and coaching offciers from smaller clubs feel more welcome. Likewise the clubs need to buck up and make sure that their players are put forward and looked after – for the good of the county and the individual players. Clubs have a responsibility to ensure that their players play and are coached at the highest level possible.

  3. Some good recommendations from the Football review committee today.
    Cannot beleve though that they are not doing anything to combat the ridiulous number of handpasses
    in the game. I thought thas was the biggets problem in the modern game.
    In fact they are encouraging more handpasses with allowing of points with scores with the open hand.
    I’m amazed they have not recommened something. So much for the “foot” in football.

  4. Aye, out of the 18 proposals, I agree with 16.5 of them. Strongly disagree with a clean pickup. Also disagree with the yellow-card-mandatory-substitution idea, but do think that a team’s cumulative yellow card count should be punished in a match.

    Also, why won’t anyone propose to get rid of the keeper’s tee, it’s taken a key skill out of the game, and has enabled the midfield menagerie.

  5. I agree facetheball – the over use of the handpass is a major problem. Something should be done about it but what exactly can you do?
    1. Limit it – one hand pass one kick
    2. Ban it altogether
    3 Ban it between the two 20m lines
    No matter what you do there are going to be problems…….but what we have today is not really football and gives rise to lots of fouls and stoppages that spoil the game.
    We need to be clear as to what aspects of the game are core and distinctive and then develop the rules to support those core elements. For me the ability to catch and hold the ball and kick it accurately are the essence of the game and should be supported ahead of basketball type skills.

    As regards the yellow cards I agree with this but it must be very clear as to when a card should be given and there must be consistency in applying the rule.

  6. Players got too fit and fast. Pitch shrunk in accordance with that growth. Lack of space the real cause. Try 13 a side and see what happens.

  7. Good man John, it might just suit us fine.Now we might have to find only one new player.
    If yellow card rule comes in , they cannot be given for silly fouls, (like jersey pull ) which one time were a free.Personally, I never liked the card system,apeing other sports .There was nothing with our game when we had our rules.Like many others I will support my county till the day I die, but not too inclined to go to matches as a neutral .The enjoyment of it as a game is going fast .

  8. thanks Mick (and Willie Joe). I have it in the diary. If we get though Galway, the Roscommon match would clash with Bloomsday!

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