Unchanged team for Sunday

Johnno has opted to go with the same starting fifteen for the Donegal match on Sunday, with just one positional switch from last Sunday’s anticipated-and-highly-insignificant-in-the-scheme-of-things victory over Kerry. The team for Sunday is:

D Clarke; L O’Malley, J Kilcullen, K Higgins; D Heaney, BJ Padden, P Gardiner; D Brady, P Harte; A Moran, T Mortimer, A Dillon; C Mortimer, K O’Neill, A O’Malley.

The one positional change sees Kevin O’Neill and Austin O’Malley switch places in the full-forward line. KON certainly knows where the goals are so it’ll be interesting to see if that is part of The Master Plan. Kilcullen gets another run at full-back and BJP gets another opportunity to feel at home at no. 6. DB gets another chance to growl, snarl and generally behave like a Real Man in the middle of the pitch. Harte lines out beside DB, which means no place for Ronan McGarritty. However, he’s playing basketball in Dublin on Saturday evening so he couldn’t be expected to line out the following day as well.

Andy Moran and Conor Mortimor both start in the forward line but, having played prominent roles for their respective Sigerson teams the other night. I’d be surprised if they both play the full 70 minutes on Sunday. After a poor display against Kerry, Mort was on form for DCU when they hammered UL, scoring three points. Andy lined out at full-forward for Sligo IT and he contributed 1-3 to their victory over Tralee IT. An L O’Malley came on as a sub early on for Sligo IT in that match as well. I assume he’s ours, in which case he’ll be a bit knackered on Sunday as well.

Johnno has issued another caution ahead of the match. Okay, okay, okay, I think we get the message now – THIS WILL BE A TOUGH ONE.

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