Unchanged team for Tyrone

Tyrone jersey

Photo: Tyrone GAA

Tyrone have just named their team and subs for Saturday’s All-Ireland quarter-final against us at Croke Park (throw-in 4pm). Here’s their match day panel for the game:

Tyrone (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final v Mayo, 6/8/2016): Niall Morgan (Éadan na dTorc); Aidan McCrory (Aireagal Chiaráin), Ronan McNamee (Achadh Uí Aráin), Cathal McCarron (An Droim Mór); Tiernan McCann (Coill an Chlochair), Justin McMahon (An Omaigh), Peter Harte (Aireagal Chiaráin); Colm Cavanagh (An Mhaigh), Mattie Donnelly (Trí Leac); Cathal McShane (Eoghan Ruadh Uí Néill), Niall Sludden (An Droim Mór), Ronan McNabb (An Droim Mór); Connor McAliskey (Cluain Eo), Seán Cavanagh (An Mhaigh, captain), Ronan O’Neill (An Omaigh). Subs: Michael O’Neill (Cluain Eo), Mark Bradley (Coill an Chlochair), Rory Brennan (Trí Leac), Richard Donnelly (Trí Leac), Pádraig Hampsey (Oileán a’Ghuail), Conall McCann (Coill an Chlochair), Darren McCurry (Éadan na dTorc), Kieran McGeary (Cabhán a’Chaortainn), Padraig McNulty (Dún Geanainn), Jonathan Monroe (An Charraig Mhór, Barry Tierney (An Omaigh).

So it’s the same team for the Red Hands as the one that started for them in their Ulster final win a few weeks back. We’re due to name our pick as normal tomorrow evening.

80 thoughts on “Unchanged team for Tyrone

  1. Surely we can’t name an unchanged team as well. Few changes needed I’m sure you’ll agree. If we go with a sweeper needs to be a bigger man to combat aerial threat. Need to strengthen midfield. Leave Aos up the pitch. Will DOC start? Time will tell

  2. I’d nearly be prepared to lay money with you, Pk, that we’ll name an unchanged team. What team will start for us, though, is another matter entirely.

  3. I think we’ll be unchanged from last week too, though Diarmuid O’Connor will probably be brought in on the day.

    I haven’t seen anyone tipping us to win bar Eoin Liston in the Independent and Colm Parkinson on his new podcast. Perhaps the less hype the better, but I have to say I’m getting more worried as the day draws nearer.

  4. Didn’t they bring in some rule that you must start the named team unless last minute injury?

    Saturday can’t some quick enough. Absorbing all print and podcasts but my head is fried. Stuck 50 on Mayo to win. Sin e!

  5. Watched the three games against Cavan and the Donegal match. Sean Cavanagh moves all over the pitch. Surely Keegan will pick him up. If he does do we need Keane?

  6. Dreamysleepy. .it’s when they DO start giving us a chance in the media that I would begin to worry..That’s an impressive line up for Tyrone I might add..

  7. @ Peteen. Players at this level are constantly niggled with injuries. So it would only be a matter of claiming the player has some injury, which nearly all players do (minor injuries).

  8. People worrying about nothing yes Tyrone are good tell me one team they beet that are outstanding only team relly that good is Donegal and Donegal had no more in the legs I know we have not been playing good but this team was gearing up for this one have a bit of faith mayo by 2 or 3 points

  9. You must name your 26 man panel by the Thurs morn of a championship game. You must name your starting 15 to ref 20 mins before game. You can only change the goalie or sub goalie. In theory only 4 of team named in the papers could start the game. Its the panel named thats important.

  10. Sure, we might play the team that’s named on last Saturdays programme and name the team that actually started last Saturday. Sometimes you get a pleasant surprise, like Donal Vaughan named at midfield, and he actually played there to good effect as well!

  11. This is big test for team and management.I think it’s vital the right team is picked for this game as this will be key to success I have every confidence in the management to do this and with a bit of luck w

  12. This is big test for team and management.I think it’s vital the right team is picked for this game as this will be key to success I have every confidence in the management to do this and with a bit of luck we will progress Hon Mayo

  13. Strong Tyrone team . , . Will need to be at our best to beat them .. Oh please god ,

  14. I’m confident going into this game. Tyrone are a good team but if we click then we will win. There’s a big performance in us I believe. Saturday is the day to step up and show the rest what we are made of.

  15. Looking back at Westmeath game I think Keane did pretty well. One of his 2 scoring fouls didn’t look like a foul at all and Heslin’s 3 points from play were as a result of some very fast team work, only 1 where he maybe stood off a bit. Our opponents shooting was high quality in that half when it was pretty much do or die for them. A few of our lads looked tired, Keegan and Donie, Aido though he took goal very well had a few loose tackles before that. A lot of their frees looked very soft, our lads hitting hard but hard to see where Mayo fouled. Another ref mightn’t be bothered at all by those tackles.
    I think only changes bar Doc swap will possibly be midfield though SOS did very well for about 60 mins bar one of his trademark running into trouble turnovers against. Kevin Mc made couple of mistakes which could have cost us though he recovered one of those for our goal and recovered the 2nd after Clarke originally stopped yer man for goal chance… but much better if Mc never made them in the first place.
    Keith is an asset to the forwards and Andy very good for 50 or 55 mins. We need Cillian to get his free taking radar back, from play he has improved a lot. Connor OS is a very 2 footed player which is very useful to stay out of trouble near the end of a game.
    I think Donie did well enough but Seamie was the more prominent as a midfielder. What was encouraging was the positioning for breaks in midfield. Clarke was very good. Not sure about Donie for midfield but maybe his style resembles Parsons who is later returning fitness this year. 50 50 call. Big Barry often pulls a few out of sky when he comes on.

  16. The right team is nearly picked. Only 4 changes possible, one Doc for the other, midfield could be any 2 of 4 and whether to play Donie or P Durkan in half back line which only comes into play if Donie not picked midfield. However Durkan was still full of running on 74 mins where some others were not. Might upset some people but Donie could be held back for sake of balance. Very impressed with the ammount of harrying Regan does. Caused a score turnover outfield and another for penalty.
    Subs very important. Expect Big Barry on for SOS by 55 mins. Parsons may challenge for 2nd spot especially as he’ll be fresh.

  17. Good point on Pat Durcan Shuffly.
    Perfect player for a hot day, full of pace for 75 mins he is.

  18. In this time of football physiological and mind games, would anyone think I it a good idea to start bm instead of aos, think of the sheer aggression and will to win aiden would bring to everyone with 30 mins to go, I know it’s a balancing act, but imagine the bull O’Shea coming on with a thick head and a battle to fight? F##k lads that’s FOOTBALL!

  19. The so called expects taught mayo would beet Galway there not always right

  20. Aidan could do a lot of damage from FF each time we get ball with Cillian on the 40 could leave Andy inside too. Down to how much Aidan would be needed in HF. Tyrone may be planning to nullify Andy not Aido.

  21. It’s worth remembering Keane was marking John Heslin the last day, a top class forward. Are McAliskey or O’Neill in the same bracket? I don’t think so.

    Getting nervous now the closer we get. Hopefully Rochford has a clear idea of how he wants the team set up because I can’t make up my mind!

  22. From what I’ve seen and this is only my opinion, aos can’t do 70 mins., he is a massive influence to both players and supporters, so you can choose start him or bring him on as sub, I would love to see him come one with something to prove ( assuming we’re not losing by too much 4-5 points) and then just play his own game CB, MF, CF & FF if the team can live with that?

  23. I think it’s great that we don’t know for sure what team will line out. If we don’t know, and let’s face it, collectively we have seen a lot of Mayo football, just how many scenarios has Mickey Harte got to consider?

  24. Lads I would be worried if we were playing the dubs on Saturday next but we are not. We have some of the finest footballers if not the finest in young o connor lining up for our county at the weekend and there will be no bending the knee without one hell of a fight. The players will be well up for this one. Cillian for man of the match. Relax and enjoy.

  25. MayoDan, O Neill and Mcalliskey are good players and better suited to being marked by dogged fast corner backs.
    Looking at Tyrone subs, only 2 really who are known Darren Mccurry for one of those 2 is very useful and I think it was Mark Bradley who made a big impact in one of the earlier games. No Kyle Coney or Stephen O Neill. I think we have way more options there, just to use them wisely. Of their full and half backs and half forwards, besides Harte only Tiernan McCann and Justin Mc stand out presuming Donnelly midfield. They have less balance talent wise but perhaps more dangerous players.. but if our stars shine that’s a different story. Justin Mcmahon is a better full back than Centre back and full back McNamee is their best player on that line but beatable especially by good ball into a big man. League 2015 Aido and Kirby looked like had the beating of them inside if ball going in was a bit better. Tyrone very dour that day but their tactics worked well. In big Croke Park with Mayo at championship pitch they might be a lot more beatable. Maybe McCann temperament still suspect after last year’s diving fiasco.

  26. On AOS stamina question we can bring Cillian out to CHF and give Aido free role to influence the game. Push him inside from time to time and let Andy out for HF cover. Certainly in 24 or 25 degrees it’s big ask for such a big man to last 70 unless a good bit of that time is at FF. Risk with taking Aido off is it might give Tyrone a lift. Andy can’t be dropped on current form but can be moved. Risky not starting Aido also as he’s one of our talismen. Better to be with or ahead of Tyrone rather than chasing so would like to see a good start. Monaghan completely ran our of ideas in 2nd half last year yet Tyrone only won by 4 despite being by far the better team.
    In semi last year Kerry were generally better but Tyrone had far more goal chances and didn’t take them. They have improved from last year but by how much? Maybe just a bit when it gets to business end. Despite being best in division 2 they didn’t hammer many teams in the league.
    This game reminds me of Croker 2014 Mayo vs Kerry where they came in underdogs.

  27. The way to make Aidan last the full 70 minutes is switch him with Cillian for a 10-15 minute spell in 1st half. Once Andy is subbed in the 2nd half, move him to FF again and bring on a midfielder/HF.

    There’s no question of Aidan starting or not, but getting the best out of him could decide the result of the game.

  28. This day 3 years ago Aiden oshea gave what I thought was his greatest performance in a Mayo shirt against Donegal.

    Aido, the stage is yours again…….

  29. Getting very nervous now with the game almost upon us. Lurching between optimism and doubt. I’m optimistic that we’re more than capable but worry about our inconsistency.

    Will the quarters and a provincial champion focus the minds? Can we lift the level of our performance sufficiently to make us contenders again? Will the step up bring the best out of us or will we be exposed as being in decline?

    Will the real Mayo please stand up??

  30. MayoDan I agree with your take on how to get the most out of AOS. Indeed either Andy or Regan could come out for spells to help HF line whenever Aido goes in. Andy has ability to be very good distributer also and noticed vs Westmeath that Regan has surprisingly high work rate, spell helping HF would free him from shackles of a CB if he’s having any bother getting space. Critics of Aido at FF forget how many frees he won vs Galway, Dublin in drawn game and Donegal. Best barometer is how many scores came off him including frees. Dublin identified their free concession rate as something to improve for replay. And distribution in was not good enough in those Dublin games. I still think it’s a useful tactic especially to get 70+ out of Aido. For one of those Dublin games Kevin McL was stationed at CF for good chunk of the game depriving us of one of our better kick passers. We should be using Kevin, Keith and Cillian as our link men to Aido. Encouraging is Cillian’s improved form. The way he bowled over a Westmeath CB like a skittle for one of his points was a joy to behold.

  31. I don’t think I’ve ever relished a game more. The way its stacked up all week, with all the commentary, and all the doubts about us as a team, I just think with the talent we have at our disposal and the character of our leaders, that everything is aligning for us at the right time. Tyrone’s form is well sign posted as is their pattern of play. We have a fair idea of what to expect. How do they plan for us? I think if we can bring the intensity of tackling and off the shoulder running that we have shown for 10 minutes against Kildare and maybe 15 against Westmeath, into this game for an entire 35 minutes in the first half, that could be enough to break them. I agree with the Jim McGuinness assessment though, if we try to feel our way into the game we’re a busted flush. Lets savour this one, full house in Croker in August, with the odds stacked against us? Bring it on! Hon MAYO!!

  32. The closer it gets to be honest, the more confident I am feeling, and the more of a belief we slowed down against Westmeath on purpose to conserve energy! For me Aido at FF doesn’t work because he generally has no Plan B.. If he isn’t fit enough to do 70 minutes, 78 these days, then let him empty his tank and then take him off. I feel his best position is midfield where he influences the game a lot more for me. I would play him there until he starts to fade and then bring in another midfielder.

    I would also bring Higgins into the back and push Kevin Mc further out. Somebody mentioned centre back on one of the comment sections here which is a possibility, but I would like to see him at wing back wing forward where he can link the play as I think he is our most intelligent player. What I saw in the league that I liked, but we haven’t really ha the opportunity in the championship due to injuries etc was Kevin or Diarmuid tracking the runner all the way back and then taking their break at the back while the sweeper went away up the pitch and switching back at the next break in play. I think it was working well as it stopped the direct running a lot more.

    I think Lee is struggling with being shackled in the system, and he shows patches of his old self when he throws the shackles off!

    I would also bring Barrett back in as I think his experience and big game performances warrant it.

    Jason Doherty gives you that defensive work ethic too in the HF line while being able to take the odd long range score which will be important!

    Keith is our most natural sweeper and can take off like a train when the ball breaks down!

    I would go with


    Barrett Keane Harrison


    Keegan Boyle Durcan

    A. O’Shea S O’Shea

    DO’C Jason Doc Kev Mc

    E. Regan A. Moran C. O’C

    You then have a very good impact bench to come on with the likes of Vaughan, Parsons, Barry Moran, A. Freeman, C. O’ Shea, A. Dillon when called upon..

    I think we have the stronger bench which will be crucial in the expected temperatures!

  33. Pardons has to come back in for ball winning and mobility. Vaughan was good last week and should start. The o sheas lack flexibility and would get over ran in midfield

  34. I could agree with Parsons yeah, if he is 100% fit, then nailed on starter but I don’t think he is 100% fit yet though, would bring him in in 2nd half!
    Don’t believe the O’Sheas lack flexibility though, when we were lording it at midfield in the two AI Final runs that was our pairing!
    I wouldn’t play Vaughan at midfield against a quality team, he won’t get away with what he did against Westmeath bombing up the pitch and walking back because we will be smashed on the counter where as WH didn’t have the quality to do that. If we are to win, we need to leave the ball dead every time we go up, be it wide or over the bar because we all know Tyrone are vicious on the counter!

  35. Oisin McConville on radio 1 again this morning bigging up Tyrone and even laughed at the beginning….the RTE man saying Mayo are nobody’s second team anymore….what a load of fecking rubbish. As if we care what outsider’s think of us. I think though secretly Oisin would like a Mayo win.

  36. I think most of us agree midfield is Aido’s best position but we have a lot of players for that role. Could swap on of the others in but of those only Barry really has been tried inside and only at FF whereas Aido can also do a good job at 11. Give him a free role at 11 for most of the game with Cillian as HF cover and tell him to wander in to FF a few times each half. Then he could help us win the midfield battle. He probably would do more damage than Donie in midfield. What Donie brings to the pot is his clever runs into space and he can follow the Mobile Tyrone lads all day. Marginal call. While without in camp exposure we’re not sure about Barry and Tom P’s championship fitness (they’re probably at full throttle by now) Aido has had an injury free run but Tyrone midfield are of the mobile variety. Horses for courses. 3rd midfielder would suit him and make him unmarkable as centre backs are simply not strong enough. While Justin Mc is one of the tougher ones I still don’t think he could hold Aido.

  37. Second team me hole where did pity sympathy and being people’s second team get us let’s be first team champion I hope Aidan and Cillian have stormers tomorrow and we beat Tyrone and the referee

  38. I’m sick of this Tyrone analysis now, I know this Mayo team will beat them if they can put together a solid perfomance.
    Come on Mayo, we love the underdogs tag, everyone’s writing us off.
    Lets put a solid performance together that will welcome Mayo onto the stage where we belong, and make people wake up and see us as credible contenders for Sam.

    Maigh Eo Abu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. From now on pace and power is required and the o sheas lack the former of that. They will be found out.

  40. I’m going to say something very controversial about AOS here. I think he is a great player, great role model for the young ones etc but….Mayos best performance this year was against Monaghan in the league. Remember AOS departed the scene after 6min with a black card. And from that the team really got stuck in. Literally dying for each other. Are the rest of the team to reliant on AOS? By taking out your strongest player do the others step it up…..

  41. Everyone has their opinions about who to play and where they should play and that’s fair enough. The reality is Mayo have been playing cr*p all year, however if the reason for the second half performance last week was Tyrone this Saturday then I would be happy and expect a BIG performance tomorrow. They were in effect getting themselves ready during the game against WMeath for the battle tomorrow.

  42. Toughnup, what are ya on about? “They’ll be found out” you’d swear they never played in the All Ireland seires before?. The O’Sheas will be sound, they’ll bring the aggression and experience needed to win games like this, people need to lay off Aidan, He’d walk into any team in the country and that is a fact.

    Where are Monsghan now? Beaten by the superpower of Longford, that should put that league performance info perspective, regardless if Aidan was on the field or not.

  43. I also just realisedI am trying to play 16 players before anyone else twigs it!!ha!

  44. I think the heat is getting to some of you. This ongoing questioning of the OSheas is mad.Ted !

    Seamus is a nailed on starter in midfield, the amount of hard graft and physical aggression he brings to the team is irreplacable. He’ll hit anything that moves in the middle and will win a lot of ball through sheer toughness. Yes he carries the ball into contact occasionally but he’s also a great man to break through a tackle and create space. He’s very mobile and covers an amount of ground. Just look back to the Dublin match last year and see how much we missed him when he was black carded.

    Aidan is a force of nature. Don’t think he has the mobility for midfield but I’d hate to take the field without him at 11 or 14. Alternating him between these two roles is the best way to use him.His sheer presence scares the shit out of defenders and if he got the number of frees he deserves, Cillian wiould have a field day. He can also score goals which will be decisive tomorrow. His sheer power is a joy to behold and creates panic when he bulls through the middle.

    We won’t win without the O’Sheas playing well tomorrow and that may mean all three of them as I’d expect Conor to come on as a sub. He’s big and athletic and made for the wide open spaces of Croker.

    They’re mighty men who have brought a physicality and confidence to Mayo football. I’d hate to see the Green and Red lining out without them.

  45. Seamie has more pace than Aidan, thats true, he’s well able to hold his own in midfield, just needs to release before the tackle. The only time Aidan was shown up for pace was ’13 final v the dubs, when they ran him all over from midfield. He is not a midfielder anymore, hes a forward. He’s not a small nippy Darren O’Sullivan type player, who relys on “pace”, hes a mountain who relys on good quality high ball, or runners of his shoulder after hes taken out 2/3 defenders by bursting through them. He does’nt need pace to be effective, hes not that type of player.

  46. I can’t see us naming the same team.

    I expect Barry Moran to start instead of Vaughan and Conor O’Shea in for Andy Moran.

  47. If u remove Regan how will he learn the ropes at this level. And who will take frees from the right. He needs to be there. His development needs it. Change it midstream if necessary but start him

  48. I just think he won’t get the space he needs to win his ball from the start. Maybe send him in later on.

  49. How can anyone doubt the O Sheas ,never let down,and wont tomorrow,any other county would be more than happy to have them,everyone is entitled to their opinion,but tomorrow evening we will be very happy with them safe travelling to all ,up mayo

  50. I’m done with analysis from here on until after the match. I’ve had enough of it. Up Mayo

  51. Ah, I spotted your 16th man team earlier, goinwellintrainin, but I let you away with it!
    Which brings me along nicely to the point I’m here to make. The 16th man.

    That’s us. You, me, the whole shebang. We all have a part to play in collectively helping to push the cart across the finishing line. At this stage I regard naysayers and those of little faith as either sitting ON the cart or worse still pulling it BACK.

    If I had an influence with the venerable Wiilie Joe I’d ask him to enact a temporary bye-law where any poster putting up negative comment about our wonderful ambassadors in red and green shirts between here and throw-in would be suspended for a week or so.

  52. Said it before, shout it tomorrow…
    Boom Boom Boom let me hear ye say Mayo, MAYO

  53. Aiden is not a forward. Defensive midfielder. Tell him dig out ball. Do the best he can. His attributes are better suited to that

  54. @toughnup – I think you are spot on.

    He wouldn’t make the starting lineup for the Dubs HF or FF, (who would you drop to start him?)

    BUT, if you paired him in Midfield with Fenton, the mix of youth and battle-hardened experience and cuteness would make a formidable combination.

  55. The man has won all stars. Fair play great achievement. He is good at winning turn overs. I’d like to see him sit deep let Vaughan join the attack. He has more energy for that type role. Saturday will be different challenge. We did not pull handbrake in the second half against westmeath. They came out and went at us. With good effect. A division 4 outfit. Don’t see our problems sorted in 1 week.

  56. I still believe in this team and I believe we will win tomorrow. It will be tight and it might be ugly but I believe we will get the job done.
    People seem to forget the experience and knowledge we have on the sideline, people who have been there and done it, at club All Ireland success and county All Ireland success. We have one of the best medical teams in the country allied to an outstanding innovative physiotherapy team. Our S&R man is a professional with a Premier League club who has worked with these players previously and the players themselves are talented and experienced.
    We have nothing to fear tomorrow. True, we will respect them and give them all or attention but fear them? Donegal had the Ulster final in the bag until they messed up in injury time and Tyrone hit two monster long range points to win it. It’s not like they hammered Donegal, or ran them into the ground. Yes, they are Ulster champions, are a young, developing, coming team who may very well beat us but Tyrone will have enough to do worrying about us. How will they cope if we can extend our match winning 15 minute spell of football to 55 or 60 minutes? How will they second guess where our lads will line out, will we run it hard through the middle or play 30m footpasses into our full forward line? All will be revealed tomorrow.
    Keep the faith. Mayo by 2 points.
    Hon Mayo.

  57. After we win this and AOS gets man of the match every man woman and monkey on this blog who ever doubted his fantastic offspring needs to write a personal letter of apology to pat oshea and thank him for making the move from killorglin to breaffy all those years ago!

    DIARMUID to come in for doc, maybe parsons, cants see anymore changes.

  58. If Mayo win and Donegal take care of Dublin…..that’s it for me – the stars will finally have aligned for the Green and Red…..

    Handy run through the back door
    Tipp in an All ireland semi-final
    …and Dubs taken care of by someone else.

    Two big ifs granted…but could well be the year!

  59. I’ll bite your hand off for those two ifs, Cantini, but can I add another one to the list? Donegal to take out Kerry in the semi-final as well, please!

  60. Well Cantini, if that did happen I’d start to believe along with ya!

    Unfortunately, in my time I don’t remember teams altering as radically in a week as would be required on this occasion. When we caused shocks before in the past like Cork in 2011, most of us could see it potentially coming. Not this time I don’t think, there are too many issues and I believe their is some fire behind this smoke of chat of the camp not being a happy one.

    Anyway, none of that matters now, its for afterwards. The lads no doubt will give it everything as always and its up to all those supporting to do the same come what may.
    If God forbid the worst does happen tomorrow remember the great days that have been given by them and support them till the end

  61. Id like to see Barry Moran start.If we dont get out and dominate early we could be up against it.Im a little nervous about this one but we have to believe. Hon Mayo!

  62. It’s still quite an inexperienced team in general, the Tyrone team. It will probably come down to youth v experience. Is it still a year too early for this Tyrone team or a year too late for the Mayo team? The last two times they have got to an All-Ireland semi-final they have beaten an Ulster team to get there in the quarter-final. It’s a really big game for them too in terms of beating a big team from outside of Ulster. We seen Galway’s performance level drop after a first Provincial win in a no. of years, it would be great to see the same thing happen with Tyrone. Best of luck to all involved in the Mayo set-up. We can do this!

  63. For me it’s down to one key thing. Do we still want it enough? If so I’m afraid tyrone will have to wait till 2017.

  64. Hopefully DOC will come back in and Parsons might start. That then leaves questions as to whether Vaughan drops down or he takes over from Durkin etc. I doubt we’ll do too much more than that.

    The lads themselves will deal with the tactics, structure and prep. All about pride and passion for us so let’s do our bit and see where it goes.

    Sll that line out will be Mayomen. Wearing the green and red colours. And correspondingly should be f’cking lifted onto the pitch by their supporters.

  65. When you consider the quality of player who may not make the starting 15, you would have to say we’re spoiled for choice. Apart from Dublin and maybe Kerry there’s no stronger bench in the country, many would envy us.
    Best of luck lads, take Tyrone and onwards to the semi again.
    MaighEo Abu

  66. Oh and best of luck also to Nicholas Quinn who will be swimming for Mayo in Rio tomorrow.

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