Team named to face Roscommon

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We’ve named our team to play Roscommon in Sunday’s All-Ireland quarter-final at Croke Park (throw-in 4pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC Quarter-Final v Roscommon, 30/7/2017): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Conor Loftus (Crossmolina), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

So it’s (at least in theory) one change from the team that started in last weekend’s Round 4A qualifier against Cork, with Conor Loftus named to start instead of Jason Doherty. We’ll need to wait until shortly before throw-in on Sunday, though, to find out for sure if that really is the starting fifteen we’re actually going with.

I read earlier in the week that Roscommon have only two survivors on their team for Sunday from that which lined out the last time the counties met in the championship. That was a Connacht semi-final clash in June 2014 and we came away from it very grateful to have secured a nervy one-point win.

By contrast with the Rossies, eleven of the team we’ve named for Sunday – Ger Cafferkey, Colm Boyle, Keith Higgins, Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Seamus O’Shea, Donal Vaughan, Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connnor and Cillian O’Connor – all started for us that day in Hyde Park. In addition, Andy Moran came off the bench and made a decisive contribution to the narrow win we eked out then.

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  1. Well since there’s normally 2 changes on the day my guess would be durcan in for caff and the defence rejigged and Doherty in for loftus

  2. Unlikely Caff will start, as per podcast I can see McLoughlin helping defence for the first half, all to play for good luck Mayo and as ever give it heaps sportsfans, a bit of encouragement along the way is good. Maigheabu

  3. No mention of the 16th man but he is a certain starter and should stay around for the full 78 minutes. Played a blinder in Limerick and got them over the line.

  4. This is a very different Roscommon team that lined up against Mayo in 2014 as the current Ros squad would have had enough to take it over the line in that game. But time waits for no man and we are a very differerent animal to that 2014 team. We have direct replacement’s all over the field. No longer are we reliant on any one individual (the only players I would exclude from that list is Aidan O’Shea and Cillian – in isolation or in combination) as they are invaluable to how we progress. If they turn up and bring the team with them we win.. if they don’t we simply struggle. No pressure big lad but we need you to keep the head down and keep showing what you can do.. taking on the defensive line and laying off a pass for a simple certain score. Ros will hit us with everything.. but we just need to soak it up and finish them off between the 48 and 64 minute mark. If they don’t turn up (stage fright or whatever) we simply need to bury them in the first 20 min.. end of.. game over.. Buenas noches

  5. Thats some stat alright. 2 same starters for the Rossies compared to 11 same starters for Mayo from the last championship meeting just 3 years ago.

  6. Rossies far too nice for their own good. Their last team to win in Croker had a full back line that would intimidate any full forward line before the ball thrown in. Current team have no match for our strength. We will boss them off pitch!

  7. I reckon Durcan and Vaughan will start….they’re fresh having been subs last week. Actually both are high performers and Durcan should be starting instead of Cafferkey.

    Don’t think TP will start due to hstring but of course the big question is…….will Caff start? I have to say I think he will. Why? SR is very conservative in his selection and just maybe he wasn’t quite as bad as portrayed last week. Having said that, the most basic art of defending is getting to the ball ahead of your man…..and unfortunately he”s not excelling in that part of his game. I hate to say it but if he starts and concedes scores and possession similar to last week SR will be forced to make a change at 3 if we make the semi.

  8. Where this game gets very interesting is if the Rossies are still in it with 10 minutes remaining.
    If a draw, is it extra time or replay ?

  9. Come on Mayo ye can do it ,Roscommon will stay with ye for the first 30 minutes ,after that Mayo will have the experience and know how to get over the line .Show no mercy Mayo

  10. personally I cant see this team starting,Due respect to café but is injury has taken its toll,our defenders on sunday must do just that, defend, no tours of croke park in this one cant afford any loose marking these Roscommon forwards are deadly,i think AOS must play at center field and take up Enda Smith,if smith is allowed to dominate as in the Galway game then we could be in trouble as that means quick supply to the forwads,we must keep them outside the the 45 as best we can, play as much of the game as we can in the middle third and really apply the pressure there, our physicality will tell,this is vital in the first half and should set us up nicely, the ball must be played in long and quick in front of the full forward line with our half forwards coming through in support, and as I said our defenders, defending, Loftus must start he can adapt very well to this type of game,our experience and tackling will be to much for these young Rossies,Good Luck lads.

  11. Don’t under estimate our players they are a great bunch of lads,they have given us agreat enjoyment over the last number of the years. They will please God take the game forward to meet the next challenge that comes their way. Good guys

  12. That stat of only 2 Ros survivors is something else. Also I read their age profile is about 24. This tells us that they should be full of energy and also more worryingly that these guys are not used to getting beaten by Mayo. That is if they all played u-21 in recent times. Even when we did beat their u21 in sligo it was a game they certainly left behind. So they should be full of energy and not lacking in confidence.
    Of course what this stat also suggests is that they are a very inexperienced bunch. In a tight game experience can be massive.
    In saying that though our experienced lads let both Derry and Cork back into each game in the dying moments. Very lax for a team that’s been around at the top for so long. This cannot happen tomorrow. It’s all good and well having experience but you’ve got to show it. If we’re on top we’ve got to go for the jugular or alternatively kill the game. That’s what the best teams do. I hope that’s been drilled into them all week.

  13. Can’t wait for the match , love Been part of the 16th man brigade , we must play our part we will be needed to repeat our performance like we did in limerick
    Cmon mayo

  14. Remember last year Kevin Keane was playing full-back up until the Westmeath game, then we changed it up for the quarter-final against Tyrone, so it’ll be interesting to see if we do the same thing this year. We usually make two changes before the game, so if we do again for this match, then maybe Paddy Durcan and Evan Regan will start. I’d expect to see Brendan Harrison marking Diarmuid Murtagh. I can’t see the Roscommon backs being strong enough to contain our forwards. Best of luck to all involved!

  15. Come on Mayo ? Rooting for you as always. Last match was fantastic looking forward to this one ?????

  16. Come on Mayo ? Rooting for you as always. Last match was fantastic looking forward to this one ?????

  17. There have been a few references to the 16th man above.
    Aren’t we blessed to consistently get this much entertainment year on year!
    Cmon Mayo!

  18. Can’t see the logic for going with Caff…..
    Even for this game.
    If Mayo progress he will have to be dropped anyhow so why not give his replacement in the full back line 75 minutes additional experience in game time in Croke park.
    No point going in absolutely cold v Donaghy … (or Comer again).
    It would be a neglect of duty by the management and completely overburden the other defenders.
    Championship games are hard won.

  19. Don’t see why rochford should drop caf for this game.He had on off game but so did a lot of the defence.if the boys tighten up in front he will be fine.drop him now and IF he’s need later on what’s his confidence going to be.
    Ros will play a sweeper so there will only be 5 forwards.
    He had 3 different forwards to mark in the Derry game 2 taken off scoreless and I know lynch got a goal but Clarke should of had that ball.
    Clare full forward left scoreless from play as well.
    Can’t understand Mayo supporters we claim to be the best but tend to blame certain players when things don’t go right.

  20. Can people please stop saying mayo by 7 or 8 points we could not keep a 7 point lead against Cork and two be honest roscommon is a better team than Cork I am worried about this game and a safe trip to all going remember kill your speed not your passengers take care all

  21. I’m actually loving this everyone hates us craic. The whole country is rooting for the rossies and naturally so as the underdog. Makes me more determined to roar and shout tomorrow…Cmon to fcuk Mayo !!!!

  22. BTW – Maybe I am being over sensitive but I find it insulting that the whole country can only point to Mayo’s physical power and experience as to the reasons why they think we will win…not one has mentioned our skill or good footballers.

  23. Just to be pedantic Willie Joe, but there is no change from the NAMED team that was announced to play Cork. Conor Loftus named in that (fake news) team.

  24. Cafferkey performances up to the Cork game were very steady in all fairness to the man.
    I’m sure there will be changes to start and maybe more than one or 2 as there were definitely some knocks picked up the last day.
    Excellent piece by Clerkin today on mayo supporters.
    However, I believe that the mayo support has always been there- what other outlet have we got? Its not like we are Johnny Come Lately’s. I remember connacht sf v Galway in ’81 when Willie Nally from Mayo Gaels gave a display of fielding that lives in the memory to this day. But Mchale Park was having that day-probably the last time that I saw it full at least, as the capacity has also increased. League games versus Laois and Kerry in Crossmolina in particular and Ballina to a lesser extent jammed. Mayo supporters have always been loyal and any look back at clips on twitter or YouTube will show you that.
    Mayo to win Sunday and help me to secure my annual trip to CP.

  25. Just reading some of the posts above and some mentioning the marking of Donaghy at al of Kerry is presumptuous. Roscommon will be up for this. Make no mistake. One game at a time lads!

  26. Great piece in the Times today. `Scorn not our ethnicity`!. ha ha.

    If only other counties could have things as bad as us. Love it.

  27. Help

    Anybody know of any pub in Bilbao, Donostia (San Sebastián), Pamplona area of Spain showing the game?


  28. The reason i think Mayo will win on Sunday is because we simply have better players better defenders better midfielders better forwards, out of the whole Ross team i think the only players that would get into the Mayo team would be Smith Murtagh and Maybe Connolly and even they wouldnt make the starting 15.Ross have a chance only because maybe the ammount of games we have had but i dont even think that will come into it.
    Mayo have quality forwards Cillian & Diumuid Oconnor Andy Moran Jason Doc Kevin Mc and Conor Loftus
    I would say if Evan Regan was playing for Ross he would be their star man as he would have a lot more game time not 5 mins here and there as a result he wouldnt be snatching at shots he would take that exta seacond
    One big plus for us this year is the form and fitness of Chris Barret who has been plagued with injurys over the last 3 years.
    I would like to see Steven Coen given a go at full back & Conor Loftus to start ….If Tom Parsons is not 100% dont play him bring in Donal Vaughan …..Mayo to win

  29. Quote from the 42 site :-
    “We’ve lost count of how many of their nine lives this Mayo side have used up over the past few weeks, but it must be in double digits after their near miss against Cork last Sunday” now I’ now Einstein but nine is a single digit number ! What sh***. By the way the 42 shite, sorry site are predicting Roscommon to win.
    On the match itself, we should not be blasé about what Roscommon will bring, this will be our biggest test so far and if you knew nothing about the game or form you would say Ross should win – simple “Einstein equation- Galway beat Mayo, Ross beat Galway, therefore Ross beat Mayo !!!
    What I would love to see tomorrow is Mayo using Andy Moran like Tyrone used Peter C In his latter days – start him, take him off at half time, rehydrate him, rest him and bring him on again to finish it off.

  30. The 15 named, are in my mind a box ticking issue.. The programme needs to be printed and these are named first 15.. 12 are certainly to start as per the official programme… Then a few???… Your guess is as good as mine… Rochford has consistently been inconsistent in starting with the named team… I don’t disagree with this practice either, Jim Gavin and Dublin do the same thing.. It makes it a bit more complicated for the opposition to make precise plans for particular player’s…. What for me, is much more interesting right now is who is on the first 26…those name’s are the players that can actually play tommorow… Very interesting too as to who is promoted if anyone, up to the first 26? and who is demoted off the first 26? …I was surprised to see Fergal Boland demoted in Limerick, and I just wonder will Barry Moran be promoted to the 26….As for the result tommorow, I will be happy with a ONE point, very lucky win, and important no black or red card’s, especially for Donie Vaughan and Lee Keegan. These card’s would automatically mean a suspension for both player’s…. For the first time in a very long time, Mayo are likely to have more people shouting for the opposition in Croke Park , than for us…. Let’s make sure that we are still louder the the greater number’s shouting for the Rossi.. Mayo Abu!!!

  31. Freespoonwitheverytub…….are you seriously trying to say that Diarmuid Murtagh wouldn`t make Mayo`s starting 15 ??….You have to be joking.

  32. Diarmuid Murtagh a very likely man of the match candidate, we would love to have him

  33. I would still have Cillian Andy Moran Aidan O shea and Loftus ahead of Murtagh in our full forward line but as i said he would be one of the Ross players that would probably be able to get into our team and squad….remember we only play a 2 man forward when we play sweeper…

  34. Its fascinating the way cillian can win national awards, play and score against the top teams in the country for a few years now but theres still this vibe out there that hes not a top forward , then on the other hand we have diarmuid murtagh who has never even played in an all ireland semi final (maybe qf) and hes the greatest thing since Tom Langan .

    It does get confusing to work it all out.

  35. Sean, Cillian the top scorer in championship 3 out of the last 4 years and not considered a marquee forward. Go figure.

  36. Recommendations for a nice breakfast that isn’t the kylemore ?
    I know I went somewhere close to the abbey st load stop last time but I can’t remember where

  37. Km79,

    McDonald’s might do?. 2 on Lower O’Connell Street.
    The Galway Supporters will be in Supermacs.

  38. The Kerry pundits lead it. If you ask me they know exactly what they’re at. It’s a sly way to put even more pressure on a team that are getting so close.

  39. Km79,
    If you are looking for a good wholesome breakfast, I would recommend a place called tasty options at the start of Dorset, ie walk up O Connell Street and turn right at the top, then tasty options is on the left. Kyle more is sloppy / food can be cold.

  40. Agree with Sean Burke we have never seen Murtagh play against a Tyrone Dublin Kerry or Mayo defence in a Croker semi or final theres no question his talent but tomorow should be the yardstick to test him on….

  41. O’Connor is a marquee forward, the quality of his passing and some of his scores is top quality. Keegan could even be considered a ” marquee” forward even though he’s a defender, some of his scores and that goal last October were of the highest order, and if a dub or yerra scored that goal we would never hear the end of the quality of forwards.
    As far as tomorrow goes, it could get very messy if the humor takes Mayo, forwards or no forwards they could do a fair bit of damage to Ross, mctay and co are aware of this and may try to defend en masse to keep it tight as long as possible, I think they will run out of steam late in the game and Mayo will win.
    Mayo 4-15
    Ross. 1-12

  42. Look at all the stars Galway had lining up for big awards last year before they were found out! Ditto Murtagh. Lot of Ros flags out as I travel thro….nice clean ones …..must be something big up!

  43. Roscommon are coming up against one of the best teams in the Country tomorrow . They will be out thought and outplayed by the greatness of this our Mayo Team
    Come On Mayo

  44. Who cares about Roscommon players, we have the player of the year and AOS, COC, DOC, Kevin, Boyler, Durcan, Andy etc. Can’t believe posters are worried about Roscommon. We are a different class and will ease into the Semi tomorrow. Have faith, this is a top class team against a Roscommon team who are out of their depth!

  45. Loftus should start. No doubtful player or player carrying an injury should start. We were taught that lesson enough times over the years.

    1997 All Ireland final, we started a man who didn’t even last the parade.

    2015 All Ireland semi final replay we started a man who could not raise his arms above his head and he was found out in the 2nd minute and replaced. Waste of a sub.

    Anyway its beginning to look like a Kerry v Mayo semi final alright.

    Kerry 1-19. Galway 1-13.

    Mayo 2-12. Rossgommon 1-14.

  46. Murtagh will show his class v mayo i have no doubt about that though he will not have the quality around him that Cillian has. I also like wing half backs for roscommon and they are likely to do damage going forward. Lets hope we have plugged defence poblems.
    I do agree with other contributors, you dont become a physically and mentally tough outfit overnight and Mayo are surely that.
    The ideal result would be that mayo progress with some ease for us supporters. But not before sternly tested by an upandcomong Roscommon team. We need our defence fully tested tomorrow and continue fine tuning our forwards.
    Cillian is much more forward focussed now and takes pressure of Andy in that we can now feed ball to either corner

  47. I would be keeping Loftus under wraps. The less Kerry know about him the better and he is doing great as impact sub
    Evan Regan to me is the one player that deserves a vote of confidence from management.
    Might be good to start cafferky too, he is matched to a thinking player rather than a physical hulk and it would be good for mayo if caff should show a good spark of form

  48. Agreed Jim Flag.

    And in last years replay we bring a man on who had a broken foot.
    Needs to stop.

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