Unchanged team named for final

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We’ve named our starting fifteen for the final. Here it is.

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC final v Dublin, 17/9/2017): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Tom Parsons (Charlestown Sarsfields); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen). 

So it’s the same team that lined out against Kerry in the semi-final replay three weeks ago. No surprise there. Once more, we’ve opted not to name our list of subs at this stage. No surprise there either.

Best of luck, lads – to everyone in the match day 26, in fact, who together are set to carry all our hopes with them into Sunday’s decider.

79 thoughts on “Unchanged team named for final

  1. The very best of luck to all. No matter what happens from here ye have done us all so proud.

  2. Best of luck lads. Weev had great years with you lads. First final for me on the hill in 89. Mayo 4 Sam.

  3. No news is good news. Hope that team starts. Paddy Durcan, Conor Loftus. That 17 should get the job done.

  4. Go neiri an tadh le foireann Mhuigheo De Domhnaigh i bPairc A’CROCHAIGH.
    Mile buiochas do Willie Joe le hagadh an blog brea seo ata againn.
    Mhuigheo Abu agus ta suil orm go mbead Sam ag teacht trasna na Sionnaine go Co Mhuigheo le cunadh De!

  5. The very best of luck. We will be there there cheering you all on. #In this together. Plenty of Green & Red and plenty of noise. It has been an unbelievable summer following this team around the Country. They are a credit to their families, clubs and themselves. So proud of this team no matter what happens.

  6. Best of luck to our Heros, brave and bold every one of them. They carry our hopes and dreams, what they wouldn’t do for the Green and Red. We are behind ye all the way lads, our time has come…

    …..cant wait for Sunday. Safe travels to our fantastic team and our faithful supporters .

  7. We can do this standing together till the end
    These are the days of our lives
    Sunday is the day of days
    Alls about to change
    See you onext the other side.

  8. So we have the names of the 15 that will wear the green and red with pride on Sunday and will have thousands inside and outside Croke pk screaming like lunatics for 70 +minutes..God speed gentlemen..Now go hammer those Dubs please!!

  9. No surprise there and expect that will be the team that will start on Sunday. Best of luck to these great warriors This will be our year.

  10. The very best of luck to all 26. No retreat, no surrender. No matter what happens Sunday I’m very proud to be supporting these bunch of lads.

  11. 89,96,97,2004,2006,2012,2013,2016
    Ive been at all the above finals which represent different stages of my life.
    Secondary school in 89 as a 15 year old
    Young lad working in Dublin during the 90s – great weekends in Rathmines in Roddy bowlands with all the Mayo supporters on nights before the finals.
    Moving into the oughties getting married and settling down 2004 & 2006
    2012 & 2013 my little 5 year old joins me for his 1st game in Croke Park
    1/4 final against Donegal & we reach final to narrowly fall short against Dublin.

    2016 1st game & then the replay we fall on bad luck & then just miss out on replay.
    On Sunday thank god ive managed to secure another ticket for 2017 final and now I am in my mid 40s
    This is Mayo game number 9 for me 2017
    It truly is Route 66.
    I wouldn’t have it any other way
    Through the highs & lows
    This time – it will be a happy ending at approx 5.25pm Sunday evening.

  12. Best of luck to our lads. Unleash hell on Sunday. We wont know the full match day 26 for another little while, but I’ve had a strange inkling all year that someone like Danny Kirby would announce himself in a big way at a stage in the final should we have gotten there…a player of his long range scoring ability to come from nowhere, completely surprise the opposition and knock over the winner. Who knows what will happen on Sunday and what / who the rabbit out of the hat will be. Whatever Rochford has up his sleeve, lets hope it works a treat…Up Mayo.

  13. All the best Men, ye are A gifted bunch of players & ye will WIN the All Ireland Final, Up Mayo every time.

  14. Mayo have nothing to lose really and should go out and play with controlled fury as no one up here really expects them to put it up to Dublin and when I remind them that they only won by a point after a replay last year they are adamant that this is a far stronger Dublin team.
    Its very hard for the neutral to call this as the level of improvement in that Dublin team is uncertain given their lack of a test while Mayo are battle hardened.
    If Mayo can prevent Dublin settling into the game and playing at their tempo then an upset could occur. If Mayo sit back then Dublin will impose their game and win.
    Galway hurlers hit 82% conversion of chances to win the all ireland and Mayo will need to take a high percentage of their chances to prevail. The first 15 minutes will tell a lot so good luck to ye and I hope I can say after that we were the only team to beat them in the championship this year.

  15. I think the 6 subs or replacements to the starting 15 in sequence will be Paddy Durcan Steven coen Conor Loftus David Drake Alan Dillon Danny Kirby….This team squad have been building for this since 2011 and i think after a tight game we will get over the line….This is going to be epic….

  16. Fair play Ray for your neighbourly support. Galway hurlers have been an inspiration and please God the whole of the West will have something to celebrate come Sunday evening.

  17. Best of luck to our boys! they truly are an amazing group of athletes and competitors. It is an absolute pleasure to support them. To all the young sports boy’s and girls out there, don’t mind the premiership soccer players, this Mayo team are the perfect role models!

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank WJ and the team for this great blog. id be lost without it.

    It’s our time!

  18. 45 – Shane Nally could be the man to come on and win it for us. JP – spot on with your minor semi final predictions tonit Balla beat Parke and Westport beat Claremorris both by 3pts.

  19. The very best of good fortune to the team and all involved. Great to be part of this and to be from Mayo. Mayo by three.

  20. 45 when you look at the 15 named and theb Durcan, Loftus, Coen, Nally, it does look stronger than the Dubs. Just have to pray now that everyone is 100% as cant see us losing if that 15 can start, backed up with those subs.

  21. No words to describe these men. Whether we win it or not, ill still be bursting with pride walking out of the stadium. These days are to be cherished, we are so lucky to have this team.

  22. Just got the tickets sorted (what an ordeal) and the nerves are now eating me alive before Sunday!!
    The only change I would consider would be swapping Durcan with Diarmuid, for the simple reason he adds serious running power from the back, which will be essential if we are to prevail Sunday.. but then that leaves you weak on fresh legs come second half! Who’d be a manager?!
    The closer i get to the game, the feeling that is growing momentum is that this is our year!! Everything crossed and best of luck to our lads!

  23. Very best of all that is brillant on sunday. So so proud of ye all. Thanks to all of you for the best summer ever and we with ye all the way.
    No matter what happens we owe ye all the worlds blessings we can impart. Try to enjoy it. These are yere history days in the making too.

  24. Do Barrett in the corner and Donnie half back …Don’t be surprised to see Ger Caff introduced sooner than ya think .. Personally think he can do a job for us

  25. I need to do something non football related right now.

    Any good films?

    Also, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, go youtube “It’s Damn Tricky”. Gold!!

  26. I remember writing something like this, around the time Cormac Reilly was picked to ref the Mayo /Donegal match… ‘will someone please tell me this is an April fool joke?’ as it was near to April fool’s day… But now the GAA have announced that, at the end of the National Anthem Air Corp will do a Fly Over.. Of course Jim Gavin assoation with the Air Corp is well documented… Someone wrote it here on this Blog a few weeks ago, in Jest I taught at the time.. But for the Half Time musical entertainment will be by none other than the Liberties Lass Imelda May… My affection for Imelda May does not extend to allowing the type biased performance, Mayo supporter’s had to endure with ‘Aslan’ in 2015,…. There’s not much we can do about the Air Corp flyover… I wouldn’t be surprised but that this an attempt by certain influential Dublin people to boost the Dublin support… Let me tell anyone that wants to listen,.. Mayo will not be out done, no matter how they try… Nelson Mandela had the South African Airlines fly over just the Stadium after the National Anthem for the Rugby World Cup Final… when the Springboks player the All Black’s.. But Nelson Mandela was South African and wanted South Africa to win… Mayo are entitled to impartiality.. But it seems Dublin, are entitled to play all championship games in the National Stadium Croke Park,.. Use the same dressing room,.. Come out first (except for the last year when they attempted to Ambush Mayo who were coming out at alloted time, parade on the outside… Now it seems like a joke to any of ye, trust me I am being serious…. Go on the official GAA website.

  27. Almost identical to starting team last year, Barrett for Durcan only change. Don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  28. Leantimes..Theyre not even subtle about it..Couldnt get more Dub than Imelda but a lass from the Liberties aint gonna derail us..

  29. Best of luck to the starting 15, in coming subs, panel and management.
    Safe travels to all heading for croker and best wishes to all our fans around the globe, watching in let’s hope for the result we want??

  30. Every mayo fan should bring a whistle and blow like fuck when Imelda starts up. More biased bs from the GAA.

  31. A Big Thank You to the Mayo Management and players for getting us to yet another Final. Let’s hope and pray for the right result on Sunday, God knows we deserve a break. But whatever the outcome ye will still be our heroes.
    Mayo Forever.

  32. I couldn’t care less who flies over Croke Park before the match or who sings at half time. As long as we are the ones flying by about 5pm and the Saw Doctors are rattling out the Green and Red of Mayo.

  33. Are these the men that will end a famine that has lasted 24101 days?

    It has to end now. No more. Its over.

  34. I see quiet a few have mentioned the subs most likely to come on. I think looking at the managers record he has penciled in Durkin Coen Drake Loftus to get some time on the pitch from there on it maybe and should be harder to predict as you can’t plan for every event or injury that may occur. Nally for me would be ahead of drake. Kirby Conor o shea and Dillon probably favorites for the other 2 spots. With Hennelly the guaranteed ninth player on the bench who is more deserving of the final two spots in the match day 26. Veterans like Cafferkey and Barry Moran or young guns like Boland and Evan Regan. It’s a hard call be I would have Cafferkey and Boland. I would have thought that Croke park would suit young Boland down to the ground and like Dublin last year with Costello a young unheralded player came on to play a bit part with his pace. I felt he was hard done by the last couple of games as I don’t see what Barry Moran will bring to the table especially against that Dublin midfield. It’s a hard call. The only members of the squad the 31 that won’t make the 26 are Newcombe Crowe and young o Donoghue.

    Anyway best of luck to every member of the panel and thanks for one of the most memorial years ever in Mayo football history. The Dirty Dozens have me buzzing.

  35. I feel we’re good enough to win this. There was something different in the air after we beat Kerry. Not only was it long overdue, it was the fact that we went out in front and stayed there – with absolutely no messing. Also, actually winning a replay was huge. Of course we were written off yet again despite being the better team in the first game. I remember overhearing a group of Kerry supporters calling us bottlers on the way out of the drawn game, they were sure that we had let it slip and they’d beat us handy in the replay. All of those things combined, it just looked to me that this Mayo had enough of being inferior. Again, something feels different.

    Dublin are a phenomenal team but they can be got at it. To me, there’s too much hype and I think they’re a little soft. Looking at the Mayo starting 15, you see experience, quality and a tough outfit all round. We’re coming into this game at the peak of our powers and razor sharp. We can definitely do this. We’ll need a couple of rallys I feel, scoring at will for periods and our full back line needs to be solid.

    I’m going to kick myself if I don’t jump on us at 3/1, I really feel we’re value for money. Let’s bring it home.

    Lower Cusack Loyal. It won’t be for the faint hearted. See you on the other side comrades.

  36. I’ve had several rants about the pre match and half time “entertainment” I totally expected a dublin band to be the entertainment but you know what Fcuk it it will be all the more sweeter when Imelda May and her boys take one hell of a beating.

  37. Best of luck, to players and management. I was passing through Limerick early this morning, and the two cars just in front of me we’re flying Galway and Mayo flags. I thought to myself – this is a good sign. Like in the hurling, it is the leaders that will inspire the rest around them. I feel Aidan, Parsons, Boyle, Cillian and Doherty will deliver big time on Sunday. Mayo now have the gameplan and confidence to win this one. What a day it will be for the West of Ireland..

  38. Great win for Mayo boxer Ray Moylette overnight in US. Knocked down in the first round, but worked his way back into the fight to win on a split decision. We will see the same fighting spirit from our footballers on Sunday. Great confidence that this team can do it
    Can’t wait!

  39. I’d say head down stay goin Gavin isn’t sure what his best team is. He couldn’t. You cannot settle on a best team until you’ve been tried and tested and the Dubs have not been tested.

    I’m sure he doesn’t have to name his team until throw in. I’m glad Stepen has put his gun on the table first. It shows he is confident about what he is doing.

  40. I can’t see seamie finishing the game, this in my mind will be a critical substitution. If that 15 start, who will come in for seamie??

  41. Rev..
    I think we will need fresh legs in the middle towards the end of the game. The last thing we need is a mdmc type player and cluxton clicking in the last 10 minutes.
    Perhaps paddy.

  42. Yeah Paddy is a great man to have to come on.

    I think with the improved kick passing we don’t have to carry the ball as far anymore. Don’t think the energy issue is goin to be as critical as has been in the last few years.

    I think we will finish the game strong tomorrow.

  43. I think that team will start. Durcan and loftus are garanteed to come in. I think the rest will play out as it will. It will probably depend on what will happen on the field. If Seamus tires Coen will probably come in. Dublin will make more forward substitutions than defensive. So we might have to bring in an extra back than a forward to counteract. Best of luck to our lads anyway. Cannot wait!!!

  44. As a Claremorris man living in Galway city since 1975 no one has any doubt for where I’m from,the Greey & Red has being hanging out my window many’s the year now. I also put out the Maroon & White (only for the HURLERS mind!).

    Ticket sorted- check
    Bus booked – check
    Rendezvous with old friends sorted – check
    Porter money sorted – check
    Train return sorted – check
    Trip to Claremorris/Castlebar/more porter money on Monday sorted – check

    To everyone involved in Mayo football down through the years, but especially to this great bunch I thank you all very much. You have made my transition across the border quit enjoyable. Now for the icing on the cake…HAMMER THE DUBS…

    HON MAYO…!

  45. The closer it’s getting the less nervous and more certain that we will win I’m getting!
    It will be a close game and will need a bit of luck but there is no way that they can match the hunger of this team!
    I was a little disappointed in 2013 that they matched us for that. They won’t tomorrow and that will be enough for a nervy 2 point win

  46. With the butterflies I have I can only try and imagine what it’s like for all the team preparing for tomorrow. I have a son 30 years younger than me and I have only 1 more all Ireland experience than him what a great time to be from Mayo .Anybody in the premium section tomorrow please turn to the stranger beside you before the game starts and explain to them that 1 the ref throws in the ball to start the game 2 the players can touch the ball with their hands 3 the ball can be passed forward 4 and no you won’t sit down and you will shout every time Mayo scores and all through the 75 minutes 5 and to please put their knitting away or the needles might go missing.

  47. Don’t worry about Imelda. Use her contribution to relax and recharge your vocal cords. Let it motivate you to roar more in the second half. You won’t be a fool, you’ll be with the winners.

  48. Emelda May, flyovers and the hill won’t make the slightest bit of difference because in the cold heat of battle it all just becomes noise but when you need us, just listen, the 16th man will be there for you and our voice will cut through that noise.. a low rumble that will break into a deafening roar of Maigheo Maigheo Maigheo. The time is now, tear into the fuckers and leave it all on the field.. best of luck to players and management and safe travelling to one and all. See you in Croker.. Maigheo abu

  49. Very nervous now. Heart is racing. But I have great faith in these players. Ok its the same team as last year but its improved a lot. We are playing much better football. Different players have stepped up. Doherty has been brilliant. Andy has improved so much. His movement is much smarter now. He is no longer running into corners. He is now getting the ball around the D. The passes into him are nice clipped 30 meter long passes. When they try to play long bals into Andy he doesn’t have the pace and more often than not the defender beats him to it.
    We have won games recently when COC, AOS and Keegan maybe haven’t been at their best which is really encouraging. We aren’t relying on individuals. Maybe in previous finals we were carrying a few but now everyone is more than capable.
    The only thing that I would be worried about is Dublins bench. We don’t have too many options outside of our first 18 but we can do it. Come on Mayo

  50. I believe that the air core are been prepared to get Jim and his team away quickly after they have been hammered by Mayo,good luck and safe travel to all tomorrow it will be a great game hope no injury to either team ,Mayo by six ,but must keep a little in reserve for the fbd

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