Unchanged team named for final

Mayo team AISF 2013

We’ve just named our team for the All-Ireland final and, as was well trailed in advance, it’s an unchanged side from the one that started in both the quarters and the semis. Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC final v Dublin, 22/9/2013): Robbie Hennelly (Breaffy); Tom Cunniffe (Castlebar Mitchels), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Chris Barrett (Belmullet); Lee Keegan (Westport), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe), Colm Boyle (Davitts); Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis), Alan Dillon (Ballintubber); Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Alan Freeman (Aghamore), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen, captain).

We haven’t named our subs list but sure everybody knows all of them at this stage.

Fielding the same starting fifteen for the third match in a row demonstrates beyond doubt what a settled team we have going into this decider. There has, though, been plenty of change since the last time we played Sunday’s opposition. Our most recent meeting with them was the league semi-final clash back in mid-April and just nine of Sunday’s team featured that day – David Clarke, Kevin Keane, Jason Gibbons, Cathal Carolan, Jason Doherty and Michael Conroy are all missing from then (they’ll all, bar the injured David Clarke, be on the bench for the final for sure) and they’ve been replaced by Robbie Hennelly, Tom Cunniffe, Keith Higgins, Alan Dillon, Alan Freeman and Andy Moran respectively.

The last time we faced Dublin in the championship was, of course, at the start of last September in the All-Ireland semi-final and there are also just nine survivors from that game named to start in this year’s final. Missing out from then are David Clarke, Kevin Keane, Barry Moran, Jason Doherty, Enda Varley and Michael Conroy and they’re replaced by Robbie Hennelly, Tom Cunniffe, Colm Boyle, Seamus O’Shea, Alan Freeman and Andy Moran.

58 thoughts on “Unchanged team named for final

  1. Robbie Hennelly, Tom Cunniffe, Colm Boyle, Seamus O’Shea, Alan Freeman and Andy Moran

    Wow, that’s some improvement from last years final.

    Maigh Eo Abu

  2. I think I will pat myself on the back. I said on the Monday after the Tyrone game that Cillian would probably start and so he does.
    This is it lads. Shit or get off the pot time.

    Hon Mayo.

  3. Best of luck to the team. The waiting is over. Onwards to Croke park and two victories. Good luck to everyone on the trip to Dublin

  4. Happy with that, I think there is a massive game in Andy Moran and what a game to deliver in, This game will be one in between the two half back lines, whoever mops up the most breaks here is in the driving seat! I’ve got a maybe on the ticket front and that’s enough for me for now, roll on Sunday!

  5. They are the 15 giants who will step onto the field and represent our fantastic county. The best of luck to them and no matter what, I will be swelling with pride come 5pm SUnday afternoon

  6. By 5pm on Sunday, these 15 names will go down and legends as well as the rest of the Panel – full strength team, what more can we ask for. Come on Mayo!

  7. it’s all very real now!! i have every faith in these bunch of lads. looking forward to sunday…bring it on!!

  8. I dunno TonyK regarding Robbie being an upgrade over David Clarke…I’d prefer Clarkes imposing frame coming out on E.O’Gara or McManamon

  9. Now that the team has been named, the match seems to have become real!! I am very happy with the team named ( I had thought myself that would be the lineout) Best of luck to all the lads on BOTH OUR TEAMS, minors and seniors. I plead again with ALL MAYO SUPPORTERS to wear the green and red and to get in early before the start of the minor match to cheer the lads on. #seaofgreenandred

  10. These lads can do it, I can feel it in my bones, more than any other final we’ve been in.

    It’s killing me that I can’t get my hands on a ticket, as I really think this is the year. I’m not giving up hope yet, but it’s not looking too good.

    All of the other finals from 1989 to 2012, I felt nervous about them, hoping that we might do it. This year, the same nerves aren’t there. This time I’m not hoping, I’m confident.

    Do us proud lads, take your place in history, and bring it home!

  11. Seeing the team named makes it very real indeed. I’m sure there will be plenty of debate online over the next couple of days about Cillian starting; indeed I’ve already seen a couple of remarks by Dublin “supporters” elsewhere implying he will be taken out early on and doesn’t stand a chance. Bullshit I say. Delighted to see him start and I firmly believe that if Horan had a shred of doubt as to his fitness Cillian wouldn’t be on the starting 15.

    I too think Andy has a big game in him – he certainly seems to think so himself, and what better day to come good? Much has been made of the strength of Dublin’s bench but there’s plenty of speed and power on our own too having Conroy in particular to bring on up front could be crucial later in the game.

    Still as quietly confident as I’ve been since Pearse Stadium. This will be the battle to beat all battles but I firmly believe we will prevail.

  12. I think most people excepted that team to start (or be named at least). Best of luck to the lads and our management team. We are all behind ye.

    Anybody know the full panel? For example Darren Coen had been left out of the squad for the Tyrone game.

  13. Well, here we go. As I’ve said before here, there is nothing to be afraid of, there’s no gulf in quality, there’s no reason to fear Dublin, and it’s past time we stood up to our ‘final issues’.

    Let’s flake into them from the off and show absolutely no fear. Let no Mayo man walk off that field on Sunday having given anything less than his all.

    James Horan, like Maughan before him, has put the balls back into Mayo football. Please God he and his team will enjoy the rub of the green that their phenomenal efforts over the last three years deserve.

    It’s there for the taking Mayo. Go for it.

  14. I wish ta f*ck Liam McHale, David Brady, McStay and all the rest of them would just shut up and stop giving interviews. McHale going on about “we pray they play Brennan” and “we missed out best chance” while these things dont impact the team and wont have any bearing on the game, I think we could just do without them.
    We always seem to have the same heros trotted out all the time, if I was them I’d be saying no thanks lads, no interviews but maybe thats hard for them to do.
    I hear little from ex Dubs stars besides Brian Mullins who is doing the same thing on their side.
    P.S I enjoy DB the rest of the year but just go away to Glosh or somewhere for the week before a final please.

  15. Best of luck to the team and panel and management. Hopefully they will all play their best and it will be enough. God knows we could do with a break of some sort and while we have made our own luck all year, going back to cillians 2 monster points from opposite sidelines against cork in the league, you feel that the gods will smile on us some day.
    Roll on Sunday,

    Come on Mayo

  16. Team is as expected, still hard to know if Cillian really will start but you can expect him to be in the warmup and shaping to start even if he isn’t.
    its the sensible thing to do no matter what shape he is in, you have to keep the Dubs guessing and wether we like it or not, we are a much easier proposition to plan for without him.
    SOme have said, he should be on the bench. Thats ridiculous, if hes in any shape to play, he has to start or you end up potentially wasting a sub if he was to break down again after coming on.
    If he does actually start, every minute he is on the pitch is a bonus for us, as 10 minutes into the semi final I was fully sure that was the last we would be seeing of Cillian this season.
    Regarding Andy having a good match, I really hope so but I dont think so. A quarter final like performance would be a good day at the office, when he scored a great point, could have got a goal, and got on some good ball. I’ve been watching the Cork hurlers all year, and all of their team played exectly the same way all year, in that fellas who were good, were pretty much good in every match, and vice versa. Thats good for us, as I fully expect most of our players to have a good game and that should put us in a good place.
    Kevin Mc is still a big worry for me, I dunno what that was all about in the semi, I would have put the house on him previously to be consistent, he had a complete melt down in that first half of the semi.
    Hopefully that was a once off and he has it outta the system, hes a huge player for us, arguably as important as Cillian.

  17. Right. Anybody lucky enough to be going, would you all please try and get a deafening “Mayo Mayo” chant going just before our lads run out. Everybody bring plenty of green and red. Biggest flags you can get. Green and red balloons. Green and red smoke flares. Let them off during the parade. We must drown out the hill. We have to do our bit. It could make all the the difference. As much colour, noise, madness, passion, hunger and support that is possible. Let our lads see and hear that we are there in numbers. The same for the minors too. A repeat of how Donegal won the battle in the stands last year would be awful. That must never happen again. Please, please, please, can we all close ranks and pull together from 1.15 until 5pm on Sunday.

  18. Unchanged for the program but will it be unchanged come throw in time?. I think Dubs will make at two changes if they start the same back 6 that started against Kerry then it’s advantage Mayo.

  19. Twelve of team that started V Kerry 2011 semi final. Solid and predictable with good options on the bench.

  20. Felt like Charlie from Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory this morning opening an envelope to see a golden ticket inside.. whew! best of luck to everyone else who are still looking, I know what its like.. head up on the day itself, tickets always come free at the last minute..

    Happy with the team named and here’s wishing the minors and seniors all the best.. Carpe Diem

  21. Sunday is the biggest day every in the history of Mayo football, it should also be our greatest day ever.

    Full team available and selected, would be great to see COC last the entire match, remember Seanie McMahon played 2nd half of AIH final with a broken collar bone!!.
    Are Clare men tougher than Mayo men ?, don’t think so.

    At 3pm on Sunday before any team emerges onto the pitch, let’s get that Mayo Mayo chant started in ALL sections of the stands and on the hill so our team can hear us before they see us. Let’s roar the minors onto a great win and then set the tone for the seniors, yes voices will be gone by 5pm but mega smiles on all the green and red clad supporters will tell you all you need to know.

    Hope all the Mayo GAA bloggers get tickets and safe traveling to everyone. Talking to a Dub today who struggled to get tickets to the 1995 AIF final and was delighted to get one in the Nally stand. A middle aged couple sat in the seats next to him with the man very interested in the match while his wife took out her knitting and knitted all the way thru the match… (This is true I kid you not)

    Mayo to beat Dublin by 4+ all going according to plan.


  22. Robbie Hennelly David Clarke
    Tom Cunniffe Kevin Keane
    Seamus O’Shea Barry Moran
    Chris Barrett Doherty
    Alan Freeman Varley
    Andy Moran Conroy

    Debatable if this years final team is stronger than last year however i think the sub bench is and that could be very important.

  23. Dublin team leaked according to internet rumour, Same team but one change in the subs,Alan Brogan.

  24. Alot of talk about COC and Andy but in my mind our half forward line
    have got to perform to their full potential if we are to bring sam west.
    If K Mc is on his game and has the radar switched on expect Freeman to
    make hay inside from quality ball.
    Freeman has good hands and will keep o carroll close to the goal.

    When we needed big performances this year we delivered, im thinking
    of galway/donegal games.

    Im absolutly convinced we will perform sunday .

    We’ve saved the best for last.

  25. Well said Jim Flag, Make sure ye all have car flags up plenty of colour on the road to croker. We need to be seen and heard on Sunday. Let no man woman or child be there without green and red and plenty of flags. Before our boys come out they need hear us chant Mayo Mayo. I have all the mayo songs at the ready for the trip up. Now roll on Sunday.

  26. James Horan would not start Andy Moran unless he felt there was a performance coming. Andy is there to lead team, cause mayhem, lift Sam and bring him home.

  27. Total faith in JH and his selection. He’s had 4 weeks to raise them to a peak and regardless of what the media say Dublin will be taken aback at the speed and ferocity coming at them. Kerry were cute and exposed weaknesses, but could not hold out at the end. These boys will.
    Sadly, no sign of a ticket. Good luck to all in your search and a safe journey. NYC, hope you secured one.

  28. I’m reading few ‘views’ that think Cafferky isn’t having a great year at full back compared to last year and that Dublin’s forward line will expose him but IMO we can say the very same about Rory O’Carroll for Dublin.

    Think it was the first game (under lights) against Dublin in the league but I remember Varley destroying him in the first half by dragging him out of position all over the the place and he wasn’t mobile enough to recover in time leading to a good few of our scores in that half. Kerry deployed something similar the last day too and they punished them with quick fire goals. Hopefully we’ll be ready to do the same Sunday..

  29. Question…if a supporter was unlucky not to get a ticket, what would his/her chances be of getting into CP after the final whistle to see the presentation?

  30. The F.D is great 16 years and counting with just 4 more to go…..now I am wondering who you might be, looks like I need to change my name…lol

  31. Oh yes David now I remember…..Pontoon Foxford area??
    I wont be travelling have two young ones so cant pack up and go like I could back in 04 and 06. How bout you? I have a good feeling about Sunday its more my head saying we can do it this year where in previous years my heart was hoping for other teams not to perform. Roll on Sunday!

  32. Hope the last 4 weeks has enabled Andy to work on improving his speed or he will struggle big time in the sprints for the ball against the likes of Cooper or McMahon. What a boost to our FF line if he has been able to progress, coupled with Cillian’s return and Alan’s growing confidence.

  33. fl/mayo

    yes, thank god I am, will be having a nice cold pint at jfk in 24 hours time. Its reasonable to expect a good result if the guys up front deliver. we are due a bit of luck and the men in charge have it set up right so we are in with a good shout.
    will you wrap it up in 4 years time?
    thank God for willie joe and his great site.

  34. Long time comming. Seconds seem like hours minutes seem like days, days they seem like years. “What’s Another Year is Finally here”

    I can’t sing well or play well and I look like a mad yoke but I believe in every syllable of the words. There is nothing I could post on here that could ever come close to what I feel about my county than what is represented in these words below.

    “Come On Mayo!!!”


    What’s Another Year is Finally Here.
    Thiis is a song for the Mayo team. Mayo will win the Sam Maguire and banish all those barren years. September 22nd, on the mark of half past three A thundero…

  35. David, the family should be back by the summer of 2018, not so sure about myself as I might need to stay a little longer. How bout you any time frame? It’s times like this that immigration is a bitch. Have to agree this is s great site, Willie Joe is on top of everything, no need to go searching for information it’s all here.

  36. a great site for sure. still away and will for another while.
    its a small world though when you can follow things so closely on a site like this.
    how do I pm on here?

  37. We have a great chance and we need to believe that we can win and must as fans act and believe that our team can come through the challenge. We must calm our nerves and behave in a confident way, we must be selective about the past and choose moments in the past where we progressed against the odds and when on sunday our faith is tested we must not be shell shocked we must rise in support of our team and leave nothing behind.

  38. This isn’t a discussion board in the proper sense of the word, David, so there’s no way of doing a PM via the site. I have your two email addresses so can hook you up that way if that suits you both?

  39. I think the dub subs look so good because by the time they come on the opp defence is completly knackered,but our backs will go toe to toe with whoever for 70 plus mins.we have the quality to win this and we will,(anybody got a spare tk)

  40. Agree with Jim Flag we need the colour in Croker. The Red and Green needs a lot of mass to stand out. The Sunday shirt with the small bit of Green and Red €1 wool is no use to us on Sunday against the blue backdrop of what can be an intimidating Hill .So can everyone lucky enough to have a ticket make sure they have Mayo jerseys on or if not at the very least Green or Red tops, Hats scarfs etc.
    Ladies our county needs you to take the lead on this and make sure the guys are togged out properly as you well no doubt be. Imagine the lift our lads will get if we make a sea of Green and Red. Everyone has to bring a flag too its compulsory big or small just as Donegal fans did last year. We have to out shout those Dubs for once.

  41. Glad that we are sticking with the same starting side, it shows solid faith, am also glad that JH announced his side before Gavin as it indicates a fearless stubbornness in that faith……………It’s as if to say ‘this is us, this is Mayo’ and ‘now who’ve you got? Bring them on’!
    Just to add to HSS51 above, we were also with our backs to the wall with only 2 games left in the league and facing relegation if we failed……………That the 2 games were against Donegal and away to Cork and the fact that we won both surely demonstrates the will to win that this squad and management have………………It does seem that the bigger the obstacle that’s put in front of these fellas, the more determined they become.
    I think Andy,Cillian and Mac will prove this on Sunday as I’ve no doubt the rest of the team squad will do also. ( I refer to the whole squad as a team as it is no about the starting 15 but about the whole ‘Team Mayo’)
    Once the Minors has given our crowd the perfect warm up,I don’t think there will be any need to prompt the followers in Croker on their vocal welcome for the Seniors.

    What a great piece by Edel in the previous post. Brilliant.
    You do know how to find them WJ and at the right time too. Would be lost without this site, so thanks again.
    Will stick the neck out here…….But………Mayo by 8+.
    Good Luck to all agus MaighEo Abú

  42. This is a winning starting 15. The bench will complete the task. The modern game requires a full squad with a depth of talent. We have it in spades. Moran will lift Sam. The joy of it will be heaven on earth. All will be washed away on Sunday the 22nd of September 2013. The time for talking is over. Let the games begin and all take their rightful place in history. Let us laud the warriors and bask in the forthcoming victory. All hail Horan.

  43. I don’t want to be labour the point but what are the odds on Ger Brennan putting in a MOM performance based of the level of disrespect shown to him by Liam McHale.

  44. Folks,

    I’m taking all in on the Andy comments over the past few threads, but his selection for me makes absolute sense…
    – He’s our captain, our leader, our talisman
    – Gifted player, often genius, All-Star forward
    – His current season issue has been form, not injury…form can change
    – Not sparking so far doesn’t mean anything, it’s all on the day
    – This is an AIF…..there’s no other matches to go…..this is IT !!…therefore
    we can expect Andy to put his body on the line, to die for the County !
    – I’m certain he’ll give it everything….this could be his finest hour !

  45. Strong team and I definitely think its a better team than last years with the inclusion of Cunniffe, Seamus O Shea, freeman and andy moran.

    Anything can happen on Sunday. In the earlier stages I expect it to be helter skelter from both teams. It’s crucial that we get the match ups right as I think the dubs will target connolly & flynn on their own kickouts. I can’t see them kicking the ball down the middle for the O Sheas to win possession. I can’t see them going short either because I’m sure we will press high up the pitch.

    If we contain them in the first half but express ourselves in the second half by driving on and finishing off teams like we have done previously then we will win. We can’t fall behind too much against the dubs. They won’t show us any mercy or respect and it should be vice versa. It’s going to be a massive war and I expect cards, bad fouls, big hits and some controversy. There always is when we play the dubs!

    We are good enough to win. Our bench is strong with Conroy, Feeney, Moran etc to come in. Ya dublins is strong too but I just feel that Conroy is gonna torment their back line like he did last year with good ball going into him from Dillon, Mcloughlin and the O Sheas. He’s a great runner off the ball and he draws alot of fouls.

    God, Sunday can’t come fast enough. Hopefully our minors will set the tone against tyrone. It would give all of us a serious lift and the roar that would greet our boys when they hit the sod in Croke park will strike fear into the dubs. Bring them on. Up Mayo!

  46. The link below is to a radio documentary made by John Scally & Liam O’Brien called The Script of Hurt. For anyone who hasn’t listened to it before, it’s a beautifully made piece that highlights some of the hard times that have befallen Mayo football over the years but ultimately reminds us why we continue to support the green & red and believe that we will lift Sam again soon…hopefully this Sunday.


  47. Good luck to both Mayo teams on Sunday, if ever there was a county that deserve an All Ireland its Mayo. Any Rossie I have talked to lately thinks the same.

  48. I was just talking to a work colleague of mine from Dublin and he informed me that the dubs had a full morning and evening session in croke park yesterday. I wonder would the GAA open up croker to all the participating teams. I doubt it.

    Anyway it won’t make a difference, a sea of green and red will submerge them come Sunday.

    Maigh Eo Abu.

  49. I’m home lads. Emails and well wishes to Mayo coming in from all over the globe.
    We have 70+ minutes of football to play, and I’m confident this team can do it. They will be well prepared, will remember last years hurt and will not be denied. It’s hectic here between Facebook, emails, twitter and this blog, I may not get a chance to post again.
    Best wishes to both minors and seniors this Sunday. For those traveling to HQ, safe journey, I’ll see you there, for those watching at home, we’ll see you in McHale park Monday for the homecoming. This time. We won’t be denied!

  50. I for one think it’s going to be an absolute annihilation of Dublin on Sunday, Mayo are something else this year, don’t forget Tyrone have won this 3 times in recent years and we all seen what happened to Donegal, Kerry are nothing like they used to be but they still managed to score goals,
    Trust me it’s going to be something special Sunday
    Load them up!!!

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