Unchanged team named for tomorrow evening

Team v Kildare

We’ve just named our team to play Westmeath in Round 4B of the qualifiers at Croke Park tomorrow evening (throw-in 6pm) and I guess it won’t come as a seismic shock for anyone to learn that the line-up we’ve named is unchanged from that which started against Kildare two weeks ago. For the record, here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland Qualifier Round 4B v Westmeath 30/7/2016): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites), Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Kevin Keane (Westport), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber).

So it looks as if Kevin Keane is okay to play at least some part in proceedings tomorrow evening, though whether or not we start him is another question. As ever, all will be revealed on the day.

Best of luck to Stephen and the lads as they attempt to secure the county’s sixth successive appearance in the All-Ireland series.

36 thoughts on “Unchanged team named for tomorrow evening

  1. Best of luck to Stephen and the lads. Bit worried about our midfield but will be in 306 roaring them on. Maigh Eo Abu

  2. Best of luck to team and management,hope it is a good game,with no injuries,safe travelling to all

  3. Can see one, maybe 2 changes. But likewise wouldn’t be surprised to see that team names! I feel the 2 weeks break will have sharpened our lads, with every respect due to westmeath. They will shut up shop for the first 35, and it’s after that we should be superior and dominant. For me I just want to see progression from our performances to date, another notch on the dial would see us in my opinion, reach between 5/6 out of 10 of our potential. We are tipping along nicely, plenty lads getting games in the legs, this I don’t see being any different. If we show up and perform then it could be anything upwards of 12 points, if we don’t, then it could be uneasy watching

  4. Best of luck to all involved! It’ll be interesting to see if there are any changes made before the throw in, especially in midfield. Hopefully they go all out from the start anyway and it’ll be interesting to see how Westmeath will set-up also.

  5. Same team as expected but a different team will jog onto that pitch tomorrow!

  6. Think Tom parsons should be starting at midfield as Donal Vaughan is better suited at the back. Richie (long suffering Mayo supporter living in Kildare, who still believes in this team. )

  7. was actually at the Leinster final and Westmeath were set up quite good, everyone knew their job etc

    dont be suprised if this game is in the balance with 10 mins to go but our class should shine through

    if any of ye are betting people , the handicap on Westmeath at +10 is some bet at evens, advised to be all over that

    Hon Mayo

  8. Best of luck to all involved tomorrow and safe travelling. Hope Parsons plays some part and the lads don’t have to go 100% for the whole game in order to get a result. Rested minds and bodies required for next week IF we get that far. Hope the CAPS are working.

  9. Best of luck to the team tomorrow. Safe travelling to all fans too, give yerselves plenty of time and take it easy. We need ye all again next Saturday again ( I know, before ye bite me head off, IF, IF, IF we win, we’ll need ye again next week).

  10. One simple thing I would like to see tomorrow is better communication and awareness between players . Two often this year players didn’t see the player in the better position or both went for same ball leaving opposition to take breaking ball. It should be something easy to iron out unless it’s symptomatic of something else. Mhaigh Eo abu….

  11. Watching a little special on DOC on Thank GAA it’s Friday. Pleasure watching this guy play ball and if he continues on this trajectory he’s going to be one of the best we’ve ever produced.

    I see we’ve named the same side. Not a huge surprise but I can see a few small tweeks before throw in. It all depends on how fit Parsons and Keane are – we could really do with Keane being available to pick up Heslin and Parsons to reinvigorate midfield.

  12. Lahan man…. on the ball there! Symptomatic of what something else though? Without improvement big time in this area you mention we’ll not be finding things at all easy! On the other hand when they do rediscover each other they ll be a handful for any team!

  13. I can’t make the match because I’ve been in hospital this week.

    Can someone shout twice as loud to make up for me please!?

  14. It’s important to mention once again for us all to bring our loudest voices tomorrow. Lets make all Mayo matches about bonkers fans! It’s the one controllable that’s in our hands. We’re not too far off most of time on that score anyway so shouldn’t be too hard. One thing I’m actually noticing in the county in the increase in interest in our team. People who previously might only have had a passing interest now are seriously into it. Parents bringing their children, non-sporting people going to games, big interest all around. It’s a good thing, fair weather fans included. It’s always going to happen if a team is going well like ourselves for the past 5 years, but it’s terrific to see nevertheless. It will only bode well for the future. Perhaps it’s why we keep coming back every time we’re knocked down. We might have our weaknesses but we sure as hell have our strengths and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    An ex-Cork player was on second captains this week and mentioned the lack of interest from the fans in the county for the footballers, and how this does matter.

    Best of luck to the lads tomorrow. Onwards we fight.

    Come on Mayo!!

  15. Keep moving forward all of us mayo mad fans won’t let you down hope you get better soon

  16. Sambos packed and ready for road. Going with herself its her first time to be in Croker tomorrow .Hon Mayo!

  17. Get well soon Keep Moving Forward!

    Would like to see a steady performance tomorrow without too much huffing and puffing. No injuries or paperwork and a feeling of overall improvement. Nice and steady…….

  18. Hope you Keep Moving Forward and get better soon…and I rally hope our men arise and give it whatever it takes tomorrow. I remember Kerry just about beating Sligo in qualifier a few years ago and they went on to win AI that year…I am hoping that our close encounters will steel this team and prepare them for the final ascent…to the peak! Onward and Upward fr our Mayo heroes…and thank you to one and all for the enjoyment over the many years of toil and effort. Very proud of what Mayo football stands for. Maigh Eo go deo!

  19. Mayo man in Galway, think you should have waited for the fresh bread in the morning – a good sandwich needs todays bread today 🙂

    Hoping to see some good football in Croker tomorrow, double headers are always a plus. Donegal should take care of Cork and our lads after maybe a bit of huffing and puffing should see off Westmeath with a bit to spare. But as ever what we’ll be looking for is a bit more togetherness and team work, and an improved performance from some of our top players.

  20. Right so , we might actually start with that team ,don’t expect to see Tom Parsons starting but think he will definitely get a run out , so will big barry . My main hope is to win , my wish or maybe dream is to build up a good lead and run the bench. I honestly hate this confident feeling going to Croker but think we will have too much for them . Was never heading up expecting to win before .. It’s a little bit scary in ways .. Just being honest !
    Safe journey to all .

  21. We need to see a big improvement all round tomorrow. There’s only a week before the QF IF IF IF we win tomorrow and there isn’t much you can do in a week apart from recover and a few bits and pieces. So I reckon we will see Mayo at or near our best. That should spell trouble for Westmeath and if it doesn’t it spells trouble for them then it spells trouble for us the following week when we meet one of the bigger boys. I think crunch time has come. Looking forward to something special from the lads.

  22. Nothing wrong with going to Croker demanding a win. That’s the level these lads have brought us to and they demand it of themselves.

  23. We need a win tomorrow along with no injuries or niggles! Don’t care how or by how many, job done and no injuries and the serious stuff starts then!

    G’wan lads!

  24. You know the way westmeath admitted that they targeted Connolly ( the gimp) in the last match? Don’t be surprised if Lee or aido get the same tomorrow. As the last game I, ll be quite happy with another few % of an improvement, no injuries and a few subs showing their worth. Can’t bloody wait now. Onwards and upwards. Maigheo abu’

  25. Loving all the IF, IF,IFs. Will be physically/literally eating my hat in Gills tomorrow evening IF they don’t win.

    Hon Mayo.

  26. I’d be amazed if there’s not some sort of change up in midfield after the last day, be that Parsons or Big Bird. Any margin of victory will suit me as long as we put in a good performance from the first minute. No more injuries is vital.

    Doesn’t matter that it’s only the qualifiers, you just can’t beat the excitement of heading to Croker!! 🙂

  27. Keep moving forward you take care of yourself and get yourself better we will need you back in the stands for the challenges ahead in Croker in the meantime we’ll bring the noise and the colour. Mind yourself buddy

  28. RAZ, Fair Play to you! Now that’s what I call a supporter! That used to be me when I lived yonder, (a few different yonders) and a few years ago, sure you never know? , I might have to go to yonder again, ‘Brexit’ or No! It’s been a while since I seen your ‘handle,’ on the Blog! Years if fact, Old friends are the best!

  29. I actually thought that Barry Moran might have started today after the problems we had in midfield the last day especially if Tom Parsons isn’t fully fit for a starting role. Management have seemed to do that this year, trying different players for different matches. Maybe we will see Vaughan or Coen starting at full-back if Kevin Keane can’t start and either Barry or Tom coming into midfield. We’ll see how is goes anyway. Best wishes to all involved and to you too Keep Moving Forward, get well soon.

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