Unchanged team named for U20 final

Both ourselves and Kildare today named their teams for the All-Ireland U20 final. The inaugural national decider at this level throws in at Croke Park on Sunday at 1.15pm where Fermanagh’s Niall Cullen is the ref.

We’ve named the same team that lined out in the semi-final against Derry. The side will once again be captained by Ryan O’Donoghue and here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland U20 final v Kildare, 5/8/2018): Patrick O’Malley (Westport); Johnny Maughan (Castlebar Mitchels), Brian O’Malley (Westport), Johnny Cunnane (Ballyhaunis); Paul Lambert (Westport), Cathal Horan (Kilmovee), Oisin McLaughlin (Westport); Evan O’Brien (Ballinrobe), Jordan Flynn (Crossmolina Deel Rovers); Nathan Moran (Hollymount/Carramore), Ryan O’Donoghue (Belmullet, captain), Tommy Conroy (The Neale); Conor Diskin (Claremorris), Ross Egan (Aghamore), Colm Moran (Westport).

Kildare also named their team for the final today. Full details are here.

I know I haven’t given this match much coverage on the blog in the run-up to Sunday but that’s just the way it has to be around here at times, given the largely one-man band nature of the site. I am, though, looking forward to watching the decider live on Sunday and will be posting something on it after the final whistle.

Kildare are deserved favourites to land the title but, from the small bit of them that I’ve seen, our lads are a group who don’t know when they’re beaten. That kind of doggedness, allied to the considerable skill and versatility in their ranks, should ensure they’ll give it everything in their pursuit of glory at Croke Park.

Best of luck to Mike Solan and the lads as they prepare for Sunday’s final frontier.

128 thoughts on “Unchanged team named for U20 final

  1. Watched Kildare and Kerry back today. They are strong at midfield and have a lad in the full forward line called Jimmy Hyland who kicked 1-8 against Kerry. Two footed and strong. They look big for under 20’s and tackle like dogs.
    I was at the Derry game and our full back line looked suspect at times. That’s my main worry.
    On the other hand we are pacey, well fit to tackle ourselves and unusually for a Mayo team have scoring forwards in abundance. Colm Moran didn’t even get going the last day and I expect him to have a big one Sunday. We also have a very strong bench.
    Don’t think there will be anything in it, hopefully our pace and bench pull us through.

  2. I would agree with that assessment Clubman. I also liked the way kildare were anble to pick off point from half forward line, as good as many a senior team.
    I thought in Carrick our full back line came under pressure because our half back line had gone forward and no great cover for them. Hopefully if we are playing attacking half backs on Sunday, there is that cover in place to release them. Otherwise full backs are left with the dilemma of closing man on ball or staying tight to their own man.

  3. I agree about Colm Moran.He is the best inside forward to come through underage in recent years.Against Kildare 2 years ago ( minor quarter final ) he scored 4 from play.In croke park in intermediate All Ireland for westport he also scored 4 from play (2 of right foot & 2 of left).

  4. You could compare our lads to a 3 year old thoroughbred. They have had 3 races so far, two group ones. They are a bit green, but are improving all the time, and Sunday could be tailor-made for them.

  5. good luck to all…..us exiles miss the blog…thank you WJ for this service…someone should for sure should help you out

  6. Wille Joe, that kind of doggedness is exactly what we want, and im sure we will get it, U nailed everything in the last few sentences, Best of luck indeed, to the team and management.its a future boost,whatever the outcome, its a fantastic team, and management and I can’t wait to see them cut loose, Up Mayo.

  7. Yea – – Kildare are firm favourites with the bookies. Glad it`s not in Newbridge! Anyway ……… I`m going to go

    and shout out my tuppence worth.

  8. Best of luck to u20s I’ll be there cheering ye on.

    Now on a more serious note and people of mayo football I want your attention…why is Rochford staying on! The man has failed three times to beat galway this year and never has…he has to go! We’re going backwards if he stays. I for one will boycott mayo games if he does and I hope we as fans can do the same. If he was in charge of a business or any other organisation he’d be gone. We have won no silverware with him not even a connacht so why are we as mayo gaa encouraging failure!

    It’s the players I feel sorry for and the county board should be ashamed of themselves. The players got us to where we got and with proper management we’d have won at least 2 all Irelands. Rochford should do the right thing and walk but his ego is in the way. Have a look at the other 3 teams that were eliminated at the same time as us after kildare game…2 division 4 teams…it’s embarrassing! I go to alot of club games and I have yet to see Rochford at one. Can someone please tell me when they saw him at a club game? Mayo football RIP 🙁

  9. Ah here Pk that’s a bit harsh. Who do you suggest as an alternative? The defeats to Galway in 16 and 17 are irrelevant because when Galway were at home scratching their arses after meek surrenders against Tipperary and Kerry later in those years, we were playing the “greatest team in history” and matching them blow by blow. Knocking kerry out of the championship for the first time in 21 years. Give the man a bit of credit will ya

  10. PK- The players got us to within 1 point of winning All Ireland in 2016 and 2017 and management get no credit for that but all the blame because we lost by one point. Good Man. It’s a pity this site doesn’t have a lol emoji.

  11. Please let’s focus on the under 20s game tomorrow. Good luck to the team and management have a good feeling.

  12. Pk pure bullshit comment you will boycott Mayo games.Off with ya ur like .Same fools that abused Ciaran McDonald in Fermanagh in 2003.Your not a true supporter look around the County will ya Stephen Rochford is the best man for the job.
    Rochford didnt cause injuries to Tom P ,Cillian and Lee Keegan for this years Galway game.He didnt swing His elbow into Paul Conroy and see red. Higgins the year before off within 20 mins in Salthill.Vaughan in last years final.Stop always blaming management.We have got within a point in 2 finals against the best and most well resourced panel Gaelic football has ever had.

  13. Pk. Stephen and the players have to be given credit for their magnificent performance in last year’s AI final, but equally both are responsible for our underperformances in the previous years finals as well as 3 poor leagues and not even getting to a Connacht final as well as not qualifying for the super 8 this year. So in part I agree, the buck stops at the manager and an honest review of the last 3 years is whats needed. However on your last point I have to admit I have personally seen Stephen at many club matches, both league and championship as I attend a great deal myself. I have never seen any of the 3 departed selectors at any game.

    Anyhow best of luck to the lads of the future tomorrow. I wish for them the same as I wish for any Mayo team and that is that they play to their full potential.

  14. Agree with previous poster, this is u20 final preview thread and comments should be confined to constructive discussion around that game.
    In relation to kildare we know Hyland will need man to man marking job to curtail him.
    I think the game will be one and lost between our half backs and their half forwards. We lack a bit of heigth and love to go forward. Wing backs have pace and trickery and well able to take scores. Strong bench to carry us through that vital final quarter. Kildare capable of scoring freely from distance. We’ve also got to watch our discipline.

  15. The fact is this management has overseen some of the most bizarre decisions in mayo football. Let’s all give them a pat on the back for changing the keepers etc. Let’s give them a pat on the back for not using natural midfielders when our 2 first choices got injured. Had we put Shane nally and Barry Moran in the middle vs kildare maybe we’d have won and doc and aidan could have played and been utilised in their natural positions. Let’s all give the management credit for not one connacht title…there was a time we were winning them for fun. Words escape me more like!

    Let’s give the management credit for not one home win this year and a piss poor league campaign. Are ye actually delusional! We were lucky to stay in div 1 this year and mark my words if we continue with Rochford well be in div 2 in no time. Under this management we only beat one div 1 team in 16 and 17 and I have alluded to this in this blog months back and my concerns re the super 8s. We are the only div 1 team from 2018 that didn’t make the supers 8s….the above are all facts that speak for themselves. And only one of ye have answered the attendance of management at club games question!

  16. The elephant in the room for Mayo Senior football is that you have 18 players working or studying in Dublin during January to May.
    Galway have only 5.Why are so many young Mayo footballers choosing to study in DCU or other Dublin colleges instead of NUIG, GMIT or Sligo IT?? Alot of them are struggling to make there Sigerson teams up there. Brian Reape, Michael Hall and Matthew Ruane all subs for DCU this year in the Sigerson.NUIG had Damien Comer, Sean Kelly, Peter Cooke, Kieran Molloy and 6 or 7 other Galway footballers all playing in the Sigerson Cup final. I am sure whatever course they are doing in Dublin could be offered in Galway unless it a specialist course like Dentistry or Actuary.Its up to the Mayo County board to start offering scholarships to 3rd Level colleges in the West only to the most talented young players in the County.
    Also with the pick up in the economy more players in Professional jobs in Dublin should maybe start looking to base themselves in Galway city, much cheaper rent and much shorter commutes to training in Castlebar.

  17. @Chris Kelly how dare you accuse me of abusing ciaran Mcdonald etc. And not being a true supporter…how do you think you are!

    I have only the best interests of mayo football at heart and I’m pointing out the clear failures of the last 3 years under this management. Look up the definition of management and see have they done their job!

  18. Pk – You say we only beat one div 1 team in 16 and 17 (we actually beat 2). How many div 1 teams beat us? The answer is only Dublin.

    As has been pointed out Stephen Rochford has is constantly at club games in Mayo. I’ve also seen Peter Burke and Donie Buckley at club games.

    Just because you say you’re pointing out facts doesn’t mean you are!

  19. check the facts Rochford and Mayo got most things right last year for the Final but made simple basic errors .look back any any nuetral Anaylsis on the Game.

    Vaughans sending off
    Dohertys goal chance
    McCarthy outjumping O’Shea in the closing minutes which led to a Dublin score
    Coens bad hand pass to Barrett in injury time which led to Rocks winner from a free
    Some very Bad wides in the 1st half when we were well on top
    Cillian hitting the post with the last free
    McQuillan giving a free to Dublin right before half time that never should have been.It was a coming together of Kilkenny and Paddy Andrews and Rock scores that free.

    Where do you blame Rochford there PK???

  20. Jesus lads. Steady now.

    Can we stop turning on each other.

    Can we close ranks and pull together for the next 24 hours at least.

    Can we all calm down a bit. We have a Mayo team in a final tomorrow. Now is not the time. Steady she goes. Easy now. We have Kildare in our sights and we need to focus on that and take them down.

  21. We’ll have to get Sean Burke to fookin sort ye out if ye don’t settle down, good lads.

  22. Raking over what happened 10 months ago is completely pointless. Lets focus on tomorrow and our U20s who are playing for the ultimate prize in their grade. I, for one will be there roaring them on. The future starts here.

  23. PK and Chris Kelly – cut it out, the pair of you. That exchange between you is a good example of how not to conduct a debate on this site and so, rather than delete or edit back what you’ve posted, I’m going to leave the comments up there as a worked example of how not to do things right. But, of course, the pair of you have spent time in the sin bin here in the past so this bit of finger-wagging will come as no surprise to either of you. Also, as others have said, it’s the day before the U20 final so best concentrate on that today. Plus I’m still on my hols and so I really don’t want to be dealing with crap like this at the minute.

  24. PK.. Watch Mayo have a great league campaign in 2019 Training will start in November , not mid January like the last 5 years …but remember one cant have everything in life. No All Ireland semi final or final gives us a better chance of good league. I know what I would rather have. Best of luck to the lads tomorrow This Mayo team really excites me pace, power, and naturel scoring forwards

  25. This thread should be about our magnificent U20 team and a look ahead to tomorrow’s AI final. Shame on those who have dragged in all this negative stuff in here. A bit of respect and attention for our young warriors would be more appropriate.

  26. Best of luck to team and management for tomorrow,and many thanks again Willie Joe

  27. Quite alarmed to see that Stephen is staying with his backroom gone. Not really sure there is an argument to trust him with the job. 3 shocking leagues. No home win this year. Reviving Galway. Worst Connacht run in 30 years. Yes we had great Augusts but Derry, Clare, fermanagh and Cork got unlucky. A change of voice would do us good

  28. Really what I am saying is that I cannot see an argument for his staying nor have I heard a convincing one.most think the best for all is him to walk

  29. Good luck to the U-20 ‘s today. Have a blast . Score for fun .

    This just in from “ The Kingdom”

    Yoghurt column ( and management tips ) basics :

    1.Invoke Blasphemy , holy god , lord god , how in the name of god , sweet Jesus , FFS.
    2.Use words like Frustration, stubborn , b’stad, angry a lot, “tighten the F*#k up at the back”
    3.Promote War in every second sentence , “come down heavy “, man up, take the head off him.
    4.Talk about humility like you’re oozing with it. Like it’s how you roll. Never mind the contradiction.
    6.Use”Like” like a teenager does”like “
    7: Humor: “2014 was a victory for extremely smart football”. I mean this is hilariously stupid.
    8.Rue the lost Kerrymen. Mark O Connor the latest. Cian ‘O Sullivan .

  30. Yeah… Today.. Let’s talk about the U20s… Hopefully, Tommorow, the after, and the day after that as well!.

  31. Ger Bohan, here is the argument FOR Rochy

    He is an AI Club winning manager with Corofin who has managed Mayo to 2 AI final appearances, beaten in both matches by a hair’s breath, in 2016 after a replay. The 2017 AI final was the best performance I have seen by a Mayo team and easily the best in an AI final, where we have traditionally underperformed (2004, 06, 12, 13). I backed his decision to go with Robbie in the ’16 replay and I still back it – it was a thought out strategy.

    On the way to the final last year, we beat Kerry; we last beat them in ’96. Kerry came into last year’s semi after a rip-roaring performance in Munster and a demolition job against Galway. They had ample prep time; we had a stack of games week after week.

    In the league, Mayo held onto Division 1 status, with a February standing start and logistical difficulties in getting guys to the training ground over all the Winter months.

  32. Change of plan, I will be heading to Croker tomorrow after all, I will list out any potential Senior Mayo players from what I see tomorrow.
    @PK, I understand your frustration with the current manager but you need to note that there are alot of Mayo players in the setup for a long time now, nearly 10 years,
    The questions I would ask are as follows,
    Is Rochford 100% the gaffer, we all know how Noel and Pat were shafted in 2015.
    I heard from some Mayo buddies that Rochford was playing to a few players wishes when he decided to promote Hennelly as the keeper for the 2016 replay ( the midfielders favoured his kickouts was the reason given ).
    Didnt people say that Brian Kerr wasnt suitable to manage the Irish International football team, as the players were all millionaires and would’nt take him seriously.
    Rochford done well with an all out attacking style when he managed Corofin, but his style with Mayo is more of a defensive / containment of the opposition teams. We all know that a team that plays more adventoursly usually wins.
    All in all he has come closer than Horan to winning the All Ireland, Horans style was built on the attacking half back line, but as the game entered the last 20 minutes those guys were empty, couldnt keep it going, amd were caught ououonet of position with the quick counter attack. One thing that I will never forget in Limerick, Mayo v Kerry was the sight of Michael Conroy playing at wing forward or a third midfielder, he as exceptional as a ball carrier, but this put me thinking as Horan always used him as a corner forward.
    Both guys have raised our expectations from what was a dire period under John O Mahony, as I said at the time O Mahony’s appointment as manager was a ticket into Leinster House.
    Great if the young generation can win tomorrow.

  33. Catcol I back that decision too. I think his backroom had a massive impact into our performances too. A new voice is needed.

    I dont think our league results are acceptable. And reviving Galway a big black mark.

    There is no sign either that he can bring along players. It has been a conservative approach and we now need transition and a strong voice.

  34. Looking like a galway/dublin semi final. This hyped up Galway team will once again go out with a whimper again i feel.

  35. Gobsmacked how poor Galway have been this evening . Total no show.

    I imagined the super 8 would be a lot more exciting than it has been . I’m not so sure it’s going to work out .

    Not saying anyone misses Mayo but the latter stages of the championship needs Mayo .

  36. Good to see Monaghan into semi final, led be another All Ireland winner from Armagh.
    Things appear to be getting too hot for Galway to handle, pressure really on now V the Dubs.
    The Dubs will win the final by a minimum of 8 points.

  37. I wonder how many games Galway would have won if they didn’t get opposition players sent off in every game. They won’t get the same leeway against the dubs next week. It’ll Galway finishing with a few men down.

  38. Galway very poor no tackling or tight marking at all and awful shot selection but semi appearance first since 01 is real progress but without any of the style we were once known for. Dublin overwhelming favourites so zero pressure on Galway. Championship had Mayo there for years lads but they didnt make the breakthrough and win the bloody thing so I dont see how they are missed now as new teams emerge to challenge the Dubs. Its awful stuff to watch when you are mainly a hurling fan though suffering through it with the game crying out for rule changes. Turgid shite probably best describes senior football 2018.

  39. NiallMc1983…. Player’s are always sent off by the Referee.. Not by Galway… And this was the case today, Monaghan had two players sent off… As a Mayo fan, I have no beef with any Ref sending off Mayo player’s recently versus Galway, because the decisions of the Ref was 100% correct in those cases .. Galway were most definitely very poor today… Monaghan defence is very good, and they don’t need to have everybody behind the ball as Galway seem to need to be effective… From Galway and Kevin Walsh point of view… The glass is still half full… Better for Galway that they played their worst game of the year today… Next week a performance like this will see Galway annihilated… Absolutely delighted for Monaghan, well worth their 8 point win… I hope both get to play in the All Ireland final…But think 2018, it will be a step too far for the Galway footballers… Galway certainly missed Paul Conroy around the middle, and wz and with Galway having to chase the game , abandoned their sweeper and defensive system, looked a poor team when a few points behind… To be fair to Gareth Bradshaw he gave everything for the cause today, but it wasn’t anything like enough!….. All concentration on the Mayo U 20s Now!.. Mayo Abu!

  40. Back to U20 Final tomorrow. I’m sure Mike Solan will have these lads fully prepared to perform to the best of their abilities. It will be impossible for the Kildare manager to get it out of his young players heads that they have all the hard work done now by beating Dublin and Kerry. Our team is peppered with winners and I think they will have their opponents rattled in the heat of the battle tomorrow. Best of luck to our lads.

  41. Catcol – I’d say a lot will be in cusack as you cannot get kids or oap tickets for Hogan.

  42. I think it was in galways best interest that kerry would not be waiting in the final for them if they get that far, and yonights loss has to be seen in that context. Could be wrong but I think galway will be full throttle next weekend, and the dubs will get their fill of it. Remember, they’re not facing Dublin in a final, its a semi, this thing is set up nicely for galway.

  43. Best of luck to our Under 20 team tomorrow…hope they play with heart and pride. Kildare have been mighty impressive so far but you just never know. I don’t think any debate on this site has ever influenced the departure or arrival of a manager or selectors and I am bemused by the negativity towards SR. I think we do need to see him take charge of his team and put his mark on the team. I am very disappointed with Galway today and really expected more. It seems they were caught out by a very driven team who saw they had the beating of Kerry till they let it slip. There was nothing slipping from them today and they showed Galway up to be pretty one dimensional. All in all an interesting day…BUT my heart is with the Mayo team tomorrow. Am trying to orchestrate the trip to Croker for tomorrow but have no desire to see Dublin and Roscommon. Maigheo all the way!

  44. Why the hell are kids seats in Cusack? Furthest from train station. I want to be where there will be a lot of Mayo to make ourselves heard but I will have a 5 year old in tow so Hogan makes most since walking wise. Torn!
    Yes it was Carlsberg matches today. Hopefully tomorrow too!

  45. As much as I dislike Roscommon I think it’s unfair that they have to be humiliated for the third time in as many weeks. Feel sick thinking of it. I’ll be getting home as fast as I can after final. Pity they didn’t cancel it. What’s the point of it?! Also why does hurling replay have to be in the middle of U20 final?! Too much overlap of matches this summer.

  46. Best of luck to the Mayo team tomorrow. This looks like a formidable Kildare team. They were really good against firm favourites Kerry earlier. I got to view the game recently and I will have to say that I am most impressed. Our boys will have will have it all to do.

  47. Very best of luck to the U20 team tomorrow. A big ask but go for it. I see you are still threatening to boycott games Pk Seem to remember you giving out about team or management earlier on in the year as well. Presume your threatened non attendance at games should be the spur to make the Co Board take action. Hope you are heading off to Croker tomorrow to support a Mayo team not coached by Stephen. What about Galway this evening. Absolutely woeful. With all that talent and they scored only 8 points. That’s the second worst in the championship this year. Only Armagh scored lower v Fermanagh. I’d say if you were a Galway man Pk you’d be having serious reservations about turning up to support them. Can’t blame Fitzmaurice for stepping down.in Kerry. He would have taken dogs abuse over the winter. Whoever takes over will have serious talent at their disposal. No doubt Jack o Connor will fancy that gig now.

  48. For the record I believe that if we are to win a senior AI in the short term it will be with SR as manager. I do not see us win an AI in the short term without a sea change from the CoBo

  49. Sinead37, as a Mayo man living in Roscommon, and married to a Roscommon woman, I’d love to know why it is that you dislike them ??
    Couldn’t meet a nicer bunch of people imo.

  50. Because of their dogs abuse on social media and enjoyment of our woes. Btw two of my closest friends are from Roscommon and I agree they are lovely people. When it comes to gaa matches though, there is no love lost.
    Can kids actually go into Hogan if you have an adult ticket for them?

  51. Bestvof luck to Mayo tomorrow. Kildare look better but at underage you never know how players will cope with big day. Some of Mayo lads experience of similar big days might be significant. But overall they beat leitrim Roscommon and Derry and didnt set world on fire doing it so lets hope they put in a performance tomorrow and that 2 or 3 can step up to senior panel for next year…

  52. @Sinead, it depends on the person on duty at the stiles, most are ok and might wave you on, they dont see everything, I got my 11 year old son into the Nally for last years All Ireland final, he had no ticket, I was sure it was going to be Mayo’s day from then on. No doubt I didnt put it on social media as the two young guys from Westport did.
    The things we do for our county !.

  53. Best of luck to our lads tomorrow. It would brighten up what has been a dark season.

    As regards Steven Rochford detractors, there are 30 other counties who have not won the All Ireland the last 3 years. Steven has gotten us much closer than 30 other managers have gotten with their teams.

    Some people go on like we are expected or were hot favourites to win Sam in the past few years. The reality is we were brilliant in 2016 and 2017 and our manager and players have done us very proud.

    Let’s hope the.u20’s can take a leaf out of the seniors book and light up that final tomorrow. Hon Mayo.

  54. Chomping for Croke Park tomorrow. Finals in HQ are mighty days and regardless of the result we have 5/6 future seniors on this team. For what it’s worth I think we’ll win and Galways bubble has been well burst, no more talk of 98. Anyone who read Darragh O’Shea’s piece (regardless of who wrote it) during the week can only be delighted at their demise. He displayed an arrogance that would make a blue blooded, Eton educated Englishman blush.

  55. … I have to say some of ye have been unlucky in the ‘Galway or Roscommon people ye have met at match’s,.. I was a child the last time I missed a Mayo match with either county, or living outside of Ireland and by and large I just met the normal one’s… Of course there is always one or two, The very same could be said for the odd person in Mayo too, that I’d rather miss…I know some awful Anti Mayo Shite, is written on some Social Media, and its Not just confined to supposed supporter’s of both those counties… Those people who express negative sentiments like speak about are not worth thinking about, never mind responding too.. There you go, that’s just my experience … I’ll still be wishing Roscommon all the best versus Dublin, and Galway all the best when they play Dublin in the semifinals, even if both need more than my good wishes. In general they are no better or no worse than ourselves, same as with other counties..

  56. Ill pop in and wish Mayo best wishes tomo.. Galway very poor this eve, they just never got going, there minds were elsewhere, and these super 8s are not happening in my judgement. Monaghan were well deserved. However we are in a semi and surely should go for it next Sat.. However its croker tomo and hopefully another cracker..

  57. My bet is that you will be able to sit wherever the hell you want for the U20 final – provided nobody is sitting in the seat already. There will be lots and lots of choice of seats. The Dubs will not be in until after the U20 final is over and there will be damn all Rossies there – for either the U20 final or the senior game. This opinion is based on long years of going to Croker and never being ordered about re seating. But I have never tried to take a booked seat from its rightful holder – just moved to another unused seat.

  58. Hey Swahili – any word of yogurt or skelpie this evening?! It’s always a great day when kerry are knocked out of the championship for another year. Hopefully their media pundits in particular might discover the meaning of the word “Humility” over the winter.

  59. Best of luck today to the Mayo U20 team and management especially Claremorris lads Mathew Macken,Stephen McGreal and Conor Diskin.I think Diskin can do serious damage today in the big open space in Croke Park.He is a serious athlete and his power and pace will take some stopping.Mayo by 2

  60. Best of luck to the U20’s today. Win or lose I think some of these boys will play senior but a win certainly would put a shine on the year.

  61. On train to hueston. Packed in like sardines.
    All mayo supporters. Got to roscommon. A handful. Irish rail should have ex train onn.
    They underestimate Mayo support.
    Rossies will need mayo support today as they didn’t travel from the west
    Best of luck to the young lads. Would be magic.

  62. Thanks guys. I know when in there can move around. Got good seats in lower hogan 333 on tickets.ie last night. Much better than gaa website was throwing up last few days. Left until last minute because of a family wedding and people pulling out of going. I hope there is a big crowd. Getting excited now. Up Mayo!

  63. Have two tickets for Hogan Stand. Can’t go because of illness. Need an email address and I can forward them. Can then be downloaded to phone. Any takers?

  64. That’s wrong email address , if they are still going , correct email is.

    Shauny5118 @gmail com

  65. I’ve full faith in our lads to do the business today. By the time Kildare realise they have sleep walked into this game it will be too late for them. We have some serious footballers who will relish the wide spaces of Croke Park. Mayo by 7+

  66. That’s mighty bognan , got them. I’ll reply to email to arrange how I got a few quid to ya. Thanks

  67. Lets hope we can get the owl win today.

    Lets hope too that maybe 5 or 6 of them put their hands up and announce themselves on to the stage as future members of the senior team. Particularly in the owl forwards.

    What would we give for a couple of young reliable sharp shooters (with 2 feet) to be unearthed today in a big pressure game in a big pressure venue?

  68. Don’y worry about the few bob Sean. Just glad they are gone to a good home!
    Let’s hope the lads do it today. Revenge for Newbridge.

  69. Good luck to Solan and the boys. Acid test today. I expect it to go to the wire and maybe our bench will give us the edge. Two great teams promises to be a classic.

  70. Midfielder is needed as much as a forward and that crossmolina buck looks the part .

    I know some will say a win today for progression as a county unit is not the most important thing but it’s certainly better to become all Ireland champions . When we won minor in 13 , it really stood to that team at 21s three years later . It’s one vital cog that’s missing , we have to become winners and accept nothing else as victory .

  71. I wish the U/20s the best of luck and be the first team in the Country to win this competition and show that we don’t resort to blankets or the black arts that you will see in the Tyrone Donegal game. Mayo play football.
    I can’t say I am sorry for Galway’s defeat particularly after the stuff that was written on billboards in the Balla Breaffy area about our proud County Team prior to our match in McHale Park, that’s not sport, particularly the jibe about the famine.
    However I do wish their hurlers the best of luck today.
    I have a suggestion that will probably be lambasted in relation to the Senior team management and it is this.
    If Rochford remains to finish his contract I would suggest that Solan our U/20s manager would be a selector and retain his current post and advise on tactics and information on the upcoming players and hopefully we might see some of those getting a chance on the pitch and for a worthwhile period, not for a few minutes when the game is lost.
    This is where Dublin excel.
    I would envisage the U/20s manager would then progress to be Senior manager, Kerry have done this in the past, example Jack O Connor, and I wouldn’t bet against him returning post haste as Fitzmaurice is gone

  72. Best of luck to all today..Would be a well needed injection of positivity in our current climate to win today..Philor agree with your views about Solan but as for Kerry I think they need a new face at the helm..Jack O Connor has had his day but maybe Kerry heads would feel differently..

  73. Jeez its fairly naive defensively. Lucky to be only 4 down at HT. Huge imprrovement required to have any chance. Has abyone else noticed quite a few of our lads are struggling with basic solos. Twice weve coughed up vital possession due to poor solos. Maybe its nerves.

    Hopefully things can improve 2nd half cos so far kildare forwards are running riot.

  74. Really good game of football. Kildare probably should be more than 4 up. Their kickpassing and score taking is a joy to behold . Mayo’s change in kickout strategy came just in time . Still in it . Just . Their keeper gives me hope !

  75. Mayo still in it here in Croker, winning nothing at midfield, the two small wing backs not reading the breaks, Nathan Moran playing very deep, low ball to the full forward line needed in second half, Mayo can beat them with the running game.
    Great goal by centre half forward.

  76. 4 points down at half time isn’t bad considering.

    Problems are clear in the full back line.

    Thought Kildare should have had a black towards the end of the half. The touch on the ground was also cynical when the Mayo lad had open ground on front of him.

    Tighten up at the back. Put there shooters under more pressure and it’s there for us.

  77. Lots of sad Mayo faces here in the hogan and it’s only half time we’re wide open at the
    Back if there’s anyone left in Mayo light a few candles quick

  78. Mayo very lucky to be only 4 points behind at half time, feeding off scraps. Best hope for Mayo now is that Kildare tire 2nd half as they did most of the running in that half.

  79. Heres the result from the Mayo88 jury. Those are players that have the stuff for senior level.
    Number 6 best mayo player.
    Numbers 11 and 13.
    Maybe numbers 9 and 10.

  80. Kildare were the best team today but the mayo lads put up a good fight. Disgraceful behaviour by Jordan Flynn pushing the ref unfortunately.

  81. Yet another final lost at Croke Park, and one has to wonder what sort of a jink’s is on the wearers of the Green and Red in finals?

  82. You know what, we could have snatched that in the end. We were much better in 2nd half but missed a few goal chances. Not enough composure up front just a bit disjointed. Kildare were far more fluid in attack and deserved the win.

    Hopefully some of these lads can step up to senior but not many shone today. Horan at 6 probably our best today.

  83. Hard to argue with result and mayo battled to the end. Kildare top class. Definitely a platform for them but great experience for our lads. Let’s hope the reurn to their clubs to and continue to develop.

  84. Agree with the Mayo naivety in defense. Why we didn’t put cover in on that full back line when everyone knew that was kildares strongest line.
    Mayo forwards not physical enough and lacking pace. In saying that we were right in the game and had Egan scored we were only a couple of points in it.
    Think back to a lot of recent underage final wining teams. Meehan, Kavanagh, o Neil, Clifford, d. O Connor… add Hyland. Class players win finals on the biggest days.
    And yes Flynn was embarrassing and disgraceful to the Mayo Jersey. Hope he publicly apologies to his team mates, refereee and to the Mayo supporters.

  85. Hard luck u20’s. This campaign should stand to a lot of these players. Cathal Horan, O’Donoghue, Diskin, Colm Moran were who I though stood out as possible future seniors. Diskin before too long I would say.

  86. Hard luck on the red n green once again!!! Like are were pretty good…took some brilliant long range scores. Jordan Flynn completely lost it there towards the end. Not acceptable really when it representing your county. Hopefully he’ll learn from it….the hard way now I’d imagine with a hefty ban unfortunately

  87. Better team won, no question. That’s no jinx. Kick outs slow and poor. Mid field v poor. Flynn’s temperment suspect. He was boiling over for a while.

  88. Conor Diskin, Ryan O’Donoghue , Oisin McLaughlin and Conor Horan look like the 4 to get the call from Rochy for next year.Ross Egan is too much like Maurice Sheridan a great free taker but very quite from general play should have buried that chance that he got.
    Kildare deserved it the end had the better forwards up front and they where on top in Midfield for long periods.Diskin was my Man of the Match a real leader, would like to see him get a chance next year.

  89. @Mayomagic, agree with everything that you have said there… We can have no complaints… Still some very good young footballers for Mayo… O’Neil the Kildare goalkeeper he has a kickout to rival Rory Beggan of Monaghan.. Congratulations to Kildare, best team won on the day!

  90. Mayo did really well today, Kildare looked a much better team than the winning margin of 2 points.
    Kildare won 90 % of kickout into the midfield area, great battling from Mayo in the last quarter.

  91. 2nd best for most of the game and Kildare did tire 2nd half but it was a very brave effort by Mayo they died with their boots on

  92. Hard luck Mayo in fairness to Kildare they were the best team and deserved to win they had that bit of class up front that we always seem to lack. Stephen Rochford now has a mammoth rebuilding task on his hands I don’t envy him. Maybe Ross Egan will make the senior panel but other than that I don’t see a lot more positives. Best wishes to the Rossies I hope they can keep it tight I’ve no desire to see their team or supporters humiliated by a county with about 10 Times their population and resources.

  93. Kildare definitely the better team but we are not far behind but ultimately not good enough. Kildare made it look so easy. Couldn’t believe number 9! Think my mouth was hanging open. How long could he get? A year?

  94. Kildare deserving of their victory.

    People often say those in the stands don’t have a clue , yet everyone I met at ht was of the same opinion that we needed to put a sweeper in front of FB line .

    Cathal Horan had a fantastic second half , fair play to the lad , kilmovee can be proud .

    Take it easy on Flynn, it’s just a temperament issue , that can be channelled into a positive with the right training and guidance.

    There are a few decent players there , we need to be patient in this next phase of Mayo football.

    Pat Fallon and Kevin o Neill I’m hearing are been touted for the backroom.

    Maigheo Abu.

  95. Did well to get within 2 points
    Kildare much the better . Brilliant forwards

    Nobody from our team anywhere near ready to step up. People calling for these young lads to be blooded in the league next year are insane .

    It will be the same panel and MAYBE one or two more of the u21 team tahat won AI and maybe one or 2 Club players

    This is the reality and why Rochford and Horan before him stuck with the current panel

    Best of a generation and not easy to improve on or replace

  96. Hard Luck to the lads. A game they definitely could have won but for some poor shot selection and a great save from the Kildare goalkeeper.

    Red card was deserved. He had a point, but didn’t go about proving it, in the correct manner.

    Overall decent, but winning is a habit we could do with getting in to.

  97. Jesus Sinead relax

    He is a young boy who made a massive mistake in the heat of the moment

    If he is good enough he will play for mayo again
    He was good up till that point

  98. That was an embarassment to Mayo football.

    Poor discipline and no organisation. Disappointing day. Some players dropped the head very early. No point in soft praise. That is why we keep failing. The lack of character today makes me wonder will many of these guys match the lads that currently have senior jersies

  99. Possibly people should lay off Jordan Flynn, yes he done wrong ,a rush of blood to the head, but people questioning if he should play for Mayo are of no benefit to this site or Mayo football, young lad probably feels bad enough without this type of rubbish being written

  100. In all my years coming here to Croker, he have never been as un uninterested as the next game, the Dubs v Ros, a total dead duck, the Rossies should have conceded this game and not turned up, no doubt they will put up a small battle, all in vain.

  101. Flynn worn he heart on his sleeve, yes he made a mistake which he’ll pay for, probably a lengthy suspension for pushing the ref, but he was one of the better performers on the day. Diskin likewise, when given the ball looked unstoppable. We were bet in the first twenty minutes, very naive in the way the team was setup. We know all about that fullforwatd line especially Hyland, special player. Not going to go off on these young players but they will learn from this. Hopefully nobody will be calling for Solans head for being tactically unaware. Sometimes it is what it is, beaten by a better team. Masterson. Looked a class apart.

  102. Disappointing result. Agree that game was lost in opening quarter. Couldn’t believe how naive to try go man to man against a good quality forward line like that. A good few of these lads could make the step up in the coming years, however, its another crop of Mayo footballers trying to move forward with a final loss albatross hanging around their necks. Nothing changes….

  103. Disappointing. We were run ragged in the first 20 minutes and were lucky to be so close at half time. I felt the game was there to be won in the 2nd half when Kildare started missing chances but regrettably we didn’t capatilise. A few bad shot selections and the missed goal chance probably ended any hope we had.

    Not good to see Flynn do that. He’ll get a minimum of 6 months I’d say and can’t have any complaints. I don’t see any of them lads making a David Clifford style impact next year but in time I’m sure many of them will make good senior players.

  104. BETTER team won but Mayo’s lack of composure when given goal chances is the usual story. I expected alot more from this team – something particularly embarrassing about been beaten by Kildare, although it probably meant more to them than Mayo, as I cant recall Kildare winning anything of note.

  105. On today’s display apart from Flynn Diskin O Donoghue I don’t see the grit needed to mix it with senior players, we have to remember these boys are still growing/developing, yes there is some lovely footballers but they will need to bulk up before stepping up. Very disappointed with Brian o Malley, saw him badly burnt badly two games in a row, big man but mobility seems to be an issue, I’ve seen posters calling him out as a future Mayo Midfielder. Not so sure but I wouldn’t count him out as not having a future but I would have him and another big man Nathan Moran on the weights sooner rather than later.

  106. I feel bad sitting here watching the Rossies being humiliated, a flashback to the replay v Mayo last year, would be better if they didnt make the Super 8’s.
    The championship needs a B competition from next year.

  107. @mayo88. Never feel bad for the rossies. They were sticking the boot in as soon as we lost to Kildare. Every point theyre beaten by is a blessing

  108. Mayo 88..After the Super 8s experience Roscommon will know exactly what is required to play at the top.level..A defensive coach for a start..Please remember many of them would have delighted in our 1 pt losses to Dublin ..(speaking from.personal experience here) so my well of sympathy is dry..

  109. @ True, I wasn’t saying the lad shouldn’t play for Mayo again, I was just wondering and wondering what type of ban he will get. It happened at a time in the match when I thought we were doing alright. I got a shock at the time and thought that’s it now. He is young and no doubt will learn but I haven’t a clue. I don’t feel any animosity for him. I have dreamt of doing worse to a few refs.

  110. We were chasing that game from the start, and Kildare did enough to keep their noses in front all the time, and on occasion pulled away. Kildare definitely had the better forwards, in fairness some of them were pretty sharp. Kildare dominated mid field and had a super goal keeper who would Rory Beggan a run for his money in kicking out the ball.

    Can’t have any complaints really with the outcome I am afraid, we were bet by a better team.

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