Unchanged team named for replay


We’ve named our team for Monday’s rematch with the Rossies at Croke Park (throw-in 2pm). Here it is:

Mayo (All-Ireland Quarter-Final Replay v Roscommon, 7/8/2017): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Ger Cafferkey (Ballina Stephenites), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Colm Boyle (Davitts), Chris Barrett (Belmullet), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Lee Keegan (Westport), Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Jason Doherty (Burrishoole), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen).

So, at least on paper, it’s the same team that started in the drawn match last Sunday. Will we line out like this? Or will we stick to what’s now standard practice and make two changes ahead of throw-in?

What you lookin’ at me for? Didn’t I say to expect the unexpected? Up Mayo.

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  1. Best of luck to all involved, roll on the game!

    P.S. I like this quote about Alex Ferguson: He always said, ‘our approach is 75/25 -75% about us, 25% about the opposition. Because we are Man United.’ It was about always reinforcing how good we were, how strong we were. A lot of teams do the opposite, showing clips of the opposition and making them look so good that you think ‘wow, what are we up against here?

    So we are Mayo and should remember how good we are!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow’s games. Two goalkeeper s in Morgan and cluxton competing with Clarke for all star goalkeeper.
    Also interested in contribution of midfielder to overall team performance in both games.
    As for the mayo team what can you say no rest for tired legs no game time for fringe players ….
    As my friend from off all says it beats bannagher,
    But we are still a decent team and deserving of one more crack at the highest level

  3. I think Rochford might feel it would be a sign of weakness if he made changes to the starting 15 at this stage. One can only assume that players will have been made aware that their performances last week weren’t up to the standard expected of them and will be given another chance to prove what they can do. Rochford knows too that despite our poor start, had we taken half of the scoring chances we created in those last five or so minutes, we would be home and dry.

  4. Any takers on Loftus and Crowe being the two changes before throw in?? God only knows whether this is the starting line up or just more fake news!!

  5. Crowe wasn’t even in the panel the last day! Think there will be changes – I’d be astonished if that was one of them!

  6. Whatever about Loftus Crowe hasn’t been on anyone’s minds as a starter, he might get a run as a sub.

  7. excellent piece by Dr Ed Coughlan in today’s Examiner
    plenty of food for thought,even if depressingly true

  8. Does Rochford know that we are at a different place to Roscommon at this time and that we should be proving that on Monday. I hope at this stage the players know the starting fifteen even if the supporters have no idea. I think it’s wrong that a player is named officially on the program as a starter, even though the manager has no intention of starting him. Time for the GAA to outlaw this practice of naming bogus panels or fifteen in the case of Mayo. I’d does not endear us to neutrals either.

  9. I’m fully sure of a strong and confident Mayo display on Monday. Lee Keegan at 8 is very positive, had he ever been named at midfield for us? AOS will deliver and put an electric tag on Cillian that shocks him if he strays any further than our attacking 45 mt line. He stays up top and we’ll win.

    Now, roll on Monday

  10. Mayo McHale I didn’t see many players not playing to a high standard the last day. Aidan was less than his brilliant best and Seamie had an off day presumably from fatigue. Diarmaid didn’t feature much in attack but worked very hard. Kevin Mc was quiter than normal but still did plenty. I don’t see management giving out to players as they had played 100 mins the previous week and surprisingly given their league form Ros are quite a good team, probably better than all our other opposition this championship. I don’t think anyone can be faulted for effort, just need to play more on the front foot. Ros will be 3 or 4 points better next day if let play cause they left some behind the last day so we need to be 5 or 6 better. I think winners will a need 2-13 or 1-16 minimum.

  11. Please could we start and finish with Cillian at full forward and not at half back where Rochford has him spend most of his time. Brother Diarmuid is also used more and more as a half back. How can we expect to run up a healthy score line if all we really have up front is Andy? Let’s play the exciting brand of attacking play that James Horan bequeathed to the present management. Looking at today’s team reminds us vividly that the vast majority of the players were discovered under Horan’s watch. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking there has been any improvement since James left.

    That said I have no doubt we’ll win on Monday. Cilian, Diarmuid, and Andy will never miss so many points again. For (hoperully!) the semi-final, we must keep one eye on Kieran Donaghy at full forward for Kerry and ask ourselves honestly do we think our present No. 3 is up to that job?

  12. Can worry about Kerry and Kieran Donaghy if Mayo win. The Rossies will be a tough nut to crack, they are young,hungry,determined,fresh and most importantly well organized and well drilled and like Mayo they have plenty of room for improvement. don’t be surprised lads if it takes extra time to find a winner.

  13. When Rockford eventually packs it in it looks like there will be a huge number applying for job as so many here are critical of him and reckon they could pick a better team Since he took over I think we have played 14 championship game We have lost 3 in total only Galway and Dubs beat us Not a bad record really so maybe it’s time we cut the guy a bit of slack and gave him a small bit of credit

  14. Mcstay and Mchale know mayo.football inside out so we won’t be surprising them with tactics. Think we are in for a real tough battle. Will take a big big performance Monday. Ideally we would have a 4 or 5 point lead going in to the last 10 minutes. Definately wouldn’t fancy having to go into the last 10 minutes tied. Hopefully we will win the war and will have 12 or 13 days to recuperate. Anyway safe travelling to everyone, enjoy the match and isn’t it mighty to be a mayo fan. Good luck to the team and management and hope success smiles on us Monday.

  15. People are not watching how Cillian ends up half back is because he tracks running players often because there is no one else near the player making the run. He is bursting a gut for the team and I doubt Rochford is telling him to track back so far, it’s his own initiative. As for suggesting he doesn’t do it, that means letting an opposition player run up the pitch, completely daft in my opinion. If he didn’t track many of the same posters would be complaining about that too.
    John McHale also on about Diarmaid operating as a half back but the modern game has a lot of line breaking runs from half backs and midfield to track. Spillane says Tyrone won’t win AI because they have too many players back but they won 3 with a lot of forwards defending among them Dooher who also had the engine to go up and kick brilliant points but he was a really exceptional player. Diarmaid also has a huge engine but as far as I recall missed some league games and likely some winter spring training. Against Ros we had 45% possession in the 1st half (guessing 2nd we didn’t win possession wise either) which meant more defending than attacking. One key to beating them Monday is to up that percentage and then we’ll see what Diarmaid, Jason, Aido and others can do.

  16. Listened to today’s Podcast,… IMO, Billy Joe has it right, Mayo need to be different… Some different players to start, and some different tactics,.. … Kirby and Nally come to mind,.. Donal Vaughan is hardly new, but he is comparatively fresh and has a great mix of athletic ability and physicality, We are always better in Croke Park with Vaughan playing…. . I wouldn’t be against Evan Regan starting,… I think he has the nessary legs to take some of the legs off the Rossi young players,… I would seriously think about doing this,…Evan would not be starting in the position where Mayo desperately needed a point to save them…He certainly could prosper, under less pressure than Evan has usually been put under…. Cillian, Connor Louftus or Andy could then be brought on….with the athletic ability of the Rossi sufficiently drained!.
    Yes I did suggest Cillian MAYBE should not start,.. It’s all about performing, if you are not performing… Why are you there?….On last Sundays performance, Cillian, SOS and Cafferkey, positions have be pondered, possibly even AOS…. That’s the reality of last Sunday’s team performance, its also the reality of the Management selection of the first 15, in the first place and predictably of the seemingly pre planned and pre timed changes, Mayo have more alternatives than that on offer ,…. Mayo have now, no alternative but to be radical,…. I wouldn’t drop them all, but I certainly wouldn’t start them all either,… The Mayo support player’s need to know that if they are capable of being better than who’s playing, they need to be in with a very good chance of making the starting 15, next day out,… Otherwise you are taking the competitiveness out of the squad….. Let’s end this Paint by Numbers Mayo, it doesn’t suit us!


  17. Leantimes I can’t see how dropping our top scorer and main ball winner will improve our chances. They certainly weren’t at their best last week but they still made crucial contributions.

    Players of their calibre simply can’t be benched and preserved until needed. McStay would sacrifice a limb to see COC and AOS on the bench for Mayo.

  18. Wasn’t sure if I’d make it but it’s looking good… no cusack stand tickets on tickets.ie and I’m taking the kids again… don’t really like the Davin lower, got soaked there last week!! Does anyone think that Cusack tickets might come available again or will I just get the Davin??

  19. I’d simply wait Amc and the Cusack tickets will eventually be made available online.

  20. I think we need more mobility at midfield . So for me Vaughan is a definite start. But possibly moving home into the backs later on. Kirby is mobile and I would place him at centre half forward and keep switching with aos in midfield .
    Loftus to start with Andy coming on later.
    It would be too risky to start Loftus and Regan .
    Keegan and durcan need to be freed up to run .
    Parson has to start .

  21. The problem I would have with SR is the sheer conservatism of his selections. Quite simply not enough young or fringe players have been given a chance especially in the league. Players were on the panel but never given a proper run. Therefore it’s hard to know whether they were the required standard as they didn’t get the chance to prove themselves. There are two players whose form is well under par (and I’m not talking about Caff). Yet they will start next Monday for sure.

  22. Does anyone know of a place showing the game in Florence on Monday? Ifs gaa go otherwise.

  23. Lean times if you were to drop everyone based on their performance in their previous game there would be some turn over of players and 26 would be far too small a panel. Keegan would have been dropped for last sunday and James o Donaghue would be facing a stint on the bench for Kerry in AISF Come to think of it I cant remember many players from any county who turn in great performances every day they play. Its whats called being a mere mortal. Even Dublins Fenton got his fill of it v Kildare. . So even the suggestion that Cillian should not start is astonishing. By the way based on you logic what would be the rationale of starting Regan. No disrespect to him as I would really love to see him prosper, but surely on your logic he hardly deserves a starting place.

  24. wouldn’t start Diarmuid,Caff , or Andy after all the football he has played this past few weeks, A fresh Andy is vital if it came down to the wire, Kevin should be sweeping, we need to defend for the first 20 25 minutes bringing players back until the game developes,We must frustrate them early on and while they are playing over and back outside the 45 trying to break us down, we are not running up and down the field using up possibly limited energy,we have to be cute here, we can NOT allow to concede early goals again, and they will hit us with everything EARLY on,they wont let a 7 point lead Slip again.

  25. I say it in jest Rochfords Brigade ! Although I wish he would go wild for once and make a few fresh changes for the start !

  26. Lets defend offensively. Be up tight on the their Goalkeepers kick out ,put them on the back foot AND WE WILL WIN

  27. Cillian is key to this team and one of our hardest workers (too hard sometimes) and for as long as he is available for selection he will start. End of. There’s merit in the notion of ‘finishing with your best squad’ but aside from Dublin and Kerry who really has the kind of depth where they could drop the likes of Cillian, AOS etc? Not us.

    That being said, we’ve missed the opportunity thus far in the championship to bring on some of the more fringe players. Kirby, Regan, Nally, Newcombe all needed more game time in the white heat of championship to deepen their experience but this hasn’t happened. Instead we are now in a position where we are resorting to bringing on younger and more inexperienced players when games are in the melting pot in the 3rd and 4th quarters, and seasoned experienced players are beginning to tire. Numerous times we have needed Andy Moran to help us close out games but instead he’s sitting on the bench. It’s a very tricky balancing act between blooding younger players and not letting games get away from us but sooner or later we will have to bite the bullet.

    I would not leave Donie on the bench either, our defence was brittle the last day.

  28. @ Rock, If as you say ‘certain players can’t be benched’.. That mean’s certain players can’t be played, no point in being on the panel in that case….Is this the reason why Alan Freeman left the panel last February?, That also means that we have no chance if’ ‘certain players’ are red or black carded or injured,!… What complete rubbish….. Jim Gavin of Dublin didn’t blink an eye when Dean Rock was black carded early in the Leinster final, his replacement scored 5 from play, that’s what you call completion for place’s… Mayo in drawn All Ireland semifinal of 2014, managed to come back from a 5 point deficite, when Lee Keegan was red carded..Now Keegan is as close to irreplaceable as Mayo have ever had, but other players have to deliver in their absence… @To win just once… James O Donaghue, ended his game early, and finished on the bench, last Sunday! Quite rightly….He will be under pressure to get a start for the All Ireland semifinal as well, and even if he does, both James O Donaghue and everyone else on the Kerry team know for certain that they can be called ashore if their not performing..
    Quite a contrast with Mayo, ‘certain other players, other than Cillian, Cafferkey and AOS’ can be called ashore when they are performing very well, with the timed substations of the Mayo management… I doubt that any cake will ever burn in the oven with such impeccable timing, but it’s hardly the way to manage an intercounty gaa team… As for Evan Regan ‘deserving’ a starting position, no player ‘deserves’ a starting position, it’s a privilege and a wonderful opportunity to get a start for Mayo, and every player has to make the most of that opportunity, otherwise someone else, gets the opportunity to impress, sometimes you have to take a risk,… Young Regan has the leg’s required for Croke Park, that’s an area where Roscommon were superior to Mayo last Sunday … Maybe Connor Louftus might be a better option, but he didn’t set the world alight when he came on last Sunday either…… However, I think that has something to do with the consertative and predictable nature of the Mayo attack, we need more of a sense of adventure… I would be optimistic about the chances of Louftus, Kirby, Nally, Vaughan or Regan playing well if given their chance to impress on Monday, but I wouldn’t be very optimistic about the chances of the same named team again. Or the same formula!

  29. I’m sorry but no matter how bad SOS plays he’s always down to start the next day. He was terrible in 1st game and terrible against galway but still starts in midfield. If there is no competition for the jersey lads will get complacent. Ros have a mobile number 6 too so I’d maybe but Kevin Mc on him as he has the pace to track him. Leave cillian and Andy inside all day

  30. Is Boland injured? Can’t for the life of me understand why he is not getting game time. He has proven he can score from play and seemed to draw frees in very score able positions. He was almost the opposite to Aidan in that he got frees handy enough whereas Aidan would nearly need to be shot.

  31. Km79, where did you read ‘don’t start Cillian’? You certainly didn’t read it in any post I wrote… I wrote ‘MAYBE’ it certainly should be considered..Every player has to earn the right to start. If you read it all,?. Why do you miss quote me.

  32. Leantimes I think you’re reading far too much into this. Equating the dropping of key players to covering for red cards or injuries is not really the same thing.

    I simply don’t think benching COC is a realistic option, nor do I believe it would make any sense. He’s our captain, free taker and record scorer. He didn’t have his most productive outing last Sunday in terms of scores but he still worked as hard as ever and proclvided real leadership.

    I don’t believe his place is sacrosanct and no player deserves that kind of insulation from management. I suppose Rochford has provided some evidence of this with AOS having to prove his form and fitness in the matches against Sligo and Galway.

    I do agree with you that the some of the squad have suffered recently due to lack of playing time. I was very disappointed not to see the likes of Boland on Sunday but hopefully their time will come this season.

    Vaughan is a steady contributor from the start and the bench. Loftus is proving very efffective when introduced late also. I’d definitely like to see a Nally get a chance and Kirby may we’ll have something to offer too.

    It’s a real pity Freeman didn’t stay around as I think he’s still a fine player, but I would add that he had plenty of starts over the last few seasons and never really delivered on his obvious potential.

    One obvious issue that has hampered the introduction of some players has been that we’ve gone done to the wire so often this year. When Rochford ran the bench against Cork we imploded a little and this may result in the line being even more cautious now.

  33. Not starting Andy would be huge mistake .Yes Parsons if fit and case for Donie .Other changes can be made DURING the game.
    We will be too strong for Roscommon I hope but certainly mistakes must be cut down.Ref will be vital.Ros overboard with silly stuff which is a distraction.
    Would like to hear louder support from Mayo Sunday.

  34. @Leantimes
    I could not agree with you more. We should have a Mayo B Team that we can call upon when required. And don’t tell me we don’t have the talent. If young players are constantly sitting on the bench or panel with no sign of game time, it will not create any competition or fear of being replaced within the regulars on the team.

  35. I think it’s understandable that Stepehen Rochford might be a little unsure around the whole subs issue this year. His decision in the replay last year will probably follow him to the grave and I’ve no doubt he’s had many a night staring at the ceiling over it. This year hasn’t really gone much better with him being criticised for late substitutions in the Galway and Derry game, he did alright with Clare, then went early against Cork and it nearly proved fatal.
    I think it has made him a little overly cautious and conservative. As we saw last year with Dillon at full back and Barry as sweeper that he has the ability to think outside the box. Let us not forget that he is under enormous pressure in this game, a lot of which will be coming from behind the stand in McHale Park so as to spare them the answering of ackward questions if the worst happens (which I don’t believe will happen by the way).
    I just think people need to think of the reasoning behind a persons mindset in a highly, highly pressurised position and also to remember we know about 90% less than we think we know about what goes on in the camp.

  36. Rock,.. I agree with you, no player’s position is sacrosanct, but that too much include Cillian… He’s starting anyhow, I’m pretty certain of that… Mayo starting well is not a guarantee of victory, but it would be a big help… Every team plan’s to start well , the Rossi started both halves very well last Sunday …. I know we need primary possession to start well, Roscommon will look for the same thing,.. In the worst case scenario, which is what happened last Sunday, with Roscommon dominating possession early on, it is essential that we stop Roscommon starting well where it really counts, eg on the score board. If that means defending in debt for the first 10 minutes, so be. it,…. Mayo are the team with the experience, Roscommon needs a good start more than Mayo, if we can deny them that start, we are on the right road!

  37. You don’t think Cillian has earned the right to start ?
    Even “considering” not starting him Monday is mental .
    There is no rational argument for it. Zero.
    Maybe we should stick him in goals as his kickouts would be more accurate than Clarkes ? He will be well rested for second half then and we can bring him out the pitch 😉

  38. When the likes of Kirby Nally Regan Boland etc are not getting the call up does it suggest that their form in training is just bad? Well, it would need to be abs deplorable for them to be receiving as little time as they ve been having.Then again they are none of them FB or MF candidates….positions where pos our greatest problems lie. Having said that, which would line me up with mangt decisions somewhat, I can’t but think that Kirbys presence up around the front given proper service, would reap major benefits.I also agree with those who might say that Loftus hasn’t been used to his best pos potential….stick him in the corner! Likewise Regan when brought on cold ….into the corner with him and let him work his magic. It reminds me of days of yore when all over the field fellas were below par and for the last five mins you would have the corner back subbed and a corner forward as well….sharp thinkin!
    I can see down the road these players and others becoming mainstays of the team but for now it’s the tried(tired) and tested who are most likely to get the nods. It maybe the wise way to go but just look at the size of Kirby in that pic , rem Regans early promise and we’ve witnessed how Loftus can offer that special touch that we crave for.
    Anyway , it will be a memorable day on Mon up or down, and let us also rem that life will continue to present us with glorious challenges every morn we open our eyes.

  39. Km79, I’ll tell you, what is mental… Doing the same thing, time after time and expecting different results… ‘Insane’ as Roy Keane and Km79 might say…. Every possible option that Mayo have, has to be considered… But ‘you are going a bit too far there’ , Km79, suggesting putting Cillian in goals,… As Father Douglas said to Father Ted.

  40. Can the GAA move forward the game so we dont have to put up with silly talk like Cillian not starting. Its ridiculous to even suggest it. Cillian is by far Mayos top forward and indeed one of the Countries best forwards playing.if Bernard Brogan had close to Cillians scoring stats he would be lorded as the best ever player and the player of the year would be on his mantle for the past 5years. Mayo supporters are unbelievably fickle, one average game and a player should be dropped, the same player who saved us the week before, our captain and the leader on the field. For frees alone he needs to be there, who else is going to take them, KMc? No too inconsistant he misses one and the confidence drains from him, Regan? No, tried and tested and found not up to this standard of football, Loftus? Possibly but do we want to go into a qf with an untested free taker.

    While its not ideal to see Cillian operating near the defence, when pressing up on kickouts the opposition corner backs have to be marked and tracked, Andy cant do it and while operating a two man ff line (due to sweeper) its left to Cillian to do the heavy lifting. As I see it if we want to leave Cillian in at ff then Andy cant start, someone who is mobile and able to do the work needs to be alongside him.

  41. I’ve adapted that old Ireland song for Gary Breen….

    At number one……Cillian
    At number two……Cillian
    At number three…..Cillian
    At number four……..

    We need to get a grip chaps.

  42. God be with the days when one waited for the 5 past 11 Sports News to hear THE team. Such debate and excitement to see who was in/out
    Squad members nowadays know themselves what the real team is but I agree the naming of a team is a non event now for fans. Also can be poor form when bogus teams named. Family/Friends & Clubs have major pride in a player they know making the team so it ruins that tradition and pride too….
    Please too refrain from the ‘Mayo must be jadded etc’…surely games are lot more enjoyable/beneficial than training. The back door is beneficial as players need to be playing week in week out to keep sharp. The media are over playing the hard journey Mayo have had over the past years….Teams can feed into this.
    IMO in this teams tenure the only team that could beat Mayo…..was themselves(and in fairness on the big day it’s ourselves we have to blame for not taking home the cup!)

  43. Just to be clear I was joking about putting Cillian in goals.
    I mean it should go without saying I was joking but with some of the other suggestions being made people may think I was serious!

  44. @MayoMark… thanks but I’m looking for 2 kids ones as well and we’d need to be together!! We’ll get in somewhere..,

  45. @KM79
    You are over reacting. No one is suggesting that COC does not start on Monday. No one is suggesting that he is not a key player. What posters are saying is that no one is irreplaceable and everyone should be nervous about their position.

  46. Two great goalkeeper on view in today’s matches in Morgan and cluxton. I would love mayo Mark to do analysis of kickouts or maybe it’s possible to get stats on some website after game.

  47. Mayomad,.. Apart from Andy not being Captain, Andy saved us and led us in Limerick,and was our best forward last Sunday, and you want to drop Andy..??? . And now Mayo fan’s are ‘unbelievably fickle’… Surely that’s an outrageous exaggeration, Mayo fan’s are the most resilient fan’s that ever existed.. Your right tough (some, very few ) Mayo fan’s are unbelievably fickle…. The Rossies will love you for wanting to drop Andy,.. Andy doesn’t do average match’s..Cillian had one outstanding match thus year, and several average match’s , that’s a fact…. But don’t worry, he’s starting, I’m certain of that.

  48. Stand up, step away from the computer and walk outside. Breath in the fresh air and relax. We have reached peak silly season. For the record, I agree with Cillian in goals, the Rossie goals, picking the ball out of their net for the 3rd time.

  49. Leantimes, If you read my earlier post more carefully you would see that I was making the point that for Cillian to stay in the ff position and not track players back then Andy would have to make way for a more mobile player to do the heavy lifting beacuse he isnt able to do it. Someone has to do the hard work of closing down opposing defenders on short kickouts. Where in that post did I actually say drop Andy. I m actually happy enough for Cillian to do it as he does it very effectively and it suits Andy to remain close to goal.

  50. WJ, I can’t get that headline, expect the unexpected out of my head. I keep thinking does WJ know something that we don’t. SR pulled a few rabbits from the hat last year and hopefully has another up his slieve. Maybe was keeping it for kerry, but might have to use it sooner.

  51. @Mayomad, you said ,If Cillian is to remain in the FF position, Andy can’t start… That’s dropping Andy… You said that if Bernard Brogan scoring stats were close Cillian that ‘he would be lorded as the greatest player of all time etc’ Well as stated on the All Ireland replay, programme of October 1st 2016 .. BB has scored 21-188, compared to Cillian 17-175..Both very impressive… But with BB taking much less frees for, for years it was Cluxton, now it’s Dean Rock /Con O’Callaghan , & Diarmuid Connolly taking the penalties.. And we will know more at 6pm but BB is not listed to start for Dublin this evening…. Anyway Bernard Brogan is rightly appreciated as one of the greatest forward’s in this current era. By the way , on the same programme, it states that Andy has scored 6..72 hugely impressive as well, considering he almost never takes a free, for many years he wasn’t a first choice player and spent years in the half back line.

  52. Every man on the panel has the right to challenge the incumbent.
    Every man on the panel has the right to expect his manager to give him the chance to challenge.
    This is how teams evolve and get better & is the norm in the top counties.
    For 7 years now the same basic group have been taking us on a journey to a destination we have yet to reach and in recent times we are taking it to the absolute limit & trying to win our games in extra time.
    Our supposed ‘exhaustion’ may have more to do with our players feeling ‘safe’ in selection & substitution terms.
    None of us know if suggested alternatives are any better because we never get to see them in action.
    In football it has to be the best man for the task in the here and now … not the best man for the task in the past.
    No room for sentiment.
    As we head into Monday this is the way I see it.

  53. Brolly chirping on radio there..Seems to love the cut of Conor Loftus and would play DOC in midfield..The rest was just noise..

  54. In Rochfords defense, because championship games are coming thick and fast, he has very little opportunity for experimenting. No opportunities for challenge games etc. That is not to say he would experiment as he seems determined to give the old guard one more shot. And God knows they deserve that. I wonder had we been beating Derry handsomely, would we have seen Loftus at all.
    Right now it’s time to rally around the boys in green and red. They have battled harder than any other mayo in my history at least and deserve a 16th man to lift them once more.

  55. SOS didn’t start the Derry game Pk. I think seamus is better starting than coming off the bench. He doesn’t make the impact from the bench like parsons does. Remember the impact he made last week coming on and last year against Tyrone as a half time substitute for Dillon. Having said that I agree with you. I would play Parsons from the start for this game if he is fit.
    Even debating leaving COC on the bench is ridiculous. We dont have a squad like Dublins. You dont judge form on one game. His overall form is good.

  56. @mayomark, I’d take that ticket if still available. I’ll email you and sure if it’s gone or too messy to pay/meet etc you can let me know.

    We are off on hols today to Wexford and Cork. Thought I couldn’t go but my father in law sorted a lift with another fanatical Mayo woman and I got a free pass from my husband.

  57. So Gaa want a Super 8 competition next year even though 2 out of 3 quarter finals a joke (soon to be 3 out of 4 when Dubs win). So instead of watching 3 out of 4 hammer
    ings we will be expected to watch even more.

  58. Now I have nothing whatever against D Kirby but he he must be guaranteed an all star from some posters on hear,can we not thrust that management see him in training and feel he has a little to prove,from what I see not many management teams have come close to Dublin, but Mayo took them to a point over two games,do we think they might know a little more than we do

  59. Mayo will win on Monday if they play their natural game of quick passing and strong unpredictable running. Too focused on kick passing. Mix it up more. Play to own strengths. They are not over the hill. You would think from comments that they are hardly able to walk. Plenty of young mobile talent there. Play your own game.

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