Diarmuid back to face Tyrone

Mayo team v Westmeath

We’ve just named our team to play Tyrone. There’s one change from the team that started against Westmeath in the quarters last weekend and it’s a significant one – Diarmuid O’Connor is fit to start and he replaces Jason Doherty in the starting line-up. Here’s the team:

Mayo (All-Ireland SFC quarter-final v Tyrone, 6/8/2016): David Clarke (Ballina Stephenites); Brendan Harrison (Aghamore), Kevin Keane (Westport), Keith Higgins (Ballyhaunis); Lee Keegan (Westport), Colm Boyle (Davitts), Paddy Durcan (Castlebar Mitchels); Seamus O’Shea (Breaffy), Donal Vaughan (Ballinrobe); Kevin McLoughlin (Knockmore), Aidan O’Shea (Breaffy), Diarmuid O’Connor (Ballintubber); Evan Regan (Ballina Stephenites), Andy Moran (Ballaghaderreen), Cillian O’Connor (Ballintubber, captain).

Once more we’ve opted to keep details of the subs bench under wraps until the programme sellers get into action tomorrow.

Whether or not we field the team named is, of course, the great imponderable. I’ve heard all sorts of stories – as I’m sure you have too – over the last few days about personnel and formations we might deploy for this one. Lord forbid: we might even go with the fifteen we’ve named.

All will be revealed ahead of throw-in at HQ tomorrow. Best of luck to the lads, however they line out.

66 thoughts on “Diarmuid back to face Tyrone

  1. Thick that will be the team that starts to be honest.
    If I’m honest, Vaughan has been the one that has surprised me this year in his resurgence and when facing Tyrone, he’s probably perfectly suited in midfield for them. Whatever his flaws, mobility is not one of them.
    Onwards and upwards.

  2. Best of luck to the lads tomorrow and the management will be there with half of Mayo roaring them on. Whatever happens tomorrow they have given us some magnificent days out and have sacrificed a lot for us so good luck to them and hope they leave it all on the pitch

  3. That is fantastic news. Amazing how quickly Diarmuid has become our “mvp”. Them bucks spreading false teams all week should be horse whipped WJ….

  4. I dunno if Tom Parsons is fit we need him. Chris Barrett , Dillon, Barry Moran, Doherty, Hennelly, C o Shea , Coen, Freeman , I honestly cannot remember a stronger bench for mayo than we have now.All lads that have played in all ireland finals at senior level or won all ireland minor and u21 except for Conor but he certainly didn’t do his chances any harm the last day.He needs to be around the middle third.

  5. Lets hope he is fully recovered from the owl dead leg or whatever it was.

    Nearly everyone seems to be writing us off (except for the owl Bomber oddly enough) and that suits me down to the ground.

    Anyway. “Men needed now”. Simple as that.

    By the way does anybody know who ate all the cakes?

    We know it wasn’t Colm O’ Rourke, or Joe Brolly or Pat Spillane.

    Cant think of who else it might be.

  6. WJ I know I said I was off line until after the game but alas it’s getting to fever time now. Great news on DOC. Let’s get stuck into these lot. MAYO FOREVER

  7. Think parsons should start,worried that it’s the same midfield that didn’t catch a ball against Kildare,hopefully I’m wrong,up mayo

  8. Up Mayo as long as they put up a really good performance will be really happy great t see d o connor he having a great season.

  9. Lets get behind the team we are not going to make up the numbers we are going to win I love been under dog’s it will get the team up and going we will have what ever Donegal ones shouting for us to lets pay them back by getting behind them to word here in Donegal is Dublin going to be in for a shock again lets hope so bumped in to Michael Murphy yesterday it was his birthday 27 he was he said mayo will do the job we said we have a lot of quality players he is so down to earth he also very proud of his mayo roots

  10. That’s great to have Diarmuid back. Best of luck to all involved! It’s the first match all year that you’d feel really excited about. It’s probably the same way for that players too. Roll on the game!

  11. can and can not see us winning tomorrow , its not going to be easy that’s for sure ,with this team I can see it crumbling before our very eyes , here’s hoping that they do there best and that it will be enough in the end to prevail . heart says Mayo head says Tyrone . mmmm I’m going to go with my heart and follow our dream of Sam because that’s all it is a dream .

  12. Just hope Diarmuid is ok – if he is then he will start. If not, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see who’s slotted in. I would plump for Conor O’Shea who, by the looks of him the last day, is the man really in form. I would expect management will unroll something of a surprise. It’s now time; they’ve had the lads these last eight months and it’s time for Mayo to do to Tyrone what Donegal did to the high-flying Dubs. I have no fear of Tyrone; I’d much prefer meeting them at this stage than Donegal or Monaghan. And with a semi-final place against Tipp on the cards who’s to say this won’t be our year. We’ve waited a long, long time. In my case since 1955 when at my first semi-final in Croke Park I saw Dublin draw with us and then beat us by a point (Jimmy Curran was our only scorer then) in the replay.

  13. the fact that diarmuid has been named actually has me less optimistic about him starting ! really really hope I’m wrong and he does . I think if he does our bench will see us over the line by a few points

  14. We all know that Stephen and the squad will give their all tomorrow for the green and red . We have a big part to play too so let’s roar like never before, and when it comes to the final few minutes and into injury time remember that’s when they’ll need us most. So as the lads tire a bit let’s lift them over the line. Mayo now and forever! !!

  15. The Ted Webb cup final (u16 football) is live on YouTube on the Connacht GAA channel. HT Mayo 1-7 Galway 1-5

  16. This is what the official team announcement said anyway:

    Having beaten Westmeath in the final round of the qualifiers last Saturday at the same venue manager Stephen Rochford again names the same starting team. This means Diarmuid O’Connor who was a late withdraw last week due to injury is fit enough to start in place of Jason Doherty.

  17. Delighted to see Diarmud back. Cant make up my mind about us this year. Left Croker feeling fairly down last Saturday thinking is that it . But now I’m totally optimistic thinking we might be just about the cutest hoors that ever took to Croke Park since our friends in the south West.
    I hope it’s the latter but hard to believe Mayo Management /Team would have this in play since early in the year. If not the big gamble of last year will have back fired. If and it’s a big if we are about to pull off a big one here happy days. Otherwise they owe us nothing best of luck boys fortune favours the brave Hon

  18. No surprises with that team, although the fact Diarmuid is named has left me with a nagging doubt that he won’t actually start. Hope I’m wrong.

    The closer the game comes, the more confident I’m getting.
    Sure, we haven’t played well all year, but I just think the lads are ready to explode out of the traps tomorrow and give us a performance for the ages.
    If we play like we have up to this point, then we’re goosed. But I don’t think we will, there’s just too much quality in that squad of players. Watch them go tomorrow.

    Won’t be flying over for this one, so cheer them on for me. Safe travels everyone.
    Up Mayo.

  19. No time like now to start believing. Didn’t feel good either leaving last week but presently can’t help but be excited about tomorrow.
    Best of luck to the lads and management. Safe travelling to all.
    Come on Mayo!!!

  20. Best of luck to our great team tomorrow.
    They remind me of Rocky in the movie.
    Everytime they get knocked down they get back up again year after year.And it’s in that getting back up that the winning IS eventually. Tomorrow IS that winning day. Tomorrow is also the day they need us the most.So shout and roar for them with all our strength and belief.what an incredibly journey we’ve all been onn in the last 5 yrs together. Thanks to all. Tks WJ.

  21. Hon Mayo! Not sure it’s our year but feeling more and more convinced we’ll do it Saturday. DOC must be a starter or he wouldn’t be named. Over past 5+ years of Mayo at top table we’ve never had less than 1 top level performance in any championship. We’re due one tomorrow.

  22. Bestsince51…,grand thinking! And a lovely story John McHale…..wish we could have more of them!
    I’m afraid to express my thoughts at the moment cos I think they re some place between the hoping variety and the realistic!!! Our poorish form upto now + Tyrones impeccable;( ! )displays have me on a defeatist train of thought for a while or two but seriously then I can’t see our fellas letting the side down! Their experience of big days,the new and promising additions, the resurgence of a number of the older staff ( not a mystery…it happens) must count for something.If Tyrone win tomorrow , then fair dues for they ll have deserved their glorious moment! If our fellas are first over the line they can cherish a victory over a serious Red Hand outfit.
    Hup Hup Mayo!!

  23. Watching TG4 all 3 went for Tyrone this time tomorrow they will be eating there words I have no doubt mayo will win it won’t be easy but we will pull it off loving the under dog up MAYO

  24. I saw that TG4 panel with Sean Ban claiming all not well in the Mayo camp. This is the same man who went on radio Kerry after the 2004 final sucking up to Whishey Forgety and said Mayo will never win anything, Kerry are supreme and Galay are the only team who will ever bring Da, across the Shannon….lost all respect for his giddyness at our loss that day. Ram it down their throats boys…Up Mayo!

  25. Tomorrow is a new day, not even here yet. As for what I think who’ll win the Battle tommorow? Depends on what day you asked me during the week? The pendulum swinging this way and that. I certain that we are capable of doing it, 100% certain. I’m also very confident that Diarmuid is going to play. I’m worried about our ability to win enough primary possession in midfield, and to move it quickly enough. Don’t think Tom Parsons has enough football recently to be able to contribute too much to our cause. Worried about cover at full back,. Absolutely delighted with the way our forwards are playing, now with Andy Moran back pulling the strings for 50mins or there abouts!. Over the moon with Diarmuid, and happy Cillians progress. But as many of the poster’s here have said there’s always one big game in Mayo. So Mayo for a rare double in Croke Park tomorrow… It ain’t half hard to write this message on a smart phone with your fingers crossed!

  26. Interesting to see all 3 tg4 lads go with Tyrone. Can’t remember the last time I’ve actually seen Mayo so written off by media and indeed GAA fans across the country alike. Cork 2011? Which we went on to win!!

    In fairness, based on actual form and hard cold analysis Tyrone are deserving favourites no doubt about it.

    Good piece on Off the Ball last night with Horan and Dick Clerkin. Clerkin very much in the “Tyrone have beaten no-one” camp and both really talked up our chances. Have to agree with them when they say Tyrone are simply being touted as the real challenge to Dublin as both ourselves and kerry relinquished the metaphorical title already this year!!

    It’s a fascinating game. My opinion sways by the minute. I can quite conceivably see us blowing them away or them doing to us what we did to Donegal in 2013 though not to the same extent (Tyrone remind me a bit of ourselves that year in terms of hunger and will to win). Frankly, no outcome would surprise me. That’s what makes it so fascinating

    Backing the draw might be the easiest thing altogether 😀

  27. Mayo need to start well tomorrow. Tyrone will pack defense early so we need to take points from long range . So keegan Diarmuid Cillian Andy need to be on song. I would actually start Dillion for his long range pointing ability. Tyrone would have to open up a bit if they fall a few scores behind and give mayo opportunity for running game. A full 77 minute performance is required if we are to prevail. Sadly I don’t think we are going to deliver as we have seen nothing to suggest otherwise. While Tyrone have the belief form and spirit to do it. As I know nothing about football hopefully I’m totally wrong!

  28. Wouldn’t mind starting Dillon either myself

    famous last words I hope (!), but I’d have reservations about Regan against that defence. Think he’ll be too easy crowded out- he’s raw at Business-end Championship level. Tyrone have arguably the best FB line in the country

    Dillon would certainly give them something to think about. A “wildcard” move of some sort wouldn’t surprise me. I think we’ll see AOS start full aswell

  29. I wonder does the team know how much we have been written off because if that didn’t fire them up nothing will I feel this is when everyone will see the real mayo please god I hope I am right

  30. Have 2 tickets for the Nally stand face value . Anyone interested cal or text me at

  31. Sean Ban is TG4s answer to brolly, a clown who is well able to insult other counties. No doubt he must be proud of his own gang after last sunday. The team named is utterly irrelevant and as some previous posters said Id be more confident of Diarmaid starting if he was not named, I really hopes he starts but only if he is fit. I also hope Jason starts and I would include him ahead of Evan on this occasion. No criticism of Regan, but this is a day for maturity and experience especially in the first 50 minutes. We know what tyrone can dish out, both verbal and physical and you can bet your life they will target a new guy like Evan for special attention. Even that young corner back from galway was at Regan throughout the game. So I would introduce him when game opens up. No doubt they will have special plans for DOC also so Diarmaid needs to be fully fit or theres no point starting him. Mind games about selection of team wont bother the wily Micky H What will beat tyrone is if 12 plus of our lads play at the top of their game and we take it to tyrone from the word go, mix it up as much as possible and keep them guessing and under pressure. Anything less and its good bye. Go for it. Up Mayo

  32. Really looking forward to both games tomorrow, I just hope Mayo do it as I do not like what Tyrone and Donegal bring to the table or should I say the pitch, God imagine a final with those two spewing out their versions of our great game onto the grass in Croker,,,

    With Dublin and Donegal my head should say please let Donegal win but my fear would be that they would beat us and I just do not want either Donegal or Tyrone to lift Sam as it think it would be absolutely detrimental to the way the game is played and perceived by others as a result of negativity being the necessary ingredient for victory. This is a great game and they are like creatures after being beached on an island with no natural predator to balance the Eco system, to compete with them you have to play as they play and this is a disaster for the skills we teach and try to embue in the underage teams to encourage individualism. I don’t like losing but let the cup rest in the capital or Castlebar, I would rest easy and that’s the truth. I have always said flair and natural skill should be celebrated and not extinguished by people hatching plans to inflict their manifestation of the game on us and all Clubs should they achieve.
    I think the dubs will have too much for them but regardless I hope it isn’t a draw as Kerry have had no test thus far and two hard games by either team would surely sink us in the semi final.

    I like the team Rochford has picked, the forward line has experience skill and guile. Tyrone will test the resolve of any forward and they are certainly going to target young Regan with vile verbal abuse, pinches, stamping and what ever they include in the “system they play”. He has height and stamina in midfield and with Higgins being a loose variable in regard to defence to attack his speed will trouble the Tyrone counter attack and defence.

    When Tyrone run at you they are like a pack of hyenas chasing wounded pray and boy are they relentless. If Higgins is running with them his natural defensive instincts will be a huge plus for Mayo and will probably break a few of their attacks down. Vaughan is a strong man and he has a great engine so I hope he spills his guts for the time he will stay on the field, I would imagine he will be replaced tactically as his position will demand absolute body and soul.

    Mayo have a flagrant disregard for the Tyrone system, it has delighted me on so many occasions over the years when I have seen ye tear them limb from limb with pure football, unfortunately we have almost always struggled with the system that they are so loyal to. Ciarán McDonald’s display in ’06 or ’07 was a master class, he was like a Football God, a golden quarterback spraying accurate ball to his team mates beyond the military style defensive positions, I was cheering every brilliant pass as this really was football beating the “system” he really was a wonderful player. I watched his second captains interview two years ago and his unassuming nature was clearly an accurate reflection of his general character and gentlemanly personality, a great loss to the game and to Mayo.

    For some reason we can’t deal with them when we met them last year in the semi final I think they would have beaten Kerry were it not for their keeper pinging several balls into Kerry players chests and those balls were converted into scores, we were lucky. Mayo do not fear them and Micky Harte we’ll have been shaking the christal ball hoping that Mayo would stagger and fall on the way to this game.

    So far Mayo have been winning playing badly and where I come from that means that we have the mix. Against EM ye turned it on and the sound of that V8 absolutely tortured them, then there was an obvious collective acknowledgment that the hay was saved. In the second half they came at ye and the inability to restart the engine turned into panic as all watching hoped the momentum built up would be enough to get the this powerful car across the line before ye were passed. West Meath in truth are not in your league, they are dangerous but simply not at the required level.

    I was talking to my second lad yesterday as I dropped him to his summer job, he asked me who would win and I said Mayo Will Winn as they are a great team and Tyrone have been measured against Division two teams and their is a serious step up to division one. Tomorrow they are going to plop into the mixer of the cream of division one and coupled with the Mayo players lack of fear for them I think ye will win. Tyrone despite my dislike for their system have some fine footballers and are not quiet in the Donegal side of the swamp of negativity. They are dangerous and once ye target their play makers ye will restrict them considerably. Just imagine the scenario,, if the opposition tomorrow demanded that Mayo play at their heighest possible tempo for the entire game?? what would they would produce,, Oooh wait !! that’s exactly what’s going to happen at HQ tomorrow.

    Good luck, win tomorrow and the Foxford three might dine at the medal ceremony..

  33. Regan needs to play for left footed frees, end of story. We just take our chances on whether he performs or not. That means no place for Dillon to start. J Doc is next in line if Diarmaid can’t take the field. Dillon could be replacement for him though Conor OS has made a big statement. Dillon could also be replacement for Andy. Would like to see 3 or 4 of our subs on the pitch by 60th minute though temperature forecast downgraded to 23 degrees now but that’s still pretty warm. Looks like Barrett trusted ahead of Hall and Coen in backs.

  34. Am I the only one in town that thinks Barry Moran should be in mid field after he played when coming on last week???

  35. Mayo to win by 5,
    Not as hard as game as we expect
    prob one of our strongest teams out in years!
    Actually make it 6..

  36. I think we will win tomorrow all going well. We need to start well, show little respect, get ahead and I think Tyrone will get very concerned. They have a fear of us, like us of Kerry. My only concern is in the full back line where we have looked very dodgy on occasions so far this year. Hon Mayo

  37. I really hope Diarmuid is fit tomorrow. Would the management name him to start if they know he can’t play? Surely that would be crazy as you automatically lose an option on the bench.

    I’m happy enough with the team overall. Parsons and Barrett haven’t played enough recently to be considered from the start. I also don’t think Barry is the best option from the start. What happens if he ends up tracking Mattie Donnelly’s runs up and down Croke Park from the start? He’d be knackered by half time.

    I hope we push up on the kickouts from the start, Cillian and Regan are excellent at this. Niall Morgan is not Cluxton so he will make mistakes if they try and go short.

    Anyway, safe travelling guys. Maigh Eo Abú!

  38. just gone midnight a I can feel it, sense it ,touch it,well I just know mayo
    will win tomorrow.

    no doubts-maybe Im crazy but honestly I think we win.

    we will come out in top.

  39. Very cliche-ridden post Gamechanger10. Tyrone won the two best All-Ireland finals in recent memory and in fairness haven’t really been accused of cynicism at all this season. Your own county would be more cynical than Tyrone this past while to be honest. Very factually inaccurate post as well but it’s late so I won’t bother going into that.

  40. Best of luck to Mayo tomorrow, i can see Mayo win this one by a few scores
    Mayo 2 14
    tyrone 1 12

    anyway, i just looked at the Mayonews website and football or sport is not everything, just enjoy the game and dont get too down or upset if it doesnt go our way.
    Up Mayo

  41. Best of luck to both Mayo teams tomorrow. It’s a while since I missed one in Croker but I don’t think my absence will influence the outcome 😉 Either way, Up Mayo!!

  42. I was talking to a few Tyrone men last week at a party in Yorkshire. They are not fond of playing us at the business end. Conversely mayo have no fear of the Tyrone shirt. If mayo play to their abilities mayo will win. Simple as that. I have backed mayo by 4 points. I firmly believe that this game is the turning point for this team.

  43. I just don’t know how it’ll go, I was pissed off leaving croker the last day, as I felt they seemed to not care. The body language appeared all wrong, and it felt as though they just want to be put out of their misery. I did’nt see any hunger, no bite. I would’nt be the greatest poker player so hopefully I have read them all wrong.

    With regards Tyrone I dont fear them at all, If we play to 80% of our potential we’ll beat them. If we have no hunger we are goneski, simple as that. If the players “fancy it” (as eamon dunphy would say) and lay down a couple of massive hits in the first few minutes, then we’re on to a winner imo. All depends on our attitude.

    Best of luck to them, the championship starts now.

  44. Boarding pass and passport in arse pocket. Ready for the off. Croker here i come. Nothing like the championship .to make the blood flow and get the ticker humming.
    Hon the boys Red and Green

  45. Gamechanger,
    Enjoyed your post as ever, this one has me laughing inside though as i think there’s a fair bit of cute hoorism in there. You’re buttering us up nicely and obviously you would prefer to meet us in a september showdown as ye have (or hopefully ‘had’ the hex over us for years). Not a mention from yourself of your Kingdom and a final or ambitions of such.
    Please don’t take this as a personal attack, always enjoy your posts and admire your love of good football and your excellent knowledge of the game and I know you genuinely will be supporting us today, be it against Tyrone or not.
    Really think we ‘held back’ against Kildare and Westmeath once we had the game in the bag and that we could have upped the ante if required. Going for a landslide would have done us more harm than good, wasting energy and putting us in the spotlight.
    We should have enough today to better Tyrone and I’m confident we will by at least 6.
    MaighEo Abu

  46. I have to say that the mood up in Tyrone is one of genuine confidence. They believe that they will win. The one thing that comes up in the banter again and again is, where will Mayo play AOS? The Tyrone ones do not want to see him playing at full forward. That worries them. Canavan also said on Sky, “I hope that I don’t see O’Shea near the square next week”. I believe that by starting AOS at full forward will send a clear message to Tyrone that We Mean Business. I’d love to see Aidan and Cilliian and Evan up front. I’ts difficult to gauge where we are this year but we’re still there all the same and that will do for now. Tyrone don’t share the concerns unlike some of the posters here about playing their youth and their starting team will have a lot of their u 21 lads on It .We all know what Mayo are capable of and now is the time. Let’s Go…

  47. Car packed ready for the big smoke come on the green and red army all the way I woke up more confident then yesterday morning about us getting the win I can tell you not many green and red army flags here in Donegal but the Donegal want nothing more than mayo to win its been some crack all week Tyrone ones just think all they have to do is turn up and on to the next round safe journey to all going from were ever u may live because you will never take the mayo out of us

  48. Give a bit of grass to cattle then I’m ready for road. I would take no heed of canavan expressing concerns bout Aiden position. They are cute too. They have been down this road before. The bottom line fore is have our lads the want and hunger. It seems lacking this year do far. That needs to change of its equal who we play where. Tyrone won’t be short of it. Will we end their long unbeaten run?

  49. Ya sure, stick Aidan at full forward…. Oh no its 6’2″ Colm Cavanagh…. Oh my God 6’3″ Joe McMahon… How has this happened? why me, why me! as Linda Martin sang so powerfully.
    To be serious I’d leave the square empty against Tyrone. Have Aidan coming onto ball at pace. Have him gathering ball on the wing.

  50. It’s game day and can’t wait to get on the road. Definitely think Regan should start.. only seen glimpses of this during the season but Regan has a great set of hands and boy can he get off the ground.. with a smaller than average full back line I would fancy him to pluck a few from over their heads in the danger position. If we are to win today we need goals and the more the merrier. C’mon to f#$k now lads.. lets get stuck in and knock a few holes in these northern walls. Maigheo abu

  51. Getting ready to head to Croker.Its raining quite heavy here in Roscommon at the moment.Good luck to both teams today.

  52. Looking for two tickets for genuine supporter. 0894155894 , contact me asap if ya can do anything .

  53. Safe travelling to all and the very best of luck to both Mayo teams and managements. This game is so important we’ve even brought training forward to earlier this morning!!
    Believe and have faith. There’s a kick in us yet, no doubt. We’ll get through, just. Pundits and media know f##k all about us and they’re sick of backing us at this stage. We don’t need them and shouldn’t care about what they think of us. F##k ’em. We’ve 77minutes of football to prove to everyone that we’re far from finished. Just go and do it.
    Mayo by 2 points.
    Hon Mayo.

  54. I think today’s match could turn into a niggly, spoiling and maybe even nasty affair. I hope Mayo have learned something from the 2013 final v Dublin and the semi final replay v Kerry in 2014, when we lost, not because the opposition played better football, but because they were prepared to use the dark arts to get them over the line, and we weren’t.

    As already mentioned several times, we can’t afford to try to barge through because Tyrone are masters of tackling in packs, so going into tackles will result in turnovers, quick counter attacks and cheaply given away scores. I’m not sure about our long range point scoring ability so I think players running off the shoulder, receiving well timed passes is the way to unlock their blanket defence.

    Last point, Tyrone have coped with Donaghy better than any team in Ireland so I think putting Aidan on the edge of the square will be a total waste unless he tries to break the ball or lay it off immediately when he catches it.

    Safe travelling to all and good luck to Mayo.

  55. If Tyrone have too many U21s out on pitch it’s a bit risky for them. None if ours are on starting 15 because the gap to senior is big and the battle hardened lads have huge ammount of S&C under their belts. However we have blooded several and they are waiting in the wings. I would be hoping Mayo win any battles against their younger lads. Remember 2013 final when Kevin Mc destroyed Jack McCaffrey who was replaced at half time. Difficult to expose Tyrone individual weaknesses because of their team system. One way is beat them at their own game, beak at high speed counterattacking or from our kickouts. Don’t do what Monaghan did last year kicking high ball into unsupported McManus who was being marked by 2 men. If they put 2 on our FF then use our running game making sure to offload quickly. Counteract their tactics.

  56. Thus is D-day for Rochford and the team. All their work has been aiming at today. No problem with motivation. Give 100% for 70+ which I believe the players will do. Croke Park with big crowd in August is where we want to be.
    I believe we will see a big performance from Mayo and it depends if Tyrone are as good as people think. I suspect they’re close but not quite world beaters. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw. Expect a really full blooded championship game with some great scores though would be surprised if teams exceed 10 points in first half. Tear into them from the off.

  57. Am just outside Amsterdam and in the flight path for schibhol…. nonstop flight after flight in from the west all morning.Im imagining the planes packed with Greens and Reds for the big game in the park!
    Out of breath nearly after Gamechanger! I admire your main gist G and cherish the prospect of a KxM joust as I always do.
    Best of luck to all today and regardless of who wins I hope our game and all that it can be comes up trumps!
    Mayo by 1,3 or five!!!!! Hup Hup!

  58. Am in a massive queue at Comic Con in Dublin, myself and young lad wearing match jerseys, plenty of other green & reds here too !!! Hon Mayo!!

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