Up Mayo!

Okay – all the preparation has been done, we’ve had all the previews and some of us even had some pre-match pints last night. Later on today we have once more the privilege of seeing our county in action in a national final at Croke Park and from what I’m hearing there could be a decent enough Mayo following at HQ this afternoon.

Will we win it? We just might do that, you know, but then again there’s every chance we won’t. As that old Irish saying goes, however, you can’t avoid the risk of getting your arse kicked if you reach for the stars (or words to that effect). To our credit, we keep coming back shooting for glory and today we’re back again to take another pot.

Today’s NFL decider represents a great opportunity for James and his charges to demonstrate that we’re headed in the right direction for the summer. We can be sure that the lads will give their all on the pitch and we need to do all we can from the stands to let them know that we’re right behind them. Best of luck today, lads.

11 thoughts on “Up Mayo!

  1. Hard luck mayo. A courageous display but too many simple errors, and not a sign of an attempt at goal. It will be a good summer but ultimately we need to be getting goals to do damage.

  2. Very disappointing. Let cork off the hook. No inside line. Badly needed o sheas. Thought cork bullied us a bit. Last 5 mins not good enough. Cork support pathetic as usual. Lads looked tired. Question the value of training camps before a final.

  3. We were slightly flattered in the first half as they had more wides.I agree our two corner forwards again were poor as is always the case when we take on the big boys. We also pumped in too many high balls to them which incidently would never be caught .When we built up from the half backline we forced frees and got the decent lead.
    Horan should have gone more defencive for the first ten minutes of the second half to counteract and expected Cork onslaught.The second goal would not have happened if the referee gave Lee Keegan a cast iron free and we were then exposed at the back due to he and other backs being so far forward with the Mayo attack.
    Playing Andy at full forward would be more beneficial with Pat Harte centreforward.
    More Power ,power is what we need not dandy footballers.

  4. put pat harte at full back ger cafferky at midfield bring back danny kirby and let andy moran o what he does best roam around the full foward line could be any worse than yesterday

  5. Like the curate’s egg, good in spots. Still a hell of an improvement on our last final there.
    We still have a few key improvements to make, principally in the full forward line where we need a ball winner. We made poor use of a lot of the possession we did get there – Conroy’s very poor rushed shot when he had time and space in particular – with the ball we did get.If we had the O’Shea’s fit I would still opt for Barry Moran at 14 where he has been successful in the past. Also I would like to see Danny Kirby get a run there. Is he still on the panel – he hasn’t been seen since the FBD.
    While Keith Higgins’ point coming from defence was one of the highlights of the game and he did a lot of good defensive work he was too slack in his marking and one could see trouble coming from Colm O’Neill from early on. Otherwise the defence was excellent as was the half forward line. Despite being up against two men mountains midfield did reasonably well and scrapped hard.
    Some fine day we will find those crucial calls – Lee Keegan’s should have been free – going our way. I hope I’m still alive to see it.
    Why can a player who tries to pull an injured player off the ground have no action taken against him? Nothing can be expected to cause trouble more than such thuggery. It’s nothing new for Noel O’Leary and I’m told he gets some criticism from players around the country on Twitter et al. Will CCCC act on it? My guess is that Cork have an invisible sheild to protect them from any such action.

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