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December’s only starting, it hasn’t got much above freezing in these parts since sometime last week, Santie still hasn’t got his shit sorted for later this month and the FBD isn’t set to get going till the beginning of the New Year.  What’s a bored GAA blogger to do?  There’s only so many football-related books a man can be expected to read (while also trying to wade through those tomes written by the President-elect of the US) so some fresh diversion is needed, I think.

With this in mind and taking my cue from that ridiculous Irish Times market research question the other week – yes, you do remember it, it was the one about whether or not voters thought our neighbour here in D9 (that’s Richard Bruton to you lot) would make a better alternative Taoiseach than our Inda – and with thanks to Liam for suggesting that I do this and to TJ for helping to make it happen, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the inaugural Green and Red Readers’ Poll.

An issue which has, no doubt, been exercising many Mayo fans over the past week is the new geansaí so if you cast your eyes over to the sidebar on the right of the site, you’ll see that this is your chance to express your view on it (only the once, mind, this is a reputable house). I’ve decided to make the choice a binary one, which means that there’s no fence-sitting option. And no bullshit what-if questions about our Inda either.  And so, without further ado, I hereby declare this online polling booth open.

2 thoughts on “Up the poll!

  1. are we allowed within 100 yards of the polling booth WJ????

    I made the journey down home from dubalin to cast my ballot some years ago and you gotta love local politics…2 of my neighbours were parked outside where I vote in a fairly rural part of the county…as I got out of the car, I was greeted with a nod and a wink from them….”you’ll sort us out wont you”!!!

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