Upcoming challenge games

This is just a quick one to give some (incomplete) information on upcoming challenge games.  There’s a match this Friday evening against Donegal up in Donegal somewhere, which will be under lights. I don’t have a venue or a throw-in time for that one yet but I should have this information at some stage beforehand and, once I get it, I’ll post it here.

There’s also a match against Cavan in Belmullet on Saturday, May 15th.  This is an afternoon fixture (at least I’m nearly sure it is) but I don’t have a throw-in time for this one either.

There are, apparently, also two other challenges scheduled for the period between now and the Sligo game but I’ve no further details on either of these two as yet.

That’s about it, I’m afraid, on that one.

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  1. No trip to Portugal according to Midwest. GAA rules about travelling before championship.

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