Update on Cillian’s injury

I’ve done some enquiring today about the situation regarding Cillian’s injury and having spoken with well-placed sources it’s clear that the injury is a serious one and it will definitely rule him out of the Roscommon match in three weeks time. He’s due to be assessed this coming week to see if surgery is an immediate requirement and if it is (which it may or may not be, this will depend on the assessment) that’s likely to be it for this year for the two-times Young Footballer of the Year.

If surgery isn’t required immediately, I’m told that an operation will be needed in any case later in the year so a number of months post-surgery recuperation will be on the cards at some point, either straight away or later in the year. Even if an operation doesn’t have to be undertaken now,┬áit’s still very likely that the injury will rule Cillian out for some time, which means that at the very least we shouldn’t be under any illusions that he’ll be back anytime soon. Depressing news, I know, but that’s the way it is.

The County Board have tonight confirmed the position regarding Cillian with this statement, which reads in full as follows:

On Saturday 25th May while on club championship duty for Ballintubber, Cillian O’Connor suffered what can be described as quite a significent shoulder injury. The injury sustained was to the same shoulder as Cillian previously hurt last October. While the initial diagnosis is that Cillian has suffered a dislocated shoulder to a similar injury suffered last year, more assessment is needed. Cillian will undergo a further scan next Thursday and will meet with the specialists then to determine the extent of the injury and the treatment required. Cillian will continue to work with the excellent medical team who will no doubt have Cillian back playing for Mayo as soon as he is physically able to. In the meantime we wish Cillian all the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him again very soon in the Green & Red of Mayo.

The above statement is fairly carefully worded, laying plenty of stress on the need for further assessment and the decisions that’ll need to be taken later in the week about the medical treatment that will be required. However, the description of the injury as “significant” mirrors the language used by the Board in their official statement last August when Andy Moran did his cruciate and the bit about having Cillian back playing “as soon as he is physically able to” is, I think, a bit of a giveaway too. In other words, nobody should be getting their hopes up about an early return to the fray for the talented Ballintubber man.

From James Horan’s vantage point, the only thing that matters right now is that Cillian won’t, like Michael Conroy and maybe a few others as well, be available for selection to face Roscommon on June 16th. It’s this match and who’ll be available for selection for us that we need to keep focused on, not least because, after today’s shock result in Ruislip, the Rossies – who, from what I’m hearing, will be a hell of a lot better drilled this year than they were twelve months ago (not difficult, I know) – will know that if they manage to upset the applecart on us, a handy Connacht title awaits for them.

As a result, loose talk about who might or might not be available for us in August or September is, I reckon, best avoided right now. Instead, we need to concentrate our thoughts on the resources still available to us to face the Sheepstealers three weeks from now. As ever in the Championship, it’s a case of one match at a time.

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  1. Never a truer word spoken. The main thing is for young O Connor to recover properly and be given the time and space to do so.

  2. The problem with shoulder dislocations is that with every recurrence it becomes more likely that the shoulder will pop out again. Surgery is generally a good option if the shoulder regularly pops out and needs to be stabilised.

    In my experience, it’s unlikely Cillian will require immediate surgery unless he has a fracture or some unusual complication (eg nerve impingement). He’s prob looking at 3 months-ish of rehab from here if no immediate surgery required.

    This could be fast-tracked a little if he will definitely require surgery in the off season although would be a balancing act between the level of stability at the shoulder and the speed with which he would like to return.

    I have no more information on Cillian’s injury than anyone else and every injury is unique, I’m just offering some general info on what is common in these type of injuries.

  3. thanks for the update WJ! Depressing news indeed ….can only imagine how Cillian himself is feeling. In my own mind I have given up on all hope of seeing him in action this summer. its impossible to think he could be back in time to have any real impact on this summers championship. I need a stiff drink….

  4. Watching him in the warm-up in front of me in Salthill last week, you could see how he has developed into a fine strong footballer, and his performance that day showed this to be true. He will be missed, but we have to get on with it.

    The best of luck to him in his recovery.

  5. Nothing we can do , just suck it up.

    we have the personnel to beat the rossies without Cillian. if we progress then we will have to see if new heroes will emerge.
    injuries really have been a disaster over the past 3 years.

    if it wasnt for bad luck we would have no luck at all.

  6. Absolute disaster. Ill feeling that was hanging over me since yesterday still hasn’t left. As a County, we’ve got to do 2 things now. Focus on the Rossies and ensure that Cillian gets the best possible recovery, you’re talking about a shoulder here, it’s a fairly important piece of kit in your life!
    Who will take over the free’s? Dillon? How far is Doc away?
    What will the front 6 likely be now? Kevin Mc, Doc, Dillon, Freeman/Coen, Andy, Varley??

  7. Obviously Carolan will be there too. We’ve Micky C, Regan and Feeney pushing too.

  8. Real tough luck on Cillian. I am sure he is as gutted as well so I hope he can come to realize it was not his fault but just a bad piece of mis-fortune. Like everyone else I hope that maybe the scan may reveal it is not too significant and I wish him a successful recovery.

  9. Terrible news about Cillian. His display the last day showed that we could finally have had someone for the CF position. He looked physically stronger and distributed the ball better than he had when previously playing there. Hope he gets well as soon as possible for himself and Mayo.

    I reckon if Doc and Andy are fit we could see Andy at CF and Doc at FF. That’s leave Kevin Mc and Carolan in the other half-forward spots and Dillon plus one from Micky C, Varley or Coen (IMO) for the corners.

  10. Terrible news, firstly and most importantly, for Cillian. His progression and development, both physically and mentally, have been well commended here before and I echo all those points. Now is the time for us, as supporters, to give him and the medical team the time and space to work their magic. The long term view has to be getting the lad back, whenever that is, to the level he was at on Saturday morning. As disheartening as it is for supporters it has to be far worse for him because, before we forget, it is him and his team mates that are putting in all the sacrifice and effort to try to bring success, and that big-eared fucker of a trophy, back to Mayo.
    As for the club fixtures running during the county championship season. I know that the foundation and all that is good about the GAA stems from the club, but surely, when you consider how close we are to winning the All Ireland, given the level of commitment that everyone has to put in, could a comprimise not be found? Maybe suspend the club fixtures whilst Mayo are in contention for the All Ireland? Maybe prevent senior county panelists from representing their clubs whilst Mayo are in contention? Maybe change the entire club calender fixture list to prevent any ‘cross-over’?

  11. Feel Really gutted for Cillian right now. I dislocated my shoulder twice before I had to bite the bullet and get the shoulder stability surgery. The good news is that we have a renowned surgeon on our doorstep that specialises in this particular procedure. He is Doctor Paul O’ Grady and deals with all the top Rugby and national athletes that need this procedure. He does what he calls the “waistcoat procedure” and tighten’s that thing up tigher than the proverbial …… That’s actually whats make the recovery time so long. Your shoulder will take a full impact again straight away but arm rotation mobility becomes reduced as he has to tighten up the tendons and it’s getting that stretch and mobility back that takes the time and pain! I’m just very surprised that he was not advised to get this done in the off season ater the first disloction?

  12. The standard treatment of first time shoulder dislocations is conservative management i.e. work religiously to get the strength and proprioception of the main shoulder stabilisers (rotator cuff) up to a level that will enable full contact sport safely. However obviously GAA has in the past 10-12 years become a far more physical game and our players who train and live like professional athletes deserve the best possible treatment and if that is surgery for a repeated disclocation then so be it. The main issue that will determine whether or not Cillian will need a surgery (now) is whether or not he has sustained a tear to the cartilage/labrum in his shoulder joint which often occurs with dislocations (known as bony bankhart or hill-sachs lesions) so lets hope not and he may be back in time for an AI semi or final if we get that far!

  13. Really gutted for cillian and hope e recovers ang get back soon……………..oppurtunity now for some1 else to step to the plate..

  14. There’s no dressing this up. This is a major blow to Mayo’s All-Ireland chances, maybe a fatal one. The main reason we are still in Division 1 is because Cillian rode to the rescue with the frees against Cork and Donegal. His development in both physique and game intelligence was there for all to see during those games, the semi against Dublin and especially last Sunday week against Galway. His nerveless conversions of 45s are a notable loss too.

    The return of Moran A. and B., along with Dillon, should hopefully get us to an August weekend QF. Should we win that, it’s Donegal in an AI semi. Without CO’C that doesn’t look surmountable from here.

  15. Lads stop complaining Cillian might be back if mayo make to the last eight and he may not need surgery sorry about spelling

  16. There is no doubt in my mind that this is perhaps the single greatest loss we could have suffered. Totally agree with DavyJ ‘s post above.
    Cillian was centrally involved in 3 of our 4 goals against Galway, had developed his link play enormously & was nerveless on the frees for years.
    What kind of rotten luck is this … Andy last year & Cillian this year ?
    I do feel however that this was a re-occurrence waiting to re-occur & that perhaps he should have been used more sparingly on his return.
    It may still be possible to postpone surgery until after our AI run is finished and this might give him a decent shot at featuring in August.
    I know from my own experience that a shoulder injury is one of the few injuries that one can continue to train with … it is really a question of whether adequate stabilisation can be achieved for a match situation.
    Anyway best of luck to Cillian with the rehab.

  17. Bad news:( My heart goes out for Cillian in sure he is gutted.What are the options for Horan for the Roscommon game now that Cillian is definitely out?

  18. Its quite a blow but thats football. Does anyone know how Andy and Alan are progressing and what is the update with Jason and Michael Conroy. I feel that Mayo have to avoid any more setbacks to have a chance.
    Frankly I dont rate Roscommon .Without Domican they are a poor enough outfit. Now I know its hard to get yourself up for a game youre overwhelmingly expected to win but kerry do it every year and so do Dublin and others. We need to be able to take the tag of favourites and run with it. Soon enough we will be underdogs against Donegal,Kerry and Dublin even Cork ….just wait and see.
    Sorry to hear about Cillian though but maybe he can be influential as Andy was last year!

  19. Forward line against Ros will probably be

    McLoughlin Dillon Carolan

    Varley A Moran/Freeman Doherty/Coen

    Should be good enough to beat them.

  20. Need to look forward to 2014 now and hope we can get a bit of luck on the injury front and that some of the older players like Dillon and Moran are still around to give it one last push. We can forget about any chances of going one step further in 2013. Best wishes to Cillian as he takes the long and hard road to recovery over the coming months.

  21. People are writing here as though they know or sure that he wont feature this season.

    IF (capital letters for a reason) we win Connacht and win the resulting quarter final then it’s 13 weeks from injury to a semi final. That’s a long time. Lets wait and see what the results are of the scan and what the medical team, management and player decide upon.

    C’mon Mayo!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Wishing Cillian quick and safe recovery
    The only game on is Roscommon
    Time for another hero
    We have A squad

  23. I think it’s fairly unlikely that he’ll feature this summer, might have had a chance if it was a first time, repeat dislocation is more serious.

    He was going to have some summer, flying in training by all accounts.

    Free taking is a major worry. His experience and nerves of steel was vital.

    Andy,Varley, Dillon, Conroy, Clarke and Freeman all ropey enough.

    Kevin Mc and DOC (When fit) will be the preferred option I’d guess. A fit Evan Regan is excellent from a dead ball.

  24. Gutted for Cillian on a personal level and I wish him a speedy and successful recovery.
    God luck to JH on rejigging things and hopefully only in the short term.

  25. 45, “We can forget about any chances of going one step further in 2013”. No, you can. If that is your attitude as a supporter then will you please stay at home for the Roscommon match and any other subsequent matches there may be. As mayonaze said, it may be 13 weeks before we really need him, no disrespect to the Rossies intended. So, let us all hope for the best result possible and wait and see what the actual scan results tell us before we all play the amatuer surgeon roles.

  26. Hi all,

    There is no doubt that Cillian’s injury is a serious blow to take. First and foremost, lets hope the lad recovers for his own sake. From a Mayo point of view, its a blow. Last year it was Andy and now Cillian. Will Andy be the same player? I hope some who have commented here are no mangers, accepting defeat is not an option for this group of Mayo players and is a very defeatist attitude to take . They will carry on regardless and we as supporters will follow then through fire.

    The view is that we will only get so far without him, that is the most logical view to take but lets just wait and see. Character is built through adversity and every great team goes through it….our adversity appears to be injuries.

    Faith will be rewarded

  27. Seeing as Donegal seem to be the new bench mark in football the question I would ask is what would McGuinness and Co do if they were faced with the same problem we face in losing Cillian?
    They would come up with another solution to the problem – and thats exactly what Mayo have to do and indeed will do.
    If I remember rightly Kerry were missing Dara O Shea in one of the All Irelands we played them. Did it make any difference to them? None that I noticed except make them more determined and ruthless than ever.
    So its on with the show and see where it takes us.

  28. Pebblesmeller – I won’t be staying home for any game – nor have I done so for the past 35years as a dedicated Mayo supporter. We are all invited to speak our mind on this forum, where opinions may vary on emotive topics such as this…

  29. I tend to agree with one of those last posts about not really needing cillian until a quarterfinal. It’s hard to see the Ross crowd or either of the others stopping Mayo in the province so that would put us in a quarter
    I’m guessing here,but even if they say he could play in 3 months time he would probably get plenty of belts to put him off his game. Maybe it’s better if he just has the operation soon and recovers properly for next year, again I’m guessing he will need some kind of surgery. At least he can tackle and throw them around without worrying about destroying himself.
    The last thing Mayo needed was this to happen but that’s the way.
    Up mayo

  30. Why on earth, in this day and age, does Cillian have to wait till Thursday to get a scan?

  31. 45 – Of course you are entitled to your opinion and you are entitled to express it on here and anywhere else for that matter. And I certainly did mean to offend you by suggesting that you should remain away from future matches. If I did offend, I apologise.
    However, I am just surprised that such a dedicated supporter would completely rule out an entire championship campaign because of an injury to one player. Cillian is a player of vital importance to us, we all know that, but none of us yet knows the extent of his injury. However, you seem to have not only written him off for the year (which may well happen yet) but also the rest of his team mates. It is not really showing great faith and trust in the remaining players who we can only assume are training just as hard as Cillian but may not be quite up to his level. It is not really showing great faith in the management either. We are all frustrated that such an important player has been injured and may be out for the season, or just 8 weeks, but whatever the outcome I don’t believe that the season can be written off. We will just have to find another way of winning.
    I too have been following Mayo for 30+ years. In that time I have, as no doubt you have too, seen teams overcome all sorts of misfortune and circumstances to ultimately be successful. That is what we will have to do now. We have 2 options, we can sit around and cry into our beer like we have been doing for the last 60 odd years or we can re-double our efforts at every level, supporters included, and just win the fucking thing.

  32. Mister Mayor….they have to wait for swelling to go down etc before they can get a true picture of the damage. Dont think he has been asked to wait in line…..the wait is frustrating for all. Having said that im not expecting good news…id advise you not to get your hopes up either!

  33. If its bad news and indeed he is ruled out for the season then we have just one option. Regroup, refocus and stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Every great team faces a period of adversity on route to ultimate victory, we are no different. That’s what makes the victory even sweeter when you can defy the odds, there will be moments over the next 4 months when we are on the rack, whether its through further injuries, players getting sent off, trailing to one of our big rivals in Croker etc. How we react to these issues will define Mayo as a serious team. Yes Cillian is a big loss, but we will send 15 men from our county out to represent us in every remaining game and tackle whatever is thrown at us this year, injuries or not. As long as all those men fight like fucking tigers for everything and empty the tank in pursuit of victory then I will be happy.

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