Update on draws for All-Ireland final tickets

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Here’s a refresh of the list of draws that are being held for All-Ireland final tickets. I’ve indicated where these are new draws that weren’t included in the list I posted last week.

  • Mayo GAA: two sets of two tickets to be won in next Monday’s Lotto draw – details here
  • Ballina Stephenites GAA: two tickets to be won – details here
  • Breaffy GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 8th September – details here
  • Cill Chomain GAA: two tickets to be won – details here NEW
  • Crossmolina GAA: two tickets to be won – details here NEW
  • Hollymount/Carramore GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Knockmore GAA: two tickets to be won – details here NEW
  • Mayo Gaels GAA: two stand tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Parke Keelogues Crimlin GAA: one ticket to be won in the draw on 4th September – details here NEW
  • Ballinderry Shamrocks GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here NEW
  • Clonduff GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here
  • Kilgarry GAA: four tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here
  • Monaghan GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 10th September – details here 
  • Mooncoin GAA: two sets of two tickets to be won in the draw on 7th September – details here
  • Newtownbutler GAA: two tickets to be won in the draw on 9th September – details here.

As before, if anyone knows of any other draws that are being held in advance of the finals then please feel free to post the details here.

Tomorrow is also the day when the GAA are holding a draw for 500 tickets to be allocated to Mayo GAA season ticket holders. Hopefully a good few of you will get sorted via this route.

205 thoughts on “Update on draws for All-Ireland final tickets

  1. Ballaghaderreen GAA club have a draw for 1 stand and 1 terrace ticket. Also ballyhaunis launching a massive fundraising draw tomorrow with all purchases before next Wednesday entered into a bonus draw for 2 tickets

  2. Let’s hope there are as many fans looking for tickets for the first round of next year’s league. Should make for a great atmosphere wherever that may be

  3. Thanks, FDB, I’ve updated that link now.

    All- keep adding other draw details as you come across them. I’ll do another update in a few days.

    Spotlight – I’ve no information at all on the GAA’s draw today for 500 tickets aside from what’s already been publicly notified about it.

  4. Spotlight – not a comment on all the draws but more of a funny story. I was a in a draw for my club back in 2016. A small number of all Ireland Ireland tickets were been raffled for club members that weren’t accommodated through the club allocation. Probably 6 or 7 tickets. All participants had to be present in the club at the time to the draw, I’d say there was over 100 people there. Alas I didn’t won. As the game went to a replay, the same lotto applied for the following week. Amazingly the first 3 names picked out had been winners of the previous week. Such luck! If only the Mayo team had some of the luck that year?

  5. @spotlight
    I imagine the draw for the 500 tickets will be legit as it’s being done by Croke Park and a randomised draw would be easier on that scale than a nod and wink draw.
    I’m sure there are shenanigans at some of the smaller draws.
    I used to work in a local company where we would give away products worth about €1000 about twice a year.We would get one of the younger more social media savvy wans in the office to trawl through the entrants to see who had the biggest online presence,most online friends/contacts etc and we’d then pick the winner.

  6. My understanding is that our allocation this year is only circa 2000 short of 2017 where there was full capacity. So it seems the only sector being shafted is season ticket holders

  7. Shannon Gaels GAA Club (Roscommon) are selling €100 tickets to win a house in Strandhill but if you buy a ticket for that before Thursday 9th September, you enter a draw to win 2 All-Ireland tickets. Not sure if it qualifies for the list but just in case it does ?

  8. Surely when you buy your season ticket there’s an implied contract there that you’ll get offered an All Ireland ticket should your county progress. No different to the sponsors and the corporates etc…

  9. @liberal in the role
    Perhaps but you (and me) are not season ticket holders,we are former season tickets holders.

  10. I think its fairly obvious that had there been an option to renew the season tickets in 2021 we would have done so, like we always have. Some of us are both season ticket holders and club members but are currently ticketless with the season ticket draw now our only avenue for a ticket. There is currently no reward (or financial justification) for purchasing a season ticket and club membership from what I can see. Our household will certainly be revising our GAA spend for next year!

  11. Kilgarry Gaa raffling off 4 tickets at 10PM on Friday 10th Sept with the match taking place on the 11th is very late for winners & travel arrangements, not to mention how a club in Cavan has 4 giveaway tickets in the first place. Anyway, more power them, they have to mind their own house & hope they end up in Mayo hands.

  12. with a 1 in 6 chance in the draw season ticket holders have far better odds than the vast majority of others who would want to go. That would include paid up club members and the rest, given the allocations to clubs this year.

  13. I wont mention my own club here but in our club draw its become a bit of a running joke where the club chairman or someone in his family almost always ‘wins’ the all-ireland ticket draw every year after a big fundraising push, draw always held on the previous Monday night when few people are out to witness it. it would put you in mind of Father Ted

  14. Any indication on when this draw will take place?Unless you get an email saying you got a ticket, I doubt you’d hear anything about it.

    Would also to be interested to hear if people would prefer the GAA to increase the capacity in line with the new regulations but only for vaccinated people. I’d be in favour of it, the technology is fairly simple for checking certs and I’d be happy enough to show up a half hour earlier if it meant an extra 20,000 in the stadium. However, I can’t see GAA going near a potential public relations minefield like that!

  15. Only 2000 went to McHale park for the Connacht semi final and the Connacht final wasn’t a sell out. Its unfair that supporters who were at both are squeezed out for the ‘big occasions’. The season tickets were a godsend and hopefully will be back next year. However many 2020 ticketers must have stayed away from Leitrim game so maybe we’re no longer as die hard as we make out

  16. @Gillactico
    Unfortunately we have a large cohort of bandwagon fans as well, plenty of mayo fans i know who always have their hands up for tickets for all-ireland big days in croker who havent darkened the door of their club games in the past decade, much less attend games in carrick or sligo. These people just dont want to miss out on the celebrations and probably would struggle to name 5 tyrone players

  17. Stephen Donnelly saying “unlikely” and then saying 60k fully vaccinated is lower risk is more mixed messaging- hoping that gaa change it to 60k to increase my chances of getting golden ticket- been to 95% championship games, and all AIs since 89.. sweating it now, outside county, not club/season ticket holder as that’s so hard to get It on (I know it’s not there in 2021).. anyways will have fortune spent on draws… an extra 20k tickets wud be big help

  18. I would say the low attendance at the Leitrim game was probably down to the fact a lot of people were getting vaccinated at the time ( I missed it due to having the jab the day before) but I was shocked that the Connacht final wasn’t a sellout but maybe that might have been on the Galway end cause it seemed that there was a lot more Mayo fans when I was heading into Croker on the day although that would be just a guess on my part??
    Anyway I am hoping today might be my lucky day to get sorted with a ticket!!!

  19. The season ticket draw cant come fast enough so as we know one way or the other, we have a group of season tickets since 2012 which have been our lifeline for AI tickets in the past few years. Like Rakestreet have been at all AI’s since 1989 and never miss a Mayo game up and down the length of the country for League games. Was in Castlebar for the Leitrim game and Dublin for the Galway game when they couldnt even sell capacity and am wondering where all these “supporters” are coming from. I know of someone who is dancing a merry jig looking for tickets and hasnt seen a football since the last all ireland they got tickets for and you know what they will be luckier than me most likely. As the ST draw is today and clubs have already sent in their orders I’d imagine all tickets are already “poded” etc so will hardly change the capacity figures at this stage. The only hope is if they allow a few more to the Hill, as of now clubs have only been offered 10 Terrace tickets that would be 500 for Mayo and not much more for Tyrone and the capacity of the Hill is 13,000 even if they gave all the ST holders tickets for the Hill it would relieve a lot of the pressure on the die hard fans. Fingers crossed to get a good email today

  20. Email will never have been as refreshed as many times as it will be today!

    Best of luck to everyone. It will be as good as a Golden ticket if it arrives.

  21. 10000 tickets allocated to county board.
    Has a breakdown of where the tickets are going been published (outside of the ones going to the clubs)

  22. Crete boom – they were a lot of people on here crying about the price of the tickets for Leitrim game. They were only €30. Same people have no problem paying for tickets, hotels etc now.

  23. We were never asked to pay for this year. We are still in the system, obviously, as the database is being used for the draw, so yes in that sense we are still season ticket holders. That’s my take on it. Mayo gaa are still referring to us de facto as season ticket holders.

    So why are we being shafted?

  24. @Liberal – the 5 / 10 year premium ticket holders have been refunded for 2021 and it was same for 2020. They are given an option to buy a ticket(s), this is understandable due to cost and investment. If they don’t buy by a certain time the option is gone. I’d imagine for this match they will buy. My family and I have had 8 season tickets since day 1 and we’ve always attended all games. We’d all love to be there for the final but no way we’ll win 8 tickets, it is what it is. 8*120 = 960 * x years = XXXX, Nevermind everything spent on top. With only 48.6% capacity lots of “genuine fans” will miss out. Lots of people who’s last game was the ’17 final will end up with tickets……. it never changes for the final…..

  25. Thanks folks.I was referring to the club draws rather than the season ticket draw. Certainly there are clubs where it’s unclear how the tickets are distributed and raffled.

    Has anybody heard anything yet on the draw? Let us know if you win a ticket

  26. It seems the relatively small reduction in ticket allocation to Mayo Gaa this year is being entirely offset by shafting season ticket holders only. I don’t understand why there’s not more noise about this.

  27. Any idea what time draw is happening and when to expect emails if lucky enough to be pulled?

  28. Just a thought, it’s all about value for money, isn’t it? No matter what way you look at it, you can’t really argue that €30 for a Connacht semi-final with no concession for children was good value, particularly in a year when many people were out of pocket and especially when you look at the quality of fare that was served up. No matter how much lost revenue. You can be certain that the price won’t be going down next year, either now that a precedence has been set. The Connacht Council has in the past consistently over-priced these games relative to other provinces.

    “Only €30” is a fairly privileged position to take at that point of a competition, and plenty of people were priced out of the game that day that won’t even be attempting to look for final tickets, for much the same reason. It’s a privilege to be able to afford to follow intercounty GAA on the road these days, and speaking for myself, there are no overnights any more unless totally unavoidable. The numbers on the road home after the Dublin game suggest that hotel stays were in the minority that night too.

    Whether or not an All-Ireland final merits a €90 ticket price is another matter, but there is little disputing the demand, the occasion, the competition, the prospect of a historic day, and the comparison to the pricing of other premier sporting occasions.

  29. Hi All,

    Out of interest has anybody received an E-Mail with their link to buy their pod yet?
    Today was the day for links to be sent out. I would imagine they will be sent at the same time in order to give everyone a chance to get a fair crack at the seating etc?

  30. @ Trevor, we just want one, no time published that I can find.

    I’d say they are possibly dinner-in-the-middle of the day (mostly) men making the draw,. I’d guess they will have to have the sphuds first, a cuppa tea after and then get down to askin da komputer for some help.
    My guess late afternoon.

  31. @My Left Foot

    Thanks for that.
    I wonder also about the clubs who have informed members they will receive E-Mail from Croke Park today. I would have thought that would have started early. But who knows. Sure why would we be informed of what’s going on.

    I have no idea if I and a family member have being allocated a ticket each as we requested, or whether one of us gets a ticket and have to share with someone else, or if neither of us will receive a link and somebody else is in charge of buying our tickets and contacting us after.

    A mess.

  32. Keep the faith The one thing worse than missing out on a AI ticket is to get a ticket and end up sitting beside one of these idiots you reference in your post. They used to be like a magnet to me down the years. The season ticket when it was introduced was a godsend. I was almost always sitting beside a real football person as long as I had my season ticket seat. To be honest the ST was priceless for this reason.

  33. Will there even be a draw today given the GAA are reportedly meeting government officials to discuss attendance for the final?

  34. @PJMcManus

    Absolutely right. They are a magnet to me unfortunately also.
    I had to give up my season ticket about 2 years ago and can’t get one back lol.
    Here is hoping we all get news soon.

  35. gaa tickets on twitter just said “It will be confirmed later how many can attend the All Ireland final. They are pushing for the 61,000.”

  36. they are allowed 61k but over 18 attendees have to be vacinnated if they go for that option

  37. @it’s too hot,
    Have you seen that reported anywhere else (i imagine its fairly big news)except the Connaught Telegraph?
    I haven’t and I don’t believe it to be true.

  38. Surely now season ticket holders will be fully accommodated. If the extra numbers becomes official.
    Or maybe they’ll increase the numbers in the draw! Nothing would surprise me.

  39. I would imagine season tickets holders would be accommodated alright
    It will be a headache for clubs in Mayo though. Still don’t see why the county board pushed tickets out so soon

  40. The GAA are meeting with the Government today to finalise how many can attend the final so there might not be a draw today. As a season ticket holder who has been refunded in 2020 I am eagerly awaiting the draw but if the capacity is increased then maybe the GAA will look after all season ticket holders and indeed more tickets will filter down to the club. Then again the GAA could opt to postpone the final until October 22 and have a full house. Nothing at this stage would suprise me

  41. Lads, Minister Donnelly is quoted today as saying its “unlikely” capacity will be increased for final. I’m just after reading

  42. That appointment says to me that the Gaa are giving a licence to allow plenty physical stuff go in the final. This is McQuillans style if I’m not mistaken.

    Gough reffing would likely be a much cleaner final.

  43. Dublin Joe for the final – let’s hope he doesn’t become Tyrone Joe.
    Hard to understand how the best referee in the county by a mile – David Gough – doesn’t get a semi final or the final

  44. Re Gough – is there any chance he may have opted out due to Covid risk? I think I remember him expressing concerns for last year.

  45. PJMcManus, at the 1996 replay, I was beside a guy who asked me, with five minutes to go, ‘where’s Liam MacHale?’

  46. Dublin Joe FFS.
    They want to avoid Gough because he is likely to issue red cards before the first sos uisce. That would not be good for the image of the game.

    Dublin Joe will let it flow.

  47. Wouldn’t you think it would be common courtesy to email all Cairde and other season ticket holders to tell them what is going on? It costs nothing to send a group email……just hit the send button!

  48. Enda McGearty on Twitter is a great judge of the refs, he reckons McQuillan is a better draw than Gough. He rightly points out that Gough lets an awful lot of physicality go, which would favour the roughhouse style of Tyrone. McQuillan won’t let them away with belting the life out of Tommy, Ryan and Aido.

  49. Complaining about referees before the game is one of my pet peeves. McQuillan is fine. We’ve had plenty of good days when he was refereeing.

  50. Bad news it seems

    ,just announced that they are NOT increasing capacity above 40,000….”after careful consideration”

  51. Disappointing outcome on the tickets but not surprised. It’s going to be the hardest year ever to get sorted now.

  52. Is there actually a draw taking place at all? Ive emailed the season ticket office and got a generic email back, I havn’t heard it from any official sources? It it just a rumour someone started???

  53. Even if the extra 1100 tickets were split between the two counties, it might help the chances of season ticket holders being successful

  54. Here is the lame excuse

    “With approximately half of our tickets already distributed and unrealistic logistical challenges around processing Covid passports on a match day for a crowd in excess of 41,150 coming from all over the country and abroad, it was decided to proceed on the basis of a 50% attendance.”

  55. Is there anything stopping the GAA from selling an extra 5 or 10 thousand tickets? Just announce the attendance as 41k and nobody is any the wiser…

  56. Has any one got an email in regards club ticket distribution? I thought anyone that is receiving a ticket from a club should also receive an email today with 48hrs to purchase the ticket? Can anyone confirm if this was supposed to be the case?

  57. Well that bit of excitement didnt last for long, hope they do the draw soonm the waiting is brutal. Any chance we got get a job for Wide Ball in the ticket office for a few hours like their way of thinking

  58. They can give the 1150 to the non competing counties so they’ll have a few more tickets for their fundraising draws!!!

  59. I see it’s Joe McQuillian from Cavan for the final.. Strange don’t ye think that the GAA would get a Ref from outside Ulster if it were an Ulster Championship game, as it is for all Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connacht Championship games, a Ref from outside the Provence takes charge .. But apparently it being a much less important game than an Ulster Championship game, the same protocols the GAA use to ensure impartiality are irrelevant for an All Ireland final.. Calling GAA headquarters, Croke Park Dublin, Come in Croke Park, Come in the GAA Director of Communication, Alan Milton, we have a important question for you.. Don’t worry it’s not about the imagined blood shed on the streets of Newbridge or Nowhere, when Mayo and Kildare fans met and civilization prevailed despite the worries in GAA headquarters… Just tell us the protocol for Referee selection… While your at it, can you tell us ..why the GAA is not in a position to avail of the 75% capisity , over 60K for the All Ireland Final..As I listen to the wireless right now a write this post, coincidence or not, a discussion is actually coming up right now on RTE Radio one ,.re the ticket situation for the All Ireland final.. text your questions to
    51551, don’t know who will be answering the questions!

  60. 21,000 increased attendance not happening. Loss of €1.89 million at €90 a head. Some hit for the GAA. Lets stop talking about the refs and that includes Mcquillian or Lane.

  61. I’d definitely be in favour of a Mass.

    Regarding the appointment of nearly all Northern officials, at least its one less grievance to galvanise Tyrone.

  62. I think this is going to be one of the highest hits on this page today for a while. Its not the only page being refreshed!

  63. Anyone get an email to purchase tickets from the club. I thought them emails were supposed to be out today too.

  64. Mayo GAA Twitter just tweeted:

    “The draw for the Mayo GAA Season Ticket Holders took place in Croke Park today. Croke Park will notify the winners via email.”

  65. Maybe its just me but I’m getting a little pissed off at the whole ticketing process.
    I haven’t actually seen any official word from the GAA about this draw of 500 tickets, only articles in the paper and comments on here. Surely the decent thing to do was to put out an official communication about it and when the draw would be taking place to stop all the speculation and constant refreshing all day.
    Also regarding the increased attendance I don’t understand what the rush is with sending out tickets so early, saying that 20,000 tickets had been issued. The 2nd semi final only took place 4 days ago and surely they would have got some indication of changes to the rules with the government announcement and maybe would have been wiser to hold off.. If the country pub in Glenamoy can check a vaccine passport surely its not much to ask one of the biggest organisations in the country to manage it?

  66. They had no trouble deciding to open the Dail Bar again, where they can sit and talk shite, and laugh about the 43,000 that cannot get to the game, as they wait for their own allotment of tickets to arrive, which they won’t have to put their hands in their pockets to pay for either.

    Jaysus. What would happen if 43,000 ticketless people showed up on the 11th, walked in the main entrance and sat down.
    Would the match be played ?
    What would they do about it ?

    There’s only 14,500 gardai in the whole country and half of them are on the Mayo team.

    There’s no room to jail 43,000 people.

    That’s right. Bring no ID. They wouldn’t be able to identify anyone who got in with a ticket or without a ticket.

    Now I know none of this is going to happen but I don’t think there’s much they could do if there was a full stadium on the 11th.

  67. Well,.. that was enlightening NOT, from RTE radio and GAA director of communication Alan Milton, re tickets and increased allowed capicity of Croke Park.. Cormac O’Hara of RTE didn’t manage to ask one proper question or get one full answer from Alan either.. due to a breakdown in the Communications between RTE and Croke Park..twice, in an attempted interview that didn’t last two minutes and the phone connection broke down twice. I am reminded of the time in the Dail when Joe Higgins description of trying to get a straight answer from Bertie Ahern, was ‘it’s like trying to play handball with a haystack, you never get anything back’

  68. I’ll hold out hope till I see lads saying here they got an email :@
    I’ve not much else on the pipeline if I don’t get drawn out

  69. Looks like it’s a classic case of not tonight Mary Ann I have a headache as far as the emails are concerned can’t see them emailing after 6 pm. The draw is my only hope I was at the Leitrim Game the Connacht final and the game against the Dubs at Mayo
    Games in London and New York FBD games in early January in Ballinlough drenched in Cusack Park in Mullingar in the league nearly had to get a police escort out
    Of Healy Park Omagh after showing my disapproval
    At the way Lee Keegan was “injured” in Castlebar against Tyrone a year earlier but lookit what do
    I know about football I’m sure the bank managers wife will look better in Croke Park in her Jimmy Shoes than me in my worn out ASICS. Good luck to one and all in the draw

  70. I’m hoping they’ve those emails ready to go and on schedule. 1 in 6 chance …. Fingers and toes crossed. Good luck to all .. and remember for those get the golden ticket its their duty to roar twice as loud 🙂

  71. I like that thinking Revelino, I’m going to be on Jones rd on the 11th, ticket or no ticket and plan on going in regardless – lame excuse from Gaa.. tickets are redistributed all the time, so no reason they can’t say u need to have covid cert with u on 11th.. another DDD like Jimmy S said.. downright deplorable disgrace

  72. Would it be over-optimistic to read:

    “unrealistic logistical challenges around processing Covid passports”

    as leaving the door ajar for an increase in capacity if either resources are made available to scan vaccine passes, or some form of relaxation given on how passes are to be checked?

  73. Regarding referees, I completely agree that we should not give out in advance, and in fact I do not agree giving out in any case but we should like a ref that allows physicality. Let’s not pretend that we are not as physical as any other team out there, and well able to deal in the dark arts.

  74. There’s likely to be a coach who inspired a 10 year old Oisin Mullins, Enda Hession or James Carr missing out on a ticket on the 11th folks. It’s understandable that people are on tender hooks over the whole issue but no one has a right to a ticket. A bit of perspective wouldn’t go astray at the moment given the current COVID situation.

  75. Clubs in Mayo only for 5k of the 12k allocation. A lot of tickets going corporate it seems. If ever there was a year to look after fans and all club members especially those who worked on the front like through the pandemic.

  76. @evidently binghamstown, I can see that point of view.

    However, season ticket holders have been loyal over the last 10 years renewing every year. This year season ticket holders had their account temporarily suspended through no fault of their own. It’s simple they should have been looked after.

    Plenty of people are getting tickets that ain’t entitled to them and those that are are not. Season ticket holders are entitled.

    On increased capacity, I stand to be corrected but if it was Kerry it would have been increased.

    Tyrone being in the UK they don’t have EU trackers or covid certs so it was never gonna happen if that’s the case.

  77. It actually wouldn’t cost the GAA money to scan Covid passports, they would have a huge net increase in revenue despite the cost of scanning.. They just didn’t have their Ducks in line to anticipate such a seneario of an increased attendance being allowed.. Even though Government had said about the further opening up if society several times from early August, They should be reading this Blog, because I posted about the likelihood of just such a seneario on this Blog after the All Ireland final was refixed for the 11th September… The net affect of the Croke Park Ducks not being in line in anticipation of what transpired with Government announcement of yesterday, is that 20K less fans will be in attendance between both County Tyrone and County Mayo… I often wrote going back years ago to the CCCC who organise fixtures at times.. In relation to the way fixtures as regards Mayo have been done this last decade, it has been my opinion that venues and times are such to extract as much money as possible from the huge loyal Mayo support base. Mayo Supporters being the Golden Goose that continuely layed the Golden Eggs, all the better to subdize the financial doping of Dublin in comparison to the rest of the Country, and no matter what keeping Dublin playing in Croke Park, and their thousands of Supporters money in the Capital regardless of how unfair it was to whoever happened to be Dublin’s opposition… I wondered often on this Blog, would would those in Croke Park go too far and kill the Golden Goose… Now in fairness to Tyrone, altough not as prominent as ourselves this last decade, they too have a very big and loyal support base, and rank 3th after ourselves and Dublin in the amount of season ticket holders… After all the praise of the Association and in relation to the club activity all over Ireland the praise of the GAA is well merited, but when it comes to the top brass in Croke Park, several questions need to be answered.

  78. Since there are no real details available, I presume any season ticket holder, lucky enough to be pulled out of the proverbial hat, will get one ticket, even if you have several season tickets in your household?.

    Any winner will likely be on their own at the match which for many, might take a lot of the fun out of it, the joy i.m.o. is in sharing the experience with another family member beside you.  That doesn’t mean I’ll turn down any ticket but then the dilemna which one person goes to the game.

    I’d nearly rather 250 people get 2 tickets each, even if I am not one of those. Good luck to those who get to go.

    Clearly the GAA jumped the gun, like nobody thought this through.
    The government had well signalled end of August announcement for new Covid rules. A fine mess costing €1.8m. 

    I imagine the problem is the tickets already issued did not stipulate vaccinated and are located all over the stadium. Being able to verify Covid cert is relatively easy task, but there is an air of “we couldn’t be arsed” about the quick decision made today. Did anyone really do any work on it, I’d like to know?.

  79. “There’s a vacuum of information” from Mayo GAA.
    We know the draw was made, but we don’t know when there are sending out emails. Just leaving 3,000 loyal supporters hanging.

  80. Exactly .. croke park be arsed as changing too much hassle… great point Kickhams man, had not factored the NI point, but there exists a NI covid cert as well, getting trickier for sure, but no “will” to make it happen

  81. UK and Eire governments have already agreed that the NHS one has equivalence Rakestreet, and I’ve had the NHS cert scanned at Dublin Airport when I went over for the semi. I’m not an expert but in a world where we’re having to scan tickets on entry is a scan / look at a printed Covid cert that much of a nightmare? Considering how many people will be worse off as a result of this it does seem like a real let down. Hopefully as many Mayo fans as possible get in.

  82. Club issued tickets have started appearing in ticketmaster accounts this evening. Didn’t get an email but the invoice for tickets is there with seat numbers etc.

  83. @Kickhams Man, I don’t believe that your point holds water.. Despite Tyrone not being in the EU, and not having EU Covid passports.. Tyrone are most definitely part of Ireland.. the clue is the name of the competition. It’s the All Ireland final.. the GAA is not only an All Ireland Association it’s a worldwide International Association.. Maybe EU Covid Vacination Certs don’t exist in Co Tyrone, but Verifiable Vacination Certs certainly exist there, and as an All Ireland organization it surely was the responsibility of the top brass in Croke Park to have made the nessary preparations for just such a seneario.

  84. That’s a surprise. I was sure Gough would have got the gig but it looks like he will have to settle for back up ref to Joe McQuillin

  85. The sad thing is, no matter how scarce and desperate people are for tickets, its only a matter of time before AI tickets will start appearing online with exorbitant asking prices.

    I don’t know where the sellers get their tickets from but its an awful shame that desperate and loyal fans cannot get tickets and yet these other people seem to end up with plenty of tickets to fleece online.

    It happens every year and sadly this year will be no different.

  86. @On the one road.

    Fair play to you. I’ll be delighted for everyone that gets sorted and feel bad for all that don’t.

  87. Just got this in an email from Season Ticket:

    “Congratulations, your name has been picked out in the Mayo GAA County Board Season Ticket Draw! Tickets for the upcoming All Ireland Football Final are now available in your account to purchase.”

  88. Just got an email from “GAA Tickets “ to say I’ve been successful in the draw ….. logging in now

  89. go into invoices, you need to pay for the ticket first. I’m assuming it’s same as tickets i got for dublin game, haven’t got anything for final yet 🙁

  90. Yes this is important guys.

    When you log in to your GAA account.
    GO TO INVOICES. Then you pay for it/them
    Once this is done, they will appear in My Tickets section

    Good luck

  91. Ah nuts, no e-mail in the Inbox, I’m afraid! As someone said earlier “it’s the hope that kills you”.
    Congratulations to all who have received the golden ticket!

  92. Nothing here either. Congrats to all of you who got tickets – shout a bit louder for the rest of us, won’t ye?

  93. Not joy here…. Congratulations to all the winner’s… The hunt continues thought!!
    It’s not over till it’s over

  94. No email for me. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. Unlikely to get one now. First final
    I’ll miss since 1989. I’m sure many others are in the same boat.

  95. Yes congrats to those who got tickets, but I freely admit I’m very pissed off that I didn’t receive one from either club or season ticket.
    Having also bought a tile for the famous wall as well and been to every final since 89 (bar last year obviously) it’s very disappointing to think I probably won’t be there this time around.

    And then you see half arsed clubs around the country raffling 2 and sometimes 4 tickets!
    Who’ll end up with those? God knows, and they may not know half the players on the pitch but sure it’s a good day out a bit of craic and an excuse for a heap of pints…

  96. No joy here either. Congratulations to all of those who got tickets. As Anne-Marie said shout louder for the rest of us! Drown out the red hand fans! As Wayne scales said too the hunt continues!

  97. Ah its so frustrating -well done to all of you who got the magic email. I had to read that twice ‘ the best is west’ – that is so wrong of County Board flogging tickets for 590e. (I assume one has to buy in pods of two). That is a huge mark up and I think it is so unfair. This needs to be highlighted more. Are they that stuck for money??

  98. No email in my inbox either! I am annoyed that they couldn’t have the decency to email me saying that I had been unsuccessful in obtaining a ticket. Just courtesy and good manner to a loyal supporter rather than being ignored. I think they would be well advised to do the communication module designed for club officers!

  99. Nothing doing here either. I had resigned myself to fact that I wouldn’t get one. My luck in such circumstances is usually not good to the point that if there was a rwo horse race I’d back the wrong horse.. Congrats and best of luck to the lucky few. Do us proud in Croker!

  100. No email for me either, congratulations to those were fortunate enough to have their name drawn out of the hat.. Mayo were 5 points down v Galway and 6 points down v Dublin.. and we all know that vocal loyal support from the loyal supporter’s was worth a point or two in those trying circumstances… Doubt that the people who seems to matter most in Mayo society when it comes to All Ireland tickets will be worth a point or two to the team.

  101. Congrats to those who have got the golden ticket, no luck for myself so far through the club or season ticket!!

  102. As usual the GAA has bottled it regarding the 75% capacity but you can be sure they would have gone with it if Dublin were in the final , every ticket has to be scanned to gain entry so what is the problem with a second scan taking another 5/10 seconds to prove you have been vaccinated to gain entry .

  103. What would it require to make it mandatory for the county board to provide say 75% of All Ireland final tickets to the clubs and season ticket holders for future finals?
    A motion from delegate(s) from the clubs at the AGM would it be?
    Just wondering if this is possible to put in place by the clubs

  104. Ticketmaster site is down. Probably because 40,000 are attempting to purchase at the same time. You have until Friday 5pm…no panic.

  105. County board should be ashamed of themselves never compensated season ticket holders last year when it was in the conditions that they should have due to the pandemic ,now they leave 2500 season ticket holders without a ticket after all the the support they got through the years. Holding a randomised competition to fob us off.

  106. Probably cos plebs like me are trying to log in to check, just in case the email went astray! Hanging onto every last shred of hope like a fool!

    Don’t forget to check your spam folders, just in case …

    I checked mine earlier and while there is no sign of a ticket, a nice man from Portugal wants to donate $1.5bn to me that he won in the lottery (at least someone got pulled out of the hat) so I might just accept his offer and buy Croke Park.

  107. I feel and hope that there are more emails to come tomorrow morning?.

    I base this on around 5 people on here who got an email. That is only 1%. That can’t be right, there are 495 others, somewhere, someplace.
    Maybe the other 495 are not on blog but still seems a low number of emails.

    Some related information,:
    1. It is 1 ticket you receive, no matter if you have multiple adult STs.
    2. Your seat is pre-assigned
    3. You have until 5pm on Friday 3rd Sep to complete the transaction.

    Fingers crossed for everyone on here.

  108. Four of my family with season tickets
    No luck either
    I was happy that that they gave season ticket holders a gesture by raffling 500 tickets but I think if you didn’t win one you should have gotten an email also.
    At least we could stop grasping at straws that we could still be notified or it had gone to spam etc.
    Congrats to anyone that got a ticket

  109. I was one of the lucky ones, yes the site has crashed, I got to the payment stage and it went through but couldn’t view my ticket.

  110. I never won anything in my life until now, was putting the kids to bed at 8 0 clock looked at my phone, and sure enough there was a email from season ticket….I feel so sorry for everyone who didn’t get one.. hopefully some still get some…

  111. Long time season holder guys and was lucky in the draw. Ironically I cannot log in to claim it. Expect that all emails issued around the same time as the club tickets were released and crashed the site. I’ve always found the GAA ticket site useless compared to other sites

  112. No ticket but not complaining about that. I would never win a 50/50 let alone 7/1 chance. My annoyance is the awful disrespect shown to season ticket holders by the total lack of communication.
    If I was in charge of this I would have emailed every season ticket holder beforehand as follows:
    “Dear (fill in first name)
    Thank you for your support over the years by purchasing a season ticket. Unfortunately we are not in a position to provide a ticket to every season ticket holder for this final because of restricted numbers. We have decided to allocate 500 tickets which will be distributed by means of a draw. This draw takes place on Wednesday and you will receive an email afterwards telling you if you have been successful or not.
    We hope you continue to support your team by continuing to purchase a season ticket and look forward to better days ahead for us all.
    Your sincerely
    Alan ”
    I would follow up with the appropriate email in the same tone and show respect and appreciation for genuine GAA supporters.
    I shudder to think that someone whose job it is to communicate on behalf of the GAA couldn’t do something as simple as that!

  113. @Diehard. .. were you listening to the GAA Director of Communications on RTE radio one this evening?.. You’d be none the wiser if you were.. it’s not now nor has it been about communications, it’s about corporate message, the Status Que and those running the organization, who don’t like to be challenged on anything.. Not alone should, those running Croke Park, the GAA and the Mayo County Board answer questions, every ticket should be accounted for, simple as that, the GAA can’t operate without the goodwill of the community it serves, and should not expect the continued good will, if it treats those most loyal fans, the ones who have paid the GAAs bills for years with distane.. Why the GAA weren’t aware and prepared for the new 75% capicity, even though it was well flagged by the Government on several occasions that the lifting of restrictions, and the increase in capicity was very likely in September, and the GAA seemingly were not prepared.. The communications from Croke Park tell us that they can’t avail of the increased capisity, because 20K of Tickets are already issued… But they don’t explain why that should affect the 20K extra places allowed for the final, which is still 10 days away, and if the will was there to do it, it could be done!

  114. I am wondering what they may do with the extra tickets. Will these be split evenly between the two counties?

    If it were that Mayo got 550 tickets. Do you split among 50 clubs giving 10 each? Or all go to another season ticket draw?

  115. If it’s at half capacity then how come the season ticket holders got 500 tickets rather than half the holders getting a ticket. Could it be we just got shafted?

    Suppose they’ll want their €200 upfront for next season again. It’s very hard to make peace with this.

  116. Centrefold. The clubs get most of the tickets. Probably 75%. The sponsors have to get a fair few and rightly so…Also every player who played County champinship football for Mayo gets a ticket.

  117. Just to add my tupence……

    Seems the goalposts have been moved again according to the Connacht Telegraph. There will be no extra time in the final, straight to a replay…..

  118. Tickets were set aside for “corporate packages”. Selling tickets to companies at hugely inflated prices. Frankly don’t think it will work out. What CFO or CEO will sign for a purchase in Covid times thousands for tickets when you can’t hold the usual lunch or sales meetup with potential clients.

  119. Tickets for my family are all the place!!! Wondering if we can organise swap system to at least get sitting closer to family / buddies ?
    @williejoe – we would need your help? I can help with technical aspects

  120. The cynic in me is wondering if the GAA is sensing there might be an opportunity here to make a few more quid, Mayo Mick? At least there should be more tickets available if it goes to a replay ..but take care would they announce a date?

    By Christ, we’d better win it the first day.

  121. Disappointed not to have got the Email or a ticket but congratulations to everyone that did please shout a bit louder for the rest of us and we’ll be shouting at the TV. I hope Mayo win it the first day if it goes to replay we’ll have no advantage fitness wise or rest wise but if it does I hope consideration is given to the season ticket holders like myself that weren’t successful this time.

  122. Anyone that hasn’t a ticket yet, don’t worry. Loads available from the Mayo County Board. Just contact any of the executive and they’ll sort you out for 10 tickets and it will only cost you a mere €5,900. We can be so proud that they are willing to look after us fans.

  123. Has anybody received an email from Season Ticket Account or anybody received any tickets yet from them

  124. Agree with my left foot. Got an email yesterday evening and was lucky to get a ticket. We have 6 season tickets so it just seems to be the main contact that gets selected. Know of others who were not successful so am glad to have got one although sending out 500 tickets in pods of one must be quite messy unless patrons are going to end sitting beside a stranger. Back to buying more tickets for draws.

  125. It would make you wonder about the reasoning behind the pods altogether if you are just randomly assigned and sitting beside a complete stranger who you don’t know from Adam and may even be unvaccinated and a bigger risk to you, makes the decision on the 75% attendance even more baffling..
    I’m finding it hard to imagine the GAA even had 500 tickets for season ticket holders, seems to be way more without than you would expect, but maybe they are the ones that you will hear from. Again haven’t heard of 2 from the same account getting tickets so if it was done on email addresses alone then it would reduce the 3000 pool even further..

  126. Centrefield, the county board received 11,000 tickets or thereabouts. Half went to the clubs, that leaves another 5,500 that didn’t go to the clubs. For the past number of years, the CB flogged tables at venues like City West where you could buy corporate packages that included the ticket and the meals etc. This year that wasn’t possible, so the CB have been directly approaching businesses to flog them tickets. I am directly aware of one large multinational that was offered 10 tickets for €5,900. This isn’t new. It’s gone on every time. Feel free to email them yourself on behalf of a business and you’ll get your reply. What they cannot flog at exorbitant prices, they’ll return to the clubs via a second allocation and will expect a nice pat on the back from the clubs.

  127. @ Stephen: no the ST website is not active.

    Below is part of an auto-reply I got during the week.
    Indicates we could see it back towards the end of this year.

    “The Season Ticket website is currently offline. We will relaunch the Season Ticket website when we offer Season Ticket renewals.  
    All Email change requests will be completed.  

    We hope to return to the full use of Season Tickets for the 2022 Season. Once we know more regarding this and renewals, we will be in touch with all Season Ticket holders. All 2020 Season Ticket holders will be given the option to renew their Season Tickets.  “

  128. Are tickets still being distributed through the week? Because I applied from my club, I know some who have got tickets on Monday and some yesterday. What’s the story with ticket distribution from clubs?

  129. Mayo Man it seems to vary by club.

    I know we are still nine days out but nearly every potential ticket avenue is already exhausted here. I have one lead left and it’s hanging by a thread. Starting to dawn on some of us now that after all the years, miles, heartbreak and hoarseness that we’ll be outside the gates on the biggest day of all.

  130. Anne-Marie…most times when I get a ticket it’s at the 11th + hour. Don’t give up. It’s not time to panic yet.

  131. WIN All Ireland Final tickets for a fiver!
    Enter the draw for €5 now and you are in with the chance to win a pair of spectacular seats at this year’s All Ireland Football Final between Mayo and Tyrone on 11th September 2021!
    Plus entry raises funds for the vital purchase of a new pontoon needed to hold the Malahide Sea Scouts rescue boats that help keep all the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts safe when out on the water.
    Last Entry for the Draw is midnight on Wednesday 8th September or if the 1,500 limited entries sell out sooner, so don’t delay ……
    To enter go to: bit.ly/AllIrelandTicketDraw
    Good luck & remember -if you’re not in you can’t win!

  132. Anne-Marie – that is sadly the reality for a lot of us now and it is hitting home this evening. It will be a bitter pill to swallow if I don”t get to go to the final. Its particularly galling to see the county board selling off tickets for huge prices. How is that fair or right for the ordinary Mayo fans? We supported the training fund last December, brought tiles, etc.

  133. 2 hops, if we were at 80,000 capacity I wouldn’t be losing any sleep. I’m afraid this year will be different.

  134. Micheal Glaveys Gaa Club have 2 Tickets to win at €10 per Raffle Ticket the target is to raise €5000 about €1000 raised so far
    And Ballyhaunis Club you have a chance to Win a People Carrier in January but if you buy this week you are entered into a draw for 2 Tickets
    Raffle tickets priced at €25 but discount for say 3 tickets at €70

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