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I’d say most of us breathed a collective sigh of relief on Sunday evening at the news that the latest round of club championship activity hadn’t brought in its wake another clutch of injuries to members of the county panel. We’re still not out of the woods in that respect, though, as there’s one more round of club action scheduled for the weekend after next so we could yet be faced with further injury concerns this side of the Connacht final. Or not, as the case may be.

The Mayo News has a piece today by Mike Finnerty on the injury situation – here. The headline on this report claims that the weekend brought “mixed injury news” but in actual fact Mike is reporting on injuries that were already known about before the club matches were played at all.

Mike states that neither David Clarke nor Keith Higgins – both of whom came off against Roscommon with hamstring injuries – played at the weekend and that Alan Dillon, who looked well off the pace against the Rossies but played the full seventy minutes that day, didn’t appear for Ballintubber either.

Mike also states that Cathal Freeman, Chris Barrett, Cillian O’Connor and Michael Conroy all played no part in their respective clubs’ matches but he mentions that the latter was listed as a sub in Davitts’ clash with Crossmolina, a development that raised some eyebrows. Indeed, Mickey C had to go onto Twitter to explain that when he’d earlier tweeted that it was “great to be back involved in championship” this involvement only went as far as taking part in the warm-up.

Players who were out injured up till now but who, according to the above report, did feature at the weekend included Jason Doherty, Evan Regan, Barry Moran, Danny Geraghty, Brian Gallagher and Andy Moran. Andy made his first club appearance in almost a year last Sunday and notched 1-2 from play for Ballagh in their win over Garrymore.

Overall, then, the news from the weekend’s club action is way more positive than negative. With a number of players having already returned to action and others – notably Michael Conroy and Cillian O’Connor – likely to be ready to rejoin the fray come August, the panel seems to be getting stronger just as the knockout phase of the championship starts to come into view. That can’t be a bad thing.

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  1. Things are cooking along nicely. Getting almost everyone back for the final will give the management an approtunity to give valuable match time to the returning injured players and also some of the fringe players. Without being disrespectful to both Leitrim and London (who after backing them to win last Sunday will be hoping they finish the job this Sunday) the Connaught final should be the easiest of the 3 games we will have played in Connaught this year. Therefore, we have a great approtunity to try a few different things tactically and also to give the fringe players experience and game time which I think is crucial on 2 fronts. Firstly, it is their reward for all the sacrifice and commitment to the squad because they will have trained as hard as the first-teamers but not received the honour of actually playing. It will also allow them to challenge for a starting position for later in the year. Secondly, as I have said here before, we will need a fully fit SQUAD, i.e.25 + players, to win this thing and it will benefit us if as much of that squad as possible is as experienced as possible so when they are called into the fray they are not only ready but composed and experienced enough to do the job.
    A timely aside what with all the talk of London and New York, New York have sent their U16 ladies over to play Castlebar Mitchels tomorrow evening in McHale Park at 7pm. Mitchels were over there last summer for a tournament and this is the return leg, if you like. Looking for as much support as possible so if you are around Castlebar by any chance tomorrow evening and you have a few minutes to spare, stick your head in for a look.
    H’on Mayo.

  2. I hope you are right Pebblesmeller (great mame btw)

    I am a little worried that so many players need treatment and that they will not be up to the pace later on. Andy is the big plus but frankly while I have hope for Dillon I cannot see Barry or Michael Conroy getting back in. I believe while Jason may get a run there are others who I would play ahead of him (even fit ) like Coen,Richie Feeney, etc. THats not to say he is not a good player- just think the style we are developing wont be enhanced by any great degree by his return. Cant see Barry getting up to speed in time and its a real pity about Michael C and Cillian.
    Can we win without them? That is the question and I believe we can with Andy and Dillon back.
    Think we will need a few breaks along the way though, a bit of fair play and boy do we need to work on the high ball to the full forward line early. Fed up of watchin Cooper and Murphy and others have a field day there.
    Interesting but I wonder what would be our best 15 if everyone was fit? Hypothetical I know.

  3. Q/Final team: Clarke, Cunniffe, Caff, Higgins, Keegan, Vaughan, Boyle, A O’Shea, S O’Shea, McLouglin, C O’C, Dillon, Moran, Freeman, Mickey C.

    Feeney for C O’C and Varley for Conroy if they don’t make it for Bank Holiday weekend. B Moran doesn’t have the mobility for Croker. Great sub to have though.

  4. I guess the fact that we have so many options/selection headaches is really a very good sign & shows the progress we are making in building a really strong side.
    It could be that our B side may currently rate as the second best team in Connacht.
    When our B side gets close to being the second best team in Ireland that’s when we’ll eventually get our hands on Sam.
    It’s no co-incidence that the Kilkenny hurlers often had their most serious challenges in training from their own B side.
    The biggest concern I have is the current form of Alan Dillon whom I thought was very sluggish against the Rossies and worryingly didn’t play at all in the club championship on Sunday.
    He looks like he needs some serious game time at this stage.
    I would have similar though lesser concerns about Andy Moran.
    There is no doubt in my mind that we are going to need a serious contribution from those two come August.

  5. I agree that we need to have high ball into ff line as an option to use, who would you have in there to claim and hold the ball?
    I think freeman, Andy and all are worth using but I really think that Barry Moran on the edge of the square being fed with high ball would be a great option, if only for a spell of the game. He can win it himself by shear size and give it off or turn and shoot. We really need an option of size up there or else we” ll be dissappointed again. Goals needed, especially against the top teams.

  6. It is beginning to get interesting.

    Unless I am way off the mark Kildare will give Dublin a fright this weekend and might even beat them. That would throw cat among the pigeons with Tyrone and Down and maybe Cavan still contenders along with Donegal,Cork and Kerry.

    I think that Andy Moran will start in August with hopefully Dillon too. O Connor is outside chance -cant see the others getting a run. Richie Feeney brings a lot to the team and I would have him in ahead of Carolan and Varley (and M.Conroy and J.Doherty) and this stage.

    Now you wont win an All Ireland without managing injuries and that is essential for James. You CANNOT play unfit players even if the temptation is great. This means match fitness as well as physical fitness.

    I think he should go with the 15 fittest players available to him and I doubt that will include many of those injured now.

    Cafferkey seems to have an underlying injury too not to mention Clarke. Hate to say it but our year may well depend on injuries and their management.And before club players go mad , I think playing another round of the championship borders on lunacy.Do we want more injuries- And no football is not all about the club- thats just nonsense- It is club and county and the club should give way this time if we are to be sensible.

  7. I think it is certainly worth looking at postponing the club championship nearer the quarter-final stage. 2 years ago Dublin parked their club championship because of their commitment to the county senior squad and allowed the players focus totally on the All-Ireland. The result was Dublin winning Sam. Last year Donegal did likewise and had the same result. I understand and agree that the GAA is first and foremost about the club scene and that without the clubs there would be no county. However, when you consider how close we are now to actually winning the fucking thing, it surely cannot be beyond us to at least look at and debate the issue. If Mayo were where they were 5 or 6 years ago in terms of ability, potential and chances of winning, I would not even argue the point but we are in with such a chance of success that we have to do everything we can to help.

  8. Kevin K was brilliant on Sunday outfield for this club.Playing at midfield he was class

  9. Agree with most of the posts above. I think it’s total madness to play another bout of games in two weeks time. We have enough injury headaches as it is because of the club championship. The big counties will not allow this happen – Dublin, Donegal, Clare (hurling) are prime examples. The All Ireland quarter final (on the presumption we will get there) will be a massive match and we will need everyone on board for that game. It’s looking dicey already for Conroy, O’Connor, Barry Moran for then – any more injuries and that could be curtains.
    I also fear that Barry Moran and Conroy might not make it back in time this year. They are both confidence players who need matches behind them. If they’re not back playing soon, one would have to suspect that they will not regain the form necessary to get back in.

  10. Have to agree with HoransBrigade.Postpone the matches…delay…refix….not get rid of!
    Also Conroy and Barry and maybe others will be unlikely to get up to speed.Would like to see Coen get a good match…v Leitrim or London?

  11. Only 1st round of Dublin SFC played so far, whcih was about 5/6 weeks ago.
    2nd round will not take place until Dublin are out.

  12. Imagine the team we’d have if all our players were 100% fit – we’d be like the Lions with serious competition for positions. It’s a testament to JH, the big squad we have built up. It’s great to see the players we have coming back to fitness and contending for a place on the team.

    It is so hard to win an AI, there absolutely is an element of luck involved with the likes of injuries for example. Having a big squad helps absorb some of this pain.

    @CoolHandLuke I agree it would be v interesting if Kildare bet Dublin but I can’t see it myself.

  13. Think kildare have a chance but only a chance. Donegal look vunerable. Butstill hard to beat.
    Cork/kerry are still in long grass but living on reputations.
    Down are still a threat and will take a scalp yet.
    We are motoring nicely and think we are better team than last year. Who else is improved as much as us?
    Have to remember our age profile is very low. More to come from this mayo team.
    Think it will come down to ourselves,dublin, cork and maybe donegal if they can keep riding there luck. Dont like their style or football terrorism. One injury to murphy or mcfadden and………

  14. Remember too that we have really only beaten Roscommon in this championship because Galway just were like us against longford in 2010, no heart by most of the players.
    We will meet some strong team at quarterfinal time, Kildare? Tyrone? Cork? Kerry?
    Any of them are a lot tougher than what Mayo will have hammered in the province.
    Jh will need luck and a full panel to win the last 3 games after Connacht final. I think they can win it out but decisions on the line and players not being injured will be 2 big parts of it. Cillian o Connor being at cf is a major factor, and conroy in the corner too.
    Maybe Coen or somebody will come in and blow us all away? That’d be nice. Us having the weapons for a change.

  15. Kildare aren’t worth a shite lads, expect them to beaten by 6+ minimum on Sunday. We played them off the park in a challenge match the week before the Roscommon game.

    How much of a concern is Dillon, Sean Burke?

  16. I completely agree with Alf stewart above regarding kildare mayo would hammer them good to see Andy scoring for ballagh

  17. These injuries really are a worry.
    A few years ago you might have got away with playing at 70-80% fitness, but not now. The game is so physically and mentally demanding on players that you really need to be near 100% to play.
    I’ve almost resigned myself to only seeing B Moran, COC, Mickey C, Barrett and Doherty play bit parts for the rest of the year. That’s on top of A Moran and Dillon in particular still trying to work their way back to full match fitness.
    It’d testimony to the depth of this squad that we are still cruising along. Let’s just hope nothing else goes wrong between now and August (and hopefully beyond).

    Did anyone see that comment in the Indo today about Mayo and Kildare playing a “full blooded” challenge match down in Cork on Fota Island recently. What the hell is all that about?? Apparently Kildare won the game.

  18. Lot of confusion there lads on whether we beat Kildare in challenge or they beat us?
    Be nice if we had a few facts to back it up eh?
    I think Kildare will be no pushover given the stage theyre at in their development and given that I think Dublin are not the real done. Certainly wouldnt dismiss them like others but we will soon know. Hopefully we can beat either of them. Think you called it right,David.

  19. Normally I would favor the club championship going ahead in parallel with the county but with the situation as it is I think it is too risky. Having all our key men available is essential and I am allowing for the fact that injuries can also happen in training.

  20. As someone who lives in Kildare i can tell u that there is very little hype and even less expectation. i would like to c that Dublin full back line really tested but unless the lilies clone johnny Doyle it is likely the Dubs will win out but it could be tight. Cavan v Monaghan which of them would give Donegal the best match? if Down had a few decent forwards they would have won considering the huge amount of ball they won off Donegal in the tackle. Anyhow good weekend of football ahead and we will know by the end of it who we are playing in CF and where.

  21. Cool hand luke, talking to a guy who was on the pitch for Mayo during the game, he was fairly clear that we won, and won pulling up. Almost full strength Kildare too.

  22. I dont know where the comments re. Barry not coming back are coming from because whoever made them must not have noticed that he togged v cavan and ros and is back training so id imagine he will be back for connacht final and after the two o’sheas performance in breaffy last sunday he might well be needed! Still 3 and a half weeks to connacht final so loads of time for andy and barry to get their fitness up

  23. Alf Stewart, you are correct. It was full-blooded and we did win handy enough.

  24. Mayo beat Kildare well in that challenge game and both teams had relatively full teams out.

    I’m still bothered about Alan Dillons injury situation. There are guys in here going on about his match fitness and how he needs games. That’s a load of bull because he is struggling with injury and i can’t fathom why he wasnt taken off early in the Ros game when we clearly were going to win the game. Alan had a v good game against Galway yet he was withdrawn with about 15 mins left to rest him. Yet against Ros he plays the full 70 mins when he was clearly struggling after half time and we were giving them a good hiding. It’s very puzzling.

    We don’t have the quality in my opinion to replace Dillon, Mcloughlin, Cillian, Ger Caff, Higgins and Andy Moran as last years all Ireland final proved when andy was out. Sure we have good lads to come in who will give their all and pay well against weak teams but it’s crucial to wrap your best guys in cotton wool and if they are struggling in a game, for Gods sake take them off before the injury can be further aggravated. We need our top guys firing on all cylinders for August and if anyone is a slight doubt for the Connacht final, they should be risked and left out altogether and others given a big opportunity to stake a claim and impress.

    It is good however to see Barry Moran, Doherty, geraghty, andy Moran, gibbons and Barrett etc playing well with their clubs and challenging for positions. Some of the above guys can make a big impact if our best players are struggling with injuries. I hope the injury list is cleared in the next 6-7 weeks and our best players are back firing in all cylinders. That’s when we need them most!

  25. The management of recently injured players is a crucial issue for us going forward into August as is hopefully the avoidance of further injury to other players.
    I am thinking of the likes of Alan Dillon, Cillian O’ Connor, Michael Conroy and Andy Moran. These are all forwards & we are going to need significant contribution from all or most of these guys in August otherwise we are going to be a bit light upfront.
    I do have question marks over the initial handling of Dillons and O’Connors injuries. It is impossible for Dillon to rest a groin injury on one hand and achieve match fitness on the other hand. Has he not been resting it for virtually the entire League campaign to no avail ? It is difficult to see how this conundrum can be solved now so close to August.
    O’Connor & Conroy stand a better chance because fitness can be maintained much more easily with shoulder injuries. Conroy and Moran have received appropriate treatment and are working their way back as well as could be expected.

  26. Dillon was brought on in the league game against Tyrone when it looked like mayo werent going to get a result and that antagonised the injury. So he wasnt rested, he was actually just injured and in the meantime away from football trying to do all be could to get himself right and into the best shape he could be.

  27. Kildare is all hype based on the need to sell papers/get viewers, McGeeney has done allrigh with an average bunch of footballers through fitness and organisation, but the bottom line is they don’t have enough quality players.
    For the last few years the media, who know nothing anyway until everyone else knows it blow them up to be something they are not.

  28. Alf Stewart says:
    June 26, 2013 at 8:54 pm
    Kildare aren’t worth a shite lads, expect them to beaten by 6+ minimum on Sunday. We played them off the park in a challenge match the week before the Roscommon game.

    Mayo 2-16 Kildare 0-21 was the score of that challenge game. A few weeks before the Mayo v Ross game Kildare bet the rossies 23-7 looks like they carried the challenge form into championship.

    I didn’t hear about recent Kildare v Mayo game strange that they would play the same team twice?

  29. mayomagic:

    I wouldn’t mind the score, we took foot off the pedal for the last 20 mins and made a huge amount of changes and switches by all accounts.

    I’ll be astounded if Kildare get close to Dublin on Sunday. They way they set up suits the Dublin system down to the ground.

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