Update on Lee and Cillian injuries

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As has already been mentioned some clarity is emerging about the severity of the injuries suffered last Sunday by both Cillian O’Connor and Lee Keegan. Mike Finnerty touches on this in a piece in the Mayo News (here) while there’s also an article in the Irish Mirror today (here) covering much the same ground about the two lads. RTÉ even managed to rouse themselves from their slumbers to give the injured duo a mention in the sports bulletin on Morning Ireland earlier on.

Before anyone starts doing cartwheels around the kitchen, though, at the news that things aren’t as bad as the initial wild rumours might have suggested, it’s worth noting that it’s still far from clear exactly how long either of them will be out. Mike Finnerty’s piece cautions that both players were due to undergo MRI scans yesterday to assess the extent of their injuries. There’s no word yet what these screenings showed.

Cillian’s injury, clearly, is the less concerning one. Providing it’s not a serious hamstring tear he should be back in training well before the Galway game and rearing to go on 13th May. Even if it is a more significant pull he should still be able to make the game, though his involvement in training leading up to it might have to be curtailed.

Lee, though, is a different matter altogether. If it is a dislocation – and that’s what it appears to be – then this is potentially a whole truckload of trouble for him, given the high danger of the shoulder popping again. Recall that Cillian suffered two dislocations in the summer of 2013 and eventually, after it happened a third time later that year, had to undergo surgery to sort the problem.

Even then, surgery isn’t an ideal fix. For a combative performer like Lee, a player whom you can be sure will now be targeted in this area every time he takes the field, this injury can only be seen as very bad news.

Will he be okay for Galway? Impossible to tell at this junction, though you’d have to say it’s doubtful. In one sense, this might be okay, as Lee tends to get better as the summer progresses. On the flip-side, though, the thought of not having the option of dispatching Damien Comer to Keegan Island for the afternoon of 13th May is a worrying one. Galway will, for sure, fancy their chances better if Lee isn’t lining out for us then.

Billy Joe Padden makes the point in his column in this week’s Mayo News (here) that the injuries to the two lads, whom he describes as our two most important players (an assertion that’s hard to argue with), will undercut our aim of “being ready to produce a match-winning performance” against Galway. Getting the lads fit for two months time is one thing but their loss on the training ground in the interim is something that can’t be made good ahead of 13th May and that’s sure to impact how we perform on the day.

That’s all, I know, a bit depressing (unless you’re a lurker from across the border) but it is how it is.

Just to finish on a brighter point, though, if you could flick back for a minute to the first piece linked above you’ll see Mike mentions that Chris Barrett played an hour of club football last Saturday in his first match back after the knee surgery he underwent before Christmas. The All-Star Belmullet man would be a great addition to the squad for Sunday and if Stephen Rochford could persuade Keith Higgins to leave down that oul’ hurl this weekend too that would be a further boost to our chances of getting a result in Ballybofey.

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  1. At the end of last year we all said we had 17 or 18 players capable of living with the dubs and we needed a few more. That was assuming we held onto the 18. We had no major injuries last year. We now have a squad that are a year older, and are seen as very much there to be taken out. Time to circle the wagons, accept the fallout if we are relegated and get heads down for Galway. But time waits for no team and we must lower expectations as this great team reaches the end of its journey.

  2. Well it could be worse. Here’s hoping both make good recoveries. In reality we need players to step up, the top teams have all lost players in the past. Paddy Durcan has been heading on the same trajectory as Lee so hope he takes on that extra leadership he has been showing signs of for the last year and early league games.
    Cillian hasn’t had the fear factor where he could kill teams with goals of a few years now, I would like a replacement but none yet match his work rate though maybe Adam Gallagher as Loftus struggles to win ball as does Regan.

  3. Worst possible news on Lee
    Was hoping it was “only “ a broken collar bone
    With his style of play a dislocated shoulder has the potential to be an ongoing problem

  4. I’m surprised there’s not a lot more made of the terrible tackle the Tyrone no9 made on Lee. He’s a big lad and the way he jumped in with a leading elbow left one in no doubt his intentions.

  5. If that picture is not motivation for everyone to step up don’t know what is … wishing Lee & Cillian speedy recoveries …. positive vibes etc …

  6. Best of luck to both the lads – fingers crossed a speedy recovery.

    Massive game on the weekend for us – I’d agree with others that continued Div 1 status is well worth the effort. For the younger players pushing through it’s got to be the case that the best experience is gained against the top teams. I’d have full belief in Stephen and the wider management team in terms of selection – if players are not getting time on the field hopefully at least it’s showing the standard of the starting 15 they’re aspiring to match.

    Does really show the amount of effort these lads are all putting in for us – very much looking forward to getting my first live performance of the season under the belt in May!

  7. Damn it. Get well soon to them both.
    We need Higgins back ASAP in training and hopefully a few others will step into the picture in a strong manner for the Galway game. That particular game is a big one, lose it and I think it will end away to the likes of tipp or cork in July. Win it and Connaught is likely.

  8. That’s not too bad a news about Lee Keegan being back in six weeks. It was fairly obvious to those nearby that it was a dislocation and I was convinced that we had seen the end of him for 2018. We’ve had a few dislocated shoulders in the last few years and it took a lot longer than six weeks for the players to recover. Mind you all of them required surgery. Here’s hoping!

  9. Whatever about football, Lee and Killian, Look after your bodies. You’ve done more than you share for Mayo.
    True fans will echo my sentiments I am sure. If you are back for summer…grand. If not, let there be another time.
    Your body is the only one you’ve got and nobody wants you to have problems later on in life. You don’t deserve that.
    All the best. Up Mayo.

  10. I dont know what to make of that. Seems a bit up in the air yet. Keegan is irreplaceable for championship.

  11. I’d agree with Up Mayo and add that Lee and Cillian shouldn’t be rushed back no matter who we are playing it will only backfire in the long term. Tho I think Management and the medical team won’t rush them back.

  12. Do we know how long of a ban the Tyrone lad got for doing that to Keegan? Maybe 6 months?

    Someone said yesterday he got no ban at all. Wouldn’t surprise me if he got away with it.

    He should be out of the game until Lee plays again. At least.

  13. Without Keegan and Cillian at full throttle for May, our chances are dented significantly. They are both reliable and constant sources of scores, Cillian especially from the dead ball. They might play on the day, but there’s no way that they can reasonably be expected to be 100%.

    So let’s see what happens when all the excuses about it being only the league, about sand on the pitch, about referees, about half the team based in Dublin etc. are out of the way and we have to stand up and be counted.

    While Mayo in May have been a different animal to Mayo in August in recent years, the new championship structure means we don’t really have that leeway anymore. Losing for a third successive time to Galway would, in the worst way, symbolise a changing of the guard in Connacht. But failing to make the Super 8s would be catastrophic for Mayo football – present and future.

    Rochford will earn his corn this year, that’s for sure.

  14. A speedy recovery to both players. Lets all support Mayogaa lotto as this supports injured players. It was a deliberate foul as the Tyrone players clearly took out Leroy. The Tyrone manger did not think that it merited a card! Thetefore it is of paramount importance that such a fund exist to support our injured players. WJOE please put up the link.
    Lets get behind foireann Mhuigheo De Domhnaigh agus le cunadh De beidh an bua againn. Bigi le foireann Mhuigheo i gconai

  15. If we are been fair and calling for the Tyrone player to be banned for six months – then the Boyler should also be suspended for six months. His late tackle was just as dangerous and left the Tyrone player with a very serious leg injury.

  16. Very difficult for the two lads. It must have a huge impact on the rest of their lives aswell. Dont forget these are amateurs . We were lucky with injuries last few years so it was inevitable one or two would happen.
    You can never write off this team but you would have to think relegation is likely on Sunday. Also Galway must be favourites for May 13th. We should make super 8’s but I would not be shocked if We didn’t. But it’s a long time till July and these amazing team have amazing resilience

  17. You could always tog our yourself Davy J and give up your evenings and your life and try out for the panel if you are fed up of all the “excuses”

  18. We have a lot of luck, and it’s all been bad! Here’s hoping the worm turns at some point soon.

  19. I said it in the run up to the Tyrone game… Not knowing that two players would be seriously injured, one from either side… That some Red Cards are worse than other’s… Both players who made reckless and dangerous tackles should be sanctioned severely…. The GAA has a duty of care to its players… In the game of Basketball foul play, does not pay… With Free throws punishing the team of the offenders… This won’t happen of course… But it would certainly take some of the dangerous play out of games… If a penalty was awarded after every straight red card, a 21 meter free after every black or yellow card….. I was right beside the big hit on Lee Keegan on Sundays, it still gives me the shivers… If similar had happened in the Six Nations, the offending player would get a very serious sanction from World Rugby, if the Referee missed a serious transgression, there is a ‘Citing Officer’ & retrospective action would be taken… After every match, there will be a winner or a loser, apart from the draws…. One cyicinal team will force its opposition to be equally cyicinal… And that’s something that we in Mayo know plenty about, given the amount of Red Cards received by our opponents in this year’s league so far.. A few weeks ago RTE showed the highlights of the Tipperary Roscommon game…. Roscommon won the match, but without the cynicism of some of the Div 1 game’s,.. Neither did Tipperary indulge in foul play either…. With the professional level of training nowadays, it takes year’s to make a county team, and the nutrition, the supplements…. Player’s are becoming stronger, faster and more endurance… But some day, someone will be killed or paralysed…. Then we will all be sorry but then it will be too late!

  20. Davy J

    It is catastrophic for any side that does not make the super 8s – because teams that regularly make the super 8s will open a bigger and bigger gaps against those not in it all the time.

    Interestingly i had the good fortune to meet Paudraic Duffy at an event recently – i would firstly say he was an absolute gentleman. When I put it to him the super 8s were a terrible idea because it would the make the stronger stronger and the weak weaker he cited the example of Monaghan (no matter what our position we are all still fans!) and how they have failed to progress once they get to croker – “how much would the super 8s bring them on” – if they make it regularly i would suggest quite a bit. He failed however in my view to consider the corollary – if monaghan dont’ make the next few super 8s how much will it set them back relative to the competition? You can be sure Dublin, Kerry and couple of more will be in the super 8s every year….if more games at this level is what brings teams on then how is this going to level the playing field one iota for all the rest that are drinking pints from mid-June or playing football in Boston by July?

  21. Whatever about Cillian, I would sooner have gotten hammered by 30 pts and have a fit Keegan than what happened to Lee last Sunday. Keegan is the one true great we have that ALWAYS produces in the biggest of games. When the stakes are at their highest and the room for error is minimal, Keegan always delivers.
    Connolly, Kilkenny, Sean Cavanagh, the list goes on. All have been tied up, frustrated and completely nullified in big games when Keegan has been deployed. His loss is immeasurable.
    We will have to plan for Galway without him because even if he is back training by then, it would be too big a risk to throw him in. No matter what our situation is by then.

  22. Exactly Cantini. Even if May 13th goes wrong for us, we absolutely have to make the Super 8s, and make them regularly, to stay at the top table – because as you said, that will effectively become the elite competition from here on, and anyone who’s not in that top 8 will just fall behind.

    Mind you, I doubt that that scenario is the overall motivation behind its creation – my guess is that it’s a first attempt at a radical overhaul of the All-Ireland championship, which may eventually see a two-tier competition, or a dropping of provincial championships, or both.

  23. @Leantimes. I would agree with every word there.

    About the changing of the guard. Maybe it’s true galway are improving and they are and they have beaten us a couple of times, but when we do the analysis. Roscommon bet galway by 9 and we bet roscommon by 16. That’s not years ago that’s months ago.

    Let’s try and get ourselves fit and healthy and if we can do that which is going to take a bit of doing we might find out that that the old guard aren’t as obliging as everyone is predicting.

    Best wishes to the injured players and I hope yea make a full and healthy recovery.

  24. Best wishes to the 2 lads and speedy recovery. They will be let back when they are ready and not a day before I am sure. If this team is going full tilt for a Connacht quarter final in May then our biggest problem is not who will be missing or who will be available. The Championship starts in August or thereabouts. Roscommon will most likely get 2 in a row no matter who is winning a quarter final in May. Its all down to the draw and it favored Roscommon and not Mayo or Galway. Time to think strategically about the summer.

  25. Biggest concern about C O Connor is the amount of injuries he’s picking up, still only 25 but must have the body of a 35 year old with all of the mileage on the clock and heavy hits he has taken since he was a teen. On Keegan thats the second serious injury he has got and you would have to wonder can he fully recover from them?

    In good news Boyle and Moran available for selection for Sunday’s crunch game when both could easily be suspended a lucky break that may well keep Mayo in division one I feel.

  26. I’ll tell you Davy J – the day a two tier competition is introduced….you can fold up the tent.

    At least 50% of GAA fans will switch off county football – and I’ll be one of them.

  27. Someone previously said damn it if Lee and Cillian have serious injuries, I say fuck it. Mayo went through a long run last year with practically no injuries during the championship, they were very lucky considering the huge number of games.
    As regards the Donegal game, we will see what the players and management are made of, my tactic would be to keep ball as much as possible, add a fast fullback, to be able to beat his marker for any quick counter Donegal attack, Higgins is badly needed for this one. Time for the forwards to take responsibility and have the balls to shoot on target when within 45 metres of the Donegal posts. I hopeAidan O Shea really steps up, but he will need alot of assistance.

  28. I see all the top guns back for donegal it’s up on donegal daily if anyone wants a look

  29. Mayo diehard..I would but I’m lying in dark room for a while after reading about the boys’injuries..

  30. It was a heavy challenge but to be fair to the guy it was the hospital pass from Parsons that created the situation. Speedy recovery to both lads. We have an almighty scrap on our hands next weekend to stay up and an even bigger one on May 13th. Keep the faith folks

  31. Right, the 2 boys are out for Sunday and more than likely May 13th. IMO this our strongest possible team for the “Cup Final”. An s.o.s needs to be sent to Keith to give us a dig out..
    1. Hennelly (45’s could be crucial)
    2. O’Donohue
    3 Higgins/Coen
    4. Crowe
    5. Durcan
    6. Boyle
    7. Drake
    8. Parsons
    9. Seamie
    10. McGloughlin
    11. Aidan
    12. Diarmuid
    13. Jason
    14. Andy
    15. Loftus

    I’d start Loftus instead of Gallagher for free taking purposes, but he needs to up his aggression big time and win his own ball. He has great ability, but Gets knocked off the ball far too easily. Gallagher could be a good impact sub, along with Nally. I’d be trying the odd route one ball into Aido now again….it worked in ‘15 coukd work again.

  32. Just saw Atlantic Rhythym video on facebook outside Croke Park today with their Mayo jerseys playing and dancing. Jez some mighty days and heartbreak at that place. Am still not right after that hit on Leeroy on Sunday. Both his and Cillian’s loss are huge.

  33. I listened to that podcast redcol… If I wasn’t pessimistic about mayo football already, I certainly am now 🙁

  34. Brady did come out with one great line though… Paddy Durcan has scored more from play in the league than any of our forwards.

    It’s completely false of course but it sounds great on a national podcast.

  35. Thanks willie Joe my other halfs brother used to play for donegal but the other half and my kids wear the mayo top with pride so I hope and pray for mayo two turn up and play for there life’s I will be there with the mayo flag I am going for a draw but would love the win

  36. Brady’s the worst pundit in the country. He’s an embarrassment. Wouldn’t waste my time listening to him. The Paddy Durcan example above is an absolute classic example of his nonsense.

  37. What did Brady have to say, his hearts in the right place no matter what he said , a genuine supporter imo albeit a tad daft at times. We are probably all in the same boat as supporters ,nervous wrecks about this era ending. No sense me preaching to the faithful here but by fook ill be gettin behind them sunday .

    How is evan regans recovery going I wonder? We will most likely have to play Hennelly with Cillian out . I’d go for something completely off the wall in selecting team, barry moran, danny kirby in the ff line and hope for the best.sure it cant be any worse than the return we are getting from forwards at present .

  38. My team for Sunday, wouldn’t start Hennelly its too big of a game, I would let Jason Doherty take the long range frees

    1. Clarke
    2. O’Donohue
    3 Higgins
    4. Crowe
    5. Durcan
    6. Boyle
    7. Coen
    8. Parsons
    9. Seamie
    10. Mcloughlin
    11. AOS
    12. Doc
    13. Doherty
    14. Andy
    15. Loftus

  39. Keith Higgins is not the answer for sunday lads. The fella hasn’t kicked a ball in 6 months. It would be totally unfair to ask him to come in and expect him to do job.

    Still a 50/50 game on a Sunday regardless. The lads can still pull it off. Best of luck to the lads and safe travels to all.

  40. I’d be more optimistic than most. Ok last weekend was woeful but we always play better when our backs are against the walls. Donegal arnt exactly world beaters either. People have short memories.

    I love how everyone is talking up Galway, including allot on this blog. Keep talking them up, all Ireland champions in waiting. Let them come to Castlebar in May and we’ll salute them on their way. We’ll play the game first tho.

  41. Whatever we do we should play ultra defensive at the start and play our way into the match. Also it’s time for someone other than Cafferkey to play at FB.Maybe Coen with Boyle sweeping in front

  42. I wish both Lee and Cillian a speedy recovery and if they had to sit out 2018 and come back firing for 2019 so be it. I think even without Leeroy and Cillian we should still have the beating of Donegal if we get our tactics right as they are only at the level of Kildare at the moment from what I saw of them. The only worry I would have Is whether the injuries to such important players might impact on team morale. I was very downbeat after the game the last day but a mate from Kerry reckons Mayo must have been held back by their training programme because there is no way a team with players of that calibre can just suddenly be as atrocious as we seen last Sunday. Hopefully he’s right. It’s a pure sickener to have lost Lee but if we get Harrison, Higgins, Barrett and Paddy Durcan back with the added bonus of ODonoghue in the backs we should be ok in that department. The forwards are a much greater concern and that’s why it’s a partial blessing that Cillian’s injury is only a hamstring. May 13th – it’s still only one game and if we somehow manage to win it 2018 might not turn out too bad at all!

  43. I agree with you centerfield someone else like Coen needs to be tried at Full Back but I don’t agree that we should go ultra defensive. We need to start off fast like we did against the Rossies in last year’s replay and lay down a marker – that’s when we are best and it builds confidence for the rest of the match. As far as I can see we’ve been too defensive already this league. Time to throw the shackles off!

  44. I would definitely start Gallagher Coen and ODonaghue on Sunday.they are three guys likely to make an impact this year. Give Gallagher more responsibility, 11 jersey, he’s well up to it. AOS at midfield and track Murphy. We need big performances from the lesser players. I believe they are capable of a lot more, giving encouragement. How about naming the real panel early for a change and get supporters tuning in. Then again

  45. Caolan Crowe hasn’t put a foot wrong in the league and is completely unheralded for it.
    Not thought of as a full back option for example.

  46. If your a fringe player and with the injured duo. And more you are given your chance…you should be hopping for Sunday to come around.

    Character is a huge percentage in sport…tough an All as it may seem, can you grab the chance and stake your claim for a place in the team?

  47. We have scored the least, 81 and Donegal have conceded the second most, 113, one point less that Kildare, so their main weaknesses seem to be at the back at the moment. Kildare scored 3 goals against them. Our forwards should be getting more space in this game to do a bit more damage.

    Their scoring rates have dropped a lot too since the opening games especially without Paddy McBrearty. We are on -16 and they are on -17, in terms of points difference, so that just shows how close we are in terms of our positions at the moment. Its all to play for.

  48. We still have a good group of players to pick from for the weekend. The more the week goes on the more the haze from last weekend is lifting. I think we are well capable of winning. We just need to get a performance and we’ll be okay.
    I’d nearly have Aidan tracking Murphy if he decides to start roaming in around our full back line. I’d be very worried if they let a few high balls in to him.

  49. You might be right JP. He has started most of the league games(?) and been almost anonymous……which is a good thing in that position. He’s not setting the world on fire but he doesn’t need to. Big enough buck too from what I’ve seen.

  50. Mayo v Meath replay 96 is on Eir sport 1 Sky channel 423 now for those who might have interest in it.

  51. How good was Kevin Cahill at full back playing sum unreal stuff.how we could do with him now!!

  52. Agreed JP. These guys have to step up to the plate. They have to believe they can and it’s important the management show faith in them. Murphy well capable of being a match winner. Can’t see other than AOS matching up with him. Though AOS did look in the early part of Tyrone match that he was struggling with an injury.
    All I want out of this game is the new boys stepping up. At least we will have something to look forward to going forward.
    Remember too Donegal are at bottom of table. What are we setting out our stall defensively for? We have to believe we are way better than that and take the game to them.
    Lovely Irish from Oilean Acla. Keep the cupla focal going, you will educate us all. And of course there’s TG 4 for commentary.

  53. JP I agree with you on Crowe he has been consistent all the way through. I would start with a new FB . This team has form from past competitions, when the need is greatest they will show up. Keep the faith, be loud, and proud.

  54. The referee is Mr Nolan from Wicklow, and i believe he is a fair referee which is the best we can hope for.

  55. I’v seen a bit of Murphy and he looks to have lost a step in my view. I would think Crowe is best suited to marking him.

  56. Jp I hope you’re right but I know Michael very well he has lost a bit of weight and he is not slowing down I can tell you that much u will find out Sunday I would put AOS on him but its not only him we have two worry about Ryan mchugh and odhran niallais coming at us with speed we need one good back line

  57. I live the trip to the North East so I’m really looking forward to Sunday. You can’t beat a crunch do or die game! I’m actually confident of a win but I am also expecting a good performance, with everyone being really exciting again!

    Up Mayo!

  58. Have not been on since morning. Short lived relief. Depressing. 6 weeks was probably always too good to be true with dislocated shoulder. Regina, make room in the dark room for me please.

  59. That’s shit news about Leeroy, albeit not unexpected.

    I’d put Caolan Crowe marking Murphy if he goes full forward. Let Stephen Coen track him if he drifts outfield. Donegal wouldn’t be that strong in midfield so we should get a platform around there. It’s up to the forwards to do the business then.

  60. Leantimes
    Couldnt agree more. Spot on. It appears to me that teams are taking a more aggresive approach with Mayo and its paying dividends. How about giving Douglas a go on Sunday-he impressed me on Sunday? Feel Donegal are in false position as I thought they could have beaten Kerry even with 14 men.
    The injuries are depressing. Having suffered a dislocated shoulder myself, I believe the only real cure is surgery. If I was Lee I would bite the bullet and go for it straight away and aim to be back in 12 weeks if that is feasable? This could see him back in action by July. I think it would be a gamble worth taking and he could be ready for the business end of the season if we survive.
    I would blame the pitch for COCs and the leg break and that comes down to the crazy decision to play FBD games on a paddy field earlier in the year. Could those games not have been played in Crossmolina Ballina or Ballinrobe? Lesson learnt I hope-they could even have played Tyr game in Ballina to save McHale for May.

  61. Well at least Donegal’s most consistent and prolific forward McBrearty isn’t playing so that’s a very good piece of news. Now, if we can just keep Michael Murphy quiet..!!! A draw will do us so there should be big emphasis on defence. Hope Chris Barrett will be back to add much needed steel to the spine.

  62. Captains Log. Star date 2018. (How the blog actually works).

    Leantimes, MayoMark, PJMcManus, Sinead37 and Wide Ball sit chained in a cavern deep below Nephin.
    They have been captured and taken against their will by their slave master WJ.
    They work the keyboards feverishly under his watchful eye.
    He supervises them by hand, or more often than not by baton.

    WJ sips from his wine goblet and imagines his blog, yes, with a bigger readership than the New York Times.

    The beatings have been more severe this week following Mayo’s defeat at the weekend.

    “Leantimes” bellows WJ. “Where the f××k is the apostrophe”. WJ spells out apostrophe to Leantimes who receives a healthy whack of the baton to accentuate each letter.
    “A” Whack
    “B” Whack

    The faithful servants haven’t eaten all week. They had been spoiled the previous Sunday by WJ in his excited anticipation of the Tyrone match. Banana soup followed by custard with onions.

    -May he continued-

  63. Gutted for our two warriors, jesus will we ever get the rub of the green, and a bit of luck, it’s 1 thing after another, makes u wonder sometimes about the curse. and may the 13th is trying to break our spirits as well, we won’t show the white feather on Sunday,or on may the 13th either, our mighty men will dig deep, and that’s all we can ask, Lord knows they deserve a break.

  64. @Revellino,.. That’s exactly how it is, but I hear you rattling at those chains yourself…. Qué Séra Séra.. I start to type.. Before I get to ‘whatever will be, will be’… Not good enough, you have to be more inspirational than that, say’s my Slave Master.. And him with the goblet of wine… And our mutual Slave Master not worried about my thirst or hunger….’ ‘Astrophe’… Where us it…. Sure there it is say I. 14 word’s back just count. .. But where is the B in Astrophe?.. Say I.. Wait until I get my hand’s on Revellino says the Slave Master, for saying there was a B in Astrophe…. By the looks of it, none of us will get anything to eat or drink before Sunday… Well at least it’s Lent!

  65. Your right Leantimes, I’m after getting a whack for the B.
    A wrong letter = 1 whack but a comma in the wrong place gets a right good hiding.

  66. All the very best wishes to Cillian and Leeroy! Take care of yourselves, rest, take excellent medical treatment and stay positive! Know always you are loved by the Mayo fans as we think of you with great pride! May you also have some privacy as you face the recovery. Our thoughts and prayers for you both, we are concerned about your well being beyond the field!!!

  67. @Revellino… Genghis Khan is nothing compared to our Slave Master!… Hope that he dosent go back over my previous homework… With A’sthophe#s in the wron’g place all over the p’lace.. There won’t be enough skin left on my back to make a decent ‘Bohran’ out of me, if this keep’s up… I hope we get a win on Sunday….. If we don’t I’m making for the Hill’s.. Never taught it would get this bad!

  68. Do some of you comedians/writers/Gaa analysists bloggers never sleep?! Very upbeat to start the day. Loving it! Many of us are most definitely a slave to this wonderful blog. Now to read Breheny’s ‘lovely’ piece before I start work.

  69. Good morning all looks like Sunday will be d day I hope and pray we do it we need to stay up we need to keep the game tight do not let them get a few points up they will try to do a Tyrone on us we need to have plan b if things not working out they have a lot of young players so more the week goes on I am more hopeful but I taught after the Kildare game we are back just hope we are over the Tyrone game I know I am not still getting slagged off at work so hope Monday I will have the last laugh

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