Update on Tom’s injury

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The RTÉ sports bulletin on Morning Ireland had an update this morning on Tom Parsons’ injury and what Darren Frehill had to report wasn’t exactly uplifting. The RTÉ website now has a piece on this update as well – it’s here. There’s also an official statement from Mayo GAA – here.

As the article states, what befell Tom eight days ago has been described as one of “the most rare injuries in sport.” He underwent knee surgery at the Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry on Saturday but this operation, on the ligaments, was just the first of a number he’ll need to have on the knee over the next while.

By the sounds of that report, Tom remains positive and upbeat, despite the injury hammer blow he’s suffered. Acknowledging the many messages of support he’s received,  Tom again expressed his aim to get back into the county jersey once more in the future. As the report confirms, though, the road ahead for Tom will be a long and difficult one. All we can do – once again – is to wish him the very best for his recovery.

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103 thoughts on “Update on Tom’s injury

  1. It just so awful and unfair for Tom. Such a tough road ahead for him with further operations. And yet he is willing us on.

  2. This is such a personal tradegy for Tom.
    The effort this man and his wife have put in to playing for us can never really be appreciated.
    He was off the panel before and trained on his own while overseas to get back. Then being based in Dublin he has to travel West twice a week for training. I went through Dublin airport last September the week after the final and there he was waiting for a flight.
    All I can say is best wishes to him and when he returns I will be there for the standing ovation!.

  3. Very best of luck to Tom. It’s one step at a time but I’ve no doubt he’ll be back, because with these type of injuries the biggest limiting factor is the attitude of the individual concerned to the rehab required. Like Andy Moran and his injury, Toms attitude is top class and will allow him return as he progrsses through each step.
    On a related note, you’d wonder how much of an impact the pitch surface had on the injury? Whatever happens in 2018, this Craic of tearing up the pitch in January for a couple of Mickey Mouse matches should end for 2019. It’s a bit like farming – If you let you cattle ploughing the shite out of a field in the middle of winter, you’ll be waiting a lot longer to travel on it in spring & summer, no matter how good it is.

  4. Best of luck to Tom…. before he even thinks about playing any sport again, he needs to be sure he is recovered fully… he has a long life ahead of him outside of Mayo GAA so please god he can at least recover to be pain free and take it from there

    As a mater of interest.. are the same people on here saying they would love Tyrone, the same ones that were saying Galway would “meet a different animal this year”…”welcome to Hell Galway”… “there will be 15 Mayo men with hunger in their eyes” etc etc blah blah… If you look at this forum before the Galway game last year, it is the exact same rhetoric as before the Galway game this year… but same result..
    The fact of the matter is… if we met Tyrone at this stage, they would beat us out the gate… we are no good against a blanket on tight pitches and to think any different is delusional… and frankly just macho bullshit retoric…. Mark my words, if we get drawn against them for the 9th June, we can start planning our summer on the 10th of June…
    I am with Sean Burke from an earlier thread…as easy as possible please to help us get to the super 8’s…

  5. Best of luck to tom, its going to be a long road ahead to come back from an injury like this especially at the wrong side of 30 but if he puts his mind to it, im sure he will make a return, few players have put in the effort this man has for the county over the past few years.

  6. Best of luck to Tom
    My thoughts and prayers are with him. I hope football is the last thing on his mind as he learns to hopefully walk again and builds up his leg. Tom’s injury puts football And our quest for Sam into perspective. I honestly think if we meet Tyrone it will be curtains that might not be such a bad thing as we don’t seem to have a plan of attack or any idea to beat a blanket

  7. It might not be such a bad thing if we get Tyrone and lose?! That would surely be the worst thing.

    Best of luck Tom. A horrible thing to happen. It looks like it will be a long road ahead.

  8. Terrible news about Tom, next question is who will play midfield

    hopefully we don’t get tyrone in round 1

    when is the draw?

  9. It wouldn’t Mayo Mark the team looks jaded they had a terrible league. When you see the manager bring in not one but two rookie forwards against Galway that hadn’t played a minute in the FBD or League then you know your goose is cooked.

  10. Good luck to Tom. His general recovery is the most important thing at moment and then hopefully he will return in the green and red again one day . In regards to message about meeting Tyrone, it would be a huge concern to get them at this stage . Our preparations for this championship have been shambolic once again and we have no momentum at present due to the poor preparations in the league. Watching yesterday’s game was a worry, both teams look well ahead of us . Need a handy draw big time and hopefully start to get something going from there

  11. That is fair to a degree backdoorsam. I think our race is run for 2018 and we will fall to a decent motivated team unless there is dramatic improvement from everything we have seen the last two years bar last August and September.

    For me Stephen has overseen a lucky escape from relegation and a third defeat over Galway. There is not pattern or reason to many selections and he will need to move on at season end.

    However, we will fight on while we are still standing and hope we can get some form.

    As for Tom. That is shocking news. Talk of comebacks is premature. I am glad he sounds positive. If he can recover with no impact in his everyday physical wellbeing going forward that would be a fantastic outcome.

    Finally, there has been little mention of the awful surface on McHale Park last weekend. Walking on it afterwards it was a disgrace particularly up the middle. We need investment in this area. Roscommon have shown the way. It is a risk to players

  12. It’s never a good thing to lose . As supporters we have to remain upbeat to a point , that’s our job at games . There is no denying though this fine team can’t go on forever and we just don’t seem to have lads to replace them of the same calibre. Sometimes I try to be positive and think we have some great players like Diarmuid, Loftus , Paddy Durcan is young enough too, but how do we replace Higgins, Boyler, keegan, Parsons, Andy, Mcghloughlin they are all once in a lifetime players. Aido and Cillian are no spring chickens now either with some amount of mileage.

    My main concern is we go way back into the pack and some great counties with more winning tradition than ourselves have found themselves stuck there the last half dozen years or more with little to no hope of recovery in the foreseeable.

    That Galway game was massive for this year and it was targeted despite what some will tell you about August/Sept Mayo . The lack of ideas when moving the ball forward was shocking , the lack of willingness to go at the Galway defence was overwhelming. Maybe Galway are a great side and we will see that later on in the year . A repeat of 98 would rip the heart out of Mayo football, again the usual suspects will say that doesn’t matter but it does in reality.

  13. It will be a long road but Tom has shown before what he was prepared to do to get back in the Green and Red jersey!!
    The very best of luck to him on his recovery, … this is the worst side of the amuture game

  14. All the best Tom in ur recovery, if anyone can you can. You take it easy, and one step at a time, if u get back next year to defend the title, that would be fantastic. No rush, just get urself pain free, mobile, and healthy, we can wait as long as it takes to see u in action again, so take ur time. The sun shines for every mayo supporter, when u play Tom, no matter what the weather’s like. I have no doubt u will be back better than ever . plucking the ball from the.clouds, going on a solo run up the field, and poping it over the bar, or in th back of the net, and when ur good and ready, so will we to welcome u back.

  15. You do have to ask the question did the state of the pitch cause or contribute to his injury? We have a nice ground but the pitch needs investment badly.

    What options do we have in midfield in his absence?

    I agree that we need an easy draw in the qualifiers – all the way through if possible.

    The biggest issue with this team is up front. Our shooting against Galway was diabolical and more than anything else, cost us the game – we should have been out of sight!

    Irrespective of the opposition, team selections, tactics etc. ultimately if fellas cannot put the ball over the bar from 25 yards when unchallenged then you’ve a problem. The stark reality is that we have depended too much on AM and COC frees over the years.

    In light of the above why on earth weren’t a few young fellas given a chance in the league rather than continuing with the same few players?

    I’d like J Durcan, Hanley and Regan to start the next day- time for change!

    Have to ask should N Douglas not have been given more time?

  16. Because, Spotlight the youngsters mustn’t be up to it. If we risked them and went down what would happen then? And Douglas must be 28 at this stage.

  17. I’m broken hearted for Tom Parsons, if anyone ever doubted the link he creates in midfield take a look at our game against Clare last year when he had to come on, didn’t start but made are all the difference, when he did, get well soon young man and hope the pain is not too great to bear . As to back door jpurney , WELL when a game is in the melting pot and we take off forwards and bring on backs it’s pretty ominous from there, not just 2018 but in 2017 final, l look at Zippy Boyler just to name a few and they deserved Celtic crosses, were the best team and we can all have our own opinions of why they don’t have one, Maigheabu

  18. I wish you a speedy and a full recovery back to full health Tom. You are a gentleman and a credit to your family and County in the way you play the game as there are too many thugs playing the game. I know you would love to get back playing again and indeed we would all dearly love to see you back. However, I think it may be unwise as I’m sure the medical people will tell you, how such a serious injury may affect you into the future. Also, I know you work in Dublin as an Engineer and I hope the GAA will look after you financially as it is their moral duty to do so.
    The management that has failed Mayo and not the players. A great manager like Mickey Moran was fired after taking Mayo to the all Ireland in 2006. He was replaced by John O’Mahoney who was a disaster. He invited by text Ciaran McDonald for a fitness trial which was such an insult to the most naturally gifted footballer ever. James Horan also failed as he had a team good enough to win at least 2 All Irelands.

  19. A long road back for Tom and we all wish him the best.
    Does anyone know when the qualifier draw is?? Some potential tough draws there with Armagh/Tyrone/Cavan all in there. All of them teams will fancy their chances at home to us. I think it would be nice if the management could use Andy Moran off the bench or even rest him in a couple of games. A man of his age and with his injury history will find it hard to come through 7 games in 9 weeks or whatever it is.

  20. Bloody hell. Our goose is cooked now.

    Lads, ffs, we’ve lost a game. We’re in the qualifiers. This is not new for us at this stage.

    We have to stop doubting these lads.

  21. Wow! Talk about an upbeat outlook for the qualifiers.

    Lucky in the league? We’ve been lucky in the league since 2013, under 3 different managers, with some shocking defeats (Dublin, Tyrone, Kildare!, Derry, Donegal) under other managers.

    Stephen moving on? He has agreed to stay – with his management team – until 2020. The advantage of this, as he pointed out is that he can think long term rather than dodging bullets on a weekly basis when things don’t go right.

    We’re jaded, one dimensional, and have nothing new coming through? We’ve been howling all Spring to give fringe players a go. We introduce Hanley and Durcan and they are rookies from whom nothing could be expected. Vaughan should have been on, Harrison, Nally, you name them

    We lost to Galway for 2 simple reasons: discipline and shooting. If you lose a player against a blanket defence you are in big trouble. We were, but we made it look like a 15 against 15 game for a long time. But you can’t win hitting 12 wides and 3 scoreable frees. Management must take some responsibility for the free-taking fiasco, but on score taking we got ourselves into good positions and didn’t finish. Injecting greater pace may help here, but as Paul Galvin pointed out, perhaps we do clog up the space with too many backs going forward at times.

    Fact is we are back training just 3 months. The qualifiers give us an extra month to do the heavy lifting. Negotiating them – negotiating the first one – is tricky, but just get a win under the belt and that gives you lift off.

  22. I really don’t think Tyrone would be a good draw for us at this stage, although if we were to draw them I’d prefer to head for Omagh than play them in that Jonah of a home stadium we have. Nice trip to Waterford be just the remedy for players and supporters. With regards Rochford bringing on two rookie players, is no one asking why he had to accelerate the introduction of two lads onto the squad. Surely the obvious answer is because the lads already there were simply not good enough. You need to remember that in order for a forward to shine at training or in A vs B games, you need to be skinning an All Star back. That’s a Colm Boyle, Lee Keegan, Brendan Harrison, Chris Barrett, Brendan Harrison or Keith Higgins. All reports coming from the camp are that Durkin and Hanley are holding their own against these lads and if they can do that in their first season then you would have to think they’ll only get better with more games.

  23. Sorry if this has been answered before, but I’m having trouble finding out when the qualifier draw is to be made. Anyone know?

  24. Round One Qualifier draw is next Monday morning, 28th May at 08:30am. First round of the qualifiers will take place on the 9th of June 2018 at 17:00pm or 19:00pm.

  25. I think the draw is next Monday morning by which time the 16 teams in the hat will be known. Tyrone, Cavan, Waterford, Armagh, Wexford, Louth, Offaly, Wicklow, London, Mayo are there and the remaining will be decided by Sunday evening. The chances of getting Tyrone are 14/1.
    The winners of that round play the losers of the provincial semis which will prob include Leitrim and Sligo.
    The biggest problem Mayo will have will be the 5 matches in 5 weeks (assuming wins continue!) which will be last 3 rounds of qualifiers followed by 2 rounds of super 8s. They can afford to lose one match in the 8s but not the 1st match as this will against the other non-provincial winner. But one game at a time!

  26. Teams in the pot so far:


    Longford Meath

  27. Seamus Walshe, Did James Horan fail? He took a laughing stock from Pearse stadium Longford and turned them into one of the best teams in the county in less than two years. Horan most definitely did not fail, where would we be without him, playing league games v Meath, Derry etc.

    Rochford coming in for some harsh criticism, unfairly I would say. His squad was severely depleted all year due to injury, he simply didn’t have the time to get the team ready for a hard running game. While it wasn’t pretty to watch, he got his tactics fairly spot on v Galway, retain possession, move the Galway defence out of position and take the opportunity. But for some poor excution and the red card Mayo would have won. Parsons injury also a huge blow when the game was in the balance. Remember Mayo kept a very potent Galway forward unit to only 11 points going into injury time so must be doing something right.

    Those saying it would be better to Draw Tyrone and go out early, would ye cope on.

  28. Surely half the teams in the qualifiers will have the same scenario of the 7 games in 9 weeks.

    If Mayo were not playing these qualifiers they would still be training their asses off or playing tough challenge games anyway, so going through the qualifier route shouldn’t be much more taxing than any other route. Players much prefer to be playing matches than tough training slogs or playing tough challenge matches all over the country. The qualifier route might turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  29. Some people seem to be very negative here this morning. I’d rather avoid Tyrone at this point but I certainly wouldn’t be afraid to play them either. They were poor enough yesterday.
    A nice handy draw against the likes of Waterford, London or Antrim would suit us down to The ground right now.
    Anoraks here like MayoMark will already know this, but it’s worth noting we can only play Tyrone in rounds 1 & 3 of the qualifiers. Likewise all the other teams in the first round pot. If we get on a run of wins, the boys will probably not really train properly all for up to 8 weeks. People like Jason doc really played himself into all star contention last season via this method. It suits certain players, Andy Moran would be another. Players love games. Remember that.

  30. Best of luck Tom and your in our prayers for a successful recovery. All that matters is to think of yourself 1st now. Football and all Mayo will be there for you when you return.
    God bless you.

  31. Possible team for the next round. I’ve included their ages as the age profile of the team is made out to be worse than it actually is.

    David Clare(34)
    Eoin O’Donuhue(22) Chris Barret(31) Brendan Harrison(25)
    Paddy Durcan(24) Colm Boyle(31) Lee Keegan(28)
    Stephen Coen(23) SOS(31)
    Kevin Mc(29) Aido(27) Doc(28)
    Loftus(22) Cillian(26) Andy(34)

  32. Constantly brought up here and I see again today, excuses that sure we’re only back training, a few weeks, a month and now 3 months. Does anyone ever ask themselves why that is. My point being that may 13 date and its importance has been known from a long way out so should have been planned for accordingly.
    Tyrone monaghan game yesterday showed how to play blanket and also how to beat it. Made our game look a shambles.
    We’re physically off the pace and probably mentally damaged after defeat to gal, so we need an easy run of games to get to where we should have been on may 13. Fingers crossed.

  33. Best of luck to Tom with his recovery.

    I see the Stopped clocks and cooked geese merchants are out in force, again.

    Until this team are knocked out of the championship, be that in the next round, Super 8’s or another All Ireland, they have my backing.

  34. What does they have my backing equate to? We will all be there roaring them on through the qualifiers and beyond hopefully , this constant need for im an uber supporter and those who don’t speak in complete positivity is not a real supporter is totally wrong. There aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe how much I and all I know feel about this team and their efforts . Will that stop me expressing my concerns about the present (last game) and the future , will it hell as like . A lot of players and managers come and go , some don’t even bother attending games after fact, we will be here forever .

  35. Have to say, apart from the final, last year was one of the most enjoyable years following mayo football, if the qualifiers go ypur way, the supporters have a game to look forward to nearly every weekend and there is a great buzz around the place, if we get through a few rounds, we’l be right back in it, i was unfortunate enough to be stuck in roscommon town for the mayo ve cork qualifier last summer, watched the game in a pub there, all was quiet when mayo were doing well with the locals and i was the only one in the pub cheering after a mayo score, when cork got the last minute goal, the roof nearly blew off the place with the cheers that went up, but it made our 22 point thrashing of the rossies in croke park one of the sweetest days ever, heres to another long summer ahead hopefully.

  36. Giving a team your backing doesn’t mean having blind faith . When concerns were being expressed before Galway game, you had the same people saying come May the team will be ready etc and they weren’t ready. Saying all is well doesn’t make you the best supporter. There are reasons to be concerned about current preparations. That doesn’t mean the people raising those concerns don’t care any less or more about the team, it means there passion is also balanced with reasonable concerns about performance of team

  37. Have to agree with SB and JC above. Blind faith and covering over issues will not win us anything. For a game that we targeted since the draw was made – our performance was very poor. Saying Galway weren’t much better is not going to solve our problems. What was our game plan on the day? How many decent attacking moves did we put together? Playing with a strong wind and three Galway full back line booked – we put no pressure whatsoever on their suspect full back line. Like the game in Galway last year – we took off two proven forwards who have the ability to kick points and replace them with David Drake, a player with no football played in last few years and a player with no league never mind championship experience.

  38. A few issues brought up by poster’s, Ger Bohan, the McHale Park pitch was far from pristine last Sunday, I actually walked the pitch on Wednesday before the match… Plenty of divots, probably the worst McHale Park has been for a championship match for several years. But I seriously don’t think it has anything to do with Tom’s freakish injury.. I have seen the match a few times, RTE showed a few replays of the incident, something that I do not like looking at… Comparisons to Hyde Park are not really relevant.. Hyde Park was flooding regularly and needed drainage… McHale Park has been in prime and pristine condition for recent championship’s… The damage sustained by McHale Park in the Two FBD match’s last January was incredible.. In my opinion neither of these match’s should have been played in such appalling weather.. With the very bad wet and cold Spring we had, the pitch could not recover… Remember how appalling it was for the Tyrone match…more sand than grass… Two very bad injuries in that match as well, but neither had anything to do with the pitch…. I think McHale Park will be in pristine condition with a small bit of care! .. As regards who we will draw in the qualifier, Plenty of team’s in the Pot, apart from Tyrone and Mayo,.. Both team’s will be equally hoping to avoid each other.. The thing is, regardless of whom we draw, it will be tough to get back on the road after our loss to Galway… If we draw a draw a Div 3.or 4 team, it’s a potential banana skin… Mayo will be without Diarmuid O’Connor and Tom Parsons regardless… Tyrone will be without Peter Harte… I certainly don’t want to draw Tyrone just yet… Tyrone, even in defeat yesterday, from what I seen on the Sunday Game were much more impressive than either Galway or Mayo a week earlier…Actually despite some poster’s opinions I think that James Durcan did actually play in the FBD, all be it in weather and conditions that had nothing in common with the conditions versus Galway… I think if we are to have a prolonged year in the championship we will probably need to bring in some more debutantes, some will be more successful than other’s as is always the way.. I remember Davy Fitzgerald started a debutant in an All Ireland hurling final replay, was it James O Donnell?.. He had buried Cork’s ambitions and ignited Clare’s hope’s all inside of the first twenty minutes ,.. Three goals in the bag.. There are no hard and fast rules as regard’s to debutantes, its always a roll of the dice… And remember this as well, not all of the Mayo old Gaurd play fantastically every game either… . And finally but by far the most important thing is Tom Parsons recovery… It will be a tough road to travel.. But Tom is already on that road. I hope his surgery last Saturday was a complete success… And it’s absolutely fantastic to hear that Tom is so positive and determined to be back playing in the Green and Red… We as Mayo fan’s should realise just how privileged we are to count Tom Parsons, his incredible footballing ability, his sportsmanship, his determination to to recover and to play for Mayo again, as one of our own.

  39. Rochford getting seirious stick here for Diarmuids fuck up, we played over 40mins with 14 men and lost by a last minute goal, which was Boyles fault. He never tracked Heaneys run, you can actually see Boyle putting his hands to his face before the ball was even kicked…he knew it was his fault. But sure keep giving it to Rochford about this and that, when individual errors is what lost us the game!.

    Ger Bohan, Tell me who you want to replace Rochford with at the end of the season?.

  40. Reflecting on the match from a Galway perspective ok we won it and it was ugly stuff and almost unbearable at times watching us kick bad wides and lose the ball after passing it around aimlessly for it seemed like ages (replicated by Mayo). I dont think I will see Galway play as bad as that again this year and will be bitterly disappointed if we do. Im starting to think the Galway-Mayo matches in these times brings out the worst in both teams with awful wides by Mayo and our forwards devoid of ideas. Its as if both teams have a fear of losing that is inhibiting their play to a very bad degree ok we worked a nice goal but apart from that it might have ended up a draw.

    Looking at that list of teams for the draw next Monday morning I think ye would hope to avoid any of the northern teams but even then it would be in yer favour apart from Tyrone which would be a worry. As for Rochford perhaps in training the young lads he brought on are going well and if avoiding Tyrone ye should keep at it with the young forwards. I feel sorry for Tom Parsons as quoting the Tribune “a cruel blow to an amateur sportman” I think sums it up.
    I await the draw next week with interest.

  41. Think Boyle can be forgiven for not tracking one run given his incredible service to the team. He deserves all Ireland alongside many others on that panel and certain when we analyse season overall he won’t be one to let u down. Think maybe look at decision to take S O’Shea off and leave no presence in midfield given the loss to Parsons earlier was big part to play in us getting over run in the end.

  42. The very best of luck to Tom Parsons no matter what happens Tom’s legacy is secure as one of our finest ever mid-fielders to play for Mayo. Tom typifies resilience and I know we’ll see him back in the green and red. As for the what’s in store for the rest of 2018 I fear for how we will plug that gaping hole that is Tom’s position as I can’t see where that drive is going to come from. Mayo will improve as their fitness does and with that our sharpness – that seems to be how the fitness programme has panned out over the last few years. I think we need a kind draw for June 9th but Tyrone wouldn’t be the worst one as it would be easy to get motivated for it after what they did to us in the league. The worst draw would be a game division 2 outfit who would have the motivation and ability to beat us if we weren’t fully up to speed – id hate to get a Cavan or a Meath (we have a shocking record against them).

  43. Boyle is a warrior, no doubt about it. Don’t see how taking off an exhausted Seamie, resulted in Boyle not tracking his man? Im not criticising Colm at all, just highlighting a mistake which led to the goal. Everything can’t be pinned on Rochford, anyone involved with any tyoe of team knows a manager can only do so much. Responsibility has to lie with the players aswell. The way its going on here, Rochford will be arrested for shooting JFK, and kidnapping shergar…

  44. Remember, win on June 9th and we’ll be up against a loser in the next match.

  45. att.mayomad.the big mistake horan made was dispensing with our conor in 2012 when conor had a wobbly moment of madness . james horan should have kept him in the tent,he was a free scoring forward and very experienced .conor would have being invaluable in the 2012 final against donegal.james horan got a bit too complacent after we had beaten dublin in the semi-final.he would not listen to older wiser heads.NOW it is 2018 and we have to look forward not back.

  46. With already been a man down we needed some strength in midfield to keep pressure off . If you look at S O S reaction when took off he wasn’t impressed, not knackered . AOS should have been brought into midfield too instead of being lost in half forwards, who knows what the midfield was by the time that goal went in? Either way the pressure was on the backs due to lack of presence ahead of them

  47. The very best of luck to Tom Parsons who has given his life to this Mayo team as indeed the rest of the panel since James Horan took over,even players who might not have got much game time have slogged their guys out to try and improve the team,so we need to appreciate and acknowledge that,on the match against Galway we will have tried to be ready for it we failed on the day,we have a second chance hopefully everything will go right and we can move forward if not we have to start again,I was worried last back end that Stephen might not be able to commit but thankfully he could,just looking at the comments i see we have many wonderful managers on here who will take us to the top and no doubt keep us there and give a chance to all these players who are so much better than we have on the team,the actual reality is if there are better players out there they would be on the team,does anyone believe that we would have Tony travelling from Armagh,or all the other management team give up their time to lose matches,I believe we have a top manager with a great backup team and a team we will never see the likes of playing for Mayo again,up Mayo

  48. I agree that we have great players Corick bridge . Hence why I also think we should be able to win a Connaught title. The management all give great time to mayo and are all good men. Doesn’t mean have to say all is well when it isn’t

  49. Don’t need to add much at this stage other than to say I agree completely with posters like Mayomark.

    We lost one game to a sucker punch goal after being a man down for 40 mins. There was lots wrong with the performance but we did a fair bit very well too. Parsons injury is a sickener but we also have some time to get a few key players back into the frey too.

    Decent draw and the road could well open up again. Lots of talk about Tyrone but we’d hardly concede the game to them either. Have a bit of faith people.

  50. Tom Parsons is a bloody hero. His attitude, committment and love for Mayo football and his determination to be there for us is irreplaceable. I wish you health and healing Tom. May the hill ahead of you make you even stronger. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. MAYO will be alright this year. We have miles on the clock but can you really imagine any of these lads throwing in the towel…not a hope in hell. MAYO for the magic this year… I am a believer!! Always Mayo. Best wishes to you Tom.

  51. Two things to note.
    1, Did Killen Sports grounds from Claremorris not do a big expensive job on the Mchale Park pitch a few years ago?, hence the surface should be still good.
    2, For all of you posters that fear Cavan or Armagh in the next round, I pity ye, if this Mayo team play anyway middling they will blow them away, Armagh are a total disgrace at the moment miles away from being an average team, Carlow are ahead of them in my ranking.

  52. Jonny Sexton is 32 in October. Conor Murray turns 29 this year. I only ever read and hear of them being the best 9/10 combination in the world.
    Cillian u26, Aidan u28, Leeroy u29 and Chris Barret u31 get lumped into this miles on the clock category.
    The sports science is better now in these guys preparations. We will be a strong squad for several more years.

  53. Just adding to that JP, the one Mayo player who went down with cramp in the Galway game was Eoin O’Donoghue. Simply because he doesn’t have the conditioning of the experienced players.

  54. @JP, Well said, you’d swear the lads are playing 40-50 games a year. “Miles on the clock” is currently the most over used non-sensical phrase in the Gaa, closely followed by “How many times can they go to the well”. These lads make a nice little life for themselves playing football, a sport they obviously love playing. There’s sponsorship, small financial gain , along with an inner pride of representing their County. The people and pundits who say “Have they got the appetite to go through qualifiers?” really haven’t a clue of what makes these men tick. Now, if they had an AI medal or 2 in the back pocket they mightn’t be arsed, but they dont. They’ll embrace the qualifiers, keep the heads down, and get their numbers moving as Aido said in an interview last year. But a handy draw is vital first game out. Avoid Tyrone at all costs.

  55. No they are not professional athletes. But the athletes mentioned play a hectic schedule in a punishing sport with very little down time in terms of games.
    Similar in pro soccer. Punishing schedule, little downtime and guys play till 35/36.
    GAA after university finishes has downtime by comparison i.e. not playing full on matches.
    Yes the guys have to work as a major tradeoff.

  56. I agree most of the players has several more years in them ,I supported Mayo since the sixties,have had many great memories but most of them from the last few years,with the benefit of hindsight we might do things differently but with no guarantee of success,IF can you confirm me how you would have chosen a team and beaten Galway

  57. I’m still happy that we got the result against Donegal in the league, not with 1 key player out but half a dozen top players. That was some feat.

    Some posters on here should be in the undertaking business.

    A manager that has lost 2 all ireland finals by a combined total of 2 poiints against supposedly the best team ever. League survival without half a team.

    If yea support the green and red then support them. It’s easy when we end up in the final, everyone’s on board, but tearing a manager and some players apart at every turn isn’t the kind of support the manager and his players deserve.

    We’re lucky to have what we have and men with the courage and conviction to put it on the line every time they pull on our colours.

    I support my county and will regardless of how the qualifiers go. I’m hoping we have a good run but whatever way it goes, it certainly will not be a case of our managment and our players not having given every last ounce of energy, sweat and heart to the Mayo cause.

    Fair play to them all. We’re lucky to have them and some people need to realise that.

  58. Revellino – you were giving it the big talk about what these players were going to do come May versus Galway. It’s the same old broken record that any fan who questions performance etc is not a real fan unlike you the super fans who just keep saying the same old . Yes, we have great players but we don’t all need to be writing untruths about what they will do where they are currently at . You can be a great supporter but be honest and admit the following… 1= we are not currently well prepared to play good teams. 2= we have great players so should be capable of beating Galway 3= the gap between us and Dublin is wider than previous years .

  59. It’s possible to support the team but still critique management and players. We don’t have to be cheerleaders all the time. Despite us having an excellent group of players over the last few years, our record against Galway has been appalling. Maybe we were complacent in 2016 but you can only use that excuse once.

    It’s also perfectly fine to question our disciplinary record in recent times. Rochford needs to be questioned on why Kevin McLoughlin is still taking frees when it’s clear to everyone he’s not up to it. Dean Rock takes all Dublin frees so surely Loftus should have been taking all of ours the last day. Also, some of our substitutions are bizarre. I think David Drake gets a hard time from supporters, he is a decent half back but he keeps getting played as a forward. I would have brought him on for Boyle or Coen the last day as neither played well. Taking off Loftus and putting on Drake is always going to frustrate supporters.

  60. Lol here we go “easy support them when in a final ” . Well I’ll say with great pride i support through thick and thin since mid 80s. Maybe cavanagh has a valid point re sensitivity. Who is tearing manager or players apart btw?

    It’s just some slight concerns about both the game v Galway and the long term future.

  61. I genuinely thought sexton and Co got a salary for playing rugby . But I really haven’t a notion about that funny ball game .

  62. Lol, you’re being facetious now Sean. Of course is only right to ask questions when a team so close to winning an all Ireland loses to Galway 3 years in a row but it doesn’t mean we consign them
    To the scrap heap either. There’s a middle ground. Someone said earlier it would be better if we got knocked out in the qualifiers sooner rather than later, nonsense but if things like our substitution strategy should be questioned. We’ll all be at the next game cheering our lads on either way. Derry last year was the loudest I’d ever experienced in McHale Park. Hopefully this year will be the same.

  63. I agree wide ball I think if we didn’t critique certain things that didn’t seem to add up we wouldn’t be human and after all that is part and parcel of sport – healthy debate. What none of us would condone is character assassinations – this means so much to all of us – and all we want is to see us go out there playing to our full potential each game. I thought our tactics, substitutions and game management was odd and I have no problem anyone calling as they see it without being accused of high treason! However, Rochy knows full well how big decisions can make you look like a genius when you win (playing Alan Dillon as sweeper to out fox Mickey Harte and Tyrone) or something less (Robbie Hennelly v Dublin in AIF replay) when you don’t. It’s fine margins. There’s only a few inches between a pat on the back and a kick in the arse! Look it we are not privy to what goes on between squad and management, s&c and the stats people. For all we know Galway may have done what they did last year – trained like dogs for Mayo – and see where they ended up! I think we are still half cooked and we may well be again on June 9th. If all things were equal (fitness, motivation, full squad to chose from, form and tactics) we can beat anybody – even without Tom Parsons. I don’t believe we were at our ‘level against Galway and we need a ‘handy’ team to start in the qualifiers. If Roch and the lads have a plan like last year then God help anyone who meets us in the super 8s should we get there! Ask the Rossies or the Kerrymen.

  64. Sean Burke..There are plenty of sensitive supporters out there..Borne out of frustration over the past couple of years in particular..Difficult to watch a team come so close,get written off,come so close etc etc and not get a little miffed at criticism from those who would have thrown in the towel long ago..Cavanagh is not in the Brolly/Spillane bracket as he is blinkered by his disgust at being beaten by us 2 years ago..Not that I pay any attention to any of them but I would mute him completely..
    Tom Parsons..A gentleman to the core..It’s hard to think of a player of his class and calibre having such a long road ahead without getting sickened..

  65. I’ve encouraged two types of Mayo supporters since the Galway defeat.

    1. The optimist who believes we can make the super 8 and after that sure who knows.

    2. The “put us out of our misery” brigade who believe time is up on this team and management and we are a lost cause and the sooner we are knocked out the better.

    Both groups may be right. I would never hope for us to be knocked out as early as possible though.

    We wouldn’t accept the payers to give up (and they won’t) so fans shouldn’t give up either.

  66. Good luck Tom on your journey back.
    Would Mathew Ruane be an option to replace Tom Parsons as a mobile midfielder, also thinking of the future.

  67. Considering Ruane didn’t play in the league I would say it’s unlikely, even though it didn’t stop Hanley and Durcan.

  68. Ahh, JC, be fair, some of Revellino post’s were undoubtedly in the ‘Ultra Positive’ depiction of what Mayo might do in May… Of course, but they were written with plenty of humour and some ‘poetic licence’… I certainly enjoyed them as did many readers, and many commented on just how uplifting, and funny many of them were…. Of course, I appreciate that you’ JC ‘. are a genuine Mayo fan, just as well anybody else.. We can’t all have the same opinions… I remember being beside a genuine Mayo fan, o in Croke Park who didn’t like Ciarán McDonald once… True story, this guy was shouting take’ McDonald off ‘.. And when asked as to who should replace’ McDonald’, ‘bring on anyone, bring on the Sub Goalkeeper’… An extreme example of a guy who in every other way possible was a very genuine and level headed Mayo fan!.. I have great time for the same man, even gave him an All Ireland ticket, but just wouldn’t agree with his views on McDonald…. Anyways I wouldn’t be critical of Revellino and I hope that he keeps ‘giving it large’ and as you eloquently put it JC on this blog… He certainly has wrote some fantastic stuff!

  69. Midfield option for Tom parsons. Barry Moran was the option in 2017, did not play, last Sunday v Galway despite both mayo midfielders going off, Barry was not brought on. Why is be there do?.

  70. Tom seems to be held in great esteem by teammates and media alike, just the same as fans who have savoured his positive second chance with Mayo. I wish him well on his recovery. Great sign of the man too being so positive when faced with such a setback.

  71. The negative is the doom mongers are out in force again and are giving me a pain in the hole.
    Firstly Mayo were physically prepared for May 13, it was earmarked. Some players weren’t long back and some made the team, others didn’t. Fitness was very good, it wasn’t our best 15 out but them’s the breaks, that’s what panels are for. Secondly they did plenty right against the wind and shawl in 1st half ; patient enough and moved the ball around. Shot when the openings eventually came. As Spillane said ye have to speculate to accumulate. For 10 or 15 mins in each half the radar was off. In 1st, we were just about within range, but had to shoot eventually or our crowd would be even more counterproductive as I could detect some fans impatience, they just didn’t get what was going on… move Galway around, own the ball and when a shot arises go for it, needed to be close enough to overcome the wind. I wouldn’t be critical.
    I would be critical alright of shot selection near the end of 2nd half when one more pass or 3 more yards might have been the best thing for some of those. But had Diarmaid not got sent off we would probably have owned the ball in the 2nd half too with wind at our backs.
    Frees from right unfortunately didn’t work out, fair enough and another solution probably needed.
    Subs like everyone else not sure about Drake especially in forwards (management must be going on form in training which isn’t translating into big game impact), but on the 2 rookies… again sometimes risks are needed. Many here crying out for new blood so we can’t have it both ways. J Durcan has been about the panel this year and Cian Hanley has played pro sport, I would expect he’s improving fast. Durcan looks like a lad with pace and a good side step who maybe can do damage. Tried to be too precise with that one kick which dropped short, something Leroy is guilty of too. If that one went over he could have blossomed. Guessing Nally and Gallagher can’t find the same space as Durcan in training once the panel reaches championship pace. Boland with his vision can do a job for Mayo when he puts on another stone of muscle and isn’t afraid to break tackles come championship. Until then he’s a nice passer who can kick points and sidestep in the league but not a rugby style line breaker. Compare with other ball carriers Kevin Mc (rarely touched), Diarmaid (often makes 30 or 40m), Aido (line breaker), all our 1st choice half backs and most of our full back line options are line breakers as is Donie. Tom and Seamie too. Jason and Cillian can also break the line.

  72. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my legal counsel, Leantimes, for saving me from the gallows.

    In an earlier post I did a little critique and made a point that SOME POSTERS were maybe a bit unfair on managment and players.

    I’ve read through posts in the past where specific players are mentioned again and again and not in a positive light.

    I’ve read posts where people are asking is Rochford the man for the job. Some saying he isn’t the man for the job.

    An observation or observatuons made by posters on managment and some players is a critique I am led to believe. I have no problem with a good healthy debate on management or players.

    I made a general critique of some comments (no names were mentioned). I can see though, it stung a few people. Imagine how managment and certain players might feel if they were to read some of the not too complimentary comments about them. I’m sure it would hurt like hell.

    PLEASE NOTE (No small animals, managment, players or mayo supporters were were harmed or injured during the making of this post).

  73. I would also add.

    Some people are holding up our recent championship losses to Galway as an indication that Steven Rochford is not up to the job.

    Galway went on to be soundly beaten by Tipperary, Roscommon and Kerry.

    We went on to lose the last 2 all irelands by the narrowest of margins beating the above teams in the process.

    It would always be nice to beat Galway but I’ll take the long road to the final every time if it means losing to the neighbours. Mind you the direct route would be less stressful.

  74. The majority of this Mayo panel has experienced some of the most competitive and hard hit games over the last 5 or so years especially the encounters v Dublin. Wear and tear is already showing on Keegan,Barrett,C O Connor etc with a lot of injuries picked up. Seven 30 year olds starters in the last game and few more of the starters in their late 20s and Galway who haven’t played in AI semi final or final recently had more of impact from their bench than Mayo which to me is a sign that the Mayo panel is not as strong as it was. The biggest concern is not losing another game to Galway but what players will come in and replace the likes Boyle,Higgins,A Moran,Clarke,Barrett,S O Shea and Parsons in the years ahead? all true warriors and their replacements will need to be at their level if Mayo are stay as a top three team.

  75. If you take a look through the posts you will see no mayo player being criticised here, apart from one naming Boyle to be blamed for the goal and I defended him. Also – please point out where the manager has been criticised? Again , he hasn’t . There are comments about decisions, tactics etc that people have queried and that in every other sporting environment is what people do. However,
    With the blind faith, don’t read the comments, can’t accept opinions, only a fan if you say we are incredible blah blah the response is doom merchants, turn up for final, I suppose you also hated Macdonald etc.
    Hopefully you are right and all is spot on with preparations and hopefully mine and others concerns (please note a concern is not violently attacking a player or manager before you squirm in discomfort) are misguided. All I hope for is that this team performs inline with their huge ability.

  76. @mayomagic, players will come in from fiour groupings.
    Existing fringe players moving up a level over two years – Adam Gallagher, Michael Hall, Conor OShea, Danny Kirby.
    Existing starters or subs moving up a level over two years – Stephen Coen, Conor Loftus, Eoin ODonoghue, Patrick Durcan, James Durcan, Cian Hanley
    Young players currently best in age group – Ryan ODonoghue, Brian OMalley, Evan OBrien, Tommy Conroy The Neale, Enda Hession, James McCormack
    Young players unheralded – Evan Ronayne, Cathal Horan, Dean Darcy … basically a large grouping that will turn up one player for sure

  77. Good man Revellino. Divided and different opinions as usual, which is what u would expect, and is not a bad thing, however not being to critical of management, but we do need to shake it up a bit, and have a well rehearsed game plan going forward, that produces scores, when the pressure is on. Still think they will get it right, as we have 3 weeks to fine tune a few things. On a different topic,how did the concert in Croaker go? btw, as Kris Kristofferson sings don’t let the bastards get ya down, Lol.check it out on YouTube.

  78. @JCB Keep diggen.

    I wasn’t talking about this thread. Go back through past threads. Im glad to see.your up early though and thinking about our fine footballers and managment.

    @The Mayo Viking. Mick and the boys were fantastic. Better than I could have hoped for. Great atmosphere and night. All the action was at the Hill end.

  79. Gallagher was injured for the Galway game. Did his hamstring for the gaels. I assume that’s how Durcan got into the squad. I’d also say that I don’t think Rochford would have signed up until 2020 if he didn’t see something there or Buckley for that matter as I know there’s a desire in Kerry to get him back.

  80. Obviously there is two ways in which we can look at it.
    The positives being : In my opinion we were the better side and not for the sending off would have won. We ran out of legs and the Galway subs blitzed us. We looked like the side in control, we took the game to them and should have been 4 points up after 10/15 minutes. It wasn’t like the younger, fresher team blew us away and its the end of the road.. Its far from that! No side will want to play us. We have 3/4 players that are coming back from injury and young lads that the game time in the qualifiers will suit. Players want to play games and will be mentally reset after a 4 week break.
    The negatives being: The free taking fiasco is a joke. We have no recognised left footed free taker. Its not Kevin Mc’s fault as hes a natural left half back. Regan has to start for free’s alone. Look what Rory Beggan done against Tyrone and Mchugh and Walsh nailed all there’s against us.
    Also Rochford may have got our approach right but he got his subs clearly wrong. James Durcan got dropped for the FBD then 5 weeks after being called in and comes on against Galway. I’m happy to see him in the panel but not come on in such a big game with no experience of the white heat of championship. The qualifier route should suit himself and Cian Hanley. The Galway game was crying out for Shane Nally. His long kick passing to break down the Galway defense and his point taking from distance.
    JP where is Dean Darcy from? I saw Adam Barrett from Kilmaine kicked 10 points in Junior championship at the weekend another talent. Conor Diskin and Stephen Mcgreal from Claremorris are two big strong forwards too. They destroyed Ballintubber in the league a few weeks back. The future isn’t all that bad, keep the faith.

  81. Yes – revellino – always up early and always thinking about our fine team and management. Much like yourself I am sure and hopefully will be thinking about them much more over the summer months

  82. I agree Clubman 51 and with Shuffly Deck re subs.
    Kevin Mc clearly looks uncomfortable when he’s given the ball for those frees. He doesn’t want to be taking them. I’m dissapointed that he is repeatedly put under pressure when we get those frees on the right.

    I would love to see the 2 young lads Durkan and Hanley getting a proper shot in the qualifiers. In fairness the forwards more often than not have looked a bit stagnant and it’s time to change things up there. I know alot of people are big fans of Nally. I don’t have the knowledge on the club scene but from what posters are saying about him then he definately deserves to get his shot as well.

    We are solid from 1 to 7. In Toms absence midfield will have to be given a major overhaul. I think though that based on the league and the Galway game there is a case for starting 3 new forwards for the qualifiers.

  83. Jaysus, the draw for the qualifiers cant come soon enough to get some of the luantic fringe to focus on an opposition instead of ourselves.

    What we need now is a good Joe Brolly article telling us we are shit and dont deserve any blue flag beach flags to focus the minds in the echo chamber for the next week.

  84. Tom Parson loss around the middle cannot be understated. He is a ball winner, a workhorse who also and chipped in a with a score here and there.

  85. Regan has to start for frees alone ?????
    He is as reliable/unreliable as Kevin McL at them !!!!
    It’s funny how much a players stock rises by simply not playing !
    If he was to start it would be in place of Loftus ………and sure he also has to be in the real for frees :@

  86. @JP What makes you think the likes of Conor O’Shea, Adam Gallagher & Danny Kirby are going to step up a level? Gallagher is 24 this year, O’Shea is 25 whilst Kirby is 26. At most one of them will step up but its unrealistic to think all those 3 players will make the step up.

    There”s a lot of ifs and buts with all those players named. Patrick Durcan is already a sensational footballer and I think O’Donoghue looks like he has the potential to be a very good player at this level but I’d have reservations about Coen. Think he isn’t a strong enough fielder for midfield and is too slow to be a half back.

  87. Sharoize akram would be a good man to bring on as a late sub i think, mabye a bit on the light side but has serious pace and that alone would cause problems for any tiring defence when running at them.

  88. @Cus, my post was that there are four separate groupings of players from which we will get our replacement players as starters and impact from the bench.
    Only a handful from three of the groupings I named will make it to strong senior level.
    The idea with the likes of Patrick Durcan, Conor Loftus grouping is that they simply be even more composed in two years time. Patrick Durcan is a very good player, however I would see two years down the line him being even more composed. I noticed he seems less right sided this year for example.

  89. Km79, I agree there, players reputations growing by not playing (the Richie Feeney effect). Gone are the days when you can carry a player beacuse of his free taking, each player needs to be able to contribute in open play and put the work in for the team, Regan can take frees but he can’t replace Loftus or JDoc in open play. KMc can’t kick a free (I think it’s more a mental problem than a talent one at this stage), there isn’t any other viable option for left footed frees so why not retain possession and work a shooting angle instead of taking a low percentage free (this can be worked on in training).
    Also I don’t agree with the notion Nally hasn’t been given a chance. He has been on the panel for a number of years at this stage, if he was doing it in training, out playing other players in his position then he would be playing, training is where players get their chance, that’s where players force a manager to pick them. It’s way too easy for people on the outside to say a player isn’t been given a chance when in fact he gets a chance every time he attends training.

  90. I had predicted an 11 pint win for Mayo v Galway. We were the better side alright. However i hadn’t banked on seeing poor Kevin taking 3 close in frees and not scoring any of them. Nor the wicked display of shooting and 12 atrocious wides that we put on. Add on a wide for Galway which was awarded as their 6th or 7th pint. Add on a needless red card and a horrific injury to one of our key players. Yeah, eleven pints was about what our margin of victory should have been.

    One question for Rochford. Why is Kevin still taking them frees? Maybe Rochford had no interest in winning this game at all. Had he his eye on the back door since the draw was made last November?. Nothing else makes sense.

    Anyway roll on Waterford in the next round. That would do nicely. Also another meeting with Galway in August where i would expect our margin of victory to be about 13.

  91. I would put AIdan O Shea in MF…..Cillian at CHF. That alone would change the way our forwards play.
    My team would be :

    O Donoghue



    Cillian O C
    Cian Hanley (Diarmuid when suspension is up)

    Keith Higgins (3rd midfielder etc)
    Andy Moran

  92. Jim Flag yer a great man for the pints altogether. Yeah we could probably out skull Galway by about 13 pints. Yer theory on Rochford throwing the game to in the back door is about as far fetched as I’ve seen here in a while.
    I would agree with Die Hard’s team and if Lee not ready yet use Donie instead if he’s back to 100%.
    Only other possible change would be either Loftus or J Durcan in for Jason who was below last year’s high standard vs Galway.

  93. @JP the replacements required are like for like for the warriors than will eventually have to call time on their county careers. Coen,Loftus,Paddy Durcan,O Donoghue are already starters and in years ahead will be expected to be leaders in the side can they lead in the same way that Boyle,Higgins etc have? The jury is out on James Durcan and Cian Hanley at this level

    It also remains to be seen how many of those fringe players Adam Gallagher, Michael Hall, Conor OShea, Danny Kirby etc even hold down a starting spot as for young players currently best in age group well thats just a stab in that dark nobody knows for sure who will step up to the level of senior county football.

  94. @mayomagic. Best in age group is not a stab in the dark. A much higher percentage of those players will make it.
    There will be young players who come in who are stronger than some of those who retire or they replace as starters/panellists.
    The scoring rates in senior/intermediate club football for our highest scoring u19s to u22s are on average way ahead of our current starters/panellists when they were the same age.

  95. Stronger that some of those who will retire or replace, thats a bold statement to make especially when i and many more would consider a lot of the current Mayo leaders as once in a generation type players.

    Apart from C O Connor and Andy Moran (who was a defender when younger) their Isn’t big scorers on the Mayo senior panel and scoring high at club level is one thing but doing it at busy end of the senior championship v Dublin,Kerry or Tyrone is another thing altogether.

  96. Looking past the Limerick game, I think we need to be looking at a team for Croke Park. Pace needed. We also need to be able to bring in big players to match Dublins impact subs.

    D Clarke
    E O Donoghue
    C Crowe
    B Harrisson
    P Durcan
    C Barrett
    D O Connor
    L Keegan
    A O Shea
    J Durcan
    K McLoughlin
    K Higgins
    C Loftus
    A Moran
    C O Connor

    That leaves us with Donie Vaughan, Colm Boyle, Semus O Shea and Jason Doherty to come into impact the game with maybe Cian Hanley or Shane Nally as wildcards

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