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With the hurling final now out of the way – congrats again to the neighbours – the football decider starts to swing centre-stage. As it does, the ticket hunt is set to become ever more frenzied.

The Connaught Telegraph reported yesterday (here) that the county’s official allocation for this year’s final is 16,500. This figure includes upwards of 4,000 season tickets.

Clearly, demand will – as it always does – greatly outstrip available supply. Conventional economic theory won’t solve this problem either but furious beating of the bushes and calling in all those favours might help.

So too could entering a few draws and, in that regard, it’s time for an update on the draws I’ve been told about. As with the previous post I did the other day on this very topic, if you know of another draw and have details of it, just post that info in the comments. I’ll do another update later in the week.

Here goes, then:

Mayo GAA and Mayo club draws

Mayo GAA Lotto have another ten tickets in tonight’s draw. You need to enter this before 10pm tonight to be in the draw – details here.

Cairde Mhaigh Eo along with the Mayo Association Galway have a fundraising race night in Ward’s Hotel, Salthill, on 13th September at which there’ll be a raffle for tickets – details here.

Cairde Mhaigh Eo London have a fundraiser in the Oxford Arms, Camden Town, on 10th September (NB This is a separate event to the podcast one on Wednesday evening) at which there’ll be a raffle for two tickets – details here.

Charlestown GAA club have a final preview event, 9th September, at which there’ll be a draw for two tickets – details here.

Aghamore GAA club have a development draw, tickets purchased before 15th are entered into a draw for a pair of tickets – details here.

Breaffy GAA Rounders club have a draw for two premium tickets – details here.

Castlebar Mitchels GAA club have a fundraising table quiz on this Friday (8th September) at which four tickets will be raffled – details here.

Other draws

Owenmore Gaels GAA club (Sligo) have a draw for two tickets – details here.

St Patrick’s Lisbellaw Hurling club (Fermanagh) have a draw for two tickets – details here.

North Tipperary Hospice Movement have a draw for two corporate tickets for the final – details here.

Mattock Rangers GAA club (Louth) have a draw for two stand tickets – details here.

Club Rossie have a draw for two tickets – details here.

Williamstown GAA club (Roscommon) have a draw on 9th September for two tickets, €5 per line, entries may be made locally at shops and pubs.

Creggs GAA club (Roscommon) have a draw for two tickets – details here.

The Downs GAA club (Westmeath) have a draw for four tickets – details here.

Drumconrath GAA club (Meath) have a draw for two tickets – details here.

St Vincents GAA club (Dublin, my local club up here so I have to give them a shout) have a draw for two premium tickets – details here.

That’s the lot for now. If you’ve sent me details and I’ve forgotten to include your draw, apologies – feel free to yell and I’ll include it next time. Anyone who wants a draw included in the next update then just get in touch, either via the comments or mail me at mayogaablog@ymail.com.

24 thoughts on “Update on ticket draws

  1. Willie Joe, I think there are a lot of precious Mayo supporters online taking issue with every little thing involving Mayo football. Like there was one issue this morning over an interview with Tom Parsons. I think this gives us a bad name and doesn’t really help the cause. Any little advantage we will get from the goodwill towards us (and that could come from a refereeing decision, or some extra shouting in our favour from neutral supporters) is to be welcome. this kind of moaning has turned some neutrals I know off Mayo supporters and our team. So in my view it should be heads down, rest those larynxes, eyes on the prize. Rather than just giving fuel to the flames of those who may want to or try to burn us.

  2. I didn’t hear anything about that one, Ger. As you’re probably aware, I’ve set out my own views recently here on the online stuff and I’d agree with you that the less complaining and moaning done in that sphere ahead of the 17th the better.

  3. James – I’m not sure what you expect me to say on tickets! I know you’ve been posting repeatedly about them but surely you know as well as I do what the drill is for final tickets?

  4. Does anyone outside of those clubs ever actually win tickets? Maybe I’m getting a bit cynical but I would be very surprised if an outsider was ever successful in winning raffled all ireland final tickets… and so on that basis I’d be reluctant to ever enter a draw with a club you have no connections with…

  5. Moaning is a national pass time in my opinion. We are a nation of moaners. It is not just Mayo. The ability of people in this country to look at the negative side life needs to be tackled in our early years. It appears as though some people thrive on it. This is far from the truth of course. A positive disposition is a powerful tool no matter what role in life you have. Young boys and girls should be taught this and the West of Ireland is the place I would start. When a football or hurling team are making headlines and are gaining the attention of the media the moaners have to get in on the act with their version of ” but that glass is half empty” view of the world. There is no future in that perspective.

  6. WJ, our own local club here in Swinford has a weekly 50/50 draw. Everyone that enters it the last few weeks is in with a chance of winning some final tickets. Draws tomorrow night and next Tuesday will be last chance. Can also be entered online on their website.

  7. Can anyone tell me who is the dietician for the Mayo team,and if she was the same for galway hurlers?
    Also fair play galway great win.

  8. 14allinall41 – the person in question is Caroline Brosnihan. There was a Q&A piece with her in the Mayo News recently, which is here. I’ve no idea, I’m afraid, if she also holds a similar role with the Galway hurlers.

  9. She started the Mayo team on a diet of eating kerry as starters, Dublin will be served up as a main course for Winter 2017/18.
    Without salt !!!

    A serious question, and I’m not moaning when I ask this. Who decided that dublin get 274 euro per registered gaa player in the county and Mayo and co get 20 or less? I had a blazing row about this with a person that reckons it makes no difference to a player hitting it wide or over the bar.

  10. does anyone are our lads doing a meet and greet with the fans before the 17th?
    my young one mad to get the jersey signed

  11. Call me a killjoy but I hope there is no pressure on players and mgmt to do any meet or greets this year.. Cant remember one done last year. I feel they have more than enough to do at his stage to keep focussed..

  12. i agree Regina, was just wondering,my daughter has asked if it was happening ,and like you i cant remember one last year ,plenty of time to get jersey signed once sam is brought over the shannon

  13. Yes, leave the meeting and greeting until Sam is won. And leave the players to do their thing uninterrupted.

  14. Thanks Willie Joe.remember reading that now.
    Just a galway man made a comment back in April which just hit me yesterday.
    Won’t say what it was till after the 17th.

  15. I have been thinking of the roll of the #16thman and how important that is to a team. There was a reference from Brogan in early August on the “power of the hill”. I remember the 2012 match in the Cusack stand, and there were a crowd of Dubs to my left in 305. At one stage in the game, the hill was in top voice and the crowd of Dubs in 305 stood up and chanted with them as if there were in the hill. Now at the time I will be honest, I was raging. I was yelling at them to sit the f*ck down. But when thinking about it this weekend, how powerful would it be if all of the Mayo fans stood up and roared the Mayo team on at say the 60th minute when the game will be in the melting pot. Something to give them the edge over the last few minutes?

  16. Dig deep, the Dubs did a “meet and greet” last Wednesday evening in Parnell Park, I brought the young fella and met a few guys that I played club football with, they would make you sick saying that the Dubs are so much better than last year.
    How great it would be to sicken the bastards with the win.

  17. Willie Joe, I`ll let you decide whether to post up the details of this tickets draw, as some Posters here seem to be implying that outsiders won`t win the tickets.

    Anyway, the Ballinameen Gaa club in Roscommon have a draw for 2 tickets.
    I`ve seen the sheets in a filling station in Ballaghaderreen….I think the lines are €2 each.

  18. WJ
    I had a quick scan in the club notes of the Ros Herald
    Tulsk Lord Edwards
    Draw for all Ireland tickets
    Players fund €10 each
    Draw Monday sept 10
    And kilmore Carrick on Shannon
    Tickets limited to 100
    Draw in Earlys hill street on Friday 10 sept
    Contact Brian
    According to article Over 10000 tickets giving to corpo
    And if you know someone in central council or past presidents they have 792
    Between them

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