Varley doubtful for Cork game

We’re back from the west, having made the journey across the country slightly ahead of all that rain yesterday evening and where the strong winds made driving at high speed on the motorway a bit more interesting than usual.

It seems like I haven’t been on here in an age and I’m doing well to be on at all now because my laptop appears to be, well, fucked and once I’m done here I’ll be taking myself into the Apple repair shop in town to get a new hard disk for it. (A bit like Steve Jobs and his new liver). Luckily, a friend of mine forewarned me about this a few weeks back and TJ helped to get me all Time Machined up so it’s not the crisis it might otherwise have been. The repair guys have said they can sort it inside 48 hours and, in the meantime, I can use my old venerable 2003 vintage Sony Vaio, which already sounds like it needs a liedown after all the use I’ve given it this morning, the poor dear.

Breakdowns and the like are, unfortunately, a handy analogy ahead of our final NFL Division 1 match this weekend. As was exclusively revealed in the comments on this site as long ago as Sunday (belated thanks for that, Redcol), it appears that Enda Varley is a major doubt for the trip to Páirc Uí Chaoimh. The Mayo News have confirmed that he did his hamstring during Garrymore’s league match with Kiltimagh on Saturday and, from the little I know about hamstrings, I’d say there’s no chance he’ll be fit to play on Sunday. Replacing him for the Cork game won’t be a problem, what with the veritable cornucopia of attacking options we currently have at our disposal, but it’s disappointing for Enda himself to get injured at this juncture, given the fine NFL campaign he’s had and with preparations for the championship about to get into full swing.

That same Mayo News story says that Alan Dillon and Ronan McGarritty should both be fit for selection for Sunday’s contest down South and that Barry Moran, Tom Cunniffe and Aidan Kilcoyne are all back in training with the squad. None of this trio are likely to feature this weekend, with Killer not due to see the specialist about his collarbone until next Monday. Hopefully, he’ll be 100% okay by then and I now need to head into town with my ill laptop to ensure that it’s hale and hearty ahead of the weekend’s action.

30 thoughts on “Varley doubtful for Cork game

  1. The western has it that Billy Joe returned to training also. By all accounts, there is still one more chop to be made. We have well over 30 in squad now.

  2. Very disappointing. He has played brilliantly for us over the course of the NFL so far, it would be a real pity if he wasn’t fit for this match. It’s good news though that Dillon and McGarrity should be fit, and Moran, Cunniffe and Kilcoyne are all back. Varley’s injury mightn’t be as bad as we think, hopefully not anyway.

  3. Pity about Varley, he war out best foward throughout the league. Call me crazy but i think the game against Cork will end in a Draw.

  4. He’s had a good league so far and is definitely in with a good shot of a championship place. Hope his injury isnt too serious. Cant see Billy Joe playing a big role this year. Cant see him fitting into this present set-up

  5. I have some sympathy for BJ, he has played for the mayo seniors in virtually every position, bar keeper, and it’s his inability to tie down a particular role that has been his main downfall. I remember him being unfairly called ashore in that debacle against kerry in 06 at a time when he was one of the few Mayo players bursting a gut. I think that an honest, versatile player like him could have a role in the current setup, we do need some extra cover in defence. Does anyone think that he could make it at chb, with howley, dropping back into one of the corners, where we are short of options. BJ is big, strong and mobile, very much in the mould of the traditional chb, he lacking match fitness of course, but he is very experienced!!

  6. BJ has heart and we will need that before this year is out. Pity about Varley as he has the X factor. I cant see Cork playing at full strength and hope they keep Kerrigan at home . The whore is on fire. Heading home 2morrow 4 a few days. Long trip to Cork ahead. Mayo abu!

  7. I have to agree with top d rite, i always felt bj was hard done by.While he is not exceptional and certainly not a full forward his versatility could prove useful aswell as his hunger and work ethic.
    Great news to have the other lads back.Unfortunately for enda this could not have come ar a worse time. barry moran,conor mortimer and aidan kilcoyne all could have a say in this years championship team and i have a feeling atleast two of those three will be there come championship. Throw pat harte in there and we are looking very strong.There is absoloutely no reason this team cannot give the all ireland series a good ‘wack’.I think thats what johnno has to be thinking of right now, who to drop from league performances? My guess would be andy moran will lose his place,maybe harshly but his form has faded slightly. I would have before trev mort but as captain I cannot he him dropped. Ronaldson aswell, due to lack of presence only, but what a bench.

  8. Great to see Billie Joe back but you would have to cast doubts on his fitness, what football has he played compared to the rest of the squad ?

    But Topo D Rite and remember51 are dead on about his heart and honesty, hopefully he will play a positive role in a positive year…

  9. BJ’s call back is a surprise…has this defo being confirmed? A real whole hearted player but what else does he bring to the panel? Hes not creative, doesnt really score from play, not a great defender, not big enough for midfield…im not sure why he was brought back in to be honest. His physicality is a bonus I guess.I dont know but i suppose he is prob a better option than one or two others that are on the panel. Is Shane Nally officially on the panel? he togs out and sits with the subs but has had no part to play this year. Its the likes of Shane that will prob have to make way for BJ. Anyway as always i hope that BJ’s return is a successful one and maybe the break will have done him some good.

  10. Billy Joe certainly does have heart, as Remember51 says. He has served Mayo well in the past, and he played well for Belmullet the last day scoring 4 points. It’s hard to know what position suits him on the field, but we need someone like Billy Joe who has experience playing on the big stage, and that experience will come through when we need it the most.

  11. I figure BJ is being brought in as a full back! Remember he was tried out there until he went off injured in Derry in the league.
    We really are badly stuck in that position. However, if we were going to go for BJ its a pity he wasnt involved earlier in the league.

  12. Any shout on who is gonna get the chop. It needs to come down to a squad of 30.
    Personally, I think Billy Joe has Been shafted by the county on numerous ocassions. It goes to show how much he wants to play for his county when he keeps coming back for more. It’s fellas like that we need on the panel.

  13. Was talking to a friend of BJ’s last night, he lined out at no 11 for the trial game, was marked by Trevor Howley, and scored 1-1. Seen him play Sat eve for Belmullet and seemed fit as a fiddle to me! Great man to have in the squad, Big and strong and not afraid to foot pass, which mayo seem to be struggling with this year.

  14. If BJ is our full back alternative we’re in trouble. He got the mother and father of roastings against laois a few years ago and we havent seen him there since. We really need to back Cafferky….hes not perfect but the best option we have. if he has good men either side of him he will be fine for the job

  15. Ted, I think that’s a bit unfair to judge BJ solely on the game he had V Laois 4 years ago. He has proven he is a quality player on numerous occasions for Mayo, and as BringSamHome said, he’s great at the foot-passing. I’m not sure which position best suits him, but his ability shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s an asset to the Mayo team, and I look forward to seeing him in action soon again.

  16. I would not worry to much on this mythical thirty man panel. When Tyrone won the 2008 All-Ireland final the panel was 33/34.

  17. I suppose the championship panel will be decided on soon after the league ends but, by my reckoning, we know at least 29 of them already. If you assume that all of the starting fifteen and nine subs listed for the Monaghan game will be in the championship panel (and I’d say they will be), then add the returning Peadar Gardiner, Barry Moran, Tom Cunniffe, Aidan Kilkcoyne and BJP to that list, we’re just one short of the mythical 30 figure.

    As regards BJP and whether or not he should be on the list, my own feeling is that he’s definitely worth a place on the panel for the championship, given his experience, versatility and work ethic. I did a longish piece highlighting his merits early last year (here it is) and I think much of that is still valid. Plus, as Roger says, it’s one more Erris man on the list (even if I’m from the opposite end of the county!).

  18. Fully agree with Ted…..Cafferky is our best hope at FB in my opinion…..providing he has a bit of cover around him as Ted also quite rightly points out….

  19. Nice to hear the positive coments about BJ, think of what the job spec would be for a chb; big, strong, high fielder, pacey, sticky marker, never say die attitude, experienced. I would argue that BJ ticks at least 6 of those boxes, the sticky marking above the others is the one that can be worked on through coaching and practice. He could be well worth a try. This is not a slight on Trevor H., I think he would make a solid, sticky and pacey corner back, his lack of height and physical strength can sometimes be exposed in the spine of the team.

    Are we being unduly harsh on our defence though? We have conceded 5-67, which is paltry enough compared to Cork’s concession of 9-70, and remember we conceded 2 goals that were last kicks of the game, if our record stood at 3 goals conceded over 6 matches that would look very decent indeed. Dublin are the only team to have conceded less than us (a measley 3 pts less) but they had to sell their souls to a blanket defence system to achieve that!!!. In terms of goals conceded, Tyrone and Derry are the only other teams to have let 5 or less past them. Interestingly, we have scored 9-70 and Cork have conceded exactly 9-70. I wonder if that coincidence means anything at all???

    Everything will change on Sunday, of course, and I have a feeling that Tyrone will do us a huge favour!!

  20. I think tyrone will do us a big favour, from what i can see they need the two points to stay in div 1.

  21. why are we not going to cork expecting to win?forget about dublin, in all fairness if we had beating dublin by 10 points there would be no complaints.We are the best team in the league at the moment.I hope they go down to cork and really take them on.No need to be negative lads we have the players to really hurt them

  22. JJ is right. If Mayo are to stamp their brand this year , then back to back wins over Cork will shut up a lot of the doubters…including mé fein.

  23. I agree with ye, jj & ontheroad, we should be going down to cork and win and then win the final.
    We made a great comeback from 6 points down, TWICE, against monaghan. Mayo teams before would have dropped the head and given up, but this year the lads seem to have the right and stronger attitude.

  24. Jeez I didn’t imply that mayo would lose by saying that everything would change on sunday. What I meant was that the scoring stats would look completely different.

    I actually expect mayo to win, and this based on a few assumptions. Assumption 1, Mayo will travel to the real capital on Saturday evening, have another good team building experience by being together for the 24hrs, as I said before, all these away trips could be a blessing in disguise. Assumption 2, Cork’s vulnerability to conceding goals has not been mended, and if the current trend continues, we could be good for 2-3 green flags. Assumption 3, Mayo will have the pschological edge because they need to go for a win while cork are already through and can afford to lose and might not be quite as motivated.

    Besides, we are in control of our own destiny and should not rely on other teams doing the qualifying for us!! It’s time to put down a solid marker!!!

  25. Topo d Rite, you raise a very good point there about these away trips…maybe it isnt a bad thing that the lads are all away TOGETHER for these match weekends rather than meeting up a few hours before a match on a Sunday morning in Castlebar?

    Reading Mickey Hartes book, he continually mentions the word “togetherness”….maybe we are (at long last) seeing this in a green and red panel!

  26. The article on Bille Joe was very enlightening as was ontheroads comments about JP Kean..

    All out for the win on Sunday for sure..

  27. That was a brilliant piece on Billie Joe WJ, very enlightening. I had no idea he was moved around so much. To me it looks like he wasn’t properly managed, for Mayo he has been a “Jack of all trades”. I am sure he knows himself where he is most effective, I wonder was he ever asked.

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