Venues changes for this weekend

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Two changes in venues for matches this weekend were announced inside the last 24 hours.  Both of these changes have already been flagged in the comments but they’re worth mentioning again in case anyone hasn’t seen them and may be planning to go to either of the matches affected.

First, Tooreen’s All-Ireland IHC club semi-final tomorrow against Ballyragget of Kilkenny has been switched from the Gaelic Grounds, Limerick, to that happiest of happy hunting grounds for Mayo teams, Cusack Park in Ennis. Throw-in at the Clare venue is 2pm tomorrow afternoon.

Second, the FBD League match between Mayo and Sligo has been shifted from Markievicz Park in Sligo to the Enniscrone/Kilglass GAA pitch at Quigabar (which is here). Throw-in for this pre-season dead-rubber fixture remains at 2pm on Sunday. Details of Sligo’s team for this match are here.

29 thoughts on “Venues changes for this weekend

  1. Seating in Enniscrone? Are you serious? How Connacht GAA think this is a suitable venue for an intercounty game involving one of the best supported teams in the country is beyond a joke. Enniscrone’s facilities, while being ok for a club of its size, will be totally swamped if a decent Mayo crowd turn up to this game. I said in the comments earlier in the week that Markievicz Park wouldn’t be able to stand up to this weeks weather, a blind man could have seen a change in venue being necessary. If Ballina Stephenites pitch is playable, it would be 100 times better than Enniscrone. Enniscrone club sent out an tweet this evening announcing a club meeting for 9pm tonight to prepare for Sunday’s game, such is the level of notice that they obviously got about the uae of their pitch.

  2. Also, the pitch is on a narrow country road, no parking of any significance available, it will be safety nightmare.

  3. A now young fella. You hardly think the Connacht council have sprung this like that on Enniscrone. Like any large “planned” public gathering in modern area they are bound have contengency plans inplace especially for event that yakes place every year. RAMS to cover safety a traffic management plan increased welfare facility’s etc…. cough ?

  4. Have been there at minor and junior games in last few years. Ground can’t hold 2500 people. 100 people in the stand and 1 row of people around pitch.

  5. I think at this stage considering the appalling weather, the under foot conditions even on the best of football ground’s ..The sensible thing would be to abandon this dead rubber fixture… It’s hardly fair to Enniscrone and the surface of the pitch there either.. Maybe a Mayo selection could play a Sligo selection sometime in February., if the weather sufficiently improves .. It’s not as it matters to either of us really… I was at McHale Park for both the Galway and Leitrim games, it was in some state half way through the Leitrim game and barely recognisable as a football pitch after the Galway game… What are the Connacht Council thinking of as well, when they want Galway and Roscommon to play twice, on Sunday next and again in February? ,.. It’s plain stupid…. If you think about it… Either Galway or Roscommon could win by 20 points on Sunday… And the winners on Sunday should that happen, could be the runner’s up in the FBD (League).. If the other team won the final by a mere point… I agree with Kevin McStay… Once would be plenty, especially considering the state of pitchs and the appalling weather.. A small bit of common sense would go a long way!

  6. Leantimes, we had a teacher in Castlebar once who used to say that you can’t teach “cop-on”, and you sure can’t teach it to the Connacht Council. There’s part of me that would love to see 2,500 turn up on Sunday just to cause chaos, just to see the CC squirm

  7. Young Fella there were 2500 at our last 2 games. It’s a home game for Sligo but it’s closer to home for North Mayo people than Castlebar so should be 2500 again next Sunday.

  8. Remember that the only real use of the FBD league is to try out new players. In between these games, there are challenge games as well to give everyone a chance. One such game was commented on in a previous thread. On that basis, it will, and should, be played.
    Let’s hope that Stephen Rochford has found a few lads from these games. The league will have 7 games in 8 weekends. With the potential for pains, sprains, knocks, this time of year, having a few extra bodies in the squad will be essential.

  9. Kilglass like a lot of rural clubs have a lot of pride in their club and community like most rural clubs and posters should remember this when making comments. Ballinlough a similar size club in Roscommon have hosted several Mayo v Roscommon games with distinction over the years in my opinion. I have every faith in the Kilglass people. The agenda should be to support all the Mayo guys where ever they appear. Its just outside Ballina town.

  10. I’m sure it’s a big deal too PJ for them to host their county team. I’m looking forward to it anyway!

  11. Enniscrone is a lovely setting, walk the beach , have a seaweed bath and then head up to the pitch for the game!

  12. PJ McManus,. I haven’t said anything negative against Enniscrone or Killglass… I seen first hand what the two FBD match’s done to one of Ireland’s premier ground’s McHale Park … I commented on the weather, the dead rubber nature of the proposed fixture, and the general state of the underfoot conditions in all football grounds due to the dreadful weather… There is another thing that I haven’t mentioned.. And that is, the risk of injury to player’s if match’s are played in such dreadful conditions as was the case for the match’s against Leitrim and Roscommon… I am absolutely certain that that the ground at Killglass can take an intecounty fixture, but it must be for some reason that Markeviec Park can’t . Isn’t that Sligo premier GAA ground, and if it can’t take it! ..Why expect anywhere else in Sligo to be better?

  13. PJ, I echo the words of Leantimes, I don’t think you will find anything in my remarks which are disparaging towards Enniscrone Kilglass GAA Club. They are a typical rural club doing the best they can with the financial resources they have. My gripe is with the Connacht Council putting on a game in a pitch that I do not believe is able to take the numbers of spectators, cars,etc that could and ( weather permitting) will probably turn up

  14. @leantimes just cause Markievicz is da premier pitch it doesn’t automatically follow that it has good drainage. Hyde park had poor drainage until it was invested in. And Enniscrone/Kilglass been coast based club could have a well sanded base and would have natural good drainage. I don’t know this to be the case but could be a good reason for the choice??

  15. Ger McDonagh was voted senior club player of the year last night.
    Brian Reape scoring 7-38 in 7 games was voted Intermediate player of the year.
    Ger said he thinks he can do a job for the team when asked about Mayo.

  16. That Mayo v Sligo game would be better off in Tubbercurry.
    Ennis love that place. 2016 U21 final was a highlight for my years following Mayo

  17. Looking ahead to next weekend, anyone heading to Monaghan for the weeekend? What Clones like on a sat night or would one be better staying in Cavan or Monaghan town?

  18. I was actually told by a buddy of mine (Shligo man) that Enniscrone is a sand based pitch. It will be sound I’d say leantimes.

    Calling this off would be pointless. There’s nothing dead rubber about it because winning this competition was never a priority for either team anyway. If this game was called off we would go find a challenge game elsewhere!

  19. Yewtree..I would definitely be looking to stay in Monaghan town on Sat night..Apparently its a great spot and often hard to get accommodation..Clones has been a ghost town for years sadly..

  20. Well just looked at Anthony Daly interview last night at club stars awards – he spoke brilliantly re our boys. As I live outside the county myself, that so echos how high this team are thought of by all. I hope Ger McDonagh can make it onto team. I was impressed anytime i saw him play.

  21. Looking at Irish Times today and it’s really amazing that Mayo football does so well with so many outside the county. I’m beyond proud of our teams and what they achieve. Also delighted to see Cora score 2 goals on her debut down under. We’re so lucky to have such amazing talent in our county. Thanks to one and all for the effort and dedication. MAYO forever!!

  22. jeez haven’t we got very precious, its a FBD game , parking might be tight, we might get wet… get over it

  23. Throwintime, well said. Connacht Council were rightly criticized for not calling off Mayo v Galway in time, they should be commended for making a correct early call and giving plenty of warning of change of venue. Regarding the new venue, dont know it myself but Enniscrone is a sandy coastal region so should be fine for a game this year. As for the comments regarding the capacity, ad Throwintime says, its FBD, get over it. Some of the comments saying its too small for a Mayo game sounds awfully similar to another inter county group of supporters excuses why their team cant play outside Croke Park.

    Personally I think these pre season competitions should be scrapped, look at the total disarray the McKenna cup is in due to abandoned fixtures. Scheduling fixtures in January is ridiculous, the grounds a not available for playing games, McHale park is in poor condition with only 2 weeks till a league game, the lights were on last night there, surely training wasnt taking place on it. If teams want to organise friendly games then thats fine, but organising competitions that are ending in farce is a bit of a joke.

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