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  1. I know I’m picking at the bones here, but in 1998, Ross held Galway to a draw and Galway were written off as a result. You know what they did later in the year. In 2001, Galway lost the league final, lost to Ross in Connaught. They were written off again and had to wait 5 weeks to play a qualifier (albeit against Wicklow) but went on to win the All-Ireland. OK, it’s clutching straws and there are several things to fix but as Fourgoal McGee keeps saying – keep the faith!

  2. Absolutely right – this aint over till it’s over! As Johnno said after the game, if you win all your plans are seen as great but if you lose they’re all rubbish (or words to that effect). I think we all know that we’re not as bad as we were made to look last Sunday and we could still create a stir this Summer. Our sole aim now has to be to reach the All-Ireland series and, if we do, let’s see what develops from there.

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