Vote for Oisín!

As a number of you have mentioned, the Irish Independent have an online poll going at the minute for Young Sportstar of the Year.

Oisín Mullin is on the shortlist and he’s polling really well but, having led the way for the last few days, he’s now slipped behind soccer international Dara O’Shea. But the poll is still open so, if you haven’t already voted, then please take the time to cast a vote in favour of Oisín. You’ll find the poll here.

102 thoughts on “Vote for Oisín!

  1. I voted for Oisín a couple of days ago. I hope everyone goes to the link and gives him the vote.

  2. Thanks for posting Willie Joe, important to get momentum going on it again before closing. Vote, vote, vote!

  3. Voted for him yesterday, tried again today but will not let me, so come on all Mayo supporters and vote

  4. While recognition of one of our own players is always welcome, isn’t these types of polls conducted by papers essentially click bait exercises, I mean there isn’t any actual award for the winning athlete. Isn’t the Independent the same paper that prints a certain gobshites articles and in general rarely has anything decent to say about Mayo football. Sorry but no, I wont be clicking in that link and contributing to that papers advertising revenue.

  5. Well done WJ on reminding everyone.
    Vote for one of our own new stars, who has had a brilliant year, bringing great energy, a serious attacking threat, and defending skills matched to a maturity beyond his years.
    Spread the word to everyone you can. Remember, you can vote in this ballot from every mobile phone and computer in your house and work, but only once from each device. Hon Oisin, Hon Mayo…

  6. Well done Oisin. A great talent. Very interesting article (can you link it WJ please) in Western People this morning re Kilmaine’s Treasurer Donal Walsh and a letter he has sent to all clubs. A number of troubling points raised. There are so many people inside/outside the county that want to help and then reading this is so frustrating.

  7. Under 20 Top 20 named today. No room for Paul Towey who scored 9 points, against All Ireland Champions Galway, in a game mayo only lost on penalties. Obviously whoever picked the team didn’t brave the weather that day.

  8. I see Mike Finnerty was writing up Brian Morley as a coming star for 2021 in hurling.

    Does anyone know anything about him? Mike’s description whetted my appetite and I wonder is he a footballer also. If so get him on the panel James.

  9. Beautiful violin there Claremorris.

    I see reported a 71 million upgrade planned for Croke Park.

    Part of it is for the museum which might be just as well. The way the football Oligarchs are running the show, it’s only a matter of time before the only memories of championship football will be a museum visit.

    I would like to know who’s paying for this 71 million refurb.

    71 million for what everyone sees now as the home of Dublin football.

    We cannot afford a pitch upgrade in McHale Park, but there are oodles of money for any upgrade to Croke Park that the Architects sheet will accept.

    Any money spent on Croke Park in whatever guise it’s cloaked in, in my opinion is money been spent on the Dubs.

    Nearly every senior championship football match played in Croke Park involves the Dubs. Some other Counties get the odd outing to play there but invariably the Dubs will make up one of the teams.

    So for a team who plays nearly every championship match in Croke Park it is fair to say that it is again Dublin who are benefiting from this huge investment.

    Maybe the 71 million was money saved by the Dublin team sweeping up their own dressing rooms.

    The other counties around the country, we are all fools. Not a pot to piss in but in Dublin they seem to have full time explorers identifying projects where millions can be burned.

    Some county grounds around the country where you wouldn’t put cattle in to the entrances for testing.

    In Croke Park now you can get your arse wiped while drinking french vinegar to wash down your cucumber sandwich.

    I’ll stick to the ham and mustard myself.

  10. Have voted already for Oisin on all devices available to me. Also on the Indo newspaper every day this week.

    Apart from that I’m delighted to see that the Ladies Co Board has been reconstituted. With Peter Leahy gone I wish them luck in getting a new team management in place and reuniting the county. I’m amazed sometimes that the Ladies do not get more attention. They are, after all, approx. 50% of the human (and Mayo) race and I have never known the GAA to neglect them when raffle tickets, lotto or other fundraising is taking place. They also provide a goodly number of officers (workers) to GAA Clubs and increasingly to Co Boards. As far as I am concerned the more people playing football (or Hurling/camogie/handball for that matter) the better and it does not matter one bit whether they are male or female. I look forward to the day when all are united under the one banner in one organisation.

  11. Vote early and often but don’t tell the Aussies cos they’ll snap him up like Pierce Hanley and what do we do then Billy what do we do?

  12. There are still a lot of questions unanswered within Mayo lgfa. Most of the people on the executive who resigned last spring when the hard questions were been asked are back in as officers again.
    The chairperson at the time who did not resign and wanted to get to the bottom of it has said in the western people she got no cooperation or support from Connaught lgfa or Croke park. Except for that chairperson it looks like everyone else wants to brush everything under the carpet.
    The position of senior team manager has been advertised recently and the criteria for the job seems to be written to suit a person who is part of the new board. Time will tell

  13. Yes Revellino I saw that … 71 million to redevelop Croke Park. The mind boggles! Talk about bad timing. Yet we are drowning in debt for McHale Park. Mayo supporters (who filled Croke Park for the last decade) are expected to dig deep again and buy tiles to finance the resurfacing the pitch. Clubs struggling to pay insurance and not being able to fundraise all year. Just shows where the head honchos priorities lie.

  14. It’s a good one alright , 71 million to spruce up a stadium that will struggle to fill the seats in a few years time, all the GAA s own doing of course.

  15. Fair play to Croke Park for keeping the Stadium up to date its the right think to do. The problems with McHale park are in no small way down to poor management and even read in the last few days ,that a man wanted to do some
    work there free of charge there and he was turned down. A lot of home made problems in Mayo.

  16. Real Dub agenda there Culmore. How about in the interest of fairness that only All Ireland series games be played in Croke Park. Final, semi-finals and quarter finals only. Leinster championship venue should be on an alternating basis. Like the other 3 provinces. Meath v Dublin for previous 2 years were both played in Croke Park. Why was one of them not in Navan. In fact why was either of them in Croke Park, our National Stadium. Dublin should not be allowed play ANY league game in Croke Park except a final. Its not their home ground. And as Revillino says above, other counties including Mayo are saddled with debt and cannot afford to upgrade their facilities. 70 million seems to have been found to favour the dubs yet again. Would Brian Howard or Paul Mannion be as eager to sweep out the dressing room in Navan, Portlaoise or Mullingar?

  17. Hmm…I’m no big fan of these awards. Does the lad himself even care about it?! I think these polls that are individual vote in’s are a bit of a joke. All Stars, players of the year – they are nice, but do they even really matter??! Maybe they do to players from teams that have little or chance of winning an All Ireland and yes, they are nice to get but Gaelic Football is a team game. It’s like getting a MOTM award when you lose. It’s hollow – or at least it should be! Mayo’s focus (players, supporters etc) should be fixed solely on the award/prize that counts – Sam and a celtic cross.

    Oisin is well aware of the admiration and support Mayo people have for him and the recognition for his efforts. But in Mayo there’s an element of lauding players too much – using terms like ‘legend’ etc. You become a legend when you win a senior All Ireland – or at least that’s how I think it should be.

    Allied to all of this, I’d rather be keeping Oisin’s profile in the shade and not be bringing any more attention to him – what benefit is that to a young lad?? None.

    And as Mayomad touched on, the indo is a complete ‘rag’.

  18. 71 fucking million. That’s a good one.

    Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. There won’t be 20,000 at the next Leinster football final in say 2022 (after covid has gone and 83,000 are allowed in).

    Empty stadiums and tumbleweed blowing across while thousands turn to rugby, soccer, cricket, snooker, darts and tiddlywinks.

    1884 to 2021. Cause of death. Self inflicted by greed.

  19. Carrotface

    Did you not hear the Leinster ceo? He says that apart from one county in particular, the rest of Leinster is very competitive.

  20. Fair play to Oisin. Great young player and all, but young sports person of the year? A decent season with a standout performance in the first half of the All Ireland final. Hardly credentials for being the beat young talent I’m the country in all sports youd think.

  21. Any excuse from the suits in HQ now so they will have a reason for all the leinster games and knock out games to be played in croke park because they need the revenue to fund this development. Nthing about the dubs being made play on the road like all the 31 other counties. Have they yet sorted the neutral venue for the super 8’s yet? We don’t want the calamity of dubs selecting croker as a neutral venue going forward.

    Absolute joke of the CEO from Leinster saying that the leinster championship was competitive apart from 1 team (Dublin)

  22. Yeah, Dave. I posted on here a couple of days ago what the clown of a CEO had to say about the Leinster championship. Amazingly he is still in his his post as far as I’m aware. Incredible stuff.

  23. I see Michael Dara Mac has retired – Dublin have a few in the exit lounge too – Andrews, Connolly and Jack Mac last year.

    Michael Dara was a good one. I remember a time when MDMA was a newbie; raw, energetic, no little skill, great heart. He seemed to be a guy who could help Dublin go places.

  24. Carrot
    Who did you think was going to fire that CEO or ask him to explain? Dublin? The GAA? The Leinster Council?
    The fox is minding the henhouse for sure in this instance and he won’t be answering any questions about dead and maimed chickens.

  25. I wonder too about all this rubbish on where Dublin spend all their money.

    They tell us it’s due to the numbers and the amount of kids and the brilliant coaching and all the hard work that’s been put in.

    I wonder then why have they won only one minor all Ireland in the past 36 years.

    It seems any team in the country can beat them up to that 17 or 18 age bracket.

    It doesn’t add up.

    I think it’s nonsense, this tall tale of so much of their funding been spent on kids around the county. Where are their unbeatable minor teams.

    I have to think that almost all their funding is funnelled to the senior set up.

    If they cannot win a minor title with all this funding and specialised coaching that they say they give from the toddlers up why is their a rapid development from the age of 18 onwards.

    How can players that cannot win a minor title suddenly become unbeatable ?

  26. Mannion leaving is big blow to them, couldn’t understand how farrell picked paddy small ahead of him.

    If any of their big 4 (mccarthy, Fenton, kilkenny, con) was to pick up an injury they could be beaten by 3 or 4 teams

    None can persuade me they are as good at the dublin 2015-2017 peak

  27. What we need is most of the Gaa referees panel to resign also.
    A fresh start all around.
    The Gaa are going on a big spending spree in a proposed upgrade to Croke park, I’m sure us Mayo fans made them rich over the past 10 years, we have been lead along, teased, ah sure we will get te into the All Ireland finals but sorry but ye are not allowed to beat the glorious Dubs.

  28. Mannion has been replaced, same as the other irreplaceable lads that were replaced, brogans, connolly, bastick, o gara, mccafferty, etc and still won easily. He was a fine footballer for sure but you know, sometimes if a thing is too easy it loses the magic.
    The question for us is can Mayo replace the quality that we have lost?

  29. @Revellino, the Dubs Senior team has access to the best Gyms and the best training pitches in Dublin, practically all within a close distance for all players, no 6 hour round trips to midweek sessions as per the Mayo lads.
    I would love to hear how the lads recover after a typical midweek session, the next day must be so difficult.
    DCU grounds
    The glorious facilities at Abbotstown, Dublin 15
    Parnell Park
    The Gym in DCU etc etc.
    The players are all equipped with SUV’s not small cars or Van’s as other County players.

    In fairness they put the work in, no other ways to reach their extreme fitness levels.

  30. Yes. A new panel of referees chosen from a wide spectrum of counties which would ensure a properly neutral ref for finals and semi finals.

    2nd. The idea that Dublin can play their home game and neutral game at Croke Park in super 8s has to be rejected from now on. It’s up to their opponents (whoever that is) which find themselves in the “neutral” venue of Croke Park for the neutral venue game, to refuse to play that fixture. Stand your ground and surely the other 30 counties in Ireland would back you to the hilt. Wouldn’t they?

    This nonsense has to stop now. Absolute madness that they’ve got away with it up to this point.

  31. 27 @ Pullhard. He might not have been overly impressed with his amount of bench time this year or maybe like Jack Mc his heart might not be in it this year. It must be pretty tough to train that hard and get that psyched up for 1 game a year.

  32. Carrot face, I’m fairly sure that outrageous idea of Dublin playing their neutral game in Croke Park actually ened in 2019. Dublin did play 2 super 8s in Croke park in 2018 but in 2019 they played the neutral game outside the M50.

  33. Talking of money, we should be getting a few bob more. Mayo GAA announcing sponsorship deal with Portwest – on the back of the jersey.

  34. You would wonder why Croke Park would need to spend €71,000,000 on an upgrade, it’s not that long since they finished a total redevelopment… Must be expecting that maybe President Joe Biden, might bring Garth Brooks and install him in a residency in Croke Park, because sure as hell, those well paid ‘professionals’ running the place certainly have destroyed the Leinster Football Championship, and as real competition, ditto the All Ireland football Championship… Who’s going to actually pay for it?

  35. I’m a bit worried about the residents around Croke Park once all this hammering and drilling starts.

    The poor crathurs cannot sleep a wink with Mick Jagger and Bono and the boys tearing away on the guitars as it is. How will the poor auld devileens manage with circular saws and nail guns goin 12 hours a day.

    Dublin city council only allow about 5 concerts a year to be held in Croker.

    Will this also apply to the construction noise or is that a different type of noise ?

    Seeing that it’s our money that will foot this 71 million bill, I look forward to seeing the tenders from the different companies that have put in a bid to do this work and also full transparency in ensuring that whatever company does get the job have no ties to anybody up the food chain.

    71 million is an awful lot of money, and while it’s great that Molly got her shopping delivered for a few weeks at the start of the Pandemic, should this building project not be booted down the road and the money instead be spent on our healthcare staff and PPE and maybe build a couple of extra fully equipped fully staffed temporary ICU facilities until we have a handle on this Pandemic.

    Is upgrading a shrine to everything Dublin more important than making sure that every resource possibly available is channeled to saving lives. It’s our money.

    This rot has been going on for decades.

    One of the main harbingers towards the begining of this rot had almost succeeded in building a great bowl in honour of himself. I recall at the time, nurses raffling teddy bears to raise funds for life saving equipment in the children’s hospital. Think about it.

    The first million of that 71 million should be a commemoration to our nurses and doctors and all that have been lost to this Pandemic and should be erected at the main entrance to Croke Park. The other 70 million should be put where their mouth is and help the country out in its darkest times and prove that the commemoration isn’t just a Vanity project.

    I believe that improvements can be a good thing, generally, but pick the proper time and cause baby, and this ain’t either.

  36. Just shows how far out of touch Croke Park are with the real world of GAA at club and county level down the country.
    Clubs are crippled every year with levies,insurance etc from the county board and Croke Park and are struggling financially to survive – that’s before you even talk about the problems with rural depopulation and playing numbers. Ah but never mind that – it’s the superclubs in Dublin the gaa pump the money into. Sure we might as well spend €71 million more on Croke Park – that money would be no good to rural clubs who are trying to develop their facilities and encourage young lads to play football. In rural clubs – every player counts. Do these professionals running the gaa ever leave Dublin and realise there is more to the gaa than Croke park and Dublin football.

  37. Revellino I admire your innocence re Tenders for construction jobs on Ireland. The Gaa to me is very similar to the Public Service, the Tendering process for Professional and Contractor selection is a shambles, same guys seem to win the jobs on an Open Tendering process across the board in all Government departments, as a guy said last week “a nod and a wink ” applies.
    The Gaa possibly will not be paying anything for the proposed revamp, this may have been tied to the deal for selling off local Land to a Developer.
    Maybe we are being too hard on Dublin’s success since 2011, they obviously awoke to the fact that they could tap into big sponsorship deals being in the hub of Ireland.
    Why are Mayo using the same Sponsor for years? maybe better deals can be sought elsewhere.
    Some Dublin clubs take in 450,000 euros in membership fees per year, I would like to hear from other bloggers here that are involved with clubs in Dublin.
    I believe the Gaa and Dublin County Board are working from the same model, all seem closely linked.

  38. Mayomad, are you sure about that?. I recall Dublin playing both Roscommon and Cork in Croke Park, with Tyrone having home advantage in the final round of the super 8s.

  39. Mayomad. I think Dublin played 2 of their super 8s at Croke Park in 2019.

    Against Cork and against Roscommon??? Maybe someone on here can confirm that or correct me if I’m wrong.

    What I don’t know is which one was classed as the “home” game and which was the “neutral” venue!!!!! Not that it makes any difference. The whole thing is a joke.

  40. I attended those two Super 8 Dublin games at Croker in 2019.
    The Roscommon game was terrible, followed a good u20 final, Kildare v Mayo.
    The Cork v Dubs game was good up to 55 minutes but looking back I think the Dubs were just keeping it a game for as long as possible and hammered them late on.

  41. Carrot Face, maybe i am mistaken, apologies if so. I thought they changed the Croke Park game(neutral game) to an actual neutral game to be played first in the Super 8s. Maybe it was planned for the 2020 season but didnt go ahead.

  42. I see the Mayo gaa blog has turned into the Revellino spew poison and bile blog.. Good luck with that chip

  43. Ah ,leave him alone Outablue .The chap is pure comedy gold ,lads on other sites name checking him as well .

  44. I have to say I have sympathy with Outta the blue’s opinion on the quality of debate on here of late. I’d also point out that Ouuta the blue has been commenting here in a reasonable manner for a long time and so deserves respect. As a result I’m deleting that comment that took a direct swipe at him.

    To be honest, the standard of debate here has been cat since since New Year, partly, I know, due to the fact that there’s little to talk about. I know it’s a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted but I’d still like to see a bit more decorum being restored to the discussion.

    It’s possible, for example, to have an even-tempered debate about the funding issue and all that goes with it but that takes a bit more effort than many have been willing to devote to promoting such a discussion.

    Facts matter too – all that bawling about the supposed Croke Park development was baseless. There is no development, as the GAA have today confirmed.

    I don’t really want to have to start sanctioning people – and I’ve plenty of other things on my plate right now – but I’ll be left with no choice if those who are abusing the comment facility here keep doing so.

  45. Revellino only telling it how it is.

    Has been in brilliant form recently too with some great posts.

  46. I voted for Oisin once and hopefully enough people will do the same to get him over the line The 2020 All Ireland was the most watched sporting event of the year on TV attracting 876600 viewers on RTE I would think partly the reason for this was Mayos involvement Of the huge number who watched Oisin must have stood out so I would be confident he will win Good luck Oisin

  47. I got to Vote again for Oisin.
    Revellino should stick to the poetry !! Actually no please don’t!!!!!!
    Agree WJ … commenting on here is always good before or after a match .
    When other stuff creeps in like Croke park development the quality slips big time .
    Looks like Oisin staying ahead now

  48. Oisin is three points ahead now, thanks in no small way to everyone here on the blog voting for him.
    Keep on voting on as many different devices as you can get your hands on and please pass the word to others to do the same. Send one more text or WhstsApp to a friend asking them to vote for Oisin.
    A big final push will get him over the line!
    The odd thing I noticed last night is that the total percentages added up to 101%.

  49. I have to say Revellino and others, as me, only tell it as we see it and nothing offensive in their comments.
    Some of us have finally awaken to events over the past 8 years, and mentioned this numerous times here.
    I can understand some posters here are involved with Dublin clubs and may not want to vent their true feelings on this blog, for fear of getting into bother.
    Some of ye are typical Gaa club supporters, keep going without looking at the bigger picture, “ah sure all we need is one more scoring forward” or “a real good full back”and then Mayo will win the All Ireland.
    The bigger picture is Gaa / Croke Park, making a pure bollix out of football in Leinster this past 10 years, bending over to facilitate their partners the Dubs and making a bollix out of Mayo in finals.

    I would nearly pay anyone on this blog to get their views on the following.
    If the All Ireland goes ahead in 2021, should there be a Leinster championship, I say no.
    Should Mayo and other Counties sit back and do what they are told, be good boys, don’t disrupt the Dubs by agreeing to the venues for games, the local referees appointed for finals.
    I dont know the figures that Mayo County Board place on their clubs, what is this levy for ?, why cripple the clubs.
    Many Dublin clubs take in 450,000 on membership fees alone, then they fundraise on top of this.
    In 2016, my personal fundraising was 350 euro for guys that were only 10 years of age, this fundraiser was supposed to be for the u14 Feile that was to occur in 2020. What was this 15,000 euros used for ??,
    But as I said earlier I have awaken from the club scene in 2016 and the County scene in 2017.

  50. @Mayo88. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    I have plenty of relatives and good friends in Dublin as I’ve mentioned here before and I do believe they have excellent footballers. I think everyone agrees on that.

    What I do have utmost respect for is the Blog itself and of course WJ who is always fair and descent to everyone here and I will be taking his suggestions and advice on board.

    I probably wish I knew something about underage football in the County (I don’t) and I wish I knew more than I know about our club football. The only reason I can name underage talent in the County and standout club players is from reading the posts of some of you posters who really know your stuff.

    The posters who name upcoming talent and players that have done well in club games, keep posting, because for the likes of myself and plenty others who live outside the County and Country, it’s really one of the only ways we have of getting to know about these players and it’s always great to read the enthusiasm yea have of what next year’s County team might look like.

  51. My biggest concern and I have posted here about it many times is the debt on McHale Park. That is crippling the clubs. There is no money for anything else. Does that put people/companies off investing – as how much of it will go towards the debt? This is what the local sports journalists should be writing about. Good to see Portwest as new sponsor. It irks me so much with the way the ‘main title sponsors’ Elverlys sponsor the Dubs too. Surely that is a conflict of interest? Anyone know how many tiles have been sold? Will the launch.of project still be going ahead in March? How much will the resurfacing cost and how long will it take?

  52. RTE have just announced the nominees for young sport star of the year and it includes guess who? Oisín Mullin. The winner will be announced on Thursday night together with the senior sport star winner. Most of the other nominees have international achievements so it’s wonderful that he is included in the list

  53. Using different search engines will also allow you to vote multiple times on the same device.

  54. Another legend departs the scene after remarkable service to Mayo football. Very best of luck Keith.
    I notice the statement says football, so Keith must be going give hurling another year.
    I hope Boyler stays on for this year as the experience drain has flowed too freely in recent months.

  55. Big Blow indeed Catcol.One of our greatest ever players.What a performance he gave marking James O Donohue in Limerick in 2014.

  56. Really sorry to see Keith go. I thought maybe Boyler & himself would have given it one more. Would have been invaluable to bed in the newbies but seems it’s not to be.

  57. Keith often stood out against the very best teams. He was a superstar. I’m just happy I got to see to see his whole career for Mayo. The very best of luck to him.

  58. Genuinely as good as it gets as a a Gaelic footballer. Pace, power, balance, dedication making, could defend, could score. Irreplaceable in my view. An awful lot of experience gone, Will training be at the same level with all these guys gone? Anyways, best luck to Keith and hopefully the footballers loss is the hurlers gain.

  59. Heartbroken to see Keith leave the stage. Feckit lads we are really facing into the end of the road. But God almighty when you look at the lads retiring you gotta have such pride in them. Keith… I always loved the way you zipped through the field with such a buzz and have so many brilliant memories of your swagger. I’ll miss you, same as the other lads and wish you and your family every happiness. Thank you for your years of dedication and commitment to Mayo football. Feeling very sad and grateful. Maigheo go deo

  60. Many thanks keith. What a footballer and hurler. Such natural talent. He has given his all and is recognised nationwide as one of the greatest ever.

  61. Sorry to see Keith calling it a day but not surprised either. That leaves Colm Boyle as the only surviving player of the 2006 U21’s and Kevin McLoughlin next as a 2006/07 minor. Jason Doherty was also on that 2007 minor team while Aiden O’Shea and Rob Hennelly are the only survivors from the 2008 All Ireland minor finalists. Time moves on and we all have to move with it, whether we want to or not.

  62. Best wishes and thank you to Keith Higgins. That goal in Croker against Roscommon in the replay is one of my favourite plays in any sport ever.

  63. Just came from instagram and saw it there. I personally think this is a blow as he was a great player. So long to a great servant. Out of interest is he still going to carry on with the hurling sides of things?

  64. Sad to see all them great players call it a day , but in fairness except from Clarke and Barrett they were not going to get much game time going forward. Still 8 great defenders at least on panel / Mullen/Harrison/OHora/O Donoghue for full back line and , Keegan/Durkan/Coen/ McLaughlin for half back line.
    Time for Horan now to pick a settled team and stop the switching about .like trying to make a corner back out of keegan etc. Settled team going forward is the answer

  65. Another great servant lost to the county set up. At his best he was simply electric slaloming out of defence and ripping opposition defenses to shreds. It’s hard to know who we’ll miss most – all six retirees were amongst the best to wear the green and red. It will be a great achievement if James Horan and his team manage to keep us consistently competitive in the short term. Can’t be but proud of them all.

  66. Another player of immense calibre departing. Keith clearly revelled in the game. I loved watching these men play. They will be missed – but they leave us with great memories. My boy and myself would laugh and cheer when the likes of Higgins would burn the opposition while launching another blistering attack. Imagine that we had a half back line with 12 all stars between them. Formidable. Enjoy your retirement and your hurling Mr Higgins!

  67. Voted again a futher few times on different browsers, Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, MS Internet Explorer etc etc.
    It works. You can vote multiple times with different devices and different browsers on those devices.

  68. The voting is still open and it says will “close shortly thereafter” for weeks now.

    In other words it will close the minute the Dublin lad takes the lead.

  69. It’s a poll run by a newspaper to attract traffic to their site and generate revenue. As long as the clicks keep coming it will probably remain open.

  70. Oisin’s lead is increasing over Dara O’Shea, which surprises me considering the popularity of soccer in cities and bigger towns But just in case keep voting for Oisin and get him over the line

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