Voting unsuspended

As you can see from the post below, TJ’s rapid response IT wizardry has now put to rights the damage inflicted earlier on by my clod-hoppering IT stupidity and so the poll is back up again.  And so, after that brief democratic deficit, let the voting continue …

14 thoughts on “Voting unsuspended

  1. A great idea to have the poll. Well done. Once more I have to use your organ to praise the Spailpin. He writes a marvellous bit on the proposed renaming of McHale Park. I agree with him 100%. Probably without meaning to, he focussed once more on our county board. I have to say , until we get that area right, we will never win an All ireland. Your next poll should be about whether to rename McHale Park. p.s A pity that it is so hard to comment directly on the Spalpin site.

  2. Thanks, ontheroad – it was your mate Liam’s idea to do this so you’re partly to blame for the development! Saw the Spailpin’s piece – on the ball, as usual. Good idea about a poll on the naming rights, though I think we can guess the outcome of that one in advance.

  3. actuall WJ, i love the fact that you screen all comments. It ensures a healty read for all. Discussion boards have been runined by muppets posting idiotic comments. Just as a matter of interest is ther many idiots out there trying to infect this site?

  4. Hi Ted – the site seems to be immune (so far at least) from this kind of commentator so hopefully we can keep it that way. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of banter but the stuff that’s going on on the Hogan Stand message board on an ongoing basis is just juvenile in the extreme and more than a little pointless.

    I’ve just read that article now, Dan. I don’t know anything about the background to this spat but there’s clearly no love lost between the two involved!

  5. I don’t know about the polling WJ, it’s been clearly shown democracy doesn’t work.
    Proof? George W. getting a second term, the antics of our own crowd re. the budget, X-Factor, You’re a star etc. -and finally the good people of Mayo ensuring their own manager has a time-consuming distraction that requires a lot of travel!

    Contrast this with the autocratic Mr. Cody who operates the one man, one vote principle. He’s the man and he ain’t afraid to use the vote.

  6. You could be right, innocentbystander, but it does help to liven up a dull week in December!

  7. God forbid this site ever gets taken over by some of the clowns you get on the Hogan Stand. I used to go on it regularly, simply because living in London I found it hard to keep up to date with goings on back home. Luckily this site came to my rescue!

    WJ, I hope you don’t mind me using your blog for something, it may even have been covered already. It’s in regards to the Marie Carolan Fund.
    There is a charity bike ride from London to Belmullet, taking place between the 13-20th December. My borther-in-law is one of the cyclists.
    Any donations/corporate sponsorship etc. would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small.
    I’ve tried putting in a copy of the form/advert but to be honest, I’m shite at all this type of IT stuff. I think you can access the details through the following website:, or this email address:

    Again, sorry if this isn’t the place, but just wanted to spread the word on a very good cause.


  8. Hi Dan, no problem I’ll give the event a plug before the date.

    I used to live in London too back in the late Eighties to mid Nineties, in a time where it was even more difficult to keep up with what was going on, in the days before widespread internet use or mobile phone take-up. One of the motivations for starting this site was my own memories as an emigrant, where i was forever trying to find out what was happening on the GAA front at home. It’s good to know that the site is helping to serve this purpose!

  9. As Johnno said the night of the launch of Club Mayo-Dublin:

    “You might leave Mayo, but Mayo never leaves you”….

    Hits the nail on the head in fairness….

  10. Thanks WJ, appreciate the plug. And God only knows why I said my brother-in-law is one of the 5 cyclists, he’s actually my step-brother (I have to give him a plug too!).

    It was only a few years ago that the only real news on home used to come from the Mayo News & Western, but of course over here we’d have to wait until the Friday to get them. And that was only after wandering around the whole of London trying to find shops that sold it.

  11. No matter how good or bad our new jersey may look, we will all support and shout and roar at the people choosen to wear it with pride every year..and if all the people wearin and all the people roarin have that bit of green and red bite inside them, then it wont matter what our jersey looks like on the outside..
    its what inside that counts..

  12. Absolutely, Flying Doc, and with the vote in favour of the new jersey running at 2:1, the general mood seems to be that it’s okay.

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