Wait goes on for Connacht

There was no joy for Connacht up in Ballybofey last night when they beaten 1-15 to 2-9 by Ulster in the Railway Cup semi-final (match report here). 2-2 to 0-2 up after just seven minutes (one of those goals coming from Andy Moran), a goal up at half-time, they lost in the end by the same margin. Oh well, that’s what you get for fielding too many Sheepstealers and the like.

On the positive side, it looks like Andy had a good game last night, contributing 1-1 to Connacht’s total. Keith Higgins, lining out at left-half back – his new position on the Mayo team? – got a point as well. I wonder how Ronan got on? It’s good to see him getting some game time and, with Ballina taking their place in the Connacht club championship, he might get a few more hard games under his belt before the inter-county action starts up again.

But, for poor old Connacht, the wait goes on. Already 38 (not 28) years without interprovincial success, it’ll be at least another one before they win it. That’s if it’s not canned in the meantime, along with the minor and U21 grades.

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