Waiting on the team announcements

Just two days out now from Sunday’s shuddering showdown with Kerry and the focus is switching towards the team announcements that both teams are set to make later on today.

We usually name our starting fifteen around nine or a bit after on the Friday evening so I guess we’ll be sticking to this routine tonight. Organised people that they are, Kerry GAA have said they’ll make their team announcement at 8.30pm this evening so it sounds as if they’ll be out of the traps ahead of us in that department.

It’s all a bit pointless speculating about the teams both counties will name, all the more so given our proclivity to make two switches to the named team ahead of throw-in. If it’s conjecture you want, though, John Fogarty in the Irish Examiner has a short piece – here – about team selection issues facing both counties. Tomás Ó Sé in the Irish Independent, meanwhile, provides some thoughts on how Kerry might line up.

There isn’t a whole pile more to direct you to, I’m afraid, on the coverage side of things today. There was that fairly pointless piece on the RTÉ website yesterday (here) and a report in the Irish Examiner today (here) about a rather bizarre stunt that Paddy Power pulled at Knock. And, of course, Brolly is sounding off in the Indo but I’m not even going to provide a link to that. Life’s just too short.

Eoin Liston’s piece in the same paper yesterday is worth a read, though – it’s here.  Bomber focuses his attention on Aidan O’Shea as the particular hammer that Kerry will want to hammer on Sunday, saying that – despite the presence of David Moran in the middle of the park for them – midfield is an area of concern for the opposition.

I’d agree with him when he references 2014 by saying that “there’s going to be baggage spilling over from that day.” The fact that so many players who were on the field in the Gaelic Grounds two years ago are still involved with both counties – by my count, it’s 19 on both sides – all but guarantees this.

Bomber concludes – as you’d expect – that Kerry can do it up but cautions that “nothing less than fifth gear will suffice” for them. Interestingly, Stephen Rochford uses the same gear-related analogy in a piece by Donnchadh Boyle in the Irish Independent, in which he says:

We need to be in fifth gear on Sunday, there’s absolutely no doubt in that. But what I see in this group, they do really stand up to that challenge. And while we’ll go in as the underdogs, we’re not going to go up there in any sense of fear.

By the way, both the Irish Examiner (here) and RTÉ (here) also have pieces with Stephen Rochford that you might want to have a look at.

There’s other stuff, I’m sure, out there but I’ve other non-GAA stuff to be dealing with at the minute so that’ll have to do you for now. Back a bit later on, though, with a bonus episode of the Mayo News football podcast – that should appear around mid-afternoon – and back later on this evening too with all the team news.

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32 thoughts on “Waiting on the team announcements

  1. Teams announments are pointless ….
    why don’t the gaa introduce squad numbers only and then no need for team management to give false teams.. .. 1 hrs pre match starting team announced.

  2. WJ you are indeed right. I have to make sure I keep telling myself that life is too short to be reading or listening to Brolly.

  3. if it was me for the first 20-25 i would go for AOS on the edge of the square with Doherty and COC playing off him. withdraw 10 players deep and go long and go for goals while protecting our own goal.

    Switch it then with Andy coming in.

    we’ve got to try to make them play the match on our terms

  4. I would like to think the analysis post 5pm on Sunday is how Kerry missed Colm Cooper, Aiden O Mahoney and Mark O Se. With 15 All Ireland medals between them let’s hope there moaning the loss of these guys because the Kerry camp have not acknowledged it yet.
    I hope it is one of their excuses!

  5. Tradition tradition….!! where would we be without it.? Mattered little what team was ever named. But even for League final win v Down back then I rem our fellas were all over the place swapping and switching to great effect at the time and it sure reaped the rewards on the day! JJ Cribbin’s day out with two for the net ….J Gibbons up the middle and bang with another ….off the underside of the crossbar and stylo Fitzgerald with the fourth. They played with abandon that day….one of my fondest memories. And so Encore Encore!!!!…. says I, and more of the same and let’s play football from the start.

  6. It is fascinating that we have such options at the back that no one knows what to expect in terms of on-field personnel when Deegan throws in the ball at 3.30pm on Sunday.
    Keegan will start but who will drop out? Will it be Durcan or Vaughan (as he was the man drafted in the last day) or will it be Doherty, thereby allowing Higgins to move out of the corner? We just don’t know.
    On the basis that we might need Vaughan’s strength, height and running power, I would like to see him retained, but at the expense of whom?
    Over to you Rochey. I’m glad it’s not my call.

  7. The Ballad of Leeroy Keegan.

    Barcelona they have Messi
    And Madrid have Ronaldo
    But the greatest player of them all
    Is Leeroy from Mayo

    When Roscommon went by 7 up
    Thought us well and truly bet
    Leeroy took the leather and he stuck it in the net

    All the Dublin scribes feared Leeroy
    Their plan was write and lynch
    The ref read what the scribes had wrote
    Sent Leeroy to the bench

    And for all of Dublins superstars
    We hear of their 5th gear
    When all the votes were counted Lee was player of the year

    When people talk of Mayo
    Of Croagh Patrick and of Knock
    And in Croagh Patricks shadow there’s another mighty rock

    He can quiten all the big men
    He has power grace and speed
    When opponents make their game plan
    They say “this is just what we don’t need”

    So Messi, stay with Barcelona
    And Ronaldo with Madrid
    We’ll stick with Leeroy Keegan
    For our All Ireland bid

    When the history books are written
    And they discuss the red and green
    They’ll all agree on one thing
    Lee’s been the best there’s ever been.

  8. All I hear all week from Kerry pundits is there strong bench to win this game.
    With someone dropping to our bench for Lee and the lads that are already there,is the Kerry bench better than ours?
    Maybe I’m missing something.
    Anyway looking forward to a fascinating match.

  9. Are Dinnys sponsoring the sausages Willie Joe will be frying for the diaspora Saturday night?

  10. Is there any point in speculating on the teams? I believe SR has many options in terms of selection and truly has a conundrum to solve for selection of a starting15. I have great faith in this panel of players and I’m not too concerned about who lines out around the core members from the players to be considered.
    I have respect for Kerry, as anyone should for a county with 37 AI’S but that doesn’t mean we should be in awe of this team. Having taken all of their strengths into consideration I firmly believe we will be the happier bunch at 1705 on Sunday evening but it will not be easy and there will be some scary moments no doubt.
    Hon Mayo.

  11. Just went through all the Sportsfile pics from the 2014 replay…

    We have to make this right. This is it. This is our chance to banish that day forever.

  12. Getting near squeaky bum time now!

    If I am honest, I thought we were gone the last day before the replay. I thought it was one battle too many for the players and that their legs had gone. My only fear before the Roscommon replay was that this team does not deserve to end on the Croke Park pitch at the hands of Roscommon! Ffs. Kerry in a semi-final, or even another final loss I could suffer, but not to see us go down to Roscommon in Croker. The resultant performance in the replay shows just how little I know.
    For me, we are in, kind of, bonus territory. No one gives us much of a chance of winning and there is little or no pressure on us to win. Everyone is tipping Kerry, with some justification to be fair, and the tag of favorites will sit easily on them. Likewise us and the tag of the underdogs. They have the better forwards, we have the better backs and keeper, and the midfield area is a 50/50 split. But my concern is that, generally, forwards win you games and Kerry have more than Donaghy (who I would not be surprised to see sitting in the dugout at throw-in) for us to worry about. Geaney, O’Donohue, Keane, O’Brien and Savage all have tremendous ability and all offer something different to their attack. We just don’t have those options in our attack and therefore the Kerry defense have less to worry about. However, for me, the man that glues it all together is Donnacha Walsh and is the man that Keegan must be detailed on. Walsh is unsexy, not exactly lightening fast, is never top-scorer, doesn’t have the balance or natural ability of O’Donohue or pace of Geaney but, he is the link between the half backs/midfield and the Kerry front 3. Keep him quiet and you have reduced Kerrys attack by 20%.
    I expect us to perform and, if we are beaten, to go out on our shields. I expect us to push Kerry to the very pin of their collar if they want to beat us. Because, make no mistake, we are extremely hard to beat and put away. We are never bet. So, in my view, it is not so much can we bring a performance to beat Kerry but more can they bring a performance to beat us. That’s what the bookies, the pundits and the general public expect.


  13. Pebblesmeller ….
    Can’t believe you reckon Donnacha Walsh is critical to kerry.
    If you want to focus on anyone who is critical to kerry it’s Paul Murphy.

  14. All this talk of if we can keep donaghy or donnacha walsh or paul murphy quiet is bullshit…. every battle on the field is crucial. Whoever wins most of the individual battles will win but you cant prioritise one player over another.
    And we need to play our own game. We need to play six forwards, try to play the game on our terms like we did against roscommon. Go back to a running game with high intensity and good support play

  15. Pebbles – would just like to probe that comment ‘we’re in bonus territory’ with a question. It’s addressed to Rochy and the squad, but can apply to anyone:

    What would you have given to be where we are now:

    * immediately after the Galway match on June 11th?
    * At 76 minutes in the Derry game after Mark Lynch’s goal on July 1st?
    * At 76 minutes in the Cork game after the equalising point on July 22nd?
    * 7 minutes into extra time against Cork when they went 2 up?
    * At full time in the Roscommon game on July 29th?

    Answers could vary between:

    * My right arm
    * wife/husband/children
    * Agreeing to play Kerry in Dingle
    * Maurice Deegan reffing

    but other suggestions are welcome.

  16. My friend is in Carton house today. She said Dublin team are there training or whatever – now having a BBQ with Phil coulter playing for them. Fleet of gaa kit vans and sponsored cars with them. Well for some.

  17. The Kerry team:

    1. Brian Kelly Killarney Legion
    2. Shane Enright Tarbert
    3. Mark Griffin St Michaels-Foilmore
    4. Killian Young Renard
    5. Peter Crowley Laune Rangers
    6. Tadhg Morley Templenoe
    7. Paul Murphy Rathmore
    8. David Moran Kerins O’Rahillys
    9. Anthony Maher Duagh
    10. Michael Geaney Dingle
    11. Johnny Buckley (Captain) Dr Crokes
    12. Stephen O’Brien Kenmare Shamrocks
    13. Paul Geaney Dingle
    14. Kieran Donaghy Austin Stacks
    15. James O’Donoghue Killarney Legion

    Fir Ionaid:

    16. Shane Ryan Rathmore
    17. Jack Barry Na Gaeil
    18. Fionn Fitzgerald Dr Crokes
    19. Barry John Keane Kerins O’Rahillys
    20. Jonathan Lyne Killarney Legion
    21. Jack Savage Kerins O’Rahillys
    22. Darran O’Sullivan Glenbeigh-Glencar
    23. Tom O’Sullivan Dingle
    24. Sean O’Shea Kenmare Shamrocks
    25. Bryan Sheehan St Marys
    26. Gavin Crowley Templenoe

  18. Is Barry Moran as forgotten as he appears to be? Could we see a reprise of the sweeping role he played against Donegal in 2015? We won’t know until Sunday but I have a feeling he could be the big surprise.

  19. Does anyone know if there is any definite schedule, (date,throw in time, location) in the event of a draw on Sunday?
    I assume it’s for Saturday 26th in Croke park, just wondering if anyone knows any different, trying to figure things out, work wise, if it did go to a replay, as I’m scheduled to work that day.

  20. RiseAgain, apologies I thougjt I had replied to your Donnacha Walsh question but it seems aftee going to all the trouble to type it I didn’t send it!!
    Thankfully it’s redundant now as Walsh is out. I do stand by my argument though amd I believe he will be a big loss to Kerry.
    Now. Click “Post Comment”

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