Walsh back for Kerry

Photo: Kerry GAA

Kerry have just named their team for tomorrow’s replay. Here it is:

Kerry (All-Ireland SFC semi-final replay v Mayo, 26/8/2017): Brian Kelly (Killarney Legion); Shane Enright (Tarbert), Mark Griffin (St Michaels-Foilmore), Killian Young (Renard); Peter Crowley (Laune Rangers), Tadhg Morley (Templenoe), Paul Murphy (Rathmore); David Moran (Kerins O’Rahillys), Anthony Maher (Duagh);Stephen O’Brien (Kenmare Shamrocks), Johnny Buckley (Dr Crokes), Donnchadh Walsh (Cromane); Paul Geaney (Dingle), Kieran Donaghy (Austin Stacks), James O’Donoghue (Killarney Legion).  Subs: Shane Ryan (Rathmore), Jack Barry (Na Gaeil), Fionn Fitzgerald (Dr Crokes), Barry John Keane (Kerins O’Rahillys),  Jonathan Lyne (Killarney Legion), Jack Savage (Kerins O’Rahillys), Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh-Glencar), Tom O’Sullivan (Dingle), Sean O’Shea (Kenmare Shamrocks), Bryan Sheehan (St Marys), Gavin Crowley Templenoe.

So, out goes the injured Michael Geaney and he’s replaced by fit-again Donnchadh Walsh, with Stephen O’Brien switching wings in the half-forward line.

29 thoughts on “Walsh back for Kerry

  1. That’s a big plus for Kerry. He’ll definitely start, give them 40- 45 minutes before Darran O’Sullivan comes on. Probably be one or two more changes but he alone is a big advantage to them.

  2. We will win WJ. I have every confidence in our lads. Huge game from Keegan coming kerrys way. Up Mayo

  3. He might not be 100% fit I wouldn’t panic
    Just yet but I do expect Kerry to be sharper than last week. We have a job of work on our hands can’t see Andy scoring 1:5 but can’t see Leeroy being as quiet again. It’s all to play for.

  4. despite all the bookies talking up kerry i think their beatable mayo have nothing to lose up mayo

  5. Yep! Reckon so….! the big boulders will have to hang loose tomorrow, now that Walsh is in and Kerry come to town again.

  6. If he is fit Walsh is a big plus for Kerry for however long he stays on the pitch. Still we can do it. Safe travelling to all. Looks like it will be a fine day which I think will suit our running game.

  7. He’s an addition surely, but anyone whos watched Kerry this year, will see he’s lost a yard or two of pace. Could be found wanting tracking back Lee and the boys.

  8. See you there… hope we have the usual huge support and colour…we must be broke as a county at this stage. I expect Kerry to throw the kitchen sink at us but believe our lads are ready for battle. Maigheo go deo

  9. None of us know the Kerry team, anymore than we know the Mayo team.. David Gough will know the teams about 2.30pm tommorow… And we the faithful will know around 2.50pm…this goes for both sides!

  10. Is he fully fit?. Is this a decoy?. There was lots of folks on Kerry blog before last game saying he could be dropped…..

  11. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Gough reff’n this match. Hope he looses the whistle to be honest..but

  12. Think Walsh is one of the unsung hero’s of Kerry ..big addition if fully fit …great footballer and cute enough to ‘slow up’ an attacking half back and not get caught ..still go with my Mayo by 2

  13. Walsh been talked up too much, he’s the same as the rest in that he dosn’t like been run at. Last time I checked they can only play 15 at any one time, same as us, and we have the players to match them. Bring it on

  14. Hoping Loftus will start for us…plenty of room for the lad to move around, dry day and all. Could be the difference.
    Didn’t think of Coen as an option for KD…but your right, he did a good job on DC last year. and did reasonably well last weekend bar the attempted shot in injury time. But he’s a good fielder, and is fast, could track/stick to KD more so than Aido..

  15. My Ball, agree with you… Donnacha is definitely an unsung hero.. Kerry hardest worker, and completely underrated…. …. What I didn’t like about him, was his role in getting Lee Keegan sent off in 2014.

  16. Walsh is a good alright but Stephen Rochford & the selectors will decide who’s best to mark him tight & not let him play his direct style of attack. Anyway he’s going to find it hard enough to cope with Mayo’s halfbacks bearing down on their goal. Mayo will WIN this game,

  17. Wondering what the nature of Walshs’ injury was that he could be fully right just 6 days after being off the match day 26 ?? Anyways he is going to be a threat around the middle where he is good at picking up breaking ball. I do think Kerry will be absolutely bulling with their poor performance the last day and will tear into us right from the throw in tomorrow. They will have taken a lot of flak down south during the week – so our lads will need to be ready to fight fire with fire in order to counter the inevitable backlash. We can win this replay but only if our backline can muster up another storming performance that can smother the Kerry forwards and put them off their game. Best of luck to them all tomorrow. Up Mayo !

  18. Will play for a while…up to us to be better.
    Think it is hard to call….either side can step it up and either manager can make the diffetence.
    Win or lose team has restored pride.Be nice to progresd though.Sleepless night ahead

  19. I think walshs inclusion is only for the benefit of this great forum tonite to occupy our minds 6 days is not enough up mayo

  20. Just watched last yrs semifinal Dublin v Kerry. Donaghy didn’t have much impact on that game. He was marked by a much smaller player. He caught a couple of high balls – one he laid off for a point the others he got bottled up and robbed. I wonder are we over estimating his threat. It seems to me if he is marked very tight by a good defender even if he is smaller that will be good enough. Put huge pressure on balls being kicked in. A big hoof of a kick into Donaghy isn’t what he wants. He needs it well measured and that is not as easy as it sounds. Bottle him up on landing if he catches a few high balls.
    I think we need to focus on our own game more than worrying too much about what Kerry might or might not do.

  21. Ya Diehard he got a belly full of Philly and co alright. I thought Donie was the man for the job based on this. Donie is as mobile and aggressive and tenacious as any player in Ireland. Anyway, I’m not the boss…..

  22. Diehard I agree that high Ball into him is seared in our brains. In 2006 Heaney was wrong man ie not aggressive enough and our midfield could not compete so there was loads of supply. In Limerick Cafferkey couldn’t not compete on his own and we didn’t address it with help and Aidan was concussed plus they won midfield .
    Now we have much better players in midfield ie Parsons and possibly AOS this can cut the supply to their FF and increase it to ours. We have better options at the back to give Donaghy a real fight.
    Also AOS will not immunise us against high Ball Donaghy will back himself to at least break even in the air and Aidan is not necessarily best man to cover on the ground. Rory OCarrol is 6ft and he managed fine with mcmahon. We definitely need a better plan than Limerick but I think AOS is the wrong call.

  23. A total of 42 player’s may take to the field tommorow…. It ain’t all about Donaghy and Aiden OShea… It’s about being that one point ahead when David Gough blows the final whistle!

  24. Positive attitude, and composure up front when the opportunities present, is where this game will be won. Walsh’s injury is hamstring related, so can’t see him lasting the pace – Jack Savage or BJ Keane will replace him. Johnny Cooper and Philly handle KD by team work and sheer competitiveness. Mayo also need to be more aware of how they pace themselves, taking full advantage of their high intensity purple patches, and efficiently retaining possession, through the use of a designated playmaker (similar to C. Kilkenny) during offpress periods. I get the feeling that SR has been building them up in this regard, so I must say has to be Mayo for me. Best of luck…

  25. Walsh has had a poor season, pulled of in a few matches. One point from play against Galway.
    Crist his return is over hyped.

    Glad to not hear Clifford’s name on the team sheet, him I’d be uncertain of. What’s there in Kerry we have enough to surpass.

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