Want to be the next Mayo manager?

Mayo GAA have now published some details about the process for appointing James Horan’s successor as manager of the Mayo Senior football team – that’s here.

Nominations are now open for the post and the deadline for submitting names is Friday, 29th July at 6pm. All nominations need to be accompanied by written confirmation from nominees that they’re happy for their names to go forward. It’s not clear who can submit nominations but I assume it’s the clubs.

The plan then is to provide all duly nominated candidates with an application form, which all sounds a bit 20th century but there you go. Presumably, once completed application forms have been perused, interviews will follow leading to the appointment of the new manager.

So the process is underway and, with a fair wind, you’d expect it to be wrapped up at some point in August. Let’s hope it all runs smoothly and that it results in the best possible appointment, given where we stand in the wake of this year’s inter-county campaign and where we all want to get to over the next few years.

149 thoughts on “Want to be the next Mayo manager?

  1. I’m going to take this opportunity to rule myself out of the process:-p
    With dessie farrell likely to get the bullet the dublin job is closer to home for me and the AIG money is hard to turn down

  2. Interesting to see Enda McGinley on the Saturday Game panel, he was part of Michael Solans proposed backroom team and could feature again.

  3. When discussing the Rossie referee yesterday Kevin McStay referred to him as being “from a neighbouring County”; could this be an omen? Another point of interest: Marty with Bernard Brogan on Jones Rd. jibed him about his Mother being a “Kerry woman”, I’ve yet to hear fom him or anybody else about his poor Fathers County!!

  4. Exciting stuff!

    Hopefully the process is given time and due diligence. Before we start to compare and contrast we have to remember where our past managers have come from. Most success has been Horan / Rochford and both have come from Club directly.
    Johnson with great success in Mayo and carried on the work in Tourlestrane similar characteristics to Horan with a more organised (at first glance) style. McStay (and McHale you’d imagine!) Intercounty experience. Dempsey has transformed Knockmore from a plucky top 4 team into a team of winners. Solan experienced with some of these players and continued the good work of Enda Gilvary with that group at U21.

    Personally I’m leaning towards Dempsey. Something about the way he’s transformed them up in Knockmore. From the talk the club is buzzing and the young players buy in totally to the set up. They haven’t got the world of resources in the parish of Backs but they seem to get 110% from the lot they have. I feel all Mayo need is a push towards a more modern style of play, whether it’s beautiful to watch or not. And from the last few years Knockmore seem to be able to mix it both ways. If he can get a few good people in (Kennedy you’d imagine is a certainty and maybe Molloy?) I’d love to see what he could do with this excellent group of players.

  5. Is there published criteria for the job? I bet there isn’t.. but there should be to take out the politics and to ensure transparency.

    This might sound odd but if he was interested the best person for the job would be Mickey Harte. In my view he’s the best manager of his generation- better than the overhyped Jim Gavin and Jack O’Connor- who both have population and funding advantages over others. Harte’s 3 AI wins in the mid-noughties remains in my view the greatest achievement in modern day Gaelic football.

    Also apart from 2014 his team was consistently competitive every year and typically were only beaten by ourselves, Kerry or Dublin.

    Most of the other options are just shots in the dark.

  6. Citog I’m fairly Certain Bernard Brogan senior played for and was born in Dublin, I know they have family in Mayo (grandparents likely came from there) and I’m nearly sure that Padraig Brogan was a cousin of sorts of the Bernard/ Alan Brogan family.

  7. The Bomber Brogan is a first cousin of Bernard Snr. and Jim Brogan, both former All-Ireland winners with the Dubs. Bernard Snr is the Dad of Paul, Alan and Burnurdth, who needs no introduction here. Their grandfather, Jim, was from Stonepark, couple of miles from Foxford. Stonepark is also known as Stonepark Brogan. They have always been prolific. Ray Dempsey is from the same place, give or take a yard or two. Alan Molloy is from Belass, which as we all know, is the capital of Knockmore…….no idea about Terry Kennedy.

  8. @stephen kenny
    If that is true about enda mcginley joining the solan ticket then that’s very exciting.

    It’s all about the ticket, we seen at the weekend the impact paddy tally has had on kerry and similarly cian o neill at galway. A manager needs to have the humility to have someone with him he is willing to defer to at times

  9. Once you cross the bridge in Foxford heading for Ballina you would be in Belass and also Knockmore parish. A good many Belass and Pontoon/Knockmore kids would have went to St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Foxford. Moy Davitts is Foxford, Toomore, Sráide, Ballavary, Bohola etc. The Moy and the lakes define a lot of the boundary.

  10. To clarify if you go upstream on the Knockmore bank of the Moy is the next club Parke?

  11. It will be interesting to who shows interest for the Job and if anyone outside the county goes for it.

  12. Random question, but when should we expect to see Tommy Conroy back playing football again? I know the recovery process takes a long time and it varies from player to player but I’m just wondering if an update on him.

  13. Once you cross the Pontoon Bridge, that’s Parke as far as I know. The Moy cuts into Lough Cullin in between somewhere JP.

  14. Think ye need a big name someone with AI success behind them as a player or manager. Look at leftfield Shefflin appointment think ye need something like that to kickstart it otherwise an unknown Mayoman is likely to struggle as the likes of O Connor, Keegan etc retires. A big name may convince old warriors to give it another few years injuries permitting. Its a crucial appointment for ye alright.

  15. Mayo45 – I was watching the McBride’s GAA game in Chicago last night. Ryan and Tommy were jogging over and back the pitch constantly doing maor uisce!

    A standard recovery from an ACL injury would be 9 months. So October/November might be realistic. Although it can be a longer or shorter recovery period depending on the player.

  16. I’d say it’s solans and a good choice too if it pans out that way . Has won an all Ireland with some of them at 21s , is a solid character , staunch Mayo , knows the club scene inside out , be good imo if he got the brother involved again with s&c .

  17. I think at this very moment it might not be the most appealing job. Short of forwards. The team is in transition still. We need a lot of new players, a goalkeeper, few new detailed man marking defenders another midfielder and more scoring ball winning forwards. However it is still a top job, I’d like to see someone like Mulligan from Crossmolina given a chance with a good backroom team with someone like Enda McGinley

  18. Jeez Seán, I’m yet to be to convinced. My granny wudda managed that u21 team to success in 2016. I was in Tuam I 2017 to see our u21s flop to a disappointing 6 point defeat. It was a really poor showing with a very good team on paper. The following year the sideline lost the final v Kildare. What has Solan done since 2018?? Has any senior county come in for him? In my opinion he would be a risky appointment. If course I’d love to be wrong.

  19. @james.it seems like your trying to get a new County team added to the competitions. @wideball. Did many of the mayo players play that game. Of the names mentioned for the management job mcstay is the one who gets my vote.

  20. It’s very much going to be an interesting selection process. In my opinion it all comes down to the strength of the back room team. One thing I do find strange is the sudden surge in support for Solan. I’ve certainly nothing against him but if you think about it, his CV is on the same level as Enda Gilavarry if not lower. He has never managed a senior mens team on his own and now we want him to do the mayo senior mens job. Yes he won the U20 AI back in 2016 and it was a great success, no doubt about it. But that team was very much built of the success of the 2013 minor team that Gilavarry developed. And since then Gilavarry has managed a few different senior clubs in Mayo. And in fact if I remember correctly when he was joint manager of Ballagh with Andy last year, at the beginning of the year they were favourites to win the county title. They didn’t get out of the group. He’s a young man, plenty of time left yet but personally I don’t think he has the experience yet. Now if the back room team is good then maybe. Based on what I’ve seen with regard to structure and style of play at club level over the last few years the Knockmore model is would be the best to transfer to the county team. And apparently Dempsey has this strong back room team with him in Knockmore so if he can do the same with Mayo it could be good. Now they are the only two men in the county I would consider. If we can get a proven winner outside the county then so be it but I think that’s highly unlikely

  21. No JP, only Moy Davitts, not Parke. Knockmores boundary along the Moy includes Moy Davitts to the south at Foxford. Next club would be Bonniconlon and then Ardnaree. Yes Justin, crossing Pontoon bridge brings you into Parke, Keelogues Crimlin and Turlough parish. Shoot up the hill after Healy’s hotel and your heading for Lahardane GAA.
    Townlands.ie and logainm.ie are great for all this type of thing. However, they do not contain any details of who the next boss will be.

  22. I’d be very much of the same opinion as Mayonaze. That victorious under 21 team had won the All-Ireland minor championship. The subsequent period wouldn’t instill me with great confidence.

  23. Stephen Rochford with Ciaran Mc/Kevin O Neill & Donie Buckley that would be my dream management ticket right now!

  24. @No doubt – Mullin was full back, Hession and McLaughlin half backs, Ruane midfield and Carney full forward. I think there’s a rule only 5 of the intercounty players can be on the pitch at one time so Towey and McDonagh came on in 2nd half in place of Mattie and Eoghan.

    Towey scored 1-2 in the last 10 minutes so will probably replace one of the starters next time out.

  25. Surely some people on this blog have a fair idea of the incoming manager.
    The application may be just going through the process, I bet they have their man already.

  26. I would love to see BJ padden involved. I think he is an incredible reader of the game and would be a fantastic tactician. I thought BJ and Boyler were hinting to S Rochford being the right man for the job. Of all the names mentioned he would be my choice. But Hopefully there is some new management talent out there that can be considered..
    No one has mentioned the Kilmeena manager Ryder . He won the junior club AL very impressively this year…any thoughts anyone.

  27. @Mayonaze out of interest did you attend the U21 Connacht final in 2016, real get out of jail card i thought Mayo used in that match.

  28. Some harsh comments on Solan here. Just because a team wins at minor level doesn’t guarantee success at U21 3 years later. In fact it rarely happens. Tyrone back in 2001 were the last to do it before us. Jack O’Connor couldn’t win an U21 All Ireland with Kerry in 2017 despite having 3 successful minor teams to choose from.

  29. Paul Kinnerk would be an absolutely amazing get if anyone were to get him on the ticket, a serial winner everywhere he goes, while on the subject of Limerick Caroline Currid should also be sounded out by any prospective management team

    Looking like a 2 horse race with dempsey and solan now so it will probably come down to who has the best backroom lined up, You would have to think Dempsey will bring kennedy along and solan might have enda mcginley again, chuck in a kinnerk/currid to any of those setups and we could be sucking diesel

  30. If a salmon on the moy could play football, who would he play for?
    Jesus, a void really throws up some random stuff here.
    Anyway with Supermac effectively ruling himself out, I’ve lost all hope.

  31. My 2023 big changes for us.
    1. We have both wing backs as good kick passers. Secure in posession. Intelligent footballers. Possibly Michael Plunkett.
    2. A six who stays and sweeps, has good hands, strength size,, two sided, pace to get where he needs to be. Diarmuid OConnor.
    3. Two full backline specialists with Leeroy.
    David McBrien full back. TBC corner back.
    4. Aidan OShea and Cillian OConnor as impact subs. We’ve been falling apart in second halves.The lads do not have the pace to start anymore. I’m bleating on about this. The final quarter of the game the general 3/4 pace drops almost 20%. That’s huge.
    5. Move Oisin Mullen to midfield or wing forward. Use him as a pure attacking threat.
    Or corner forward and he roams.
    6. End the way too overly democratic shooting. Of the top teams I would say Mayo has the widest spread of shooters and it’s no surprise we have the lowest shot conversion %.
    The teams job is to put our shooters on the ball in space facing the opposition goals.
    Paul Towey is a shooter, we make him fight for ball.
    Cillian the same. Ryan ODonoghue.

  32. Edwins letter to Mayo County board in today’s Mayo News is a brilliant piece and well worth a read, I have found the Mayo News Sport sometimes took a back seat in criticising our County Boards terrible management of affairs over the years,but that article and the reporting of the crippling Mayo stadium debt over the last 2 weeks deserves special mention.

  33. @Williamstown Gerry – Im sure he has the Rossie job lined up if Cunningham steps down.

  34. Lads I know its all speculation and it sounds good throwing out big names here and there but maybe a bit of realism is required, some of these names are not coming to Mayo. For example Caroline Currid is not available, she works with Limerick and Munster Rugby and isn’t going to leave those high paying jobs, like wise Paul Kinnerk. Mayo can’t afford that calibre of backroom staff, best case is we manage to source qualified people within the county who want to make a name for themselves.
    Similarly Mayo is not going to pay mad money to get the likes of Mcguinness or Gavin to come, who will demand a big coaching team (more mad money). I’d love to see the best manager, coaches and backroom team involved but the money is not there for that. I think its a 3 horse race for the job between Solan, Dempsey and Rochford. Personally I’d go for Rochford, experience at Intercounty and more likely to attract 1 or 2 experienced coaches who I hope the county board can afford.

  35. The only outside person as part of a mgmt ticket that is feasible is Paul Galvin as he lives in the county. He has direct experience of winning Sam. Trying to get a job done without someone’s input who has done it before. Makes sense if possible to have a Sam winner onboard.
    He’s also an expert in our weakest line, half forward.

  36. I prefer Rochford or Solan maybe together can attact outside, top coaches and experts ? that is My feeling to be honest!

  37. “We want to get the right person for the job” and “we want the best man for the job”. The “process” for finding the right manager is already flawed if we are to follow the quotes from Butler in the Mayo News. It implies he is ruling out 50% of the population whilst simultaneously wanting the best person.
    What is the process, is there a copy of the management appointment document available somewhere?

    Also how will the HR company be engaged? Who is the former player?

  38. Mayomad and others.
    Talking about who we can afford and can’t afford. Have ye not seen the amount of money that’s been spent on our senior team, or as they say preparing our senior team for the last 10+ years. You can count on one finger the teams that have spent more.
    Unfortunately we’re akin to Man City minus the trophies.

  39. Actually from my own experience of work based management as a general rule women are more detailed and organised. It would be good to have some women in the backroom ticket.
    I’ve no objection to as manager but the reality is there’s very few female managers.

  40. Very valid comment there JP and I would wholeheartedly agree with a female involved being a very positive move. It would be great if it could happen. With open minds and mutual respect it would work.
    However a woman coming into such a heavily male dominated system could prove testing.

  41. Glory days is there anything for a good mass instead of Curran cake .
    I like a good mass myself not into exorcism dealing with the little fella with fork and horns

  42. When is something going to be done about that absolute reptile on Twitter. He never takes a day off

  43. @Achill75
    Have to agree Edwin McGreal’s letter to the County Board in today’s Mayo News is an outstanding piece of Sports Journalism.

  44. Its hard to know Williamstown Gerry I do know for a fact though God isnt a Mayo fan i have done several novenas and a rosary on one of the mountains in Medjugorje for Mayo to win Sam and so far it hasnt worked

  45. JP, I like a lot of your suggestions there, and also your positive remarks about females on the ticket; how about psychologists?

    Interesting that you mention Paul Towey. I was hot on him, but have cooled lately. He’s small so IMO has to be surrounded by bigger players. Conor Diskin might be worth looking at again; I liked his busyness, his commitment, tackling and so on, but scoring would need some work. In any case, Frank Irwin should be taking a step forward this year, and Paddy Heneghan is also worth a try.

  46. Winning teams at weekend had serious leadership, Comer was colossal and Kerry had Paudie Clifford. Makes a managers job easier when a player steps up to the plate. David Clifford phenominal considering has missed a months training.
    I think Carney has the credentials to offer the leadership required. Kerry could have played the clock down with last kickout but didnt. Its tremendous self belief.
    Im hoping the mchale park debt has nothing to do with funds available to put new management team together.
    For me it has to be someone outside the county thats been there and done that.(like Farrell, O Connor and Joyce). Fitz/Galvin are the boys for me. I think McStay is quite happy doing his tv stint, and doing it very well. Does he want the hassle? Dempsey, Solan fall along way short of whats required imo, leave them at club level.

  47. I think performance psychologists can be a help for those who feel they benefit.
    Real Madrid ruined Kaka at the peak of his career, just needed to leave him be.
    Strapped him up to all sorts of sports science wiring at one point.
    Small guys with pace who can shoot it, they need to receive the ball off a ball winner.
    We haven’t been doing that. Towey 1 v 1 facing goal is effective as he has pace.

  48. Talked to some good football people here in Meath who agree we now need an outside manager and a few “tramp” type footballers to move forward.
    Every winning team has them.

  49. Well we can rule out Andy McEntee as any part of the Mayo management set up.. Andy has just got the Antrim Manager Job..Nine Green Bottles hanging on the wall!

  50. @Jr…I don’t think Tramp footballer’s is way it’s heading right now..GAA moving away from that slowly… What I perceive to be happening is some retrospective justice from referee’s…If you should have been sent off in Championship Game No1, but weren’t.. you won’t have to do too near as much wrong in the Game 2 or 3 to get your marching orders… Anyone else think that?..Or it just my overactive imagination?

  51. Leantimes, John Small is no angel or a lot of other Dublin lads. O’Mahony more or less put a saddle on Murphy in 2014 and got away with iy

  52. @Jr.. You could cite several Dublin player’s all from the same club… But Dublin are an exception..it’s the Prince Andrew syndrome… different rules for some…Yes O’Mahony you are correct in 2014.. and I remember Séamus Moyhian v his good friend Padraig Joyce in both the All Ireland final and replay of 2000..I still think the GAA is making some moves away from such behavior.. But I certainly don’t want Mayo to go down the “Tramp” route!

  53. Leantimes. I think you’re right there. Comer seemed to be involved with a bit of mouthing which possibly started the brawl with Armagh. After scoring a goal against Derry, he seemed to be jeering the Derry backs and got himself a yellow for his trouble.
    On the next manager, no idea who’s going to get it, but speaking to Donegal man today, saying that they’re going to clear out their back room team. So possibly Rochford will available.

  54. I like players with a bit of an edge. You need a few in every team to win. Would Meath have won much without, Foley, Harnan, Jimmy McGuinness or Coyle

  55. Dempsey s record with knockmore in the connaught championship rules him out for me. I’m sure keegan has a fair idea who the next manager will be. Listening to him on Saturday. Are kerry going to get a softish all Ireland in the absence of conroy and o Donohoe and con o callaghan

  56. @Jr.. Last century, But you are right.. there were some very good footballer’s in Meath as well.. And Colm O Rourke love’s to tell about Dublin and Meath flaking hell out of each other, good honest to goodness manly stuff… Not at all like the Armagh fellow’s v Galway, that so offended O’Rourke. .. Hopefully the national broadcaster probably the most influential media in the country will weed out the remaining Neanthendrals ..In fairness last Sunday Kerry and Dublin was a brilliant and mostly played in a sporting manner.. That’s what the GAA should be promoting!

  57. @craggy boglands, you’re ruling one man out based on one result in a year? Insightful.

  58. @craggy boglands James Horan didn’t do much outside of Mayo with a talented Ballintubber team. Dempsey only got one shot and he wasn’t far off and i think he would have done better after they won the first County title with a fully fit Darren McHale but he wasn’t allowed because of Covid so i think it would be harsh to judge his based on that as he managed the Minors and U20’s so he would be coming in with more experience than Horan after 2010.

  59. @Craggy Bogland.. Nothing soft about Galway winning the All Ireland final,if they do as I hope they do go on to win it..Plus Galway didn’t actually play Dublin so Con O Callaghan absence is immaterial. I hope the Kerry’s Gavin White is fit, I think everyone wants to see all the best available player’s for the All Ireland final, outside of the two completing Counties…I can promise you that it definitely won’t be soft for either!

  60. @Deel River,
    You are right there is some awful stuff on Twitter right now, I hope it doesn’t have an effect on the County Board to make a good choice in the next management team.
    I agree with some posters in saying Mayo don’t have enough hard nuts / dirty type players, and this was always the case, look at some of the other successful Counties they have a fair few amongst their ranks.

  61. @leantimes i am baffled about this hoping Galway win. We are mentioned on every single thread and forum to do with them getting to the final. In football they are a poorly supported County so if some of them can’t be bothered to support them why pray tell would Mayo people. From what i have seen and heard their general pop are more interested in getting one over on us and abusing us about it for the next 9 mths at least than they are about winning it for themselves.

  62. Leantimes. I made no reference to galway at all but I don’t disregard them at all. Kerry played 2 teams without their top forwards. That’s the point I was making

  63. @Inittilwewinit…I always support other Connacht Team’s unless they are playing us. We should be immune to the slagging by now..13 time’s we have contested the All Ireland final and replay’s since we won it..How much worse can it get.. Anyhow the County Borders were drawn up the Sasanagh Despots, Overlord’s, Conquistador’s sometimes helped by some traitors Gaelic Chieftains like Grauniale…The Provence’s (originally there were 5 of them, the often forgotten one nowadays Meath, where the High King sat at Tara) were a Gaelic Construct much older than the Counties, the line’s drawn to divide the land of Gaelic Ireland, amount the Earls, Marquis, Vicounts and Barron’s of England as a reward for murder, rape and pillage of the Native Irish and the theft of their land’s.. That’s why I always support Connacht Team’s even if Mayo aren’t playing.. After all it’s called the Gaelic Athletic Association.

  64. @Craggy boglands..True , my eyes must be suffering from the same problem as Hawkeye..My apologies, you didn’t mention Galway.. And true, Soft enough for Kerry so far, until they met Dublin, I think it’s fair to say they were put to the pin of their collars by Dublin.. and hopefully will be again by Galway..I actually think Kerry will win, but I’ll still shout for Galway… Should be a cracker!

  65. @leantimes i get what you are saying and it’s a fair reason. I lived in and worked in Galway so long that i think the abuse has just worn me down, my wife is from a Hurling part of Galway and i have explained my issue to her also. Other interesting thing is Although they got over the line twice Galways record in AIF is not that great which is lost on the younger generation as they have lost 7 out of 9 finals and i expect it to be 8 lost out of 10 by around 5.30pm on the 24th of July.

  66. I see Tony McEntee is staying in sligo so he won’t be a candidate or part of a backroom team for Mayo job.

  67. Interesting thing about Kerry is that three out of the last four teams they’ve beaten this year were hobbled by injuries. Sure, Cork wouldn’t have beaten them but they’ve been crippled by injuries this year (even worse than us) and ourselves and Dublin were holed below the waterline with our respective absentees as well. Aside from Mulkerrins, Galway will be picking from a full deck in the final.

  68. If Dublin had Con then Kerry would have been bate on Sunday. Mayo had them in trouble too but didnt convert. We will need 70+ conversion maybe 80+, Gavin White out and some luck to win but its certainly possible. Its a pity Mulkerrins is out though.

  69. Chesney, hopefully Kerry won’t be hitting a high conversion rate themselves. I suspect they won’t, not with yer defence and, a final will cause plenty nerves. On both sides of course, but yee have excellent forwards.

    This final will be decided by the team that ‘turns up’ most of the day. Both teams have ample talent to win it. Would love to see Shane Walsh have a stormer from play.

    Galway need to target Geaney (if he starts… he may lose his place) and P. Clifford, both who can be put off their game. Then you’ll be looking to just ‘contain’ Sean O’Shea and D. Clifford as best you can. You’ll be doing well if you achieve that.

    The loss of White is monumental for Kerry.

  70. No problem at all leantimes. I think kerry have had the rub of the green even with nealons refereeing decision s too. No penalty. Dubious free to win it. Should have gone to extra time. On dempsey I just don’t see him as a step up from horan. Knockmore kicked a lot of wides in match s last year. From an improvement in forwards I don’t see it.

  71. What about Michael Moyles for the job, has a good backroom team with the ladies, I believe he went for the job before

  72. @Innittowinit.. Hurling Country Galway possibly!? But Mayo has the trump card there and not even Brian Cody can change it.. Believe it or the oldest written recorded history of any field game in the world is a game of hurling in our one of our own beautiful parts of Connacht..A game of Hurling between the Tuadh de Dannen and the Fir Bolog’s at Cong County Mayo. I None other than Michéall O Muirheartaig referenced it as the Artane Band turned West in his last ever All Ireland hurling final commentary’..The original research was done by Sir Ernest Wilde , who resided in the area in the second half of the 19th Century.. Father of Oscar Wilde!

  73. There is a chance Liberal that it will be as ye call it a shawl game with low scoring which would suit Galway. The purists would love to see an open game of traditional football that Kerry win. I think we will deffo bring it to Kerry but their Moynihan, 2 Cliffords, Geaney, O Shea are more than capable of a very high conversion rate. I would love to see us deliver the performance I believe we are capable of but Kerry will have other ideas. Its great to be there with much hope now that Galway have emerged from the doldrums and will challenge consistently now for a place at the business end.

  74. I’ve thrown my hat into the ring, with that i think is a formidable ticket!!

    @Skyline as selector and logistics
    @JP as selector and coach
    @Jimmy Rimmer – when’s he’s not tugging away in Mick Byrnes, he is a serious operator
    And @Tuamstar for the outside perspective

  75. I hope i am wrong but i have a feeling that Kerry`s win last Sunday is a coming of age for that team.

    To use an american sporting term, i have a feeling they will be the new “dynasty” and could go on to win a few all Irelands.

    There is only one team that can put a stop to that and its our noisy neighbors. Best of luck to them.

  76. Catcol I reached out but “the politics of Mayo football” was the stumbling block 🙂

  77. @Chesneychet not so sure about that, lets not forget Con played against Mayo last year and the Dublin still lost.

  78. Surely, Willie Joe you may have some inclination as to the identity of the next management team.
    Look at Kerry and Galway now the influence of O Neill and Buckley is plain to be seen.
    Sure Mayo had them also but could not won on the big Day.

    Imagine if Galway some how against the odds beat Kerry, what a turnaround that would be.

    From reading some stuff on this blog over the past few years, there would be a few with in depth football knowledge, why not apply for a role ?

  79. Just read that article about Paul kinnerk
    It sounds like he would like to go at football again as that what he knows best, and God knows we could do with him.
    What ever manager comes in i hope he brings the best team around him as it seems to be the difference

  80. John Maugham was going by this year either way, he can’t bring them any further

  81. Wouldn’t mind seeing Maughan in in some capacity, advisory or whatever. We’d be foolish not to use his experience especially as he’s just been involved with a solid county set up. He has already had two Mayo stints in the hot seat so doubt he’ll get a third.

    Mayo Gaa should be sitting down and at least talking to the likes of him, Martin Carney, Johno, James Horan, Rochford, McStay etc. Good Mayo football people. Coming together to try and brainstorm the best ways forward. It’s imperative.

  82. @Liberal role in the tie… not sure about that plan, too “many cook’s”.. From listening to many of the pundits on the local and national Media.. Making observations , and suggestion what might likely because of what he has observed (not just repeated cliches) in real time on Co Commentry. Eamon Fitzmaurice for me, is by a country mile the best.. Eamon of course was the Kerry manager and our nemesis when Kerry prevailed over us with a lesser team than ourselves in 2014, and arguably also beat a Stronger Donegal team than themselves in the 2014 All Ireland final. ..No1, Improvement in real game time, observations, decisions and changes is an absolute must for Mayo. No2, Improvement in Tactical planning and Stragety pre match is another priority for Mayo.. and No3 the third area where we need, either better luck or better judgment (or both) is the area of “injuries”.. Our injury load has been horrendous this year in particular, and none too savory the years previous as well, now several of our injuries have absolutely Zero to do with the management or our training regime just dreadful bad luck, but a serious amount of injuries have occurred between Mayo League and Championship match’s when Mayo player’s were not involved in any other football competition. James Horan brought an awful lot to the table, the improvement from the John O Mahoney era was beyond remarkable. The amount of youngster’s in Mayo that have dedicated themselves to be better footballer’s in hope of one day playing for a consistently competitive Mayo team that could (and still can) dream of winning Sam Maguire, that have been inspired by James Horan team’s is incalculable… But as in many other aspects of life, the bar keeps rising .. Galway have rose that bar along way since some of beatings dished out to them by James Horan Mayo team’s, . And really they have done it step by step, without adding too many super star’s , Shane Walsh, Damien Comer, Paul Conroy, all 3 by far their best player’s, were all there in the first half of the last decade when they were on the wrong end of some harsh football lessons from Mayo. Galway is where the bar is at in Connacht, I hope in two weeks time, the best football team in Connacht is regarded as the best football team in Ireland… But whatever manager of management team can improve those 3 area’s that I have referenced to Mayo’s play, can easily make us the best team in Connacht,in 2023 and anything is possible after that..Oh and one more thing, we need a left footed free taker!

  83. Why not the Crossmolina dream tean of Rochford , Maughan and McDonald with with someone like Buckley or Cian O Neill to harden them up a bit and stop the injuries.

  84. @ Culmore dont think they will need Cian O Neill to harden them up if Maughan is there 🙂

  85. My preference is Rochford, very astute tactically, has won an all ireland, currnetly still involved at a high level, would have learned more you would think in donegal, i know they have been poor but he was just the coach.
    Which is almost as important is the people he brings with him. I would like damien mulligan as selector, rochford would know him well having played with him, and mulligan will have in dept knowledge of the mayo club scene.
    Next some out of the box somewhat suggestions for selectors….Kevin Walsh, i did not rate him with Galway but have heard him speak and read his book he is very astute defensively (strange how he was lambasted in Galway for his defensive tactics, but Joyce now lauded for the exact same tactic, watch the Derry game and see the Galway players let Derry down and shoot from channels one and 5) I know we often talk of our forward failings, but i think defensively we have a consistent record of conceding goals in big games. think Walsh could be a huge plus on this.
    Next out of the box one… Paul Galvin..living in the county, a huge plus we have to think of the financial side of any backroom team member because the county board definitely will be. On Galvin proven All Ireland winner, winning mentality, real warrior type player and could bring some of the Kerry confidence mindset.
    Of course Walsh and Galvin are predicated on them wanted to be involved and moreso Rochford to sit down and talk to them to see if it is a partnership that could work together

  86. I can’t wait for this final. Hopefully, land Sam out to Mullarkey’s Monday night, and then onto Foxhall… There would be some celebrations with our neighbours..

  87. I didn’t mean a 3rd time Galway won the All Ireland, but a 3rd time for Mayo management.

  88. Culmore what did Mcdonald bring to the table in Horans time?
    O’Neill has been around a few countries with little success.

  89. @Mayomagic, yes I was at the u21 Conn Final in 2016 up in Sligo. It was an exciting game, we fell over the line. Diarmuid was the difference (we wouldn’t have gone near winning that All Ireland without him). I think Plunkett kicked the winner? I would love to see the next mayo senior manager use Diarmuid properly. he needs to be central. Remember, the boy can score. He used to have a keen eye for goals. I’d have him at 11.

    If I had to pick someone now for the senior job, I’d have to go with Rochford. Of the ‘Mayo’ candidates, he has the best CV. Streets ahead of others. Does that make him the best candidate? Not necessarily, but others like Dempsey and Solan are risky (particularly Solan who in my opinion would need far more ‘senior’ experience to be even on the shortlist). Backroom teams are also very important and definitely a factor.

    Speaking of experience…Maughan has tonnes of it. He’s tough. He’d take no shite. He has very recent experience with a progressive co board in Offaly. He’s also younger than Jack O’Connor. Maughan is 60. Has he the tactical skills? I honestly don’t know but he’d have Mayo well drilled and hungry. His track record with Mayo is very impressive. He deserves mentioning.

    I also think McStay, wrongly overlooked in 2014, should be considered if he is interested. Same age as Maughan.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

  90. @Mayonaze a number of breaks went Mayos way in that U21 Connacht final in 2016. Rossies could have been out of sight by half time but very wasteful including a goal chance where the Matthew Flannagan was beaten but the ball got stuck in mud.

    They lost their full back to a black (couldn’t come back on back then) his replacement made an error on the Mayo goal and momentum shifted 2nd half when Roscommon midfielder who was lording it and his name escapes me had to go off injured.

    i see its reported that Stephen Rochford is leaving the Donegal set up. Mayo are well known for bringing back a former manager for a 2nd term and if Stephen does return it will be interesting to see who’s on his management team.

  91. Maughan made 2 major tactical mistakes in 96 and 97
    Im 96 he did not name Fallon in the 36 and in 97 we had the Flanagan fiasco

  92. I listened to Maughan on some podcast recently, I can’t remember his exact wording but he as good as said he was just a coordinator, managing things , the impression I got was he had very little influence in coaching /tactics . Now I could be wrong but that’s the way it sounded it to me . I’m also pretty sure I heard rochford say he preferred coaching role as opposed to actually being the manager.

  93. Speaking of Maughan – not having Kevin O’Neill involved in 96/97 was a massive fall down and not having a proper plan for Fitzgerald in 97.

    For me right now it’s Roch but as said, backroom teams are key.

  94. I think Maughan will go to Cavan. I feel Mickey Graham may want to take a break for a bit

  95. Sorry but John Maughan does not have a sharp enough football IQ, well proven at this stage
    He’s too blasé with his wording and logic and messaging is important to a squad.
    He’s a solid organiser but found out agsin and again and again at county level.
    He opted out of picking Kevin O’Neill preferring Tom Reilly as O’Neill struggled on non selected Gary Ruane.
    It’s referenced in an article in Irish times interview with Maughan at that time.
    The genius missed the obvious logic that Gary Ruane was a good player and so was Kevin O’Neill.

  96. Agree JP, also had Anthony finnerty on past his sell by date. Tom Reilly played for Mayo in 1981

  97. Time to look for new blood to lead us forward. Going back to Maughan or Rochford wouldn’t be a progressive step in my opinion. Maughan has had enough chances and failed, his recent record with various teams wouldn’t inspire much confidence. Rochford got close, but that was with the strongest Mayo team since 1951 and when the team were at their peak. Donegal have been as shambles in recent years and as their coach, he has to take some responsibility. Time to move on folks.

  98. I’m leaning towards McStay myself now!! It’s so hard to know. I truly think Kevin has one elite management chapter left in him. He’ll undoubtedly have the passion, and if he wanted to take the leap again I’ve no doubt Mayo would be his choice.

    He has ‘status’ which I believe Mayo need, because we’re so high profile and I feel he’d settle the players (the key quality Mayo teams need) and bat away the media bullshit. He knows the system inside out.

  99. Like Mcguinness with Donegal, I think Kevin would give his soul for Mayo if he got the chance. This is what we need folks. I hope Kevin fights to get the job, and puts behind him the disappointment of getting shafted in ’14.

    I’ve said it here before, it’s worth remembering that the Donegal CB moved heaven and earth to thwart Jim Mcguinness’ various attempts to become Donegal manager. He didn’t give a toss, he knew what he wanted and what he could bring. I’d love to see Kevin doing the same. Rise above the politics and do everything he can to secure the gig. He knows the rest from there….

  100. Can’t believe people are seriously saying McStay should get the job…

  101. Don’t think galway should bother going to croke park. There is no Sam. I’m beginning to think Sam is a bit like santa Claus. We went up looking for it on loads of occasions and couldn’t find it. I’m only saying.

  102. @JR, Pat Fallon came on as a sub in the replayed 96 final and played well. My Son and I watched the full game as a tribute to James Horan when he announced he was stepping down as manager.
    We both agreed that Horan was Mayo’s best player on the day, he got some great scores from play but faded away in the final quarter.
    It’s amazing looking back at that game and comparing it to football of today, how things have changed.
    I noted a few things, one Mayo midfield player never featured in the game, went missing completely.
    Meath were awarded a penalty for nothing and Giles scored to bring them within 3 points of Mayo.
    The intensity levels were only apparent in the final 15 minutes.
    Some Mayo forwards did not take on the responsibility of going for a score notably in the last attack of the game, Casey could have punched the ball over the bar from close range but decided to try and pass to the new sub Reilly in far too tight of an area in the square.
    Small margins.

  103. In the replay against Roscommon in Croke Park the Roscommon Team lined up shoulder to shoulder with their arms around each other while the National Anthem was played. They were all smiles and the camera caught one player playfully pulling on the ear lobe of a team mate. The camera then zoomed on the Mayo Team who by their facial expression they appeared ready to go into battle. The game was over as a contest after 20 minutes. It was the same Roscommon Team that should have beaten us the previous week and that day I lost faith in McStay

  104. In fairness to Mcstay that heavy defeat in 17 replay for rossie had very little to do with his ability , we had an off day the first day . After the game and this is a true story , I briefly spoke to a player in the croke park hotel “ we will beat them well next time out “ I was absolutely taken back by this man’s confidence but it filled me with pride too . We were on a different level with that team when they hit the ground running they were magnificent.

  105. There are a few managers leaving their posts at the moment, I would nearly bet the will see a Second coming of one guy.

  106. Cant believe some are totally writing off McStay in the current climate with so few potential candidates available. Its amazing how so many are always able to point to a few negatives yet chose to ignore so many positives. So for example John Maughan made certain errors in 96 and 97. I am sure he did, but remember we lost Kevin Cahill to injury for the 97 season and that turned out to be a huge blow especially v Fitzgerald in the final. I prefer to look at things differently and give a small bit of context. Mayo lost by 20 points v cork in 93, lost to Leitrim in 94, were hammered by Galway in 95. Those 3 years were such an embarrassment. Maughan came in and totally changed the culture, qualified for 2 AI finals and beat Galway in Connacht in 1999. I think that merits a small bit of credit. Similarly after the embarrassment of losing to Sligo and Longford in 2010 JH came in and changed the culture. Again the detractors continue to point out that we failed to get over the line, but in a county where that line has not been crossed fo over 70 years we can be awful critical. I dont know who will be new manager for Mayo but we need someone who will have the respect of the players, be strong minded , professional and progressive . I am not a player so I dont know what the panel thinks of McStay, but he appears to be knowledgeable and progressive and did quite well with Roscommon who had a much smaller pick of top class players than we had winning promotion and a Connacht title . He also led St Brigids to an AI club title and took Mayo U 21 to AI final back in 2001. He may not even be interested in the job, having been absolutely shafted in 2015, but if he is, he should at least get a proper interviw this time around.

  107. Hard to see Galway winning as they don’t have anyone who can handle D. Clifford (Kelly is a fine footballer but not a Francie Bellew type) and unlike Mayo, Kerry won’t be fazed by the shawl, as they have a lot of players who can point from 40 metres plus.

    I would usually support Connacht teams (outside of the Rossies) but it’s hard to muster any enthusiasm for the Galwegians given some of the very hostile stuff being peddled against us recently, planned All-Ireland night incursions to Shrule and whatnot. Very unnecessary and frankly unpleasant stuff.

    On the management front, it’s very unlikely that the board will choose a non-Mayo native, given the crippling debt incurred in the last fifteen years ago. So it’s Rochford for me, given that he has gotten us closest to winning an All-Ireland at senior level and surely there’s a sense of unfinished business there.

    Can’t fathom the touting of McDonald here, our forward play has been dismal in the past two years.

  108. @ no doubt
    Like Scott Calvin in “Santa Claus”, PJ is #Galway Santa – hair getting greyer by the day.. The players believe anyway..

  109. Mayo 88 Fallon not in panel for drawn game when needed in last 10 minutes. I agree about Horan and he should have coached our forwards.

  110. If Dempsey has a good back room team with him, and interviews well then hes the man for me.
    I would have had huge faith in Rochford when he managed us but the Donegal thing has been poor. Now none of us know why that is but its still the circus of us having the same manager twice (we’ve done it 3 times already) is becoming a bit of a joke because we havent won it and I dont think any of the “repeat” candidates would get us over the line. We’d probably be in or around as good as we are today with them.
    The McStay thing is too pantomime as well, having the cameras behind the scenes in Roscommon was a terrible idea and I dont think any serious operator would allow that to happen, such a distraction and would be akin to putting the “bullshit” back in Mayo football that JH took out. I think Kevin would still have an eye on the media job for after his time in Mayo as well which doesn’t help our cause. And it seems to be a thing that he brings McHale with him, talk to people in Belmullet and see how they think that appointment is going.

  111. Did Johnno not do the camera thing with Galway in 98 ? Different times I suppose

  112. If Netflix came with a drive to survive pitch and the revenue was high I’d take it.
    We are broke.
    Mayo Drive for Sam would get viewers but for that show you actually need to give some content. It can’t be all safe guarded cliches.
    But a properly done Mayo Drive for Sam done in the right way would be class. They release it after the season concludes anyways.
    We can be all high and mighty about removing bullshit….I can tolerate some media if we remove millions of crippling debt.

  113. East cork exile not to be pedantic but we’ve actually given senior managers a second chance on 4 occasions:
    John o’mahoney

  114. Carney , p towey and E mcgloughlin hit a goal each for Mcbrides in Chicago. They won this time

  115. @JP: The comment about removing the BS was just something Horan said, seems to me if anything that our county GAA scene has been producing industrial loads over the last decade, most notably at admin level.

    I don’t see anything necessarily wrong with having a manager twice, it didn’t work out too badly for Kerry with Jack O’Connor, for instance. Or Liam Sheedy with Tipp?

    As for Netflix, I usually enjoy their documentaries but they are not reliable as historical records. They always follow a narrative and a “hero/villain” dichotomy, with few shades of grey allowed. I would fear that if any such Mayo documentary was produced, it would end up as a farce like “Sunderland til I Die”, which was embarrassing for all concerned. We get mocked quite enough IMO.

  116. @Sean Burke: McBrides have some team this summer, they should be winning with the talent they have!

  117. Was the All Ireland championship not brought forward and condensed to suit club football in Ireland, how are some guys able to play overseas?

  118. It was Mayo88, I dont know how they can either. We have 3 football championship matches in a week! Why is that if we have all summer? One is U-19 but some of them play adult as well so its 3 matches for them, we have to train somewhere in there as well without killing anyone.

  119. To win just once,you might think that losing last year was bad but it is not in the league as 1997,it was like football without the football,it was the worst final in living memory,Kerry might as well stayed at home without Fitz,Kerry were so poor that one cute Kerryman only bought the neck band on the way out, John Maugham lost that match so n credit to him at all rant over

  120. People need to remember we weren’t competitive under Rochford, don’t think we won Connacht, and stumble to finals were the players we had rallied.
    First term under Horan we walked Connacht, if you can’t bring that then we won’t win nothing.
    Let’s forget what’s been tried already, if that’s what we do is rather Horan stayed on

  121. @Sean Burke

    Of course the confidence would be high. More often than not the underdog has to win the first day and secondly Roscommon was a mile off Mayo in strength and conditioning and having to play the following week was curtains for them.

    McStay then didn’t help himself by dropping the two goal scorers from the drawn game and gave a lad his debut in midfield. (don’t think he ever played again) McStay in his book has since said he made a mistake to do that, wanted to finish with his strongest team but the game was over early.

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