We can still make the FBD final

That’s enough! Stop that hootin’ and hollerin’ for the love and honour of the The Good Sweet Lord. It’s only the FBD. But, according to this article in the Western, we could still (gasp!) qualify for the final of it. The way we could do this would be for Sligo IT to beat NUIG and then for us to hammer the living shite out of the Sheepstealers so that we qualify ahead of the others on scoring difference.

Hmmm. I dunno about the rest of you but I’m not convinced about whether or not we want this to happen (I’m up for the hammering the bejaysus out of the Rossies bit alright, it’s just the rest I’m a bit chary about). In any event, I think NUIG will beat Sligo IT to claim that final place that’s up for grabs and I’d be happy enough for them to do this. I don’t think there’s anything to be gained from an early-in-the-year meeting with Liam Sammon’s Galway and would be more than willing to defer that particular pleasure until July 22nd in McHale Park (go mbeirimid beo etc. etc.). After all, we know from last year all about dress rehearsals and where they got us, don’t we?

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