We don’t like players’ grants, apparently

The Mayo GAA politburo have apparently – so says RTE so it must be true, right? – voted unanimously against the Pat’s Ass solution to the players’ grants issue. I’m not sure why we’ve emerged as the hotbed of dissent on this one, although we’re far from alone on it, as there was a biggish protest gathering (what is it about Ireland and protest meetings in the depth of winter? It’s like a male alternative to bingo or something) in the wee North earlier in the week. The GPA’s Dessie Farrell – ever the diplomat – described the Toome session as the ravings of “a small rump of malcontents” but he then got a right old earful from the Ulster Council for his trouble.

I know others feel differently and have, as is their right, strongly-held views on this one but I just fail to see why, in the early years of the 21st century, giving a few lousy quid to guys who bust their arses to represent their county should be seen as an Armageddon situation for the GAA. An utterly fucked-up championship structure is, IMHO, a far greater danger to the ongoing well-being of the organisation, while the anti-grants movement reminds me just a little of that scene from Father Ted.

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