Wear and tear

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So we’ve named our team for Monday. It’s a line-up which, based on recent experience, could well be tweaked ahead of the 2pm throw-in at Croke Park the day after tomorrow.

While two changes are – on past form – likely shortly ahead of throw-in on Monday, I reckon there’s a decent chance that the team named last night could actually be the one that lines out. If so, this could be as much about player fitness and availability as it is about strategic intent.

Lee Keegan to midfield? Well, it worked the last day and could do so again on Monday, though if Roscommon decide to locate Enda Smith somewhere other than around the middle, he’ll need to be picked up by someone who’s able to do a number on him the way Lee does so often with who he’s paired with.

Lee could, of course, tag along with Smith wherever he goes. But what if Lee is being deployed at midfield because Tom Parsons is unable to start as he’s still suffering hamstring trouble?

It’s almost certain that this is the case. Hamstring problems don’t, unlike the common cold, clear up quickly and Tom did look less than fully fit when introduced the last day.

If Tom is only good for twenty minutes or so and Seamus O’Shea – a player struggling with both fitness and form this summer – can only be expected to make it to around the 50-minute mark, then a fresh injection of talent in this sector definitely makes sense. Not least given that if Tom does comes on, it’ll be the Breaffy man he’ll be replacing.

But is Lee okay to play? The Connaught Telegraph, in a report yesterday evening (here) confirmed rumours that had been circulating over the last few days about something being up with Lee. The report went on to state, however, that the problem related to “a blister on the sole of one of his feet” that required treatment but that Lee would be fine to line out on Monday.

That’s a relief because it’s obvious that we’re suffering a bit of wear and tear at the minute. Monday’s All-Ireland quarter-final replay will be the team’s fifth outing in six weeks so it’s no surprise that a few cracks are beginning to show.

Aside from Tom and Sheamie, neither Diarmuid O’Connor nor Aidan O’Shea have looked fully fit this summer. A lack of fitness hasn’t stopped Aidan having a storming championship campaign to date – in particular against Clare and Cork – but it does mean we can’t rely on him to go full-tilt for the whole seventy minutes in every game.

Diarmuid has had a fitful summer so far but he has also provided moments of pure brilliance, for example the goal against Clare and that booming extra-time point against Cork. He’s been taken off in a number of games and didn’t start against Derry.

Sheamie, Diarmuid and Aidan have all been named to start on Monday, as has Lee, and I’d expect the lot of them to line out then. I doubt if more than two of this quartet will, though, still be on the field at the finish.

How effective they are when they’re on and what impact their replacements have on events at Croke Park will go a long way towards determining whether or not ongoing wear and tear in this year’s championship is still a problem for Stephen Rochford and his selectors come Monday evening. I think it will be but it’s sure to be a proposition that Roscommon will test severely beforehand.

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  1. Lets start on the offensive next Monday be ready and go for the breaking Ball in Midfield .Press up on their back line .make them go backwards and keep them there.
    Come On Mayo
    Ye can do it

  2. I’d prefer to see a fully fit Donie Vaughan to struggling Tom Parsons coming on. The pace of the game is now such that it doesn’t lend itself to guys that can’t go full tilt.

  3. Vaughan as I have said time and time again is one of our best 15, he merits a place in the team.

  4. Donie rarely plays poorly in Croker. Was a huge loss when he went off in the replay last year.

  5. I agree. I think donie has to start. Mayo by 2/3 I think. I think our forward unit will play better this time. Could be tight. Extra time anyone?

  6. Agree rock
    Him being taken out of the game (which was completely ignored ) on top of Keegan’s black was catastrophic

  7. I was listening to the mayo news podcast last night & it was again mentioned how us Mayo supporters really are a 16th man to this team. It reminded me of Limerick a few weeks ago. I was walking into the Gaelic grounds an hour & a half before throw in & the team bus passed me. The Mayo supporters went mental cheering the bus into the grounds. To say i got goosebumps is an understatement. No wonder Cillian referenced the support afterwards. So I reckon I’m gonna be heading to Croker early to be waiting outside the Cusack Stand entrance an hour & half before throw in (12.30) to cheer them into the ground. Anyone else fancy it should be there with flags banners & whatevr else you like & cheer our lads into the ground as the bus arrives. They deserve it after all the joy they’ve given us. #16thMan #MayoForever

  8. I think we should start by bolstering the back, with the younger lads up front. Young lads like Kirby and Loftus. Keep Andy and Diarmaid in reserve. Keep Leeroy at midfield and put Coen in CHB. He can come to midfield as needed.
    Whatever, we must prevent conceding goals. If we do we’ll be in the drivers seat.

  9. maybe Diarmaid should get a run at Midfield. Being in the centre of things may help him.








  10. 4 man forward line
    One of whom is a midfielder who has 45 minute club action under his belt in the last 3 months
    Can safely say\hope we won’t be seeing that team line out

  11. Travelling home from Dublin this afternoon and what’s noticeable is the number of Roscommon flags outside every house that unfortunately isn’t repeated once you cross the border into Mayo. If everyone reading this puts a flag outside their house it’d show the lads plenty of colour on their way up to battle!

  12. We shouldn’t take off colm boyle on monday.Also would like to see Shane Nally on the pitch hon Mayo.

  13. How could you say Tom Parsons didn’t look fully fit the last day when he came on? We need him badly and I think he’ll start based on his appearance in the drawn game.

  14. Km79
    a midfielder who has played at full forward who needs to get game time as he’s going to be needed if we get past Ros. This Ros fullback line needs to be tested in the air.

    Also Andy needs to finish games not start them

  15. Watching Dub and Monaghan, this is getting beyond the reach of Minagahan. Playing only McManus up front! Against a four man Dublin FB lline! Madness!
    Btw, Jonny Cooper should get an oscar for that scuffle with McManus. Actually, he should have got the card, for he was late with the hit.

  16. Samuel, if you want a big man in the ff line, surely Danny Kirby, who actually plays there for his club and must be 6’3″/6’4″ would be a better option?

  17. Super 8 next year but where are the eight super teams? Maybe Dublin will be divided into 4 regions, that’s 4 super teams. Dublin v Monaghan it’s professional v amateur

  18. Very important to start a replay strongly. Especially as the perceived “bigger” team. Get 4 or 5 up early on and Ross will be thinking ‘fuck we had our chance the last day, they are back in the groove today’
    Really hope to se us set the tempo early and go offensive

  19. Folks quick question, I didn’t think I could make match on Monday, now I can, bringing 2 u 16s with me, no Cusack tickets on gaa.tickets.ie only davin, will anymore come available? Thanks.

  20. Agree Ontheditch. Watching today’s matches, there’s a huge gap in energy, physicality and capability.
    Dublin, Tyrone, Kerry, And maybe Mayo
    The other 4 are a good bit off …Ross and Armagh will improve though.

  21. Dublin, Kerry and Tyrone have put lesser opposition to the sword when expected. That’s why we’re not considered top three anymore

  22. Inisbofin. Go to a super value and you’ll more than likely get cusack if you want. Failing that you’ll get concessions for the davin either way.

  23. Inisboffin, tickets will be on sale on the day from the gaa ticket office across from gills. You may Get some there if there are any left

  24. I think we need to be ultra.defensive early on. If we could negate the rossies for the 1st 25 minutes I think you would see their heads begin to drop. Maybe long balls into a big half forward and try from our attacks out of the backs to bypass midfield as much as possible if we are concerned abot fitness with our midfielders. Maybe Aos in forward position to win these high balls and lay off to the other lads. Think if we are well on top defensively there will only be one winner. I think our defensive performance Monday will decide this game. Would love to say go for it gung ho from the whistle but do think the 1st 25 mins will decide this game or set.the trend for how it is going to go.

  25. time for real mayo to appear on monday. the cat will be put well and truly amongst the pigeons.

    mayo to win by 10 and brolly, spillane and co left baffled “where did that come from?”

    i keep reading that mayo are no longer a top 3 team and although that may well be right we have still turned over both kerry and tyrone not so long ago.

    come on mayo. time to gatecrash the party

  26. It is so important that we get of to a good start and take a decisive lead. If we have what has now become our normal slow start and find ourselves six or seven points down then I fear we will finally face a mountain to high to climb. I really hope we can start Tom Parsons and that a role can be found for Donal Vaughan who always comes alive in Croker. We have to be positive and inflict our game on them.

    With regard to today’s games Tyrone and Armagh was very much a first division third division matchup. Tyrone will not be frightened of the Dubs and now carry a real scoring threat. As for the Dubs and Monaghan what was disappointing was to see an experienced division one team with two Ulster titles in the last few years beaten before the ball was even thrown in. At the very least they should have been able to compete for 55 minutes , not 5.

  27. Get whatever you have ready, for the Rossies are on the other side of the hill…..But wait!!! FFS!!!! will ya look what’s coming behind them….ah no, not again!

  28. Mayo to win on Monday if we play to our greatest strengths of strong running and quick passing. Too much emphasis on kick passing. Mix it up more. And how about the odd high hanging ball in around the opposing square. When Kerry do it there is panic. Turn the tables on others and see how they like it. There must be a few Tom Langans around. Heads up and go for it.

  29. Tickets usually become available from GAA.ie and they are often better than for sale earlier. I know it’s a risk waiting till Monday but you will be fine

  30. I feel it would be worth a try with Kirby for those off high balls. Going on the first match we can’t afford to throw AOS in full forward for spells he is needed elsewhere

  31. Revelinno, if we have to be updated defensive against the Rossies for the 1st 25 minutes, then we are going nowhere. We need to go out, play to our strengths and put them away. Simple as That!

  32. Just one point about Diarmuid O’Connor… He does look tired, but he always looks tired, you would want to see just how tired he looked in Ennis last when he driving Mayo U21’s on to victory in the All Ireland final… I think he does an enormous amount of running, he might not be setting the world on fire, but I think nearly broke trough a number of times versus Roscommon… I hope he starts!

  33. The high ball into Aidan O Shea V the Dubs in the All Ireland final last year didn’t work, Mayo need to vary their play. Tyrone will push the Dubs close in the semi but may come up short. A better performance this coming Monday, will set the scene for my prediction of a Kerry v Mayo semi final. Some posters are looking for Mayo to go ultra defensive particularly early in the match, as we have seen today, this defensive system won’t get you too far, thus inviting teams to come forward un challenged and take their scores from almost anywhere across the width of the pitch.
    It would be great to get a crack at Kerry after their antics in Limerick in 2014, the image of their midfielder Maher grabbing one of the Mayo coaches by the neck at the end of the game hasn’t left me.

  34. For us to have any chance of beating Roscommon McLaughin has to play as sweeper Im afraid Higgins was in no man’s land for the two roscommon goals, for the second goal he was on the 45 and nowhere near a roscommon man. A sweeper should play in front of the fullback line If we let them run at us through the middle its goodnight
    for us.

  35. 2 Shite games today. Championship would be a waste of time without Mayo keeping it exciting.

  36. On the ditch.
    Aos was exposed out the big spaces in croke park last week and not for the first time. Ros CB had him chasing shadows for most of the game. We need him at FF causing havoc and panic.
    Kirby surely fresher and more energetic, but sure we probably won’t even see him on the pitch at any stage. Even an injured parsons get a game ahead of him.

  37. Ros support worth two scores the last day, amazing level of support best ive ever seen for a qf outside of dublin .

  38. GAA must be thanking God for Mayo Two brutal games tonight. Might as well have been watching Liverpool in Aviva, though that would have cost more Armagh and Monaghan decided to go negative rather than risk a hammering. They both got hammered. Dubs, Kerry, Tyrone are 1, 2 , 3 and deservedly so. Should we beat Ross we will deservedly be No 4. Kerry and Dubs look cast iron finalists but knowing Mayo they could throw a spanner in the works. Games like todays cast a major doubt about Super 8. Mayo, go out and play positively on Monday and dont allow Ross to dictate how we should play. At start of year the top 4 were Dubs, Kerry, Tyrone and ourselves. Lets keep our side of the deal. Up MAYO.

  39. Armagh not at the races, I don’t know how mcgeeney does it. When the Clarke buck walks I can see him walking too, they just don’t have the talent it seems. As for monaghan, they could play the Dublin subs and still not make a dent. It will be very interesting to see if Tyrone are up to much against Dublin or will it be more of the same, the party has to come to an end for a while at least, maybe 2017 will be the ” while”.

  40. You might be right justoutsideballagh. I’m just a bit weary that the Rossie forwards might get in again for goals. I know we came back well last weekend but wouldn’t like to have that hill to climb again. Having said that I would love to see us win this game playing attacking football like you say and rip in to them. If we have a couple of fit midfielders it would be interesting to see how roscommon might deal with high balls into aos. I think at worst he would break the ball down and if he could collect a few high ones he.could cause havoc. His positioning would be crucial and the ball in to him would need to be spot on. Just felt in a few of the games the smaller forwards had to sprint out towards the ball to win it and so were moving away from goal and shielded by the defender when they won the.ball and in many cases no support speeding in for an easy lay off. Of course it looks great in my mind but am aware it’s not quite that easy in the heat of battle. Maybe.the shooting boots will be on like in the Cork match. Anyway hope the team are fighting fit. Hope the.discipline is emphasised too. Last thing needed is a silly red card. Up Mayo.

  41. If lee Keegan was in c’bar hospital this week I think the whole gaa world would know about it, utter nonsense!

  42. Seemingly he was in there for treatment of a blister on his foot so hopefully that is all it was. That is all we need.
    I hope we don’t save the weekend of football for the GAA by providing a very exciting match. I think I’d be happy for a boring win.

  43. Hi All,
    I hope you are all well? I haven’t posted
    here in a while but I know I’m always welcome to so thank you. For what it’s worth today in Croker (both games) felt flat and very little atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong as you know I was delighted to see the Dubs win but it felt that Monaghan never showed up. Anyway and more to the point I just want to wish Mayo the best of luck on Monday. I have only one memory of being in Croker on a Bank Holiday Monday when we played Kerry and it wasn’t easy!!!!

    Kind Regards
    Martin the Dub

  44. Thanks Martin the Dub. Now keep Sam nice and polished cause we’re coming to collect him very soon. Good luck to Galway tomorrow too.

  45. It’s fifty shades of green and red night: Andy has been kidnapped by the Roscommon ultras, Caff has signed for Ballina town and Barca have replaced Neymar with Loftus. Who’s gonna drive me home tonight?

  46. Trumps is goin to run for the mayo managers job too when there is a vacancy. I’d say there’s as much chance of that happening as there is of him becoming US president. Keep us updated baconfactoryend.

  47. Hold the front page, Cillian O Connor dropped from the Mayo team to be replaced by Panty Bliss. Your welcome Kevin

  48. I would start Regan ,coming on as sub has heaped to much pressure on him (Trigger happy).He
    would have a chance to settle and show his undoubted ability . Diarmuid o Connor played his best game for seniors last year against Kildare with Regan alongside .It wouldn’t be a massive risk as he has proven himself in past when started.

  49. Just saw a load of turf passing. Diarmuid O’connor was driving the tractor and Cillian was sitting on the top of the turf in the trailer. Shouldn’t them boys be in bed.

  50. Was at the Galway races this evening. Andy Moran ran in the 3 mile chase and he was carrying 11 stone. He nearly fell at the last but held on to win by a short head. He looked a little tired in the winners enclosure. Hopefully he’ll be fresh for 2pm Monday.

  51. Obviously a few lads just in from ” town” !
    Martin the dub, you must be a happy camper, and I think Monaghan did turn up by the way, they just were blasted due to tiny pick of player population in the county. If anything, I think they are over achieving. No doubt, Tyrone will offer a fight that Monaghan couldn’t and someone from this side might do the same.

  52. Pure Nonsense here about Keegan – I know for 100% he was in a Café on Thursday afternoon – if he had a burst appendix he would be out walking about
    – Who ever rights this stuff.

  53. I have 2 adult and 2 juvenile tickets for sale at face value for lower cusack section 309

  54. Games today show how the better teams can blow away lesser opposition which is something Mayo fail to do. I believe Tyrone will give Dublin a very good game and with a bit of luck could beat them!

  55. Fvck it….Id say let the pretenders to the throne stand up and be counted on Monday. Start Kirby and Regan and Loftus and have Andy, McLoughlin and Caff on the field for the final 10 minutes. These guys have played a serious amount of ball this year and have to be running on fumes. If these younger guys cant hold their own starting against the Rossies, they havent much hope of holding their own against Kerry or Dublin should we make it that far

    Look at Davy Fitz a couple of years back when he started young O Donnell in the AIF

  56. No one in their right mind would suggest holding McLoughlin off the team. Other posters have said Loftus AND Regan is too big a risk and at best it’s one or the other. Also Whitey replacing a forward, sweeper (or mopping half forward) and a full back with 3 out and out forwards. Good job Whitey not picking the team.

  57. Yes, I will delete it,Sonofapitch, and I’ll also place you on moderation watch for spreading a nonsense rumour when you know full well it’s not allowed here.

  58. Sonofapitch you have way too much time on your hands ”tis happy for you if that’s all you have for doing

  59. Watching how Tyone have performed this year under Mickey Harte, makes Stephen Rochfords tactical masterclass in last years QF all the more impressive.

    We need to all stand by Stephen & the boys.

    Us supporters have it handy. Yes we want the best for Mayo but all we have to do is go on big days out with our family/friends have a pint & watch a match.

    So can you even begin to imagine how much it means to Stephen, the backroom team & the players to go out and do their best for you for Mayo.

    So before a ball is kicked I say thank you to a magnificent bunch of men who deserve nothing but our utmost respect & gratitude.

    I know ALL our lives would be a lot more boring without them in it! The games we’ve been to, the tears of joy, the tears of sorrow, we’ve seen it all. Mayo Forever

  60. This weekends games showed what a commercial flop the super 8 will be.
    On tv and at stadiums the super 8 is doomed to failure. Primary reason being the lack of atmosphere or often as will happen both teams in a 3rd round having nothing to play for.
    The naive Lets try it and see from Padraig Duffy.
    Its going to fail out the door in the most grossly obvious mamner on tv and at stadiums.

  61. Joe Brolly on RTE Radio 1 said that the Mayo/Roscommon Replay is a 50/50 game, we will need a BIG MAYO SUPPORT in Croker tomorrow to get OUR TEAM over the line.

  62. If we are fresh I think this game is 75:25 in our favour. If we are not fresh then 50:50.

  63. @Aine I’d love to take those tickets from you… exactly what I was after… are you on twitter, DM me @mccormack_am
    … thx

  64. Conor Loftus and Donie V should start. I wonder is it all being done by formula (numbers)? – Boyle gets 52 min, Andy 54, while some other players who are out on their feet get the whole game. Colm B was bombing forward to great effect last Sunday at the time he was hooked -meanwhile both A O’S and Diarmuid seemed gassed but got the full game. Need to substitute by instinct and what’s happening on the field and not in some dodgy GPS readout.

  65. On balance I would prefer to see Andy finishing games out. A fresh Andy in the last 25 mins would be invaluable.

    BUT – can we really afford to not start him. He’s a really important ball winner and tends to hold the line a little better than COC. We’re not starting games well but he’s consistently provided a couple of scores during this period. There’s a real danger of a rudderless attack if he doesn’t start and bed us into a game.

    It’s unlikely the management trusts anyone else enough to guide the attack into a game. Regan doesn’t win his own ball. Loftus has bags of potential but it’s too early for him. We simply don’t know if Kirby can do it at this level.

    I think that’s why Andy will, and probably has to start tomorrow.

  66. Would we fillet Monaghan the way Dublin did?

    I hope sincerely that TP is ok for tomorrow. We badly need him.

    I wonder is the supposed lack of fitness the reason why we’re struggling in this year’s chip.

    I hope the SG highlight the theatrics of JMcCaff and Cooper – bloody disgrace.

    I really hope this team finds some form and makes the final at least. Reading the RTE Now report on last night’s games it talks about the gap between K,D an T and the rest (which of course includes us). We beat Tyrone last year and in the league this year and arguably performed better against Dublin last year than Kerry.

  67. TO should read TP. RTE report also said we had no realistic chance of winning the AI
    I think we deserve a bit more respect than that.

  68. Wear and tear? I don’t know, things seem to be overly complicated by management game on game. The team would frustrate the bejasus out of ya considering how much they can play with fluidity if they would revert to type and play their running game. Boys playing off the shoulder and laying ball off. Lots of space to do this in croker. They remind me of a team deliberately ‘swimming with their boots on’ or ‘driving with brakes on’. It has to be part of a master plan for down the road. They’re better than this, they really are. Get over the rossies and who knows. They haven’t had one big defining game this season. Maybe mayo v Kerry will be the one!!! Mayo v Tyrone final anyone?

  69. Aine if you dint find a home for them tickets ill take one adult and one juvenile off you.

  70. Mayo88, you are 100% correct when you say “Mayo need to vary their play”. This is probably the biggest weapon both Dublin and Tyrone now have and it is paying massive dividends. We are well fit to do it and I am hoping and expecting that our management team are waiting to unload it against a big opponent. But Roscommon fair play are now a big opponent for us and Monday is the day for us to unveil at least some of the varied play game. Attended Croker yesterday and the variety in play from both Tyrone and Dublin was massive. Tyrone had a host of different lads playing full forward, across the middle, different sweepers at different stages, varied kick-outs and they were so in tune with one another. Dublin then brought that to another level again. Have to say credit where credit is due, Dean Rocks free taking was simply worth the entrance fee alone and as a neutral at the game, it was a joy to watch. Watching Monaghan in particular, who are so gutsy ad determined, but I was struck by how much more know how and cuteness Mayo have over them. If we could only eliminate one or two little errors in our play and in particular get out tactically game and our use of our panel correct, we are still a serious force to be reckoned with.

  71. Sean Burke – I’ve an Adult and U16 ticket available in the Lower Cusack 305 if you’re (or anyone else is) interested.
    Would be face value, €30 in total, for the two.

  72. With Mayo, it’s so often a case of if’s, but’s and maybe’s, so maybe on Monday, they’ll show us some of that sparkle that has been missing all year. They’re probably feeling tired and weary at this stage, more the fact that they cannot seem to produce the type of football they know they are capable of, and also playing under this constant fear that this could be their last chance saloon. Pressure, pressure, fucking pressure, it’s a killer, and it’s sure as hell killing this Mayo team right now!!!

  73. It’s August, it’s croke park. To put it simply it’s time to shit or get off the pot. The time for scraping through is over. A 1 point win and another below par performance is no good at this stage. It’s Kerry is two weeks.

  74. Trevor Naughton… I totally agree with you. We are all so wise with our keyboards but Stephen and the backroom team and every man who leaves it out there for us Mayo supporters…we owe you the greatest respect and thanks for all you do and for all you have given. You are bloody amazing and inspiring. I love mayo. I love being from Mayo. I love the honesty of this team of ours. You are heroes in my eyes and I want to say thank you for everything. Joy pain frustration tears hope excitement anxiety pride and always a beating heart…amazing. Bring on Monday and know that you have thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of Mayo folk all over the world who will you well… and we are proud of you Mayo ??. Thank you.

  75. 100% enda ill take them. Can only get davin online and dont want to get them.

    Thanks text me for arrangements if you wish 089 415 5894

  76. Sorry wj, it was in no way meant to be a malicious rumour, it was told to me but i shouldnt have commented on here about it

  77. Niall mc. Spot on.
    A nervy win scraping through will do nothing for team confidence and would ultimately result in us getting a hiding v Kerry.
    However should we show some long awaited decent form and swat ros aside with a confident and competant performance, then and only then will we be able to look forward to a Kerry semi.
    Consistent performances from dub, Kerry and Tyrone. Zero consistency from ourselves. We need a big performance to reference going into a semi.

  78. Knockout games are for winning
    End of story
    If we play well and lose by a point will ye be happier than scraping some point win ?

    I read an amazing stat on Dublin couple of weeks back. Can’t remember it exactly but the vast majority of their semi final and final wins were by a single score. Ours was the same but for wins read losses 🙁

    I don’t care how we win tomorrow as long as we win . Robbie Hennelly come on and kick the winning 45 anyone 😀

  79. Ah Now, isn’t that just what Galway did against Donegal and it did them no good against Kerry.

  80. Yes km that’s correct on semis and finals with the top teams including ourselves playing each other.
    Point is dubs, Kerry and Tyrone in semis after blowing teams away with consistent performances that serve to build confidence.
    Would only be happy with a one point win if ros play absolutely out of their skin and we have to put in, and get a, massive performance to beat them.
    Another bad performance and a one point win and there won’t be 50,000 at our semi.

  81. Yes catcol, after being well beaten by rossies. Not really the level of consistency I’m talking about, that the top teams have and that I wish we had.

  82. Won’t be 50000 at our semi of we scrape a win …..??not sure how that is relevant to anything ?
    Are you suggesting mayo supporters will stay at home ? If so the team would be as well off without them. They are more than likely the same people who would be telling us to sit down during the game anyway

  83. Km79, it’s better to win by a point then lose by a point it’s true but I don’t think scraping past Roscommon will do much for this teams confidence going into a semi with Kerry. I really hope that it’s just tiredness that is causing us to underperform but if im honest I think they are low on confidence. Forwards are afraid to shoot, we are shaky in defence and we’re not dominating the middle third like we used to. We are relying on big performances from big players to drag us through games. We see how Kerry, Dublin and Tyrone swotted aside their opposition. That’s the level we need to be at to challenge for an all Ireland. A good win against ros could reignite their belief. And for what’s it’s worth i believe this team can win the all Ireland. Cillian is a marquee forward, diarmuid, aido, lee, paddy durcan are all capable of being player of the year, Clarkes the best shot stopper in Ireland and Harry and barret are as good a defender as what’s out there. They need to start performing now though.

  84. No, I agree with you Ah Now. But, it may just be small things: For instance we were better than Galway and finished the stronger, much better than Derry but couldn’t finish chances, put Clare to bed in a ten minute spell, were much better than Cork, but didn’t finish them with a goal, and last Sunday, finished stronger than Roscommon.

    We’re still searching for those tweaks. And one thing in comparison and contrast to the other semi finalists, we have had a much harder examination.

  85. @catcol
    Have we high-powered subs to bring on and up the tempo? The answer is we don’t know or presumably the management does not think so anyway. We are what we are at this stage, which is a decent team, great heart, but no overdrive to cruise past lesser opposition

  86. Catcol.
    Fair summation of the season so far.
    Attendance not relevant. Point is mayo bandwagon supporters won’t go if media point towards a hiding which they will. And kerry support will wait for the final as usual.

  87. Take a breath lads and lassies , enjoy the hurling ,.shout for.galway. then have a pint or two , soak up your thoughts and just roar our bucks onto victory tomorrow.

    We are not losing this one.

  88. @Catcol,.. We’re not ‘semi finalist’s ‘… Not yet anyhow! Hopefully tommorow we will be… Tweaks… We need a few replacements, and new thinking from the sidelines… If we go to the well with the same 15, the same plan, and same substitutions at the same time,…. Kevin McStay will have plan for our predictability… And if that happens, the Rossi will be ‘semi finalist’s’… What worked well for Mayo, was when we did something that wasn’t predicted, eg starting Jason Doherty in Limerick, and putting Lee Keegan in midfield last Sunday…. With as good a panel as Mayo have, we have 30+ player’s that are more than capable of giving a performance for Mayo tommorow (and one or two, not capable, I won’t name anybody)… With such resources, one surprise change in personell Jason Doherty in Limerick, yielded results, one surprise change in positioning Lee Keegan yielded results, without those changes Mayo would be out of the championship… I hope for at least 2 changes to the starting 15 tommorow, and and something different in terms of tactics and substitions…. Then Maybe we will be ‘semi finalist’s’… Just finished watching the Galway /Killkenny minor hurling semi finals, what a great match, edge of the seat stuff… Congratulations to Galway on their victory…. The senior equivalent between Tipperary and Galway should be some match!

  89. Great to have other games to distract our intentions. Up Galway.
    What will be will be re tomorrow.
    We will know a lot more about Mayo and management team.

  90. Anybody got any Cusack lower tier for sale, 1 adult and 2 u-16, very little tickets to be got online? , terrace only.

  91. Fantanstic win for Galway in the hurling and I am still hoarse and wired so I cant even think about sleep!!!
    Hard to call tomorrows game as both sides are evenly matched with Roscommon having youth versus Mayo experience. Mayo I think have to win as the team is on the road for a long time while their will be other days for this young Roscommon team.

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