Weather + 2010 FBD fixtures

0002c4bc10drIt’s nice and sunny up here in the capital this morning – and incredibly mild too – but, according to Met Eireann, we’re far from out of the woods yet, with further deluges of rain to come tomorrow and again on Sunday.

The forecast for Sunday looks particularly rough, with rain and very heavy winds on the way. As a result, Sunday’s Connacht club final between Charlestown and Corofin could be doubtful.  Lord knows, those poor Galway folk have more on their minds at the minute than a football match (whether it’s the one that took place in Paris on Wednesday night or the one that’s due to be held in Charlestown on Sunday).

On a separate note, I see that the Connacht GAA website now contains information on next year’s FBD fixtures – details here.  This confirms that our 2010 inter-county season is set to open against NUIG (which it did this year and last year too – those uppity students beat us in both games)  on the 10th of January and we’re also paired (as we seem to be every year in the FBD) with Sligo IT and Roscommon.  Our match with the latter is  scheduled for the 24th of January and while one assumes that our clash with Sligo IT will take place on the Sunday before that (as NUIG and the Sheepstealers will be facing off that day), the fixture list is silent on this.  Oh well, it is only the FBD, I suppose.

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  1. For your information, Willie Joe, MWR have announced that tomorrow’s match is cancelled due to the pitch being unplayable. It is rescheduled for next Sunday.

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