Weather looks okay for Sunday

Whatever about Aiden O’Shea’s thumb or Shane Nally’s ligaments or the difficulties in sourcing tickets, at least the weather forecast for next Sunday seems to be fairly positive.  Once this latest bout of rain (which, I know, began at some point back in May) clears away, it appears that, from midweek on, the weather is finally going to settle.  Sure, it’s all come far too late to be of much use but at least we can look forward to a dry day for the minor final.  It’d be okay – indeed, with the strong likelihood of a snarlfest breaking out in the senior final, it might even be appropriate – if it started to piss down again from 3.30 onwards but that might be too much to wish for.  By the way, on the topic of the senior final Uncle Eugene has some well-judged words of wisdom for Pat O’Shea in this morning’s Indo.

8 thoughts on “Weather looks okay for Sunday

  1. Oh well, we can expect … well, the bookies obviously don’t think we’re going to do it but I’m hearing that Aiden O’Shea’s injury may not be as serious as was feared and if he’s okay we might be good enough to win it.

  2. Forgive me Willie Joe but as I am unable to get on to An Spalpins site I want to congratulate him on his piece about the Ballina train to Dublin…brilliant. I know he delves into your site. On Sunday I am going to relax..our time has come and the minors will win with a bit to spare.Time to bury the past and we are allocated sixty minutes to do that.

  3. I’ll second that, ontheroad – I read his piece myself today. It was an absolute classic. That’s the spirit as regards Sunday: as the day approaches I’m getting more confident. I’d be a lot happier if I had a ticket in the bag but there’s plenty of time yet, I suppose.

  4. Tickets will show up come the weekend Willie Joe. Surely you’d qualify for a media pass anyhow at this stage.

    Sunday will be our day so hopefully a real Mayo fan like yourself will be there.

    And if the lads can do it, mixed in with our winning u21s of 2 years ago we will have a first XV that will all have All Ireland medals taking the field in the Connacht Senior chamipionship before two long.

    The final piece of the jigsaw is to stop that plane with Pearse Hanely departing in the next few months.

  5. Hill 16 would do just fine, DE, I can’t see myself warming my posterior up in the pressbox anytime soon. I’m hoping there’s a good Mayo crowd at the game – Tyrone will have loads of support and of the Kerrymen will still be outside with their snouts in the boots of their cars looking for the sangwidges when our lads take the field.

    We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of winning. As you say, if you mix a winning minor team with the 2006 U21 winners, we have the bones of a serious team. But first we need to win on Sunday.

  6. Maigh Eo abu, I’m so shaggin nervous at this stage I really don’t have much too add. Keep the bloggs going

  7. Thanks for the kind words fellas, and ontheroad is right – I’m a regular penitent at the Church of Willie Joe. It’s all true about that train, I was speaking to a man that was on it.

    I was on the Hill in 2005 for the last minor final, it’s not a bad ould spot really. No ticket for this yet but I’m not too bad as, being in exile, I’m in Dublin already and can hot-foot it down if a ticket turns up. Mayo have nothing to fear but I think we’d all feel a bit better if Aidan O’Shea starts. He’s been outstanding. Maigh Eo abú.

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