Weekend round-up

Okay, Monday morning and all that so just time for a quick round-up on match reports and the like from the weekend.

For Saturday’s night’s game, Colm Gannon of the Mayo Advertiser was once again first out of the blocks within a few hours of the final whistle with this detailed report.  The Indo has a short match report this morning, which includes the first post-match quotes from the new man at the helm.  Here what James had to say:

We were just keen to get up and running and we were slow starting off and we were quite lethargic, particularly in the first half. But we played for about 15 minutes in the second half and Ronan McGarrity came into the game and dictated matters.

We dominated the game, but we didn’t do much with the ball. We had 40 scoring chances and we took 10 — we had 17 wides, eight into the goalie’s hands and five off the post, so we created the chances but we didn’t take them.

That is obviously something we have to work on. There was a lot of rustiness; we had a heavy training session the night before the match and that coupled with everything else made the legs a little bit heavy and it took us a while to get going.

The most interesting bit of that (the quotes, by the way, account for more than 50% of the match report) was where he talks about the stats.  The shooting was, for sure, truly awful at times on Saturday night, both in terms of a failure to locate the posts (they were well lit up so no excuses there) and a lack of welly with a number of attempts at points falling short.  Only Cillian O’Connor and Ronan McGarrity scored from play for us and it was ten minutes or so into the second half before we got our first score from open play.  But, hey, it was only the first match in the FBD and so far too early in the year to be drawing any kind of conclusions – positive or negative – about the performance.

The Times also has a short match report today (which contains a few apt light-related allusions) but the well-informed discussion on gaaboard.com is likely to of more interest.

I know there was a problem with the link to the video clip of Mark Ronaldson’s penalty goal that I stuck up on Twitter late on Saturday night.  For those of you who weren’t able to access it, here it is:

The papers today also have reports on Parke’s narrow defeat yesterday to St Peter’s of Manchester in the quarter-final of the All-Ireland Junior club championship.  The awful weather we had on Saturday was over there yesterday so conditions were far from ideal but it was obviously a cliff-hanger of a tie, which was only decided in favour of the home team via a last-minute goal at the end of extra-time.  Late goals by home teams in the Manchester area isn’t confined to soccer, it would appear. Here’s the Indo’s match report on the game and this is the one in the Times (it’s after the report on the Crossmaglen/Neasden tie).

Finally, nobody will need reminding about the heart-breaking obsequies which culminate up in Tyrone later today.  Anyone who wishes to express their condolences online to the Harte and McAreavey families on the dreadful loss of Michaela may do so via the official Tyrone GAA website – here.  May she rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “Weekend round-up

  1. WJ, just had a quick trawl at our fostered children. I see Tom Cunniffe, Alan freeman and Aiden O Shea were on the losing DIT team v Westmeath. Freeman was taken off and for the second match running O Shea failed to score.

    We dont seem to have anybody with UCD or DCU. However Donie Dhine got 0-8 for DCU, Cathal Cregg got their other score. Shine was at midfield. DCU have a panel as strong as any county. The Ros boys must be playing well to nail their places.

    GMIT dont have anybody of note, at least to me, I see a G Cafferky and a N Prenty. As usual whatever team John Maughan fetches up with becomes “John Maughans….” On this occasion its what I know as UCG. They beat Galway and had Peader Gardiner , Niall Douglas and Jason Doherty plating for them. Douglas got the goal.

    The only other Mayo man of note is the lad we gave away, your name sakes boy, Billy Joe. I got a call from a Down man, quite irate actually. Billy Joe was outstanding for the Armagh boys.

    No mention of Alan Dillon. I thought he was in UCG and i didnt hear he was injured. So how come he didnt play?

  2. Ontheroad your showing your age with using UCG!!. As far as I am aware Alan Dillon isnt eligible for the Sigerson team at NUIG.

  3. IslandeadyGAA. You are correct but I have seen it called NUIG, OllscoilnaGaillimhe and a variation of different capitals. I am confused enough as it is, UCD,DCU, DIT,MIT,CIT,MICE,MGIT, etc. UCG kinda slows the world for me.
    If Gardiner is eligible for UCG, why would Dillon not be? Or are both doing pre retirement courses there.

  4. I agree ontheroad. Far too many confusing TLAs and FLAs being used to describe Unis and TLCs these days 🙂

    On the eligibility issue, I heard that anyone over 25 could no longer play Sigerson but was not aware of any age restriction that prevents them playing in FBD, O’Byrne Cup etc

  5. Ucd have one as far as i know, l.cawley. don’t know the full name tho, i think he was on the westport team that won the inter county title a few years back.Delighted to see Cillian O’connor doin well, how is he eligible for mayo, is he not in nuig?

  6. College first years are only allowed to play for the freshers teams in their colleges. As a result they are available to their counties.

    Last year, Aidan O’Shea was available to the county for FBD under the same rule.

  7. Just a few points to correct and inform,
    cillian is in st pats in dublin and they don’t have sigerson team.

    never heard the over 25 for sigerson rule indeed ask gardiner

    3 Gardiner and dillion doin the h.dip in galway so teaching beckons

  8. Anyone know what Conor Mortimer is studying in Ulster. He’s fierce dedicated to the concept of lifelong learning!

  9. An Spailpin hits the nail again on the GAA. Agree fully with him.I also think Breheny has got the plum job. Imagine getting paid to do what we all do here voluntarily…give an opinion.

  10. Team for sunday is on club mayo dublin gaa site. A lot of lads getting first start in a senior jersey. Might be worth the trip to ballyhaunis!!!

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