The weekend’s club championship action

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Although yesterday’s focus was on the launch of the championship at inter-county level we are, of course, now in a small pocket of time in the GAA calendar where club action takes precedence. We must be because they’re even playing champo matches up here in the capital at the minute, though in a few short weeks they’ll be tipping the club action into the deep freeze until the summer is over.

Back on home turf the first round of matches in both the senior and intermediate championships are on this weekend. Ensconced as I am over here on the other side of the island, there’s little in the way of telling insights I’m able to impart on the contests that are set to unfold over the coming days. However, both the Mayo News (who have a great 12-page supplement) and the Western People have all the info you might need in the paper and digital variants of their respective editions this week.

I’ll obviously be keeping an eye in particular on how Aghamore are doing. In rating the likely contenders for the Moclair Cup, I see that Mike Finnerty in the Mayo News has them, along with Knockmore, down as dark horses, behind the big three of Castlebar Mitchels, Ballintubber and Breaffy. Alan Freeman, with whom there’s a really good in-depth interview in that Mayo News supplement, reckons Aghamore are in the next batch of challengers behind the leading quartet, in which he includes Knockmore. We do a nice line in modesty over that end of the county.

Anyway, enough of the blather – here are details of all the senior and intermediate championship fixtures down for decision this weekend:

Mayo Senior Football Championship

Group 1

  • Charlestown v Knockmore, Saturday 6th May, 5pm at Charlestown
  • Garrymore v Westport, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Garrymore

Group 2

  • Ballaghaderreen v Hollymount/Carramore, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballaghaderreen
  • Breaffy v Davitts, Saturday 6th May, 7.30pm at Breaffy

Group 3

  • Ballintubber v Kiltane, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballintubber
  • Claremorris v Aghamore, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Claremorris

Group 4

  • Crossmolina v Castlebar, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Crossmolina
  • Ballinrobe v Ballina, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Ballinrobe

Mayo Intermediate Football Championship

Group 1

  • Belmullet v Ardnaree, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Tallagh
  • Ballyhaunis v Parke, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Ballyhaunis

Group 2

  • Swinford v Shrule/Glencorrib, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Swinford
  • Mayo Gaels v Islandeady, Saturday 6th May, 5pm at Mayo Abbey

Group 3

  • The Neale v Louisburgh, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Cong
  • Bonniconlon v Burrishoole, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Bonniconlon

Group 4

  • Castlebar Mitchels B v Tourmakeady, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Castlebar
  • Moy Davitts v Kiltimagh, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Srath Garbh

82 thoughts on “The weekend’s club championship action

  1. Group 1
    Charlestown v Knockmore, Saturday 6th May, 5pm at Charlestown KNOCKMORE
    Garrymore v Westport, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Garrymore WESTPORT
    Group 2
    Ballaghaderreen v Hollymount/Carramore, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballaghaderreen BALLAGHADERREEN
    Breaffy v Davitts, Saturday 6th May, 7.30pm at Breaffy BREAFFY
    Group 3
    Ballintubber v Kiltane, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballintubber BALLINTUBBER
    Claremorris v Aghamore, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Claremorris AUGHAMORE
    Group 4
    Crossmolina v Castlebar, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Crossmolina CASTLEBAR
    Ballinrobe v Ballina, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Ballinrobe BALLINA
    Mayo Intermediate Football Championship
    Group 1
    Belmullet v Ardnaree, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Tallagh BELMULLET
    Ballyhaunis v Parke, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Ballyhaunis BALLYHAUNIS
    Group 2
    Swinford v Shrule/Glencorrib, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Swinford SHRULE GLENC
    Mayo Gaels v Islandeady, Saturday 6th May, 5pm at Mayo Abbey MAYO GAELS
    Group 3
    The Neale v Louisburgh, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Cong THE NEALE
    Bonniconlon v Burrishoole, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Bonniconlon BUNNI
    Group 4
    Castlebar Mitchels B v Tourmakeady, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Castlebar TOURMAC
    Moy Davitts v Kiltimagh, Sunday 7th May, 2pm at Srath Garbh KILTIMAGH

  2. I see Breheny is at it again in the Indo. He has a real hard on for Mayo.

  3. That’s covered on the other thread. It would be nice to keep this thread to the club scene in fairness.

    Group 1
    Charlestown v Knockmore, Saturday 6th May, 5pm at Charlestown
    *** I see Knockmore having too much in the tank here, county finalists against a Charlestown team in transition, anything but an away win would be an upset surely? ***

    Garrymore v Westport, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Garrymore
    *** Kick of a ball will seperate these I would think. Garrymore at home always a test, and a young flamboyant Westport team will put it right up to them. Going for a draw here! ***

    Group 2
    Ballaghaderreen v Hollymount/Carramore, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballaghaderreen
    *** Hollymount seem to be struggling, but with Ballagh also finding it hard to get any momentum going, I think this could not be exactly plain sailing for the home team. They will have just about enough in the likes of Andy Moran and Barry Regan up top to withstand the Hollymount challenge.

    Breaffy v Davitts, Saturday 6th May, 7.30pm at Breaffy
    *** Breaffy will have too much. Comfortable home win. ***

    Group 3
    Ballintubber v Kiltane, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Ballintubber
    *** Another comfortable home win. ***

    Claremorris v Aghamore, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Claremorris
    *** Claremorris are riding the crest of a wave it would seem, and have turned over Aghamore already this year. Championship football a different ball game however, and Aghamore have that bit more cuteness and few individual talents that will take some minding. The East Mayo men to come out on top, may just put daylight late on but Claremorris will I would say go down swinging! ***

    Group 4
    Crossmolina v Castlebar, Saturday 6th May, 7pm at Crossmolina
    *** Crossmolina have it all on here, and could be a case of damage limitation. Dont like saying that as a club I hold in really high regard. Sadly for them, can only play cards you are dealt, and the Mitchells juggernaut to roll on at a canter ***

    Ballinrobe v Ballina, Sunday 7th May, 4pm at Ballinrobe
    *** Fact that there at home gives them a better footing here, but I would think Ballina will have too much here. Wont have it all there own way, but 5-6 point away win.

    Jut my thoughts….any one else???

  5. I think you’re spot on there Clubman, and it is on the very same basis that I hope to transfer some of the vast wealth of PaddyPower to my own meagre pot.

  6. I think Westport will have too much depth for Garrymore. Going for a Westport win in that one.
    Westport will have been targetting the championship and they are a super organised club these days with really motivated young players. I just think they’ll be fitter and have more players to call on than Garrymore.
    All other predictions agree with.

  7. I don’t know JP we often see Inter champions that go all the way struggle with their first year of senior due to the short turn around between seasons. Garrymore are a tough nut to crack at home.

  8. The match I am most looking forward to is Knockmore – Charlestown. Knockmore appear to be getting something going with that forward line of mainly young players. Knockmore never seem to lose anyone. So when young players come through they are adding to the panel not just replacing players who have left. That tradition they have built stands to them.

  9. Wouldn’t it be great to continue with the club championship until it has been concluded say by the end of June. We could run off the semi and final in July. Just in time for a wrapping up round of AI semi and final in August or September. If only the dog was wagging his own tail on this one.

  10. JP, Knockmore have an awful record against Charlestown n the championship!

  11. JP agree on your comments, knockmore seem have great record of keeping lads involved. See in leagues they are fielding 3 teams, impressive for rural club. Think Castlebar only club doing similar.
    Westport game be interesting, reckon Garrymore at home can might do it.

  12. Comfortable wins for Knockmore castlebar breaffy ballintubber aughamore and ballina I reckon. Garrymore to squeeze out westport with hollymount v ballaghaderren too close to call.
    Comfortable wins for belmullet shrule ballyhaunis the neale and tourmakeady. Kiltimagh burrishoole and islandeady to win tight games.

  13. Rare white lobster found off Achill Island, everyone loves coming to Mayo except Sam Maguire! Over to you Sam…

  14. Really looking forward to seeing how Westport and Claremorris get on this weekend.2 town teams that are on the up and I expect to be challenging for the Moclair cup in the next 2 to 3 years .Loads of underage talent coming through aswell, we as a county need need the 4 highest populated towns of Castlebar ,Ballina, Westport and Claremorris doing well as these are clubs that can give us that star player at county level.

  15. Totally unrelated but I just saw that ad on TV for Sky ‘Shout for your county, even if it’s Mayo’…. ? Has anyone else seen this?!?

  16. Mayonaze, at some stage you will just have to ignore this stuff. Mayo need to land the big one and dont mind the sideshow nonsense by sky or rte or irish independent “journalists”. On another note theyre saying that ny have a fair chance of beating Sligo, im sorry to disagree but I cannot see Sligo taking this for granted and they have had 7 hardish enough games in the league just gone which is 7 more games than these ny lads have had, bar the donegal games which were really training sessions for donegal. Sligo to win well.

  17. Dave, to me this ad is taking it a step too far. After all the final defeats and ‘so close but yet so far’s etc we have to accept that others will poke fun/slag etc. Trust me, I live in Galway and have done for almost my entire life so I’ve heard it all, but this feels different: it’s SKY’s use of the word ‘even’ that suggests that there’s something wrong/negative with Mayo. It’s worse than poking fun. It’s derogatory.

  18. Even one of my mates, a staunch Galway supporter says that this ad is crossing the line.

  19. Charlestown have just ruined a fair few accumulators I’d say. Enjoyable game though.

  20. WJ – I’d be interested to hear your opinion of that SKY tv ad? I have to say I was gobsmacked. I had to pause, rewind and rewatch it to make sure I wasn’t mistaken in what I heard!

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s promoting their new Sky Q tv box/package and shows friends/family watching various types of tv – including GAA where the people have Kerry and Mayo jersies on. The voiceover at that point then states ‘shout for your county, even if it’s Mayo’.

    Is it the mood I’m in today?! Did I get out of bed on the wrong side? I dunno but to me this crosses the line from good natured slagging to ridicule and to me is offensive, particular when being broadcast around the nation.The words ‘even if it’s Mayo’, for me, can only be construed in negative terms and imply that there’s something inherently wrong with Mayo and in turn with being from Mayo.

    Any opinions would be welcome before I go and email a scathing letter to SKY Ireland!

  21. Wide ball, was intriguing game surely Charlestown streamed it. Very young knockmore team. Two current minors in the backs brought in early.
    Parsons started well, knockmore missed physical presence of the 2 machales, former u21s Cormac and Colm Reape and Francie O’Neill and Tom Clarke from midfield. Also lost Andy Keane to harsh black at about 10 minutes mark.
    11 points down one stage I think, McLoughlin was immense so good result for them in end.
    Really good in first half faded slightly.

  22. Why were Kmockmore missing all those? A mix of injured and currently unavailable?
    Hollymount had a big win over Ballaghadereen.
    Louisburgh beat The Neale convincingly.
    Garrymore Westport draw.
    Breaffy hammered Davitts.
    Castlebar hammered Cross.
    Islandeady had a big win over Mayo Gaels.

  23. That’s a big win for Breaffy.
    Serious scoring by Conor O’Shea. 1-9?

  24. Yes JP work, injury and think possibly family commitments.
    Great win for Islaneady. Surprised Hollymount result.

  25. Mayonaze the voice over in that Sky Ad is the Hollywood actor Chris O Dowd from Boyle Co Roscommon. A bit of banter nothing more i’d say.

  26. claremorris v aghamore should be a great game tomorrow .. aghamore may prevail too strong in the end but the youth in claremorris is excellent .. Conor diskin (18) scored 2-2 in this previous fixture , with the likes of shaughnessys scoring ability also this game could go to the wire

  27. Thanks JP for the results. The Castlebar result is the one that stands out for me. There goes another fine accumulator. COS is improving and has benefited from his time on the squad

  28. Crossmolina are a fair bit off of challenging for senior so I didn’t find that suprising.
    Hollymount hammering Ballaghadereen, now that was a mystery.

  29. Regarding the SKY advert Mayo County Council and in particular the LEO office In Moneen has done great work in promoting Mayo with the recent sucsessful Mayo day initiative
    I think we should all contact them on Monday and ask them to make an official complaint to SKY.

  30. Mitchels had a handy enough win over Crossmolina. Defence were excellent and easily snuffed out most Cross attacks. The two Durcans had very good games. David Stenson was deadly accurate from frees. Loftus struggled to make any impact in attack for Cross. Newcombe did not start and no sign of Barry Moran either. P Durcan picked up a knock in the closing minutes. Hope all will be available for selection for Sligo/NY.

  31. How did Johnny Maughan get on and Conor Stenson? Both U19s and impressive to be breaking into such a strong team.

  32. Maughan played very well and looked very comfortable in that back line. I thought Conor Stenson did fine, played on the periphery a little bit, but he looks to have the attributes to be a big player for Mitchels in time…tall, fast and well conditioned for a young lad – reminds me of a teenage Cillian O’Connor !

  33. Thanks 45.
    Castlebar will for sure have a better bench this year. What probably caught them last year was in having to play the same core 18 players in that series of back to back games.
    Now they can rest and bring in more options.
    Conor OSheas 1-8 yesterday has to be his biggest ever senior total. Great to see that kind of form.

  34. Agree JP. I’ve questioned myself over the past couple of years what value Conor O’Shea adds to the county panel, but it’s certainly good to hear that he is hitting good form. While the collapse of our powers at minor grade has been a real worry, the best alternative that we can hope for now is that our club championships remain competitive and that our Senior and Intermediate county champions continue to see success at both a provincial and national level while bringing these young players through.

  35. @45 was also at that game and Loftus actually did very well in what is now not a strong cross team.
    Durcan was outstanding for castlebar but in the overall scheme of things I wouldn’t read to much into the result as cross were poor and kicked a lot of wides in the ist half in particular.

  36. I think the fact it was O’Dowd on that ad explains it a bit, wouldn’t be getting too worked up about it.

    On the club action, was all of Conor O’Shea’s total from play? Was he positioned at 14?
    Be great to see him continue this type of form. He has all the physical attributes, it’s just his basic skills that can sometimes let him down.

  37. Lads no point getting too worked up….we are a joke to anyone outside the county but who cares. Life is too short to worry about what people think about us.

    Huge win for Hollynout alright. Ballagh were woeful….absolutely woeful.

  38. If it is o’dowd then it is a different slant.

    Keep the reports from senior champ coming…always good to hear for us who aren’t in the county.

  39. Conor OShea was full forward and Seamus OShea was centre back. Few lads rested.
    Dont know if any of the 1-8 was frees. Liam Irwin was on the bench so maybe on freetaking duty.

  40. Haven’t seen the ad yet, but why should that stop me from ranting?

    If Chris O’Dowd was slagging Mayo on a stand up show or in a tv series, bring it on. But an ad from Sky that is going to be shown day in day out, is a different matter. If I’m not mistaken nearly all of Mayo’s games were on Sky last year and I’d say we boosted their viewing figures big time. So why should we take this?

  41. Moy Davitts hammering Kiltimagh so far up 11 pts.
    Foxford Brass Band playing Star Wars at half time, outstanding efforts Moy Davitts.

  42. I cant believe some people are getting annoyed by the ad on Sky. Its harmless. One of the great things about gaa is that you can sit next to opposing fans and have the craic and a little piss taking, doesnt happen in other sports. Chris ODowd probably did dozens of takes for that ad and had a little fun, so what, he is a proud ros who played minor football. If it was that other way around im sure mayo people would see the humorous side to it. If some people cant see the ad for what it is then thats their problem, not Skys.

    There is a serious dose of paranoia developing with some Mayo supporters, whether it be media, refs, sky, the gaa, all out to get poor oul Mayo. Its just a sport, a past time, people shouldnt be so sensitive about it. There are alot of other issues in life which are serious and that we need to be concerned about, not a harmless ad on tv.

  43. I agree with mayomad There are lots of things to get annoyed about and this ad is not one of them. Indeed by making a fuss over it we are only bringing attention to it

  44. Was liam Irwin not starting for Breaffy!??

    Tuned into RTE 1 radio, championship discussion. Spillane says, Dublin but maybe Kerry…McConville, Dubs stirred on by the league final defeat, Martin Carney says a dub v Kerry final with dub winning and gooch says Kerry may sneak a win over the dubs in sept.

    Spillane admitted he’d love to see us win but sentiment wins you nothing.

  45. Was on bench on the listed program. Not sure if any switches. Aghamore made 14 🙂

  46. Freeman looking good for the More in their drawn game. Frig. Wish he was on the county panel still. Looked like

    he had the monkey off his back.

  47. Freeman scored frees and a few goals the goals were on a plate for him Harrison didn’t play today Claremorris scored 19pts some nice young players coming through.

  48. I see Colm cooper joined the Sunday game. Have they introduced a new rule that it’s only ex Dublin or Kerry players that can sit on the panel now? On the plus side, maybe we’ll see the last of Dessie Dolan. Every cloud a silver lining and all that

  49. Couldn’t be arsed getting annoyed at stuff like the Sky ad any more. Until we win this is the kind of shit we just have to suck up and it’s not like anyone with any kind of a media profile is going to address it, so what’s the point in fans getting outraged? I think I lost about five years of my life last year getting wound up about rubbish like this – no more. Yes we’re oversensitive, but media, opposition, pundits, dogs on the street – they’ll all have a go and there’s sweet FA we can do about it apart from ignore it and get behind the lads. One blasted win would put it all to bed and they could slag us then til kingdom come.

    Didn’t make any of the club games this weekend. Was interesting reading Freeman’s interview in the Mayo News this week and his performances for the club indicate that he seems to be enjoying his football a lot more. More power to him. Great to see Caff back and putting in consistent performances.

    Would love, love, love to see a NY win tonight, if only to get out the popcorn and watch HQ and the Connacht Council squirm. I imagine they’d play 45 minutes of extra time rather than allow that to happen, though.

  50. Watched a bit of Claremorris v aghamore online great game some great scores and great commentary.

  51. Saw Sky ad earlier..Rolled my eyes and swore at the TV…We’ve dealt with worse but it’s irritating ..

  52. I agree AM that for the most part you just need to suck up the slagging etc but I don’t recall a national tv commercial ever singling out one county and ridiculing it…whether in jest or not it’s arguable that it’s crossing a line. Anyway that’s my piece.

    Meanwhile NY /Sligo level midway thru 2nd half!!

  53. Reekview – Harrison is injured. Great game in Claremorris this afternoon. Draw a fair result.

  54. Glad Sligo won. I think the New York thing is a ridiculous.
    GAA Totally setting it up for New York to win.

  55. People getting annoyed by the SKY ad need to get a grip, FFS, it’s completely tounge in cheek and is voiced by Chris O Dowd, if that bothers you then you need to hide away from society and make sure the big bad world leaves you alone . Although it might be someone else to blame if we loose this year. ” sure sky got into the lads heads”.

  56. Wayne, well said. This whole paranoia that the whole world is out to get Mayo really is irritating at this stage.

  57. I thought that was a brilliant weekend of club football.
    A strong scouting network is nreded to properly monitor all matches.
    Ballaghadereen being fairly leaderless for example is concerning I hope it was witnessed by someone from mgmt.
    If a young lad with Swinford or Bonniconlon played well I wouldn’t think any county mgmt were there to see it.
    We have a lot of fringe talent should be tracked.

  58. Great weekend for my boys with a win at senior in Cross and a very impressive win over Tourmakeady in the intermediate championship

    Very impressive squads this year. Seniors looked excellent. Dougie I think bagged 1-6

  59. Mayomad you are spot on. This victim mentality we have allowed ourselves fall into is worrying. It’s an ad. It’s tongue in cheek.

  60. Rochford’s Brigade – I have no idea all I know is he could not play the club game due to injury.

  61. Someone posted here last week that an all star defender picked up a hamstring injury in the Meath challenge so that presumably was reference to Harry. Don’t mind if he misses Sligo as our panel should be enough there but need him for Galway game.

  62. The way we set up against Sligo will be interesting. If we do not make some changes in the forwards we may be in trouble later on. the pundits were probably right saying we rely too much on COC. However they forget that his brother carried an injury all last year after the Kildare game. I would like to see A0S in the HFL. Kerry are waxing lyrical about Griffen at FB but he got roasted in a few league games especially by A, Moran. Kirby has to be in our forward line
    Having said all that the selectors know the team best—a lot of us were crying out for certain players that did not set the place alight!!!!!!!

  63. Was at the Ballinrobe Ballina game. Real championship football that was fiercely competed for especially in the second half. First half Ballina were very wasteful and Robe were very efficient. Ballina had the benefit of a very lucky goal that kept them within a point at half time. Darren McDonnell looks very quick and had his marker walking a tight rope after an early yellow card. I thought Robe could have benefited more by playing more ball to McDonnell who then had the freedom to take on his marker (no 6). Playing Vaughan at full forward was not very effective as he was marked by Ger Cafferky. You don’t get much there. I would have said concede the full back position to Ballina and play a less notable forward on him. Some huge performance by Ballinrobe in Conor Keane, Butler and an immense Macken in midfield. Ballinrobe, whilst not a finished product, do look like they are building a nice team if they can keep them together. Some good talent also coming through in O’Malley, O’Brien and Horan – probably next year.

  64. Ballinrobe CS should help further develop talent for Ballinrobe. Getting extra quality training sessions and games into lads right up to 17/18.
    Might increase in popularity for promising footballers outside Ballinrobe to choose that school.

  65. I was at the Crossmolina castlebar game Saturday evening as a neutral. Castlebar were miles ahead. Completely took there foot off the gas in the 2nd half letting crossmolina score 1-4
    Paddy durcan was very good. Was very disappointed with Conor Loftus, did nothing to stand out as a Mayo senior. Won a few balls in the last 10 minute’s when the game was over. Paddy Durcan was a way bigger threat to crossmolina than Loftus was to Castlebar. Crossmolina were very poor and it says alot when there best player by a long way Peader Gardiner. Castlebar will take stopping again this year.

  66. Sinmmabhuil, no Macken in midfield, David killeen and James Murphy. James tired , as he is away in Germany on work experience for the last month, mixed training and when he was substituted BBB ballinrobe lost their shape. Needed a few forwards to step up and would have won the game if Kevin Quinn and Donal Vaughan were on song. Conor Keane at 6 immense,

  67. Conor Keane used to play upfront for Ballinrobe didn’t he or isn’t there another lad with Hollymount? Pacy lad with a bit of strength. Attributes very valued in a centre back.

  68. Rober of course you are right it was Killeen I was talking about. As a semi neutral watching it it was a really good competitive game.

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