Well, at least Kev is happy

There was another piece in the Mayo News that I should have mentioned earlier, viz. Kevin McStay’s column. Having seen the headline and concluded that the sometimes stentorial Ballinaman was just sounding off about general issues related to discipline and refereeing, I have to admit that I put off reading it till later in the morning. That was a mistake because he had some intriguing things to say about how the lads are shaping up for the qualifiers.

The first half of his column is, indeed, about discipline and refs but then he goes on to talk about the challenge game against Laois. But only in an obtuse way, mind, as it appears that the game was a fairly covert operation and, as a former army man, Kev knows better than to aid the enemy by blabbing about such matters in public. However, he does enthuse about the performance against Laois in which, sez he, “Mayo played really well and looked hungry and enthusiastic for the road ahead”. Then he goes all coy and refuses to tell us much about the side – apart the fact that DB and Heaney lined out together at midfield – but he does assure us that we’ll see a “reconstructed” Mayo team taking the field on July 7th.

According to our Kev, the balance achieved in the “refit” of the 2007 Mk II model was “impressive” and he cites, in particular, the “energetic and strong” half-back line. And who might be in that line, pray tell? Kev’s not telling but says that, when we see them in action again on July 7th, “chances are that you will be impressed”. Remember, this is the man who has tipped the Dubs for the All-Ireland this year that is saying all this, so he deserves a hearing, doesn’t he? I hope he’s right. No, I mean I hope he’s wrong but that he’s right on this but not on the other. Know what I mean?

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