Well, what a surprise!

I thought the Kerry lads might have kept the soap opera “will he, won’t he?” stuff up a bit longer but it looks as if Cork are determined to provide all the entertainment in that department at the moment. Back in Kerry, Darragh O Se has moved swiftly to scotch all that talk of his possible retirement and has committed himself to another campaign as the county look to win their first three-in-a-row for over twenty years. And, as I said last week, he’ll be there next year too if, by then, they’re in the running for the four-in-a-row.

No news about the team for our NFL opener in Derry on Saturday night so, for now, you’ll have to make do with Liam Sammon’s first competitive selection for the Herrin Chokers.

The carry-on involving the delay in sorting out the position of manager for the ladies’ county team also gets an airing today. It’s not quite as shambolic as what’s happening in Cork but it’s still a mess that needs sorting asap.

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