We’re all doomed … or maybe not

There’s been a fair old outpouring of reaction since the final whistle sounded on our 2014 U21 championship season at MacHale Park last night, with the glass half-empty fraternity queuing up to issue dire warnings about what the future might hold based on this result while the half-full camp have been arguing equally strongly that this loss – galling and all as it was – don’t mean Jack Shit in the broader scheme of things.

I’d be leaning towards the latter viewpoint, I must admit, though I’d agree with those who state that the County Board needs to get to grips with why we’ve been punching so far below our weight at U21 in recent years. I’d also accept that the Rossies are likely to put it up to us far better this year than they did last summer but it needs to be recalled that Galway’s U21 All-Ireland victory in early May last year didn’t exactly do them any good when we faced their seniors in Salthill a few weeks later so there’s a limit to this kind of extrapolation.

Anyway, all that lies further down the road and in the meantime, next weekend in fact, we have League table-toppers Cork to think about, not forgetting, of course, the club final at Croke Park the following day. The Donkey Ayters are unbeaten in this NFL campaign but their 100% record hasn’t impressed Paddy Power who have installed us as 4/7 favourites to prevail on Sunday.

But what do you think: doomed or maybe not? Time to vote.

What has fate in store for our match with Cork on Sunday?

  • They're doomed (76%, 146 Votes)
  • We're doomed (24%, 45 Votes)

Total Voters: 191

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27 thoughts on “We’re all doomed … or maybe not

  1. The first ten minutes against Westmeath last Sunday shows what we actually can do when we want to. Don’t mention the rest of the half please!
    Looking forward to seeing us make a real statement of intent for 2014 next Sunday by beating Cork convincingly (12 or 14 points would do me grand (:)!

  2. I think if we don’t allow Cork to score any goals or if they do get goals that we score more we will win simple as that :).It can and i do believe we will win.Im actually expecting the lads to deliver a much better performance

  3. Thank God we’re leaving behind all that doom and gloom that followed the under 21 defeat, and moving on to our next challenge that awaits us on Sunday. Lets all hope this game will have a more favourable outcome, and we can bag another two points that would go a long way to insuring our survival in the premier division. And who knows another win against either Dublin or Derry and we could find ourselves in the play-offs. Of course it’s foolish to be thinking beyond Cork, as that’s where our focus must be right now. And I’m sure management and players are busying themselves with all sorts of plotting and tactical manoeuvres to insure a win. But at the end of the day, it will be down to the players on the field to deliver over the seventy minutes and hope it’s good enough, that’s all we can ask for….

  4. Win our next two games v cork and Dublin and we’ll have momentum and a serious feel good factor going into the summer , it’s vital we are competitive in these games . I still believe we’ve got the stuff to do it.

    The Ross are flying, they have a right good feel about themselves and they sorted a 40 year old problem out last night with the Hyde park, they are also having a massive drive with fundraising of late with the club Rossie incentive , u-21 victory and a flawless league campaign . I’d never deny they’re the local rivals where I come from but any county that puts effort into getting their act together deserves applause . Anyways no harm in the long run if Mayo get tighter games at provincial level.

  5. Imagine if we were to lose this one??? Given the dispondency after the U21 result I fear there would be a mass demonstration at An Sportlann and the turnstiles of MacHale Park would be ripped from the ground. It would be like a scene from Crimea!!!

  6. Hahahaha can ya imagine the headlines on the Monday morning.It would read “Mayo supporters invade An Sportlann to overthrow County board ” πŸ™‚

  7. I don’t see it in terms of half full or half empty. I see it as an indictment of poor attention to a vital grade.

    The seniors of 89 saw many of the 83/83 U21s backbone it. Likewise the 96 team leaned heavily on the 94/95 U21s. Ditto 2004/06 seniors who had McStays 2001s + 04 U21s to pick from.

    The issue in Galway with All Ireland champs in 2013/11 to pick from is more down to managerial figarios than anything else. For every Galway and Limerick at that grade there is a Dublin who has made great use of their recent U21s. Tyrone platform of the recent vintage came from minor and U21 success.

    The facts are since 2009 we have won twice at this level. That Roscommon handily beat Mayo in both football and physical stakes should be alarming . The focus on the seniors had taken the spotlight away from other issues within the county . Galway will get it right soon. Riscommon have a fair wind and our seniors have leaked the 2nd highest amount of goals in the four leagues.

    If we don’t best Cork on Sunday, cork a porous full back line, a keeper who isn’t comfortable under a high ball WJs witty doom scenario will be a black cloud. Cork by three points and Mayo to leak two more goals.

  8. I’m with you there Sean. I am from the right side of the border, but only just. The last club in east Mayo and I could throw a stone into Roscommon, and often threw a stone at them πŸ™‚ I don’t live there anymore but the cackling and taunting of the woman behind me the last night “goan T, goan T, hit ’em for anudder goal” reminded me just why I would always have the Rossies as public enemy number 1. In a nice way, of course. No offence intended to our Rossie friends as I’m sure the feeling is mutual.
    Still, that is a fine U21 side and I have to admit I do like their style of play.

  9. I can see your argument John and it has some merit. However, I think people are quick to write off the Galway U21 teams of ’11 and ’13 as the eldest of those lads are only 24’ish. Far too young to write anyone off. Galway have the talent, undoubtedy, but do the players have the character, determination and blind commitment needed to compete at senior level? As for the manager, I like Mulholland and I think he was a favourable appointment within the county and has helped to calm the tension that seems to exist between some of the Galway clubs. Whether he is the right man to now bring them on now to the next level remains to be seen. Their league form would suggest not.

  10. Tough game on Sunday. We too have a porous full back line and haven t been too clever under the high ball. Hopefully Keith will be restored to his rightful position of corner back as that is a serious cork FF line. The fact that Cork made so many changes may be good for us but there is huge talent available to the rebels. Heard they were seriously impressive v Kerry in U21 on Wed. night. . Think we can win this game and I hope John your prediction is wrong and that we are on right side of 3 point result. Also very best of luck to Castlebar on Monday.

  11. Galway will take time to mature. No point expecting U21s to automatically step up overnight. you need some top footballers there to help them along. For too long Galway relied on P Joyce and since he left the fall from grace has been dramatic.

    However it won’t last and sooner or later a few new guys will emerge again. E.g. Paul Conroy is being played deployed now at midfield and is getting more used to it. This was a position that Galway always had difficulty in since Kevin Walshe retired. Add that to Finian Hanley, Gary O’donnell, SeΓ‘n Armstrong and Meehan who are all playing centrally now and you have the core Senior players around whom you can build a team.

    They got their much needed win against Down the last day and I expect them to push on again on Sunday. I will be surprised if they are relegated and (if not this year) you should expect them to come firing back next year in the Connacht championship.

  12. Like i said earler, goals win games, so let’s see who gets more of them.
    Although i understand your concern John, I’m with the bookies on this one…Mayo by a whisker to give me braggng rights over the misses.

  13. I disagree about Joyce, an excellent player and all that, however he stayed too long. The young ones coming through could not express themselves on the field with PJ constantly giving them directives while the play was in action. Galway have been on the slide since the likes of Michael Donellan left. But they will rise again and with the greatest respect win an All Ireland Senior before ourselves or Mayo. Galway had a good win over Down and will probably stay up and I hope they do.

  14. Well some say Ballaghadereen is the last club in east Mayo and others say Ballyhaunis. I vote for the latter.

  15. Have to agree to disagree about Joyce. Interesting that you don’t give us any chance of wining the All Ireland though.

  16. Ah well, many is the battle we had, and with Nathys too. Coney Island would be “no-mans land” so πŸ™‚

  17. The geographical fact is that, for GAA purposes anyway, Ballaghaderreen is the most easterly club in Mayo, by several miles. For the vast majority of people with Ballaghaderreen blood in their veins it is the same. An attempt some years ago to affiliate a second club to Roscommon Co Board got little enough support from Ballaghaderreen natives, as I recall.

  18. It’s actually interesting to note that we are the top scorers in Division 1 with an average of almost 21 points per game. In the old days (before the black card!) that would win you most games. Unfortunately only Kildare have conceded more than us in Division 1. If we could just stop conceding the sloppy goals, those are the ones that are killing us. The goal Kerry got against us for example, was a very good goal but the goals that we concede when making basic errors, are the ones that we need to eradicate. We also still have a lot of room for improvement up-front, some more consistency would be great. It does show that, after the defeat for our U21 team, we really need to try and make our current ascendancy at senior level count, in terms of winning some major silverware, as it won’t last forever. Galway, Meath, Cork, Tyrone, Down, Donegal, Dublin, Armagh, Derry, Kerry etc. all made their time at the top worthwhile by winning the ultimate honours. Can we do the same? After Monday’s club final (barring a replay) James Horan, will have a full deck of cards to pick from, in the coming weeks. Lets hope that he chooses the right cards to play. Luck will play a major part too, staying injury free this year might just be the Ace in the pack, leaving our the jokers as well will be very important!

  19. no panic boys and girls. we are getting lads slowly back from injury and JH will now be able to have the best of the U21s to work with with no distractions . stay up in div 1 and have another right rattle at the championship. A win over cork would be great but don’t hit the panic if we don’t .Our panel will be getting stronger by the week. enjoy the weekend

  20. Did any one see seo spoirt this evening all writing castle bar off am not surprised really hopefully the Mitchell’s will win also any news on the mayo team yet.

  21. Colum O’Neill is back for Cork, they have too much firepower and with the way they have been playing, and the way we have been playing its hard to see anything but a Cork victory. We could do the Dubs however, and we need to if we are to stay up.

    Last comment from me on the U-21s, way too much is made of it. The very structure of the competition means that its possible for a goodish team, but not a great team, to win an all ireland. Its not the same as winning a minor or senior by any stretch. In theory you can win 4 games and win it because its the old format of straight knock out and provincial winners into semis.
    Look at the difference in minor and senior with teams getting back door chances, since the introduction of that system it is very difficult to win an all ireland and the best team in the country usually does. Kerry haven’t been doing any 3 in a rows since the new system came in at senior for example

  22. Around 20 years ago the Connacht GAA board had a vote for a second club in Ballagh and Leitrim,Galway voted against it. As for Ros seniors doing well you must remember its div 3 football (low level) they are playing at however Monaghan did win the Ulster title from that level last year.

  23. Do ye know the story of why Ballaghaderreen is in Co. Roscommon but it’s in Mayo for football? I know it but if everyone else knows it and or no one is interested I will not bore ye. πŸ˜‰

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