Wet ball on Sunday week?

I know it’s not exactly an earth-shattering prediction given the summer we’re having but very early indications about what kind of weather we might be enjoying on Sunday week don’t look hectic. The chart opposite (double-click on it to see a full size version and here’s the link to the moving graphic of it) shows the predicted situation at midday on the 21st and is produced by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (or, if you prefer zippy five-letter acronyms, the ECMWF for short). All those yellowy-greeny colours enveloping the country represent rain. Plenty of it, by the looks of it.

I know, I know – it’s often difficult for Met Éireann to forecast tomorrow’s weather with any degree of accuracy and so there’s no guarantee that this longer range guesstimate will turn out to be on the money either. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worthwhile to bring it to your attention and, in doing so, to issue a very early “correct boots, please” notification.

12 thoughts on “Wet ball on Sunday week?

  1. No harm to say it. In fairness the team should have two pairs of boots to suit conditions that may arise.
    a wet day might suit us beeter as well – after all we’re used to it now.

  2. Jaysus, Willie Joe. Is there no limit to your talents? Now you’ve added weather forecasting to the list.
    Any chance you’d consider running for the Park? You’d be a much better representative of the plain people of Ireland than any of those currently in the race.

  3. great call Fourgoal. wj for pres, we have enda in charge,da boys are pushing for sam, so feckit lets go for the hattrick

  4. That fellow they pulled out of the bog in Laois woulden’t cause much trouble in the Park..not much older than Gazebo!

  5. Sorry, lads, but I have to stop this bandwagon before it gets moving. The job is obviously Gaybo’s and, in any event, I don’t think the kind of language I usually aim at refs in Croke Park would be in keeping with High Office. A man could get called a thundering disgrace for that kind of behaviour!

  6. Gaybo’s not running, we got the hat trick last night with Henry Coyle’s great win (well we have to win Sam yet, but I was more concerned about Henry producing). The Gods have finally decided that its that Mayos turn now for a bit of glory, about fecken time too. Go n’eiri linn!

  7. boot selection vital the next day. We were slipping a lot the last day. Dubs dont seem to slip as much…would be worth touching base with them to see what suits best!

  8. fully agree on the boot selection , the lesson should have been learned the last day, longer studs needed , in our last three big trips to croker we have been slipping around the place , against meath , cork in the league final as well , lets get it right this time , it is a massive factor

  9. 6 studs are recommended and in my opinion for what it’s worth (never having played there) are needed no matter the day. The Croker surface is hard which may fool some players into thinking moldies are the way to go, but I don’t think as many lads are fooled nowadays into wearing them.


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