Wet for Sunday?

Graphic: ECMWF website

Early indications, as the above graphic shows, are that we might be more in need of limited edition commemorative umbrellas rather than t-shirts at Croke Park next Sunday. These longer-range forecasts can, though, be spectacularly wrong – it was meant to be belting down rain the day of our quarter-final against Down but instead all that was raining down was the 3-18 we posted against the Mourne County that afternoon.

It’s still deathly quiet on the media front, apart from THAT article in the Indo. The full Q&A is here and the should he/should he not have been recalled piece is here. Anyone (else) who is thinking about having a cut at Mort should have a nice, slow read of the Q&A first because what you’ll find are a series of incredibly annoying and provocative questions, which all appear to have been answered truthfully and without malice. I really can’t see there’s anything in this coverage at all and to suggest that it might somehow upset the squad ahead of Sunday is simply laughable.

This pile of drivel by Eugene McGee in the same paper would, in truth, annoy a man far more. Uncle Eugene appears, for example, to think that James Nallen’s retirement was an issue that James Horan had to deal with (the Crossmolina man last started a championship game for us in 2008, though he was on the panel the following year) and lauds him for deploying Donie at centre-back who, in Eugene’s mind, is “a Mayo No 6 who could stand his ground and flatten opponents legally when the opportunity arrived — not previously a very common sight in Mayo backlines”. Drink, feck, arse, girls stuff, in other words.

The Indo also has an interview with Donegal’s full-back Eamonn
about how good it feels to be a disciple in the Church of Jimmy The Redeemer.

The Irish Times, meanwhile, is also scratching around for stuff today and the best they can come up with is this article about the 1992 semi-final between Sunday’s contestants.

The Irish Examiner has a brief piece with some titbits of news from both camps and what they’ve been up to over the last few days.

Finally, The Score has an interview with Aidan O’Shea where he talks about his troublesome groin injury and how he feared that he was goner for the year. He also speaks bullishly about his first appearance in an All-Ireland final, saying that he was always quite confident a day like this would come for him. He also expresses confidence that it won’t be the only time it happens. You just can’t beat that Kerry breeding where it comes to All-Ireland finals, can you?

13 thoughts on “Wet for Sunday?

  1. In fairness Conor handled the questions well and stayed away from controversy. Now back to doing our job. Supporting the county and roar them onto victory. Lads we need to bring so much colour on Sunday. Hats flags scarves headbands the lot. Every Mayo person must not give up at any stage. These lads deserve our support until the death. Mayo forever.

  2. Heading on a secret mission tomorrow wj, can’t say what yet ( ye’ll be calling the buck’s in white coats 🙂 ) all i can say is it’s payback for what happened earlier in the year. Will send you on photos.

  3. Christ, they could have got a better picture of Aiden for that article. It looks like he’s been caught short.

  4. Hands up I had a pop at Conor when I heard on Saturday that he was going to do this interview with the Indo. I take it back. The lad has shown great maturity and I’m sure he will have softened some of the ill feeling that was out there for him.

  5. In defence of “the mort” he is not giving out about mayo as most people would have thought. He has a good left foot in all fairness and its his left foot.He has 3 connaght football medals and a real all star (not just one of Spillane the mans all stars).He give it all for club and county once he crosses the white line. I am from Glasgow and am a huge Fan. I was born on clare island.(but i didnt stay forever more).
    mayo will win on sunday 1-16 to 0-13. I expect Murphy to score all 0-13 for Donegal as he is the only real player able to put the ball over the black spot.


  6. I read the Mcgee article and quite frankly if he is getting paid to write stuff like that, well then fair play to him.If one of my kids, who know very little about gaelic football, wrote that article they would be getting it back fairly quickly to rewrite it.I kinda feel sorry for C.Mort after reading his interview as I think he must be deeply regretting his decision to leave the panel.I think he is getting alot of unfair abuse and after all he did serve the county to the best of his ability for 10 years but James Horan picks the team-end of story.

  7. Just a minor point WJ, but bad and all as Eugene is, he’s not playing full back for Donegal any time soon! Eamonn, I believe is the man you’re after.

    Didn’t expect anything new from the papers at this stage, as you would expect both camps keeping quiet.

    Would agree with the above posters re Con M, I thought at the time of his decision that he was taking some very bad advice (or listening to no advice) and the biggest loser in the situation would be the lad himself.

    What’s done is done, and hopefully he will eventually be remembered for all his achievements in the green and red.


  8. In fairness to Mort he would still have been an asset to the panel and I agree that he is probably feeling a little left out of things. But there is no time to wallow we need to be right up for this on Sunday every amn woman and child.

    I think Mayo to win by the odd point or two.

    Polly had her Dolly – Good to hear from another MAYO fan in Glasgow I’m feeling a little outnumbered with Donegals obvious connections with Glasgow. My flags are on show and colours flying and there will be a little part of MAYO in the mullen household come Sunday.

    Come on you boys in GREEN and RED….

  9. We have the mayo flag planted on top of mount errigal today, nice and sunny here, turning cold. Heading back down now, have met about 10 people up here allready! An old mayo and donegal flags here, must be from 92. Will send on pics later 🙂

  10. Good man, Mick! I was wondering what you were up to today but I never figured you’d (literally) hit such heights. Looking forward to seeing the photos later.

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