We’ve finally drawn Leitrim … or London in the championship

We last played Leitrim in the 2006 Connacht championship and sooner or later we were bound to get paired with them again. It’s just happened tonight, though the Ridge County lads will first have to get past London in the preliminary round. Assuming they do, we’ll be playing Leitrim in McHale Park as that 2006 semi-final took place up in Carrick.

We can have no complaints with this draw, seeing as we could easily have ended up with a preliminary round clash with Galway in Salthill. With Galway, Roscommon and Sligo all in the other half, it’s got to be the softest championship draw we’ve had for some time.

18 thoughts on “We’ve finally drawn Leitrim … or London in the championship

  1. If the form line of the season gone by continues WJ, it will be London we play. Either way James Horan now knows how to plan and pace the season ahead. Dia agus Mhuire Linn.

  2. Great draw for us. If it was an easy draw we were after then this is it. Nice to have a bit of luck in these things. Makes a change from last July when we drew Cork and knew we would also have to beat Kerry just to get to the final. Connacht winners play Leinster winners in 2012 semi final if they win their respective quarters.

  3. I dont think we should be looking for soft options.I’d sooner play Galway or Ros without them having the benifit of a tough game behind them.

  4. the league has now assumed greater importance we won’t have competitve games from end of league until mid july. so semis have to be a target. not a good draw for
    1.a team with serious ambitions.

    2. a county board with a bill or 2 ( prospect of london as a novelty pairing may wet the appetite)

  5. Whoh whoh lads. We are like Kerry now. One match and we are in provincial final. That means a good chance of Quarterfinal and semis. Why wish for bobbytraps along the way. Let’s think of bigger picture. Peak in Sept. Not in July.
    Glad to see new trainer and shake up in squad. All sounds promising.

  6. Surprised prenty was smiling when this draw was made. Good for Mayo. Bad for clubs like who will have to fork up more cash for the county board to repay the white elephant.

  7. Looking at that draw it will be a major shock if we don’t win another Connacht title.

  8. Put it this way. If Mayo are the team we think they might be then we can assume this; beating Leitrim or London should be within our scope considering the journey this year. A final against Galway or Ros will be a different kettle of fish entirely. I do believe that the league will play an even greater part on our development this year. The stepping down of the excellent Fergal O Donnell shows how busy the role of county manager has become. They have a thankless task.

  9. All games at home in Connacht this coming year for us no matter whom we draw. Sligo away2010, Galway away2009, Ros away2011, Leitrim away2006, London away2011 . Or at least I think that??

  10. I was hoping for a tough draw personally. Or at least having to play Lietrim in Carrick.

    We’d play Galway in Salthill if we were to meet them in the final next year. Ros or Sligo would be in Castlebar.
    Ontheroad – how could you forget that game in Castlebar a few months back in the pissing rain and howling wind?!! To be fair, it was a pretty forgettable game…

  11. Ontheroad – – you must have been “birdwatching” again that day – – Corncrake was it ??!!

  12. I am actually studying the albatross at the moment. They are a unique bird and a huge one has perched on Croke Patrick . Whilst its there it interferes with our own quest to slay the dragon in the other Croke…So I intend to visit Knock, light a few more candles and then if that fails I am going to start a campaign to get Johnno back. Apparently he believes that Mayo followers are too impatient, so getting 4 years twice totaling 8 wasn’t enough for him. He opinions in today’s Irish Independent that we must give more time to our managers . So next time out , when he retires from the Dail, I propose a twenty year term for him as Mayo manager. OK!…you ungrateful lot of impatient yokes. For F’s sake 60 years isn’t long to wait for an All Ireland!

  13. A Connacht Final against Sligo will be at a neutral venue.

    All Connacht Finals involving Sligo or Leitrim must be.

    We will have home advantage against Sligo next time we play them in a Quarter or Semi-Final. Although I think we could nominate the venue for a Final with them.

    And that’s the bottome ‘cos Stone Cold says so

  14. “A Connacht final against Sligo will be at a neutral venue”. Not true. Sligo or Leitrim are not allowed to host a final is true. It would only be at a neutral venue if it was their turn to be at “home” against say Mayo. As its Mayo’s turn to be at home against Sligo next time we play them then it will be in Castlebar whether its a final or any other round. The 1981 final is an example of this.

  15. Jim Flag you are wrong – I see your 1981 and raise you Mayo v Sligo in Roscommon in 1997, Galway v Sligo in McHale Park, Mayo v Leitrim in the Hyde in 1994, Galway v Leitrim another year, Roscommon and Sligo in Castlebar as well.

    If you check with the Connacht Council they will confirm.

    And that’s the bottom line ‘cos Stone Cold says so.

  16. delighted with this draw, we will still have a tough connacht final should we make it so having one less championship game wont be any harm

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