We’ve just drawn Limeath

The draw for the All-Ireland quarter-finals were made a few minutes ago and we’ve been paired against the winners of the Limerick/Meath tie.  That’s just grand – another week off and then revenge for 1996.

Back on the field, the minors had a great win in this afternoon’s Connacht final replay, winning at Hyde Park by 1-8 to 0-5.  That’s back-to-back Connacht titles at minor level for us and our fourth minor provincial title this decade.  It also completes a provincial senior/U21/minor clean sweep for us, which is no mean achievement so well done all involved for that.  The minors now face beaten Munster finalists Tipperary in the All-Ireland quarter-finals at O’Moore Park, Portlaoise on Monday week, while Roscommon must face Munster champions Kerry on the same date at the same venue.

7 thoughts on “We’ve just drawn Limeath

  1. Very happy with that draw. We should be able to dispose of either of those teams. I would love if it where Meath so as to get a little revenge for 1996.

  2. Nice to see Dublin and Kerry will be testing out the new sod in Croker before us in the quarters.We will then know if the pitch is up to it for us and one of them will be gone!!Happy Days COME ON MAYO!

  3. I dunno why everyone is jumping to the conclusion that Meath will easily dispose of Limerick. Personally I’m hoping that it is Limerick we’ll be playing, and its not impossible, they were very impressive against Cork, have some big strong footballers, and were it not for a dodgy penalty could have been out of sight of Cork and Munster champions before Cork decided to wake up. So while if we were playing them, they wouldnt be an easy game. I’d worry about Meath, playing a game every week,while everone bangs on about the tierdness factor I dont buy into it. Teams that play games week in week are out are better, any coaching team who knows anything will just have them tipping away during the week, and inter county footballers are well able for a game once a week. I dont buy all this shite atall. Teams that have been playing games every week in the qualifiers and then go out, usually go out because they are not good enough, not because of tierdness. Anyway point is our boys will be 3 weeks from a game whereas Meath will be well used to it. Theres arguements either way I suppose. I dont care at this stage, its great to be in it and to be Connacht Champions. Well done to the minors, after the last day I thought it was all over for them. Ray Dempsey looks like a good man for the future.

  4. Where will the Q/F game be played In croker? a double header with a hurling match or will it be in Ennis/Galway if we are playing limerick, or Longford if we are playing Meath

  5. It’s definitely Croker but it’s likely to be doubled up with one of the hurling semis, which was what happened to us against Laois in 2006.

  6. I was at Ros Meath last Saturday and I would say Limerick will beat Meath, they did a lot of messing around against us and a better team would have punished them. Either way, I would keep the weekend of the semis free… must be the first time in a while that the 4 provincial winners look likely to make up the semi-final pairings. Kerry on the other hand may raise their game but having seen them against Longford and Antrim, I think it’s too much to ask to beat the Dubs. Yep- I’m writing them off….

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